Chicks, Rogues and Scandals now offer completely FREE – no strings attached, no obligation – Book Promo’s, Book Spotlights, Cover Reveals and Release Day Book Blasts.

I have been blogging for five years and have seen how much a quick day book boost can help not only to place the book into the hands of the readers but also a boost for the author too – especially debut and Indie/small press authors.

I love to help authors out in any way I can, I chose to do this for free as sharing the book love has always been a true love and a hobby to me so why would I want to gain from helping others?


Book Promo consists of a quick book post on the blog, book promo’s are all about upping the excitement for the book across Social Media and I will promote across the Chicks, Rogues and Scandals Social Media; Twitter and Instagram (Including my Insta stories).

Book Spotlight’s consist of a full blog post about the book/ and series, buying links and a brief introduction to the author, again posts will be shared across social media – Book Spotlights can also include GuestPosts/Interviews, just chat with me about what you’re interested in.

Release Day Book Blast, just like book promo’s consists of a big book push across the blog and social media on release day. A full blog post will go live as early on release day as possible (UK time).

Cover Reveal, is as it says on the tin, I love to help spread the word and up the excitment of new book covers.


  • I am happy to promote on social media for up to a week for such as a book bargain.
  • All posts can also include guest posts and/ or author interviews or any other type of content if the author wishes, just let me know what suits you, just chat with me….honestly I don’t bite. 🙂
  • All I ask for is a high-quality cover/s pic, back blurb and links, plus a brief author bio – author profiles pics are always appreciated but aren’t necessary, only if you are comfortable with your picture being used in the post.
  • Do let me know of any dates you prefer the post to go live, especially for Release Day Book Blast’s and Cover Reveals.


Even though I am a huge fan of romance and historicals, Book promo’s, Cover Reveals, Book Blasts and Spotlights are open to all genres except; Horror, Sci-fi and Erotica. Sorry about that!

Chicks, Rogues and Scandals welcome authors from all backgrounds, from all publishing houses, smaller independent’s and debut, as long as your book falls into the criteria above all are welcome.

If you are interested in any of the above, then do get in touch via the CONTACT ME page, I look forward to hearing from you!

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