Hello, Sunshines, We are getting festive on the blog today, as I have the pleasure to be kicking off this amazing blog tour for Christmas Cookie Cozies: A Holiday Cozy Mystery Anthology. This is such a cute and cosy anthology, which I am sure you all will love as much as I do. Firstly, I want to say thank you, Emma, at dampebbles for the invite to this tour, now let’s have a look at this book.

Christmas Cookie Cozies: A Holiday Cozy Mystery Anthology

2020 is going to be the coziest holiday season yet with cozy mysteries from Ava Mallory, Summer Prescott, Jenna St. James, Laina Turner, Gretchen Allen, Laina Turner, Joanna Campbell Slan, S. C. Merritt, Minnie Crockwell, Mona Marple, Rachael Stapleton and Loraine Hudson – along with their favorite holiday cookie recipe!

Gretchen Allen – Lost Claus
Charlotte Moss is one tough cookie, but her new job as Mrs. Claus isn’t what she expected. When Santa goes missing and a body is found, the most wonderful time of the year looks bleak.

Joanna Campbell Slan – How the Cookie Crumbles
Cara Mia Delgatto never met her maternal grandmother. But Nonie Josephina reaches out from the grave with a message for Cara: I left behind a treasure! Can Cara Mia find it before Santa comes to town?
S.C. Merritt – Caramelized Casualty

With the annual holiday unveiling of a giant gingerbread village quickly approaching, Kate Kennedy’s stress level is sky high. When one of the event’s diva celebrity chefs turns up dead, Kate decides she has no choice but to team up with the town’s newest detective if she’s going to pull off the big event. Can she expose the killer in time to save the event?

Minnie Crockwell – Death By Cookie
Widow Sallie Chilcoat decides to get into the holiday spirit by baking up a batch of cookies for her lakeside condominium neighbors only to have one of them turn up dead – with the remains of her cookies! Did Sallie kill her neighbor with her vegan cookies?

Ava Mallory – Christmas Cookie Catastrophe
When Consuelo “Cookie” Alvarez inherits a bakery from her aunt Birdie, she doesn’t expect to take her late aunt’s place in the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off. Now she has two weeks to perfect the super-secret recipe, but there are major obstacles in her way: she can’t bake, the recipe is missing, and her competitors are a who’s who of shady characters.

Summer Prescott – Hang Out The Stalkings
Someone is stealing Nancy’s cookies…will they steal her holiday spirit too?

Jenna St. James – Christmas Cookie Caper
When Ivy O’Brien learns her mother has been injured at the annual Couples Christmas Cookie Contest, she runs to the rescue. Looks like she needs to fill in for her mother and hunky policeman Anthony Romano has to help bake the cookie and question the suspects. Between dough-making disasters, nips of peppermint Schnapps, and rolling pin thefts, the pair slowly whittle down their suspect list.

Mona Marple – The Santa Run Is Murderous Fun
Emily Monk’s run out of excuses not to take part in the annual Santa run, but the festivities are threatened when the long-running Santa Run champ is found dead the day before the race.
With a killer to be caught, and a Christmas dinner to be bought, Emily needs to think fast if she’s going to solve this case before Santa comes.

Rachael Stapleton – Christmas, Corpses & the Gingerdead Flip-Flop
When house flippers Jack Young and Juniper Palmer purchase a colorful Queen Anne home, Juniper assumes the exterior gingerbread trim will be the most outlandish thing to see. That is until a prominent wine merchant dressed as Santa is murdered, and Jack’s mother is caught on the naughty list.

Loraine Hudson – Holly, Jolly Misdeeds
First, it’s a thieving Santa. Next, it’s a prowler that threatens Jenny’s peace. It all seems to revolve around a box of cookies.  Why? And what’s next?  

Laina Turner – Cookies and Crime
What is supposed to be a joy-filled awards ceremony for the Romero Boy Scouts turns out to be anything but when Jean Sartor, Scout co-leader, drops dead on stage. Trixie lands herself on the suspect list since she baked Christmas cookies for the ceremony. She knows she didn’t poison Jean, but who did?

Purchase Links:

US Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08K97KLJ9

UK Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08K97KLJ9


There is so much to love about this Anthology, it has something for everyone to love; from light-hearted cosiness, mystery, fun and good-natured humour to a darker edge feel which comes out of the blue, put together and you have one incredibly happy, heart-warming and ridiculously cheerful selection of stories all with added Cookies and festive cheer, so no matter what your preference you will find something to love in this.

I’ve not read any of the authors featured, so it was a wonderful treat to discover completely new-to-me authors and this is what I love about anthologies you have the opportunity to have a taste of what each author writes and you can go out and find more of the authors you fall in love with.

With 11 very short novella, each as different as the next – a bit like a snowflake each one beautiful and each one completely different – read as many or as few as you wish – you will be spoiled for choice. I love that each of the authors also shares their own Cookie recipe, I am definitely going to be trying one, two, five-oh, hell by Christmas I may have tried them all. 🙂

Christmas Cookie Cozies is such a charming, feel-good and delightful anthology, it’s happiness in the palm of your hand, making you feel all the festive warmth and magic – even a Scrooge-like me feels the Christmassy spirit in the air after reading it.

It’s perfect for curling up in a cosy chair, wrapped in your favourite fluffy jumper or Christmassy PJs (whichever floats your boat) and reading well into the night, accompanied by a  box of cookies and a hot chocolate, of course!

So if you love Christmas, lounging around, eating cookies while reading about cookies, or if you just need to feel some Christmas cheer (don’t we all at the moment?) then this is the book you really must have in your collection.


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