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Hello, sunshines on this incredibly hot day, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on the brilliant blog tour for; Lillian White’s Journey by Karen Kelly. I am super excited to be sharing my review of this fabulous book with you all, I hope you love it as much as I do.

Lillian White’s Journey by Karen Kelly

On the morning of her wedding, Lillian White awakes with a hangover from hell, a naked stranger and no recollection of the previous night. As her eyes become focused the panic sets in as the once intimate, romantic Bridal Suite resembles the aftermath of a wild, drunken party. Unread messages flood her inbox from her soon Husband-to-be but with only hours to spare, can she still go through with the wedding?

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2Y7sPPj


I loved this book!!

I was hooked with the back blurb, which only gives the briefest hint of the comedy within, as soon as I started reading I was pulled into Lillian’s chaotic and spiralling world, I was giggling so much with every page, I loved this every woman can relate to this and it is very female reader focused (I mean the part about being named after a Tampax brand, is a hoot I’m sure certain (male) readers would be going a wee red with that part and the humour keeps going, its like a rollarcoaster of well-timed side-splitting laughs.

Karen Kelly is going to take the women’s fiction/comedy romance by storm. Her writing is fresh, clever and a real joy to read, there is a bit of a Sophie Kinsella and Lyndsey Kelk feel about this, it has the same tongue in cheek wit and likeable characters which you are cheering on from the start. Lillian is a great character she makes mistakes, she can get a little flustered, there are lots of embarrassing moments, but she has a good heart and even though she isn’t the kind of women that everyone can relate to, somewhere in your circle of friends or within your family you will know a Lillian White (I think, I must know at least for Lillian’s) but you can’t help but like her, she so easily becomes a friend.

I loved her close-knit group of friends, each one is so different to the others and yet they gel together, there is a real friendly feel to the whole book and I am hoping that that will be more stories following each of the friends, I can’t wait to see what trouble comes next.

This is a fantastic debut, it has all the ingredients you want in a feel-good, heart-warming lazy day, escapist read. It’s wonderfully funny, relatable, full of the power of friendship and love, with brilliant wit and wry humour that will have you laughing out loud from the first page.

If you love your lighter, sunny day romances with a huge amount of giggles then this is the book for you!

Thank you to Kelly from Love Books Group and the author for my complimentary copy.


About The Author

Karen lives with her husband Dave, children Charlie and Maggie and devoted collie Baxter. A successful blogger, volunteer radio presenter, mum and homemaker she first began writing over 20 years ago alongside her chosen career path as cabin crew. Her writing style is unique, creative and humorous generating laughter, empathy and some escapism in this ever-serious world we find ourselves entwined in. As well as travelling the globe, she’s lived overseas, worked in the fitness industry and ran a pub and these life experiences have certainly given her the inspiration to write the way she does. Lillian White’s Journey, her debut novel, was launched to a sell-out audience and was a great success with raving reviews on Amazon, social media and from professional book bloggers. She is currently working on a sequel and is aiming for a trilogy in this series. She also has other #WIP including a series of children’s books.

If she’s not running around like a headless chicken, she can be found with a large G&T and a bucket load of crisps!


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 Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be apart of this book blitz for; Change of Life by Anne Stormont. I can’t wait to share this book with you all, go on take a peek…

Change of Life by Anne Stormont

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Rowan Russell Books

Format: Ebook, Paperback

Be careful what you wish for…

Wife to heart surgeon and control freak, Tom, and mother to four adolescent children, Rosie feels taken for granted as she juggles family life and her work as a teacher. She longs for a change of life.

When she hits a teenage boy with her car, her life explodes into uncharted territory. The boy is Robbie – and Rosie discovers he is part of a terrible secret that Tom has kept for seventeen years. Then Rosie is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rosie leaves home and begins the fight for her life. Meanwhile, Tom is forced to learn what it means to be a husband and father. He struggles to keep his family together and strives to get his wife back.

Buy Link here – Amazon


About the Author

Anne Stormont was born in Scotland and although she has travelled all over the world – including a teaching exchange to South Africa, four trips to Australia and several visits to the Middle East – it’s where she still lives.

She began making up stories as a child in order to entertain her four wee sisters. But as an adult, being busy with motherhood and working as a teacher, it took a long time and a mortality wake-up call for her to get that first book written.

She’s a compulsive crossworder, yoga practitioner, avid reader, keen walker and enthusiastic gardener. She can be a bit of a subversive old bat, but she tries to maintain a kind heart. She also loves tea, penguins and being with her grandchildren.

