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#Review | A Convenient Fiction (Parish Orphans of Devon #3) by Mimi Matthews #AConvenientFiction #ParishOrphansOfDevon @MimiMatthewsEsq

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Hello Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this incredible book; A Convenient Fiction, which is book 3 in the beautiful Orphans of Devon series by Mimi Mathews. To say I have been looking forward to this book is a pretty understatement, I have been in love with this series from day one and this book just blew me away. So settle down, grab a cuppa and a snack – really, you’re going to need it, this is going to be a long review.

She Needed a Husband…

It’s been three years since Laura Hayes’s father died, leaving her and her invalid brother to subsist on the income from the family’s failing perfume business. But time is swiftly running out. What she needs is a husband, and fast. A noble gentleman who can rescue them all from penury. When a mysterious stranger arrives in the village, he seems a perfect candidate. But Alex Archer is no hero. In fact, he just might be the opposite.

He Wanted a Fortune…

Alex has no tolerance for sentiment. He’s returned to England for one reason only: to find a wealthy wife. A country-bred heiress in Surrey seems the perfect target. But somewhere between the village railway station and the manor house his mercenary plan begins to unravel. And it’s all the fault of Laura Hayes—a lady as unsuitable as she is enchanting.

From the beaches of Margate to the lavender fields of Provence, a grudging friendship slowly blossoms into something more. But when scandal threatens, can a man who has spent his entire life playing the villain, finally become a hero? Or will the lure of easy riches once again outweigh the demands of his heart?

It has taken me an age to write this review, as there are so many things that I want to say about this, yet every word I write seems a little redundant and doesn’t do this stunning book justice. I have written and deleted and banged my head on the desk in frustration because I can’t begin to describe just how beautiful this book is.

This is the third book in the Parish Orphan’s of Devon series and by Jove, have I been looking forward to this book. Each of these beautiful books can be read very easily as stand-alone, as each of them hold their own stories and any reference to the other ‘Orphan’s’ are done as background to Alex’s story, yet I would read the previous books only because they are so good, I wouldn’t want you to miss a moment. This is the one I have been looking forward to, and we finally get to meet the elusive and mysterious; Alex who after the accident that set the course of the Orphan’s lives, he left never to look back, never to be heard from again.

Alex Archer left England many years ago, now he is back with one goal; to find himself a rich wife! He doesn’t care about anything else other than to marry rich, preferably to marry someone connected, love and emotions don’t even get a second thought, he knows what he wants he will damn well get it. He may sound mercurial and pretty villainous and that is the persona he likes to show the world, he enjoys playing the bad boy, but our boy has many layers which over time we slowly peel away and uncover the captivating and vulnerable man beneath, something which our heroine Laura see’s too.

His plan’s for a wealthy wife soon get pushed to the back of his mind and quite soon really, and that is when he sees a nymph in the pond – said water nymph happens to be our brilliant heroine; Laura Hayes.

Laura is one of the most ordinary and relatable heroines that you will ever meet, and she is one that spoke to me more then most, after her father’s death she is left caring for her sick bother, trying to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and coal in the fire, she deals with every aspect of their life and is loyal and protective of her brother, she is a stubborn lioness hiding in meek mice clothing, she is resilient and as savvy as hell with their finance. This is a character’s that doesn’t suffer fools easily even if she has always held a tender for a certain neighbour. She is the finest, strongest and independent woman I have met in a historical romance for a while, one of the reasons I liked her so much is that Ms Matthews has done this incredible job at creating a character that 99% of women can relate to.

Alex, oh my word! He had me hooked like a fish on a line from the first peacock-esque swagger and roguish twinkle, I fell completely, he is by far the sexiest and swoon-some of all of Mimi’s Matthews heroes – if ever there was a time for a #DoubleSigh then this is it, the way Mathews has so perfectly created this character is a testament to just how incredible a writer she is, he tries to be the bad boy he thinks himself to be, and some of his actions may make people think that true, but like Laura you can see beneath his manipulative, villainous mask to the unwittingly good heart and there are moments when he makes me sigh and go weak and the knees.

