Reviewing Policy

My Review

I am the Owner and sole Reviewer at Chicks Rogues and Scandals and all Reviews are my own opinions and thoughts, with the exception of the back blurb of the book and the occasional quote from the book which is for informational purposes only. I always give an honest, thoughtful and considerate review of all books, and it is my aim to post all reviews on books that I have read. I also post the review on NetGalley (when appropriate) Goodreads and Amazon under the name Frankie Reviews on all.

Preferred Reading

Historical Romance : I love anything to do with Historical Romance, the more History the better, I will read every era from Medieval to WW2.

Chick-litIn my view Chick-Lit is different to Contemporary, in this genre I like light, funny stories a bit like a Rom-Com in book form.

To give an idea of what I like to read here is a few of my favourite authors; 

  • GaelenFoley
  • Elizabeth Hoyt
  • Virginia Heath
  • Nicole Locke
  • Lisa Kleypas
  • Pam Jenoff
  • Lyndsey Kelk
  • Sarah MacLean
  • Elisabeth Hobbes

Review Requests

Updated; January 2018 – From now on I will not taking on any new authors, unless I have shown an interest in your work, this could be on Twitter or Facebook and I will only accept review requests if you fall into one of the following categories:

• I have previously reviewed your work before and enjoyed it (eg: I rated it a four or five stars on Goodreads).

• I have featured you on Chick’s, Rogues and Scandals before (eg; In Author Interviews/Guestposts).

• I am on your Reviewers Street Team.

I have shown an interest in your work through social media.

Everything written in this review policy still stands and You can find full information HERE

I am happy to receive review requests from authors and publishers, unfortunately I only accept requests when in my preferred genre, as stated above. I would ask that authors or publishers who are requesting a review, that they contact me 4/6 weeks before the release date and I will post my review within 2 weeks of the release, unless otherwise stated.

If you are requesting a review you can contact me via the Contact me page and when doing so can you include all of the following information :

  • Genre
  • Date of release
  • Title of book (if a series include the name of series)
  • Brief description
  • Author description

I don’t necessarily want to read the newest of the new book’s and author’s, I am more than happy to read older book’s. If you are an author or publisher and wish for me to review their work then I would prefer an Mobi or PDF.

I do take my reviewing very seriously so I will always post a requested review once I have read a book, but due to the fact that I am the sole Reviewer of Chicks Rogues and Scandals and as I have other commitments in my personal life please don’t be alarmed if my reviews sometimes take a while to be posted. If that does happen, I apologize in advance, it isn’t that I haven’t read the book it will be down to other factors such as time and responsibilities.

I DON’T AND WILL NEVER ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR REVIEWS!!! That isn’t what I do and more importantly that isn’t what Chicks Rogues and Scandals is about. I am not a professional reviewer, I am an enthusiastic amateur, who enjoys reading and sharing my views. I will never ask for anything in return for a review.


I always promote my posts on Twitter and Facebook, I don’t mind if you promote the Review or the Interview on social media and if you are wanting to use quotes from my review for promotion of your book that’s absolutely fine by me, In fact it would make my day. What I do ask is that you…

!!Don’t copy the entirety of my reviews or Interviews!! 

I don’t have a problem with sharing so long as you share appropriately using the share buttons on the post. If you do use my review or quotes in promotion of the book then let know, you can tag me using @chicksandrogues for both Twitter and Facebook. 

Guest Post/Interviews

I am happy to host Guests Post’s but at this time only author’s, whom that have either featured on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals or whose work consists of the above Genre’s.

I only host my own Interviews, I use my own Interview Template that is exclusive to Chicks Rogues and Scandals. If an Interview is preferred then I will send out my Interview Template to you as soon as possible, this is usually within a few days, I usually post as soon as receiving the interview back unless stated otherwise. Please let me know if you have a particular time frame in mind for your interview and I will do my utmost to adhere to it, you are more than welcome to add links and photograph’s to the interview.

The one thing I do request is that you provide a profile picture, which I will use at the top of the interview (this can be a social media profile picture if you like) and this will be featured on my Author Interview page with a link to the interview.

If you do wish to have a Guest Post or Interview you can contact me at anytime please put the following into your request and I will reply as soon as I able to.

  • Name and Genre
  • If you would prefer a Guest Post or an Interview
  • A brief description of your work
  • When you would prefer the Post/Interview to be featured (Please note, If a specific date is required then please let me know at least 2 weeks before).
  • A link to your website

Blog Tours

Unfortunately After February 2018 I am no longer taking part in blog tours.