Change of Life was her first novel and she has since published three more. Her books are all set in Scotland and are contemporary romances where the main characters may be slightly older but are not necessarily wiser.

You can find out more about Anne and her books at her website anne-stormont.com


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Hello, Sunshines, I have to huge pleasure to be apart of today’s cover reveal for; The Things I Want to Say But Can’t by Carla Christian. This cover is so eye-catching and it sounds amazing, go on take a peek…

The Things I Want To Say But Can’t by Carla Christian

Genre: Pychological Thriller

Format: Ebook, Paperback

‘A lifetime of endings, a million goodbyes. None of them right. It’s funny what you remember when you’ve got nothing else to think about. All those things you should’ve said while you had the chance. You never learned, did you? You never, ever learned.’

Belle has a habit of losing things. Her friends. Her lovers. Her mind.

Everything ends eventually, or at least that’s what life has taught her. But what if everything she lost came back again? What if she got a chance to finally have her say? To face her past. To put things right.

Second chances aren’t easy when memories are all you have. So, when Belle invites the nightmares of her past back in, is she willing to deal with the consequences?

Because maybe, just maybe, this time she’s getting what she deserves.

Buy here – Amazon


About the Author

Carla Christian lives in the Lake District in the North of England. A busy working mum of two teenagers, she has a passion for writing, art and travel, and these interests have been a part of her for as long as she can remember.

Constantly inspired by both the good and the bad in the world around her, she spends much of her time creating in one way or another; be it painting canvases for the blank walls of her new home, sketching pictures to capture memories of the many travel adventures she’s been lucky enough to go on, baking fantastical cakes with her daughter, or writing endless beginnings to a million unfinished stories.

The Things I Want To Say But Can’t is her first novel.


#BlogTour | A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder by Dianne Freeman #ALadysGuideToMischief #AuthorInterview #HFVBTBlogTours @Difreeman001 @HFVBT

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Hello, sunshines, I am super excited to be today’s stop on this amazing blog tour for; A Lady’s Guide To Mischief by Dianne Freeman. I can’t wait to share this fabulous book with you all, plus I have an exclusive interview with Dianne and there is a little giveaway at the end. I hope you love it as much as I do.

A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder by Dianne Freeman

Publication Date: July 28, 2020
Publisher: Kensington Books

Genre: Historical Mystery
Series: A Countess of Harleigh Mystery, Book 3



In Dianne Freeman’s charming Victorian-era mystery series, Frances Wynn, the American-born Countess of Harleigh, finds her sister’s wedding threatened by a vow of vengeance.

London is known for its bustle and intrigues, but the sedate English countryside can host—or hide—any number of secrets. Frances, the widowed Countess of Harleigh, needs a venue for her sister Lily’s imminent wedding, away from prying eyes. Risings, George Hazleton’s family estate in Hampshire, is a perfect choice, and soon Frances, her beloved George, and other guests have gathered to enjoy the usual country pursuits—shooting, horse riding, and romantic interludes in secluded gardens.

But the bucolic setting harbors a menace, and it’s not simply the arrival of Frances’s socially ambitious mother. Above and below stairs, mysterious accidents befall guests and staff alike. Before long, Frances suspects these “accidents” are deliberate, and fears that the intended victim is Lily’s fiancé, Leo. Frances’s mother is unimpressed by Lily’s groom-to-be and would much prefer that Lily find an aristocratic husband, just as Frances did. But now that Frances has found happiness with George—a man who loves her for much more than her dowry—she heartily approves of Lily’s choice. If she can just keep the couple safe from villains and meddling mamas.

As Frances and George search for the culprit among the assembled family, friends, and servants, more victims fall prey to the mayhem. Mishaps become full-blooded murder, and it seems that no one is safe. And unless Frances can quickly flush out the culprit, the peal of wedding bells may give way to another funeral toll…

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound


Hi, Dianne Welcome to Chicks, Rogues and Scandals! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today.

Thank you. It’s lovely to be here!

Firstly, what five words would you use to describe yourself?

Devious, diabolical troublemaker—when writing!

Can you tell us a little about your latest/up and coming release?

A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder is the third book in the Countess of Harleigh mystery series. My sleuth, Frances Wynn is a former American heiress and now widow to the Earl of Harleigh. She needs a venue outside of London to hold a speedy wedding for her sister. When her own fiancé offers his family home in Hampshire, she thinks her problems are solved. All she has to do is route the guests to Risings, join a shooting party which is already in progress, organize a small wedding for the end of the week. What could possibly go wrong?