I utterly loved that very first moment these two met, and it is a little on the scandalous side than what we are used to with Ms Matthews, it sets up the relationship between them perfectly, yet they are an adorably sweet couple, the chemistry smoulders beneath the surface, it’s electric the atmosphere around them crackles. Ms Matthews has a brilliant gift at hinting at things that makes the reader really think and imagine, I loved that style of writing it enhances the reading experience. There are some truly beautiful moments between these two there is a scene where Laura tells him that all he wants deep down is a family and not money or property, that really spoke to me it’s a simple very normal truth that so many can relate to.

I have to mention the ending, without giving away any spoilers, it is perfection, it’s heart-warming and so good to see all the Orphan’s together, I cannot wait for the fourth and final book; I know that that one is going to be a tear-jerker, but that man needs a happy ending too.

This is a truly beautiful story of second chances, of moving from your past and embracing the future, it will enchant you from the moment you open the first page. I have said it before, and I am not ashamed to say it again, but Ms Matthews really does have a beautifully rare gift at writing the most enchanting and magical stories. She is the queen of the Victorian romance there are no others that can compare to her mastery, as ever I am enthralled by her sparkling words.

This was an Arc copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Mimi and massive apologies for how ridiculously late my review is.

A Convenient Fiction is available now, I cannot recommend that you go and grab a copy, this book is stunning!

#BlogTour | The Highlander’s Christmas Bride by Vanessa Kelly TheHighlandersChristmasBride #Review #HFVBTBlogTour @VanessaKellyAut @hfvbt

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Hello Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on the brilliant blog tour for; The Highlander’s Christmas Bride by Vanessa Kelly, not only will I be sharing my review of this wonderful book, there is also a gorgeous giveaway. So settle down, grab a glass of egg nog and enjoy!

The Highlander’s Christmas Bride by Vanessa Kelly

Publication Date: October 29, 2019
Publisher: Zebra Books
Format: eBook & Paperback; 432 Pages

Series: Clan Kendrick, Book #2
Genre: Historical Romance/Scottish



In bestselling author Vanessa Kelly’s irresistible Clan Kendrick series, Christmas in the Highlands means family, celebration—and for one brother, the beginning of a passionate adventure . . .

Being thrown over by the man she expected to marry was humiliating enough. Now that Donella Haddon, grandniece of the Earl of Riddick, has also proven a failure as a nun, she has no choice but to return to her family’s estate. The brawny Highlander sent to escort her is brash, handsome, and the only thing standing between Donella and a gang of would-be kidnappers. But the scandal in her past can’t be so easily outrun . . .

Wealthy widower Logan Kendrick was expecting to meet a plain, pious spinster—not a gorgeous, sharp-tongued lass who can hold her own in any ambush. Though she’s known as the Flower of Clan Graham, Donella is no shrinking violet. In fact, she might be the perfect woman to bring happiness back to his lonely little son’s life, just in time for Christmas. But first he must protect her from ugly gossip and a mysterious threat—and convince her that their wild, unexpected desire is heaven sent.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound


Even though I have been very aware of Ms Kelly’s books for a while and have quite a few on my bookshelf/kindle shelf, this is actually the first time I have actually sat down and read her work – believe me, I have been missing out on something here, I can definitely assure you that as soon as possible those books I already have will be devoured. This is the second book in the Clan Kendrick series, as I haven’t read the first book, yet I can honestly say that it is very much a stand-alone, even though I did sense that was interwoven character’s and subplots from the previous, not that it affect this story at all, it just gave me a glimpse that there is more to this series.

I love the opening of this, where we first meet heroine; Donella as she is being practically chucked out of the convent she had been taking refuge in for the last three years, her behaviour isn’t exactly pious, she really isn’t nun material she is far too spirited and little feral, she doesn’t do silence and obedience. But now she has been pushed from the convent she must return home, back to that old life of scandal, which she had fled from in the first place.

Her escort home isn’t what she had expected her uncle to send, he is brusque, brawny, and too darn sexy for his own good (too damn sexy for anyone, to be honest, honestly I may have swooned on the spot ;-))

Logan Kendrick has been trying to garner a deal between his own shipping business with the powerful Ear of Riddick who own one of the biggest and most powerful timber houses in Scotland, but before they can shake and make the deal the earl asks him for a favour, to escort his niece home from her recluse in the convent. Simple enough, only once he meets vibrant, fiery and stunning Donella Logan has an inkling that his life may just change forever, and this is before they come face to face with kidnappers.

