I am thrilled to be sharing my review of the utterly gorgeous; The Knight’s Convenient Alliance by Melissa Oliver. I am super excited about sharing this book with you all, especially introducing you to the tempting and delectable Thomas 😉

about the book

The Knight’s Convenient Alliance by Melissa Oliver.

Series: Notorious Knights #4

Genre: Medieval, Historical Romance.

The only man who’s tempted her… 

Now poses as her husband!

When an injured knight arrives on Brida O’Conaill’s doorstep, the village assumes he’s her long-lost husband. But her only previous connection to Sir Thomas Lovent was an intense shared moment at a tournament years ago.

Brida maintains the pretense while she nurses him, yet once he’s back to full, virile health, she cannot reveal Thomas is not her husband—or that she’s unmarried!—when everyone is expecting them to act like husband and wife…


Firstly, can we take a moment to fully appreciate how luscious this cover is? I am in absolute love with it, I think it captures Brida and Thomas perfectly, there is a tantalizing longing in their gazes, especially in Brida’s with her averted gaze. I love it and if I hadn’t read any of Melissa Oliver’s books before I would read this just on the cover alone.

The Knight’s Convenient Alliance is easily my favourite of the series so far, It has everything I love in historical romance; fantastically emotional and complex characters, drama, adventure, wit, banter, laughs and sighs, it’s a stonking great read!! Melissa Olivia’s writing just gets better and better – seriously she never puts a foot wrong, I have been a fan of her books from day one, she is a marvel. I am in complete love with her fast-paced, flirtatious, feel-good and utterly romantic writing. I love how easy to read these stores are, the words flow and the story plays out before your eyes, it’s just wonderful, every moment of this book makes me smile.

I was absolutely gripped by the opening, wow! That was dramatic and exciting, and I knew from those first few pages that this story would keep me on my toes, especially tempting Thomas, who isn’t just a gloriously sexy, romantic flirt, but he is the ultimate action man!!

The Knight’s Convenient Alliance is a drama-filled romantic whirlwind, I loved the whispers of curses and prophesies that swirl around Brida’s history – I am fascinated by how old myths and legends, folklore and so-called hexes and curses have such drastic effects on a person and their family. How family superstition makes a person act, I think we all live like that in some way, don’t we? We all grow up with old stories from the family history which may or may not shape the people we become and the choices we make in life, and this is the case with Brida. I refuse to spoil the story by delving into the details, just go and read it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Thomas and Brida have the best chemistry I have read in a long time, the banter and sparring is fun, feisty, sexy, incredibly funny they have such a brilliant report with each other, I have a massive love for the witty and fun banter between character. I have always thought it brings a story to life and these two are fabulous. The air crackles with lust and genuine attraction, despite Brida trying her damndest to keep him at arm’s length, but him being a rascally rogue he pushes and pushes, I love how he constantly jumps at the chance to tease her and make her blush with his outrageous comments. But’s all good fun, she knows he would never purposely go out of his way to hurt or humiliate her, he’s just a consummate flirt with a very wicked sense of humour.

Oh, how much do I adore this man?? I don’t have adequate words to fully profess my love for this rugged, heroic, teasing, cheeky, charismatic rogue. You wouldn’t believe how happy I am that Thomas and Brida got a story, as we met them in the previous book I did wonder if they would have a story of their own and as always Melissa Oliver never disappoints.

I’ve just realised that this entire review is all about Thomas …. hmm, you can see where my loyalties lie, can’t you? 😉

This is the fourth book in the Notorious Knight’s series, you can very easily read them as stand-alone but why would you? These books are so wonderful,I wholeheartedly recommend that you read them all at once, you seriously want to meet the other three Knight’s too. 😍

The Knight’s Convenient Alliance is a great escape from the real world, it has so much entwined with the blossoming and tantalizing romance, their’s is an unexpected romance and years before they had quarrelled and parted on bad terms and yet where does Thomas go when in need?! There is so much to love here, from humour to drama, to adventure and lots of flirty, cheeky romance, you honestly can’t go wrong with this book!


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