I couldn’t resist the lure of a country house party and only wish I could attend one myself. Instead, I created one for my characters to enjoy. Eating, drinking, and flirting are the main attractions. In Mischief and Murder, it’s October, so, of course, the gentlemen are shooting, but there’s no shortage of amusements for the ladies either—riding, a visit to the village, rambling across the extensive grounds, or challenging the maze. There are picnic luncheons and archery competitions, mysterious accidents, and murder! After all, what’s a country house party without a murder?

This book sounds amazing, thank you, When not writing, what do you like to do to relax?

I read quite a bit. I also enjoy long walks and working in the garden—I can be active while my mind gets to wander in its own direction.

If you could have a holiday home anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’m going to cheat on this one a little and say it would have to be a time-share so I can keep going somewhere different. There are just too many places I haven’t been or want to visit again to choose just one place. I would start with Paris since I’ve been trying to get there for the past two years and it just hasn’t worked out.

If you could have one of your books made into a film, which book would it be and who would play your lead character’s?

Since I write a series, I’d hope to start at the beginning with A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder. I have to admit I had to get assistance with choosing an actress to play Frances—and the popular answer is Saoirse Ronan. After seeing her as Jo in Little Women, I agree!

When writing, do you plot or do you go with the flow?

I am definitely a plotter, which doesn’t mean I don’t deviate from that plot once I start writing, but I do want a structure to start with. Because I write crime fiction, I also plot the crime—the who, what, where, when, why, and how—before doing anything else. That way I know what motivated the criminal and what type of person my protagonist is up against.

What three tips would you pass on to an aspiring author?

Make sure you really love writing. There are so many easier ways to make a living and so many ways this career can break your heart. If you find joy in writing, that won’t matter. You get to do what you love.

Read, read, read!

Find your tribe—a group of like-minded people who really understand this writing thing you do.

Those are brilliant tips If you were hosting a dinner party what three people would you invite?

This could go so many ways, but I think I’ll stick with literary dinner companions and choose Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, and Janet Evanovich. I’ve often thought if the latter two had ever collaborated, they’d have come up with a character like my Frances. It would be interesting to find out if I’m right. Jane Austen, just because!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today, Diane. I have just one more cheeky question, just for fun; What is your favourite snacking food?

Anything I can pick up one at a time with my fingers—generally peanuts or popcorn.

Thank you, Frankie x

Thank you, Dianne, it was lovely chatting with you!


About the Author

Dianne Freeman is a life-long book lover who left the world of corporate finance to pursue her passion for writing. After co-authoring the non-fiction book, Haunted Highway, The Spirits of Route 66, she realized her true love was fiction, historical mystery in particular. She also realized she didn’t like winter very much so now she and her husband pursue the endless summer by splitting their time between Michigan and Arizona. She’s been nominated for an Agatha and the prestigious Mary Higgins Clark Award, and won the 2019 Lefty Award for Best Debut Mystery.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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During the Blog Tour, we are giving away a copy of A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder + a $10 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, please use the Gleam form here – Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Murder

The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends on August 21st. You must be 18 or older to enter.


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Hello, Susnhines, I have the huge pleasure to be apart of this Aries Fiction Blog Tour launch and to be kicking off the blog tour for; Hunter Killer by Brad Taylor. I am super excited to be sharing my review of this thrilling book with you all, I hope you love as much as I do!

Hunter Killer by Brad Taylor

Series: Pike Logan Series

Genre: Action, Thriller

Publisher: Aries Fiction

The Taskforce tracks highly-trained Russian assassins to Brazil in this blistering, action-packed thriller from New York Times bestselling author and former Special Forces Officer Brad Taylor.

They’re killing his team. He’s coming for them.

The Taskforce were once apex predators, an unrivalled hunting machine that decimated those out to harm the USA, but they may have met their match.

While Pike is preparing to join the team on a counter-terrorist mission in South America, a friend is killed in South Carolina. The authorities believe it was an accident, but Pike suspects the attack was meant as a message to him. When he loses contact with the team in South America, Pike becomes convinced the Taskforce is under attack.

His men are the closest thing to family he has. He will do anything – even ignore direct orders to stand down – to find them.

Pre-order link here – Hunter Killer


Boy, oh boy!! This is an amazing, gritty, fast-paced, edge of your seat thriller right from page one, where it opens in dramatic fashion and doesn’t ease up once, right to the last page. The story grasps your attention and the imagination from the start, it’s a heart-stopping, exciting and riveting. Brad Taylor certainly knows how to fully engage a reader with his intense and engaging narrative and knowledgeable detail.