As you would expect their journey doesn’t exactly go to plan, as Logan tries to protect her from the bugger’s who are trying their damndest to abduct her, Logan soon sees the pretty young miss as more then just an irritating opinionated sprite, she is rebellious, fiery, brave and strong-willed and he admires her greatly, admiration that soon develops into something else, something far more primal.

I won’t go into their adventure too much, as I wouldn’t wish to spoil the story for you, let me say that this is a corker, the energy and banter between Logan and Donella is electric, sexy and funny, but there is more to this coupe then their good looks, they are both scarred by skeletons’ which they have lurking in their pasts, skeletons that have made them the people they are.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was Grandpa, he is vile, I think that his character was supposed to be a funny old man who spits out nonchalant barbs every so often to lighten the mood, but I so him as hugely hurtful and despicable man, I really took against him the moment I met him.

I really enjoyed Ms Kelly’s writing, there is a real vibrancy and spark in her words which grasp’s hold of the reader’s attention. This is a very cleverly written, richly detailed, entertaining and enjoyable story. It’s hugely engaging and the character’s captivated my attention from the first page, I loved the story about two individuals who had seen the darker side of society only to become a little jaded yet they had a thirst to find their own feet and find happiness just in time for Christmas.

Overall, a fun, sexy and adventurous festive romance, that is far then just swooning debutantes and men in breeches (not that there is anything wrong with breeches clad regency men ;-))


About the Author

Vanessa Kelly is a USA Today Bestselling, award-winning author who was named by Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association, as one of the “New Stars of Historical Romance.” Her Regency-set historical romances have been nominated in a number of contests, and she has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Maggie Medallion for Best Historical Romance. Her books have been published in nine languages.

Vanessa’s latest book, The Highlander Who Protected Me, was a USA Today, Barnes & Noble, and BookScan bestseller. Her Renegade Royals Series was a national bestseller, as was The Improper Princesses Series. My Fair Princess was named a Goodreads Romance of the Month and is a USA Today and BookScan bestseller. The Highlander’s Princess Bride, book 3 in the series, was a Barnes and Noble top 50 bestseller.

When she’s not dreaming of plots for her next Regency novel, Vanessa is writing USA Today Bestselling books with her husband, under the pen name of V.K. Sykes.

You can find Vanessa at or at For all of Vanessa’s latest news and contests–and to receive a free story–please sign up for her newsletter on her website.

Clan Kendrick Facebook Group | Facebook Author Page | Pinterest | Twitter | Goodreads


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During the Blog Tour, we are giving away signed copies of THE HIGHLANDER’S PRINCESS BRIDE and THE HIGHLANDER WHO PROTECTED ME + a $20 Amazon gift card! To enter, please use the Gleam form here – The Highlander’s Christmas Bride

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#Review | Secrets of Lady Lucy (Agents of The Home Office #1) by Rachel Ann Smith #SecretsOfLadyLucy #AgentsOfTheHomeOffice @rachelannsmit11

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Hello Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of the thrilling; Secrets Of Lady Lucy by Rachel Ann Smith, so grab a cuppa and enjoy!

It’s never easy keeping secrets…

Only her desire to crush the Crown’s enemies could induce Lady Lucy Stanford to endure another Season. For years she has worked secretly for the Home Office, and she has come to London with one purpose: foil the attempted kidnapping of a highly valuable target, identity unknown. Inconveniently, Lord Harrington—Lucy’s brother and guardian—has other plans. He won’t be satisfied until she is at long last married.

He never forgets a face…

After years on the Continent, Blake Gower, Earl of Devonton, returns to England in need of a wife. He should not be surprised when his best friend Harrington’s sister recaptures his attention. But there’s more to the woman Lady Lucy has become than the delightful girl Blake remembers. When she takes an unexpected jaunt to the country during the height of the Season, Blake is determined to know why—and to discover all Lady Lucy’s secrets.

Unwilling to give up her patriotic mission for marriage, Lucy is conflicted when she meets the enigmatic Lord Devonton. She never expected to feel this way about a man again.

