I am thrilled to be sharing my review of the utterly charming; Recipe for Mr Perfect by Anni Rose. I can’t wait to share this splendid book with you all.

about the book

Recipe for Mr Perfect by Anni Rose.

Genre: Romantic Fiction

How do you know if you’ve found Mr Perfect or Mr Perfectly Useless?

Jess Willersey realised things with Martin weren’t perfect, but it’s still a shock when he leaves. Is she destined to a singleton lifestyle with only her cat for company, or could a certain hat-astrophic encounter with a handsome stranger at a rather unusual wedding signal a turning point?

At the same time, Jess’s best friends and work colleagues, Maggie and Sarah, are going through their own personal disasters – from shocking family revelations to dodgy dating app-related drama.

To top it all off, it seems that the handsome stranger won’t remain a stranger – and when Neil Jackson turns up at the friends’ offices with yet another bombshell, how long will he stay ‘Mr Perfect’ in Jess’s eyes? 


The second book by Anni Rose has landed and it’s another doozy!!

I loved, loved, loved the first book; Recipe for Mr Right, there was so much ‘Right’ about that book, I had pretty high expectations when I started reading this one and I am so pleased that it didn’t disappoint; when there was so much right about that book, there is so much that is Perfect about this one.

I was giggling over that tag line ‘How do you know if you’ve found Mr Perfect or Mr Perfectly Useless?’ it caught my attention before I read the entire back blurb and I still laugh at it now, it suits the story perfectly.

This revolves around the lives of three relatable and down-to-earth women; Jess, Maggie and Sarah, moderately friends and colleagues, they have spent their working lives side by side and yet their personal lives have always been private until fate intervenes and they soon find solace and friendship which will last a lifetime with the women they have been sitting side by side with for years.

Maggie has just lost her mother, Sarah is a bit like Bridget Jones and is on the lookout for Mr Right – as with Briget Jones all Sarah seems to attract is the ‘Danial’s of the world instead of the Darcy’s, and Jess has just been ditched by her long term boyfriend after he up and finds another woman- the snake!

I loved following each woman and getting to know them, they each bring something to the story. Because of their own personal drama’s they start to bond and soon a solid made for life friendship is sealed and cemented in place. Even though this is all about friendship, we can’t forget that there is also a romance too and that comes in the shape of adorable Niel who shows up turning everything on its head with another bombshell.

Can these wonderful women get a break, please? I loved the progression of the story, and their friendship, it has a beautiful message that no matter what life’s hand deals you with good friends you can face anything.

This book is such a dream to read, it’s an absolute delight, the pacing is a little on the slow side, to begin with, but soon picks up, I loved the narrative between the women and I loved the ending it was very fitting.

Recipe for Mr Perfect is charming, it’s delightfully funny and utterly romantic, a winner in every way!


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