This is the first book by Brad Taylor I’ve read and it definitely will not be the last, I thoroughly enjoy his lightning speed and gripping storytelling which had me hooked. Hunter Killer is apart of the Pike Logan series, and even though there are aspects that I am assuming are connected with other books from the series you can very easily read this as a stand-alone, I will now be hunting down the previous books in the series to see where it all started.

This is one of those books that you can’t really say too much about, you can’t do an in-depth review off as there is so much entwined with the main story unless, of course you don’t mind giving away or reading a huge amount of spoilers – something which I resolutely refuse to do. The lead character; Pike is a compelling and very complex man, it’s fascinating getting to know him, even though at times he did come across as though he was constantly living on the edge, his volatile emotions were constantly warring with his reasoning and he has an ever present anger bubbling beneath the surface which makes self-control difficult especially in times when he needs a level head. I loved getting to know his team and the others in the Taskforce, the relationship between the characters are just as the back blurb says, they are ‘family’ each one is developed marvellously you become invested in this team, but don’t get too attached as with all thriller’s not all will come through the other side.

There are quite a few sub-plots which run side by side with the main story, in some ca this may be seen as busy or trying put too much into one story, but I really liked how these smaller sub-plots work themselves seamlessly within the main plot and how they become resolved before the finale. 

This is a hugely enjoyable, stirring and addictive read and this series is certainly one to follow, if you love your twisty, fast-paced thrillers then you are going to love this one, I can’t wait to dive into more Pike Logan adventures!


About the Author

Brad Taylor is the New York Times bestselling author of the Taskforce series, with nearly 3 million copies sold. He channels his decades of experience as a Special Forces Commander in the US army into his thrillers. In the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment—Delta, Taylor commanded multiple troops, a squadron and conducted operations in classified locations. Now he lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife and two daughters.

Follow Brad on Twitter: @BradTaylorBooks and find out more about him and his books over at his website: www.bradtaylorbooks.com.


Follow Aries

Twitter: @AriesFiction

Facebook: Aries Fiction

Website: http://www.headofzeus.com

Amazon Aries Store: https://amzn.to/304NUvM


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Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be apart of this great book blitz for; The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance by Lali A. Love. I can’t wait to share this book with you all, go on take a look!

The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance by Lali A. Love

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy / Format: Ebook, Paperback

When a demonic parasite turns her classmates into an army of sleepwalkers, sixteen-year-old Jo must confront her celestial identity and reveal the mystery of existence. Guided by the Galactic Council, a Galactic Compass and with the help of her best friends, Jo unleashes the cosmic powers of creation to prevent the Lord of Darkness from enslaving all of humanity into obscurity.

Will she be able to decode the artificial system in time to save her friends and the sacred Light?



Lali A. LoveAbout the Author

Award-winning Author, Lali A. Love provides a supernatural thriller of metaphysical and visionary fantasy with her own revolutionary philosophy and unique narrative skills to produce this heart-wrenching and gripping tale.

Lali A. Love lives in the capital city of Canada with her husband and two beautiful children who are her greatest source of pride, joy, and inspiration. As a debut author, Lali loves to write stimulating, character-based novels that invoke an emotional response in her readers. She has done extensive research into epistemology and metaphysics to further her understanding of the Universal Laws of Energy.

In her spare time, Lali is committed to writing her visionary fiction trilogy about spiritual transformation. These mystical novels are based on the journeys of three incarnated Angels that have been brought together in the third-dimensional existence, to realize their Divine Feminine soul purpose. Each of them must experience unique self-realization to overcome the dark demonic entities that are determined to destroy their inner light to derail their Soul mission.


The Scandal Sheet; July Blog Round up! #ShareTheBookLove

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Hello, Sunshines! Another month has passed us by, I don’t know about anyone else but for some reason, July seemed to have gone by so slowly. But these summer months usually do appear to drag on forever to me, maybe it’s my aversion to sunshine, as I am more of a Winter fan… LOL!

Here in the UK, some places are slowly opening up again, while others have been forced back into localised Lockdowns. For the first time since March, I ventured into town and to be honest I didn’t like it very much, It was a little weird but at least now I am not the odd one out wearing a mask.

This month, I have re-discovered Audiobooks, they have always been a little hit and miss with me, but the last few weeks I have really fallen in love with them. I will tell you all about those later.

Anyway, enough of that, on the blog it’s been another busy-ish month, even though I do think I have been a little lazy review wise, I have fallen back into bad habit’s again by saving drafts and forgetting about them, meaning I have quite a few reviews which are finished that I have yet to post…Ooop’s, they will be posted.