When the ransom demand comes due—will it be for Lady Lucy’s heart?

I completely loved this book, Rachel Ann’s debut series has started with a real bang, it’s a brilliantly paced, fun, engaging and highly intriguing. I do love a good mystery thrown into a romance, and I have to say that Rachel Ann Smith has done a fabulous job at creating the mystery that runs through the story – and I am assuming into the next – she never lets up on the tension, the drama and it did keep me turning the pages.

Lucy hates the prospect of having to endure yet another season, but she has a mission one that she can only achieve by being in the one place she hates the most amongst society and the ton. You see our Lady Lucy isn’t just your run of the mill debutante she is actually secret agent for the crown, she has worked tirelessly for years in her role decoding messages for the home office and the only reason she is suffering through another season is to thwart a kidnapping, the only problem with that is that Lucy doesn’t know who the victim is.

But our Lucy has another issue she must deal with and that is that she is facing the fate of most woman in the ton , she is facing the prospect of an arranged marriage as her guardian and twin; Lord Harrington is frustrated that Lucy isn’t married yet, he wants his sister to be happy which means he intends on finding her a husband.

Blake – who I love – has returned to England after years of being away at war, our gorgeous Blake used to make maps for the foreign office and for the troops, but now he is back on home soil he suddenly needs a wife, he needs to sort out his estates after so long neglected and to help him in his challenge he needs a wife by his side. Blake and Lucy’s brother were at Eton together, during one summer Blake and Lucy met and it was an encounter that has stayed with both of them for the rest of their lives, which is why Blake thinks that Lucy will be the perfect wife.

But, she has other plans and isn’t suddenly about to swayed from what she must do by an attractive man from her past, but she can’t stop herself from feeling incredibly attracted to the handsome Earl, but really she has admission and he is becoming a hindrance, until a twist in the story has them pushed together and off on a whirl wind, thrilling adventure. I loved getting know Lucy and Blake, they are a brilliant couple, both ae hugely intelligent, independent and very engaging couple who you will instantly love and will on to their happily ever after.

This is a spicy and intelligently written romance, that is full of mystery, I did hugely enjoy it, but as I said at the beginning of this review there are a lot of unanswered questions, there are certain parts of the story that really needed to be resolved, but I am assuming that all these questions and mysteries will be continued and answered throughout the series and if so it is going to be very cleverly written, only time will tell, but I am really looking forward to reading more.

This was an Arc copy from the author which I voluntarily reviewed, Thank you Rachel and huge apologies for the late review. X

The secrets pf lady Lucy is available now.

#Review | Invitation To A Cornish Christmas by Marguerite Kaye & Bronwyn Scott #InvitationToACornishChristmas @MargueriteKaye @Bronwynscott @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of the beautiful Invitation To A Cornish Christmas by Marguerite Kaye and Bronwyn Scott. I have been very excited about this book, it is the perfect Christmassy read to enjoy through these colder nights. So grab your hot chocolate and enjoy!

Welcome to a Regency Christmas…

…in these two festive short stories!

Captain Treeve Penhaligon must return to Cornwall when he inherits his family’s grand estate. But could his meeting with Emily Faulkner on the wild beaches be even more life changing? Find out in Marguerite Kaye’s The Captain’s Christmas Proposal.

Then, discover what happens when Treeve invites composer Cador Kitto to complete the celebrations, and Cade clashes with local girl Rosenwyn Treleven in Unwrapping His Festive Temptation by Bronwyn Scott…

I adore this book and it is exactly what we need for Christmas, the two stories work alongside each other beautifully, the character’s all blend together to create a real community in their little town, it’s unique and I don’t know any other authors who can write together with such clear passion and solidity to create something as charming and enjoyable as this.

The Kaye and Scott Christmas stories will always have a special place in my heart, as it was through one of their past Christmas books where I was introduced to both of these fine ladies work and I haven’t looked back, I was hooked and have hugely enjoyed both their work since, so I was so happy to hear that again they were writing another Christmas book.


