I am thrilled to be sharing my review of the gorgeous; Snowbound in His Billion-Dollar Bed by Kali Anthony. I can’t wait to share this wonderful (and glorious Stefano) with you all. 😉

about the book

Snowbound in His Billion-Dollar Bed by Kali Anthony.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

There’s no escaping their chemistry when the Italian count and the violinist are stranded in this intense forced proximity romance from Kali Anthony!

Outside a snowstorm is raging

Inside the temperature is rising…

Ousted from Italian high society, Count Stefano Moretti has locked himself behind his castle walls. He’s determined to right the wrongs that ruined his family’s name. The arrival of beautiful Lucy Jamieson at his door is a distraction he can’t afford!

Running from heartbreak, violinist Lucy is attempting to return a precious heirloom. Caught in a bitter snowstorm, she’s forced to seek shelter in Stefano’s castle, where she finds herself longing to unravel the truth behind his disgraced reputation…and to discover the searing heat promised in his bed!


This is Kali Anthony’s fourth book, and it is easily her very best (yet) I have so much love for this book!!

I am a big fan of stories that don’t always go down the stereotypical route to happily ever after and this is what Kali Anthony does to perfection, she brings together two pretty insecure damaged in their own way people, characters who you would never think would be perfect for each other but they are and then throws them headfirst into drama which ties them even closer together and hey, presto you have a classic romance with a twist!

I love how Lucy thinks, how brazen her scandalous thoughts are towards him (a lot like my own, to be honest) especially when she first meets Stefano. Her first thought wasn’t how aristocratic and severe and serious or even count-like he was. Oh, no, to her he looked rough and feral and rugged and ridiculously sexy and that is exactly how I saw him too, I thought despite the severe suits there was something very raw and wild about him. He is glorious though, he’s every inch man, tantalizing, mysterious, sizzling with sex appeal – like Lucy I am a weak knee, jelly legged mess whenever this god is around.

I’m getting all flustered just thinking about him 😉

She is struck dumb by her instant and intense connection and her feelings for this stranger, I love how hr brain goes to mush whenever he is around and just spouts random gobbledegook whenever he asks her a question such as he goes to make her something to eat and asks if she is allergic to anything and she says brains. It’s actually the sort of thing I do too, whenever under pressure I talk rubbish, that alone made me connect with her.

Lucy has a lot going on in her life, and there are aspects which I can really relate to her, I connected with her and it was such a joy t follow her on this adventure and this path to discovery. She has been hurt and let down and betrayed in the past by people she thought she could trust and rely on, and because of that she now finds it hard to allow anyone in, she has built a barricade to protect her from the world. That is until she meets the smouldering Stefano, a man who has issues of his own and man of duty who feels he needs to make amends.

There is so much more going on here than two lonely people being stuck in a castle together where love ignites between them, no, there is a wonderful secondary plot that is threaded beautifully throughout the story and one which connects Stefano and Lucy, a mystery from the past that entwines our couple together. I won’t say too much about that, but it’s unexpected and intriguing.

Snowbound in his Billion Dollar Bed is a gorgeous, sweeping romance that has so much warmth and real heart. A definite must-read!


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