So enough of the babble, let’s have a look back at July on the blog.

Reviewed This Month


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The Forget me Not Bakery – Review
What Did You Do In The War, Sister – Guest Post
Darkest Night – Review
Storms Gather Between Us – Feature
Rosemary or too Clever to Love – Feature
A Flame Through Eternity – Excerpt
Kissing Daisy Parker – Book Blitz
A Little Pick me Up – Review
Hector – Book Blitz
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The End of the Road – Book Blitz
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As I hinted at the top of this post, I have recently found the love of AudioBooks, as I had an Audible 3-month subscription offer from Prime for just 99p, I thought I would take advantage of it and give Audiobooks a proper go and now I am hooked.

These are the beauties I got this month, one was free with an Audible credit and the other’s I got on offer when I purchased the ebooks, do go and check them out.

The Dangerous Lord DarringtonThe Dangerous Lord Darrington by Sarah Mallory
Narrated by Julia Franklin
The Dangerous Lord Darrington is not a man to be welcomed into a house of unprotected women!
He may be an earl, but even in the wilds of Yorkshire Beth Forrester has heard tales of the incorrigible rake that make her toes curl…
Unexpectedly hosting such a scandalous celebrity is only the first of Beth’s problems.
Now the wicked Lord Darrington has found out about the dark secret she will do anything to protect.
How to buy a rake’s silence?
There is only one way – with her body!


In Darkness, Look for StarsIn Darkness, Look for Stars by Clara Benson
Narrated by Daphne Kouma

Paris, 1941: Going against her mother’s orders, spirited Maggie devotes herself to the Resistance. Her life is a whirlwind of forged passports and secret midnight runs, helping Jews escape. Much to her high-society mother’s disapproval, she has fallen in love with Emil, a Jewish Resistance fighter who is wanted by the Nazis.

The city is growing more dangerous by the day, with signs proclaiming “No Jews” posted everywhere in the mazelike streets and people dragged away in handcuffs. The forbidden lovers are forced to say good-bye – Emil going underground to escape capture.

Meanwhile, Maggie’s sister, Cecilia, is hundreds of miles away, where the realities of war are yet to hit the serenity of the South of France. Innocent and shy Cecilia is shocked to the core when Emil turns up, seeking refuge. Her sheltered life turned upside down, Cecilia is thrown into the world of the Resistance, all the while sending coded letters to her sister, who every day awaits news of her fiancé.

But with the Nazis closing in on them, their lives soon hang in the balance. Both sisters must decide where their loyalties lie – and how far they are willing to go to save themselves and one another.

An evocative, riveting, and stirring tale about the tragic realities of war, the fine line between loyalty and lies, and the power of love, even in the darkest of times. Fans of The Nightingale, The Letter, and All the Light We Cannot See will be spellbound by this magnificent historical novel.


Nigel: My Family and Other Dogs
Nigel: My Family and Other Dogs by Monty Don
Narrated by Monty Don

When Monty Don’s golden retriever, Nigel, became the surprise star of BBC’s Gardeners’ World, inspiring huge interest, fan mail and even his own social media accounts, Monty Don wanted to explore what makes us connect with animals quite so deeply.

In many respects Nigel is a very ordinary dog – charming, handsome and obedient, as so many are. He is also a much loved family pet. He is also a star. By telling Nigel’s story, Monty relates his relationships with other special dogs in his life in a memoir of his dogs past and very much present.

Witty, touching and life affirming, Nigel: My Family and Other Dogs is wonderfully heartwarming. Monty Don is a great writer coming out of the garden and into the hearts and homes of every dog lover in the UK.

‘I have always had a dog or dogs. I cannot imagine life without them. I am just as much a fan of Nigel as any besotted viewer. In the book I explore why we love dogs and what they mean to us emotionally and domestically. I look back on all the dogs in my life – all of which I have loved deeply and which have been an essential part of my life. So, this is the book of Nigel – but also the book of all our dogs in every British family and a celebration of the deep love we feel for them.’ (Monty Don)


The Dressmaker's Secret
The Dressmaker’s Secret by Charlotte Betts
Narrated by Charlotte Strevens

Italy in 1819. Emilia Barton and her mother, Sarah, live a nomadic existence, travelling from town to town as itinerant dressmakers to escape their past. When they settle in the idyllic coastal town of Pesaro, Emilia desperately hopes that this time they have found a permanent home. But when Sarah is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant, a deathbed confession turns Emilia’s world upside down.