The Captain’s Christmas Proposal by Marguerite Kaye

Emily Faulkner is happily living her quiet isolated life, in her little cottage by the sea. She would far rather life quietly away from prying eyes, away from the scandal that she is running from, and away from those who know about her fall from grace, which is why she chose the tiny fishing village of Porth Karreck, it is the perfect place to shrink into the background and start a new life. A life away from society and away from men, she is happily settled into her little cottage, taking daily walks and swims while designing and making her jewellery her family are famed for, she is happy with her peaceful existence.

Well that is what she fully intended, but she didn’t bargain on falling in love with the newly returned prodigal son of Porth Karreck; Captain Treeve Penhaligon who has returned on leave from the Navy to sort out the estate after his brother’s death.

Treeve can think of other places he would rather be than back in his home village, his heart has always been at sea and now after so many years away he feels like an outsider and knows that because he is in the Navy and not a regular fisherman like so many in the village he is looked upon with distrust and wariness.

I adore these two even though at times I felt like banging their heads together, can’t they see that they are made for each other? But there are factors on both sides which prevents them from moving forward with their relationship, Emily has a secret that she is very unwilling to share and Treeve will be returning to the Navy after Christmas, can their love at first sight meeting really go the long haul?

At times I did wonder if they would find the courage to give their blossoming romance a go, but I understand why they were both so reluctant to tale the chance, they both must find their way through their own personal issues and only once they and loved the way that their romance was written, if loved their chemistry and how from that very first meeting on the beach they instantly clicked, it’s like at that moment something shifted for them both with the presence of this other person.

Ms Kaye’s writing is as ever; flawless, she has a real gift at spinning an emotionally wrenching and beautifully orchestrated romance, I loved every moment of Treeve’s and Emily’s story.


Unwrapping His Festive Temptation by Bronwyn Scott

Porth Karreck born; Cador Kitto is reluctantly back in town after being asked by Captain Penhaligon to produce a special Christmas Cantata for their grand celebration, Cador isn’t exactly infused to be back in his birthplace, but unfortunately for Cador his needs the money he will earn. He is in financial bother, yet he hasn’t produced anything new for a while, he has the musicians equivalent of writer’s block. So when he got asked to produce the cantata for the Captain he couldn’t exactly turn it down, it would be like smacking a gift horse in the mouth (as my gran used to say) but he wouldn’t be staying in that infernal place longer than was absolutely necessary.

Well, that is his plan, until he spots the most beautiful and enchanting woman he has ever seen, in the village church’s congregation. Rosenwyn Treleven; whom we met in the first story, is trying to distance herself from all men, trying to protect herself and her heart. She is not going to have her heart broken again by a cad. As much as the twinkly-eyed Cador is appealing she is still very reluctant to take their mutual attraction any further.

Cador soon woos Rosenwyn, not by his illustrious and shining reputation and career but by being himself, but they both know that he is leaving so obviously this relationship is going to go nowhere or is it? I love that initial spark of interest from each other, one single glance and boom they were unwittingly hooked by the other, I loved watching as these two lonely and untrusting people learn to love and to trust. They are made for each other, their personalities as different as very similar and they fit together like two-pieces of a jigsaw, their journey to happily ever after so beautiful.

Ms Scott woos the reader with her passionate and exquisitely written love story, I simply loved getting know Cador and Rosenwyn, this is a wonderfully engaging and richly detailed story.


These two fine ladies have done it again, they have created two perfectly in sync stories with a catalogue of the most beautifully written and engaging character’s that the reader instantly falls in love with. They have shown again that they are the master’s of the historical romance genre, they never fail to enchant you. Their difference in writing complements the others perfectly.

Two beautiful and heart-warming stories of second chances and finding true love at Christmas, they are simply splendid!

This was a complimentary copy via the authors, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Marguerite and Bronwyn, apologies for how late this review is. Xx

Invitation to a Cornish Christmas is available now.

#BlogTour | To Tame a Scandalous Lady (Once Upon A Scandal #3) by Liana De la Rosa #ToTameAScandalousLady #Review #HFVBTBlogTours @LianainBloom @hfvbt

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Hello sunshine’s! I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on the brilliant blog tour for; To Tame a Scandalous Lady by Liana De La Rosa, I am very excited to be sharing my review of this amazing book. As, always grab your cuppa, snuggle down into your cosy jumper and enjoy.

