Welcome to Chicks Rogues and Scandals….

“We Love…We Live…We Read.”

I’m Frankie, I am a proud Yorkshire Lass with a love of  History. I am a huge Historical Romance fan and I think there is nothing better in the world than reading a good book with my dog at my feet while drinking a good cup of tea. I am not averse to a challenge either, which is probably why I have taken it upon myself to attempt to learn French and Italian. (Note : Don’t learn them both at the same time☺)


I review under the name Frankie Reviews (If you see the name Reading Chick around that was my old review name), I have chosen to be anonymous because it’s not important what I look like or who I am, the whole point of this blog is for me to share my love of book’s and perhaps try to encourage more people to pick one up, if I can get at least one none reader to just read one book then I am a happy woman. As the saying goes knowledge is power and where best to learn said knowledge? From a book!


I’ll be reading quite a bit and sharing my thought’s, about this and that, as you’ve probably noticed by the blog title I do have a soft spot for Historical Romance and Chick Lit, but I’m not averse to trying other genres. I will be as honest as I can without being rude, so if I don’t like something then I will put my view across as politely as possible.


The majority of my blog will probably be made up of book’s that I did enjoy reading and author’s that I tend to go back to again and again, so it’s most likely that I may review something that has been done before, but everyone’s view is different and as many different opinion’s out there can’t hurt,  it can only enforce the power of reading. I think that can only be a good thing especially to those that are just starting to get into reading.


So I hope you will all see past my rambling’s and join me on my journey through various page’s.



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