Seeking refuge as a dressmaker in the eccentric household of Princess Caroline of Brunswick, Emilia experiences her first taste of love with the charming Alessandro. But her troubling history gnaws away at her. Might she, a humble dressmaker’s daughter, have a more aristocratic past than she could have imagined?

When the Princess sends her on an assignment to London, Emilia grasps the opportunity to unravel the truth. Caught up in a web of treachery and deceit, she is determined to discover who she really is – even if she risks losing everything….


Book of The Month

The Captain and the Baker by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead

Series: Captivating Captain’s #7

Genre: M/M Romance

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Release Date: 25th August 2020

When a hot-tempered TV chef and a mild-mannered baker meet on the rugged Cornish coast, they’ve got the perfect ingredients for a red-hot snack.

Sweary and stressed celebrity chef Jake Brantham is the captain of several floating restaurants. When he’s sent to the idyllic village of Porthavel to turn a pirate ship into the next gastronomic sensation, it’s the last place on earth he wants to be.

Locryn Trevorrow is the bakery king of Cornwall. From the humble pasty to a wedding cake fit for a mermaid queen, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about the art of baking. He lives in a cosy world of gingham and ganache, but at night he goes home to his smugglers’ cottage alone.

When he’s adopted by a lost kitten, Jake soon discovers that there’s more to Portavel than cream teas, lobster pots, and the annoyingly fastidious Locryn. As the village prepares for the wedding of its favourite young couple, Jake and Locryn find themselves as unlikely matchmakers for two locals who’d given up on love.

Torn between the call of Hollywood and the kisses of Locryn, will Jake choose a mansion in Beverly Hills or a cottage on the Cornish coast?


Another thing which happened in July was my little blog has been put forward and nominated twice…yup, TWICE!! for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards in the Romance category, I don’t have the words, I feel very humbled that people enjoy my waffle so much to do such a very kind thing.

Thank you to both Jorie @ JorieLovesaStory and Yesha @ BooksTeacupandReviews. 


Have a lovely Sunday, I hope it’s full of sunshine, smiles and a jolly good book.


#BookBlitz | The End of the Road by Anna Legat TheEndOfTheDay #lovebookstours @LegatWriter @darkstrokedark @LoveBooksGroup

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Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be apart of this book blitz for; The End of the Road by Anna Legat. I can’t wait to share this intriguing book with you all, I hope you love the sound of it as much as I do.

The End of the Road by Anna Legat

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Publisher: Darkstroke/ Crooked Cat

Format: Ebook, Paperback

The fight for survival has begun

All-out war spins out of control, and it doesn’t discriminate. Governments fall, continents are obliterated, deadly viruses consume everything in their path, and what’s left of humanity is on the run. Caught in this global refugee crisis are a few unlikely survivors.

Tony, a philandering London lawyer, escapes the doomed city and his own murky past as he evacuates to the continent.

A hapless flock of Belgian nuns prays for a miracle as they watch their city turn to rubble.

Bella, a naïve teenager, thinks she is going on holiday when her father drags her across the globe to New Zealand.

Reggie, a loyal employee of a mining corporation, guards a hoard of diamonds in the African plains, fending off desperate looters.

Alyosha, a nuclear scientist, has been looking for the God-particle in Siberia, but now the world is at an end, he wishes to return home to Chernobyl.

A pair of orphaned children are cowering in the Tatra Mountains, fearing the sky will fall in on them.

Will they find an escape route before it is too late? Or are they doomed to fail.



About the Author

Anna Legat is a Wiltshire-based author, best known for her DI Gillian Marsh murder mystery series. A globe-trotter and Jack-of-all-trades, Anna has been an attorney, legal adviser, a silver-service waitress, a school teacher and a librarian. She read law at the University of South Africa and Warsaw University, then gained teaching qualifications in New Zealand. She has lived in far-flung places all over the world where she delighted in people-watching and collecting precious life experiences for her stories. Anna writes, reads, lives and breathes books and can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction.


#BlogTour | Clouds Of Love And War by Rachel Billington #CloudsofLoveandWar #Review @Bookollective @UnicornPubGroup

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Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on the brilliant blog tour for; Clouds of Love and War by Rachel Billington. I can’t wait to share my review of the compelling book with you all, I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Clouds Of Love And War by Rachel Billington

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publisher: Universe

Format: ebook, paperback

Occasionally panoramic, more often intimate, in Clouds of Love and War author Rachel Billington balances a detailed and highly researched picture of the life of a Second World War Spitfire pilot with the travails and ambitions of a young woman too often on her own. The result is both a gripping story of war and a sensitive story of love, a love that struggles to survive.