To Tame a Scandalous Lady by Liana De la Rosa

Publication Date: October 21, 2019
Publisher: Entangled Publishing/Amara
Format: eBook; 400 Pages

Genre: Historical Fiction/Regency/Victorian



In the wake of a fire that decimates his racing stock, Christian Andrews, the Marquess of Amstead, struggles to keep his family’s stud farm from slipping into ruin and painstakingly rebuilds the program. When one of his prime stallions is injured, he notices his new assistant trainer has a special way with the horses. As talented as the trainer is, once he realizes he is a she…and a very beautiful, spirited she at that…he should sack her before scandal breaks. But it’s only weeks before the high stakes race he’s counting on to build back his fortune, and Flora should be by his side for the win.

Miserable under the weight of the ton’s expectations, headstrong Lady Flora Campbell laments her privileged life in London. Embracing her dream of working with racehorses, she disguises herself as a lad and slips away to learn as much as she can from England’s premiere expert, Christian Andrews, never thinking of the scandal she courts but the glory to be had.

Although she develops a tendre for the dashing marquess, she can never let on that she’s not only a woman, but the daughter of a duke…

“Sparkling, sensual, and oh-so-smart!” —Lenora Bell, USA Today bestselling author

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo


I absolutely loved this book, I was completely immersed within the tantalising and engaging story from the first page. Confession time; This is actually the first book I have read by Liana De La Rosa, I have no idea how this fine author has passed me by for so long especially as I do have one or two of her books on my bookshelf, waiting on that mountain of a tbr pile.

This is the third book in the Once Upon a Scandal series, not that you would know that as I read this as a stand-alone, I didn’t feel as though I missed out on anything from not reading the previous two. But judging by this, I will definitely be reading the other and more of Ms Rosa’s work.

From the blurb, I was wondering if I could like Flora, she did sound like a bit of a spoiled, privileged little madam whom I would struggle to like. Yet, from the very first page when we first meet Flora I instantly liked her, she is spirited, feisty, free-minded and more then willing to go out there and get what she wants, even if it does mean dressing as a boy and assuming an alias to achieve her dream. I really liked her forward-thinking and beyond her year’s vision, she is definitely living before her times, yes she did put her reputation and that of her families at stake to the waspish ton, but if you really deeply want something you have to go out and get it. I thoroughly loved getting to know her and watching her journey to happily ever after.

Flora doesn’t want to go down the stereotypical aristocratic lady’s route of husband and family, she wants to spread her wings and be independent. She has a dream of owning her very own estate where she can breed racehorses, in order to get what she wants, to gain the skills and experience she will need to make her dream come true, she decided to take a job at the legendary Amstead Gardens a family-owned stud farm – which is currently going through some difficulties – she goes in disguise, which she does in order to protect her own reputation and that of her family and of course to be able to gain the experience she will need for her own much sought after stables. Only her plan doesn’t exactly go how she thinks it will, as she is inexplicably drawn to the Marquess himself.

After a fire that destroys a barn and the death of his father, Christian; the Marquess of Armstead is having a very bad day, he wants nothing more than to put his family farm and estate back to how it used to be, he wants to his birthright to be returned to its crowning glory but with a huge debt hanging over his and the estates head he knows that he can’t put a single step out of place.

I love the relationship and the building chemistry between Christian and Flora, they both have so much to gain and yet so much to lose. The tension between the character is off the chart as they move so expertly from friends to something more. I love Liana’s De La Rosa’s writing style, it flows with ease as she takes the reader on a perfectly written and enchanting adventure, the plot is imaginative, original and rich with historical details which really grabs the readers attention.

A highly enjoyable, refreshing and clever romance, I will defiantly be reading more from this wonderful author, I was completely taken with her beautiful and enticing words, very highly recommended!


About the Author

Liana De la Rosa is a historical romance writer whose stories are set in the Georgian and Late Regency periods. As a longtime fan of the romance genre, Liana can remember sneaking Harlequins into her bedroom to read on the sly. After her second child was born, her husband challenged her to write her own book and she’s been writing ever since. Liana is a proud graduate of the University of Arizona and enjoys cheering on her alma mater in all things (BEAR DOWN!). When she’s not writing witty heroes, saucy heroines, and secondary characters screaming for their own stories, she’s a wannabe domestic goddess and fashionista who wrangles a rambunctious brood of small children with her patient husband in Arizona.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


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#Review | Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop by Hannah Pearl #DaisysChristmasGiftShop @HannahPearl_1 @RubyFiction @ChocLituk

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Hellooo Sunshine’s, I have the huge pleasure to be featuring this fabulously festive book with your all today, I can’t wait to share my review of; Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop by Hannah Pearl. So grab your mulled wine, a gingerbread man and enjoy.

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift? Step into Romantic Daze …

Daisy Kirk is a sucker for a love story, which is why she opened up her gift shop – because there’s nothing that makes Daisy happier than when she’s helped a customer achieve their own ‘happily ever after’ by finding the perfect Christmas gift for their loved one. And she absolutely does not just sell ‘soppy presents and frilly pants’ as her brother’s infuriating best friend, Eli, is so fond of suggesting.

The sad fact is that whilst Daisy is helping others with their love lives, hers is non-existent. But when unusual circumstances take Daisy and Eli on a road trip from London to rural Wales, will she finally get the happily ever after to her own Christmas love story?

I adore this! It is so heart-warming, it’s like being wrapped in a huge comforting bear hug. I did think that this would be a very sweet, run of the mill Christmassy romance where two warring factions finally get together, not that, that is a bad thing, I do love a cosy festive romance – I may not particularly like Christmas too much, but Christmas stories are my Achilles heel, I love them whether they are sweet or surprising and this is definitely the latter. It is far more then what you originally presume it to be, I loved that surprise slightly quirky twist, you do sit up and go; “Did that really happen?” which makes you fly through the rest of the book at lightning speed, yearning to know what happens.

This is only my second book by Hannah Pearl, having loved the first book I was excited to read more of Hannah’s work, I love her fun, original and classically romantic style which keeps the reader turning the pages, and this did not disappoint.

I really, really liked Daisy, she is a sweet unassuming character, she sees life in black and white. She broke my heart at times with her innocence, there is something very real about her, she is life long romantic who loves a good love story, plus she loves to help people who come into her little gift shop to find that one perfect item and to help them on their way to their own fairy-tale love story. But as much as she may love romance and happily ever after, she never has had one of her own and this is one of the things that I do like about Daisy she may have her head in the fluffy true love clouds, but deep down she is a realist. She has lived her life thinking she isn’t going to have her happily ever after, not when the man she has loved since she was a child doesn’t love her. She had on night of passion with gorgeous Eli, before he then moved away and made a life and a rather notorious name for himself, since he has proven time and time again that there is nothing between them, he is a playboy, an adventurer, he doesn’t want to settle down into an everyday real bliss. But when something happens, and even that makes them come together on a road trip that could change them both.

I love the character’s they are all so different, yet they really gel together, there may be animosity but there is love and friendship too. The relationships between daisy and the other character’s are beautifully written, Daisy and her brother Ben are like all siblings they love one and other and want the best for each other, yet they do know the way under the other’s skin. I love the friendship between Daisy and her best friend Lily, theirs is a friendship we all need in our life, there is an unbreakable bond between these two women, they know each other inside out and are always there.

Overall a wonderfully tender and exciting romance, that will take the reader on a surprising adventure, one that is full of friendship, loyalty, love, positivity and wrapped up with a charming festive bow.

This was an Arc copy via the publisher, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you, Liz. Xx

Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop is available now and do go and grab a copy.

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Hellooo everyone, I have the massive pleasure to be sharing my review of this gorgeous festive collection; Christmas at Miss Moonshines by the fabulously named; Authors on the Edge, otherwise known as Helena Fairfax, Mary Jayne Baker, Marie Laval, Melinda Hammond, Helen Pollard, Sophie Claire, Kate Field, Angela Wren and Jacqui Cooper. So grab a cuppa, a snack of your choice – plus tissues and enjoy!