Eddie and Eva meet on the eve of the Second World War. Eddie only wants to be a flyer, to find escape in the clouds from his own complicated family. However, the Battle of Britain makes a pilot’s life a dangerous way to flee reality. Eva has her own passionate longing: to become a painter. When Eva’s Jewish mother disappears to Germany, she is left alone with her elderly father. Both Eddie and Eva come of age at a time that teaches them that happiness is always fleeting, but there are things worth living – or dying – for.

Through the connecting stories of these young people and their wider families, and against a background of southern county airfields, London, Oxford, Dorset and France, Rachel Billington brings the world of war time England, now eighty years in the past, back to life.



This is one of those books where you can’t say too much about as there is so much of the plot entangled with Eva and Eddies’ lives and the people they are, it’s actually a hard book to write a review for as there is so much I want to say about it but can’t as I would most likely give away the entire story.

Eddie has flying running through his veins, he is never happier than when he is in his beloved Spitfire swirling and circling the clouds, he has an unrelenting yearning for danger as he propels himself into the skies. But that one love soon has a rival for his affections when he meets Eva, a painter who is at times lost in her own thoughts as she has her head in those very clouds Eddie loves so much. There is so much soul searching and self-discovery for both Eva and Eddie, I think they are both lonely and very solitary creatures, which are drawn together in this turbulent world where the war has taken hold and there is so much uncertainty. There is a sweetness to them that is so beautifully captured, the overall book the flawless writing brings these two compelling and intricate personalities to life.

This is such a different take on the traditional WW2 set novel, there is an ethereal feel to it when reading you feel as though you are swirling amongst those very clouds that are so important to the overall plot. The writing is flawlessly vivid, it’s richly textured and detailed, you are transported right back to the war. You experience everything that Eddie and Eva do as though you were living the story right beside them.

This is a beautiful, compelling and stunning portrayal of what life was really like during the early years of WW2, and highly recommend for all historical fiction fans and those who love this era.


About the Author

Rachel Billington worked in television in London and New York before taking up full-time writing in 1968. Her first novel All Things Nice was set in sixties New York. Her latest novel for adults is Clouds of Love and War, about a Spitfire pilot in the Second World War and the girl who falls in love with him.

Rachel Billington has written twenty three novels, one novella,  several books for children, and three non-fiction books.

She has also written and continues to write journalism for newspapers both in the UK and the US, including a three year stint as a columnist for The Sunday Telegraph.

Website http://www.rachelbillington.com


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#Review | The Captain And The Baker (The Captivating Captains #7) by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead #TheCaptainandtheBaker #CaptivatingCaptains @e_harkstead @MadameGilflurt @PridePublishing

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Hello, Sunshines! I am super excited to be sharing my review of the latest instalment of the amazing Captivating Captains series by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. I will be waffling my way through another attempt at a review, this time for the gorgeous; The Captain and the Baker. So as always grab that cuppa and cake – you will need a cake, believe me, I hope you fall in love with this book as much as I have.

The Captain and the Baker by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead

Series: Captivating Captain’s #7

Genre: M/M Romance

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Release Date: 25th August 2020

When a hot-tempered TV chef and a mild-mannered baker meet on the rugged Cornish coast, they’ve got the perfect ingredients for a red-hot snack.

Sweary and stressed celebrity chef Jake Brantham is the captain of several floating restaurants. When he’s sent to the idyllic village of Porthavel to turn a pirate ship into the next gastronomic sensation, it’s the last place on earth he wants to be.

Locryn Trevorrow is the bakery king of Cornwall. From the humble pasty to a wedding cake fit for a mermaid queen, there’s nothing he doesn’t know about the art of baking. He lives in a cosy world of gingham and ganache, but at night he goes home to his smugglers’ cottage alone.

When he’s adopted by a lost kitten, Jake soon discovers that there’s more to Portavel than cream teas, lobster pots, and the annoyingly fastidious Locryn. As the village prepares for the wedding of its favourite young couple, Jake and Locryn find themselves as unlikely matchmakers for two locals who’d given up on love.

Torn between the call of Hollywood and the kisses of Locryn, will Jake choose a mansion in Beverly Hills or a cottage on the Cornish coast?


If I had to pick just one series that I could read until the end of days, then this would be the one. I have love, love, loved these Captivating Captains right from day one. I eagerly anticipate each new Captain, which I devour it, I love it and then at the end go through a spell of cold turkey awaiting my next Captivating Captain fix and on it goes with every book, and the further into the series we go the more hooked I become.

Poor Catherine and Eleanor, they must be getting very tired of me bleating the same shameless bright-eyed, obsessive adoration for this series. I must be getting quite repetitive now after seven books, but I can’t help myself, I just feel the need to shout as loudly as possible for all to know just how much I love this series, and just one more thing; ladies you can never, ever stop writing these books, ever. I would be completely lost! There I’ve said it, I’ll move on now and actually talk about this book with cutie-pie Loc and hot-headed Jake.

So, as you may have gathered from my rather embarrassing love note at the start of this review, this is the seventh book in the Captivating Captain’s series – wait, seven!? Wow, where has the time gone? I remember each one as though I read them yesterday. For those who haven’t discovered the brilliance that is the Captivating Captain’s every book is completely different from the next. Different era’s, setting’s, characters, the only connection is that each one has a gorgeous Captain taking centre stage. So take your pick, I’m not going to recommend that you start with this one or that one, all I’m going to say is; your bookshelves NEED some Captivating Captain love. That’s it, simple!

Drat, I’ve gone and spent half an hour writing waffle, again, ah well, I’m sure everyone is used to my incessant babble by now.

Righty-O, back to the important stuff…

This time we are back in captivating Cornwall with a very prim, proper and passionate baker who has very …shall we say…colourful imagination where cream horns are concerned. (I will never look at that particular confection in the same light again) and one of the most foul-mouthed chef’s you have yet to meet, me think’s our Jakey would give a certain ‘Ramsey’ a run for his money with the swearing, my goodness that swoonsome, leather jacket-wearing chef is a cauldron of fire and brimstone….phew, it’s a wee bit hot around here!

These two are the complete opposites, chalk and cheese, sour and sweet; one being pleasant and unruffled with glorious arms…sigh; glorious, gorgeous arms…and the other is growly and sweary with surprising gentleness, and yet they really work together. When around each other there is a shimmer in the air, playfulness and a little cheeky banter. And I love them both! The story is told out through Jake’s perspective which works fabulously as we do get a ‘feel’ of the real Jake quite early, but – and this is the only negative thing I will say about the book – I would have loved to occasionally read Locryn’s perceptive on certain situations too, that’s just my personal view.

City boy and incredibly sweary chef; Jake is stressed to the hilt, he is under pressure and under doctors orders to slow down but being a celebrity chef with a new TV show to film, that ain’t going to happen, especially when he must transform an old pirate ship into a classy and successful floating restaurant as he has done in the past with huge success. But the catch here, he is on a deadline and he has to do in time for a wedding. And another reason which is shooting up his blood pressure is a certain dashing and irritatingly proper baker. Jake would love to be anywhere else but in quiet Portavel, being surrounded by giant fibreglass cod’s, chirpy bakers and villagers who just happen to dislike him (at first)and being constantly harassed by a demoness of a producer.

Yup, our laddo is stressed, but thankfully he starts seeing that there is far more to this little fishing village then he originally came to think. And far more to the very polite, passionate and plummy toned, perfectly turned out, baking artist; Locyrn, the king of all things Cornish and the man who just happens to make Jake’s heart (and other places) go all a flutter with his ‘Goshs’ and ‘Fiddlesticks’.

I love the secondary match-making plot, that smoothly runs side by side to Locryn’s and Jake’s story and with it, we get to really see the softer, kinder and thoughtful Jake, the real Jake which he likes to hide behind the furiously raging and vile tongued celebrity chef persona. Plus that aspect of the story gives our lad’s the perfect chance to really get to know each other as they plot, expect lots of tongue in cheek flirting, sweet endearments and lots and lots of food. I think I went up a dress size just reading, all those pasty’s, cream buns and the bread…I am in bread heaven!!

The Captain and the Baker is a sweet, saucy, scrumptious and surprisingly very short love story. I love the second chance feel to it in regards with Jake, to me he starts off a little lost and then with Locyrn’s and little Dorothy’s help he is ‘found’. The setting is beautiful, with the briefest hint of sadness within the village. A great selection of colourful characters feature throughout, some you instantly adore and want them to be happy and then there is one in particular who you love to hate – thank goodness she hobbled off, leaving the rest to breathe freely.

This is such a great feel-good, delightful, cheerful and endearing read, which is full of real village charm and some very saucy, blush-worthy moments, I was laughing and sighing in equal measure.

Yet, again another winner from the dynamic duo, I am super excited to see what comes next!

This was an Arc via the authors, which I voluntarily reviewed. Thank you, Catherine and Eleanor! xx


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