When the magic of Christmas is just what you’re looking for…

There’s something magical about Miss Moonshine’s Wonderful Emporium, and at Christmas she brings an added sparkle to the inhabitants of the pretty Yorkshire town of Haven Bridge. Customers who step over her threshold find an eccentric collection of gifts, but Miss Moonshine has a rare knack for providing exactly what they need: a strange Advent calendar whose doors give a glimpse of a happy ending; a vintage typewriter that types a ghostly message from Christmas past; a mirror in a silver case that reflects the person you’d like to be.

Step inside Miss Moonshine’s quirky shop, and the thing you need most for Christmas will be right there, waiting for you…

Nine romantic novelists from Yorkshire and Lancashire, including best-selling and award-winning authors, have joined together to create this collection of uplifting festive stories guaranteed to warm your heart. This intriguing mix of historical and contemporary romances will make you laugh, cry, and believe in the magic of Christmas.

Praise for Miss Moonshine:

“A warm and unforgettable collection of happy ever afters” Anne Williams, Amazon top 1000 Reviewer

“Each story is heart-warming, fun and engaging to read. One of those rare books that is literally unputdownable…It is joyous, uplifting, and it leaves you on a high. Joy incarnate!” Frankie Reviews

“As each story ended, I was left with a rosy, warm glow, and an eager anticipation of what was to come in the next magical story.” Jo at Jaffa Reads Too

Have I been waiting for this book, or what? It feels like a lifetime since I read the first Miss Moonshine, which I absolutely adored. So when I heard that there was going to be a Christmas Miss Moonshine, I was so happy and excited to return to Haven Bridge and see what mischief Miss Moonshine and her tiddy little dog; Napoleon are getting up to.

To say that there is something very special about Miss Moonshine, is an understatement, this book; like it’s leading lady Miss Moonshine herself is so magical, even though we only have two books – so far? Hint, hint…..I do think that that this is even better than the first, I can see and hope to see so many great things to come.

I do love this collection each story is carefree and sweet, they make you feel as though you are being wrapped in the warmest, fluffiest blanket, you get this all out feeling of happiness and as though all is well with the world when you have finished,

It’s so heart-warming, magical and uplifting!

So for those who haven’t yet been introduced the wondrous being that is Miss Moonshine (Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard of Miss Moonshine?) anyway, let me fill you in. This is a collection is short stories written by nine amazing romance authors who also go by the moniker; Authors on the Edge. Each story is completely different and the collection covers the whole of the romance genre from contemporary to historical, with a wee bit of magic thrown in; it is Christmas after all. The only thing that links them all together is the setting; Haven Bridge in Yorkshire and a particular shop and its magical and whimsical owner, have you guessed yet?

I love how the collection opened with The Ghost in the Machine by Mary Jayne Baker, it was the perfect opening to what is a fabulous collection, we travel from one era to the next, one style and story to the next and finish with the perfect closing story; Miss Moonshines Advent Calendar by Jacqui Cooper, when I say this is perfect I am not just saying that this isn’t just a fitting finish to the collection but the story itself is beautiful, it’s sad and yet hopeful. I decided against talking about each story in the collection, only because there is only so much of my babbling a person can put up with without falling asleep, and that I really don’t want to give away any spoilers, this is one of those books that you just need to read for yourself.

Never-the-less, I do have to mention one particular story – well the end really, and that is Make my Christmas Wish come True by Helena Fairfax, that story and the ending really struck me. That last paragraph with Miss Moonshine herself left me with a lump in my throat and tears pricking my eyes, even though the scene itself is all happy and festive for me I picked up a hidden sadness laced through it, it was that tiny unspoken nod to what we know is to come that really had an effect on me and I must give huge applause to Helena for writing a beautifully emotive story. Oh and before I forget; I love that we have nod’s to the previous book in this, that’s just fabulous!

There are moments of sadness which arise in each story, yet Miss Moonshine is the epitome of happiness, of love, of friendship, or following your heart and embracing the old and new, plus allowing yourself to be the person you secretly want to be. Miss Moonshine is an enchanting and magical gift to the world, it’s heart-warming, beautifully composed, charming, a little quirky and it is absolute essential reading…what more is there to say, other than; go and grab a copy!

This was an Arc copy via the author’s, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you ladies and apologies for how late this review is.

Christmas at Miss Moonshines Emporium is available now, and I cannot recommend it enough.