Hello, my lovelies! I am so super excited to be sharing my review of the latest Captivating Captains story; The Captains Flirty Fireworks by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. So, park yourselves in your comfiest chair, grab that cuppa and a toffee apple and enjoy getting to know Rob and Ollie, I can tell you now, that you’re going to love them.

When a hunky fireman and a gorgeous gold medalist meet on Guy Fawkes Night, sparks are sure to fly!

For fireman Rob Monteagle, this Guy Fawkes Night seems like it’s going to be anything but fun. After all, who wants to spend the noisiest night of the year saving careless cats from trees or rattling a fundraising bucket at Longley Magna’s annual bonfire, the pride of the village’s bad-tempered old retainer?

For Ollie Tresham, the night isn’t looking any better. He might have won gold in the Olympic showjumping ring yet he’s still expected to meet the public at his dad’s charity fireworks extravaganza. But when a rogue rocket heads straight for the showjumper, it takes a quick-thinking fireman like Rob to save the day.

As the flames of the bonfire smoulder, Rob and Ollie’s night is just getting started. And it’s sure to go with a bang…

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Here it is, the brand new Captivating Captains…..Squeals!! **Dances a happy, if slightly clumsy jig**

There is nothing better then sitting down with a cuppa and diving into another Captivating Captains story, honestly I live for the moment when I get another Captain in my hands, my birthday has definitely come early – uniformed and jodhpur wearing men what more could I want? (Hmm, that sounded a bit perverse, but I don’t think anyone expect anything less from me)

As always this book is apart of the Captivating Captains series, each one are stand-a-lones, they only share the fact that there is a hunky ‘Captain’ in there somewhere to tempt us away from reality….something which isn’t hard to do where I am concerned, I think everyone knows by now that I have a one track mind, I just can’t get enough of these delicious, luscious Captains. Set over the course of a few hours on Guy Fawkes Night, this is a very short story, we go from flirting in a pub, saving a life – and a cat, to romping in the bedroom – phew, I’m exhausted just reading….but our boys have a lot of stamina, I’m pretty sure they can keep up with the pace.

Fireman, Rob Monteagle having recently moved to a quaint little village is about to face one of the busiest nights of a fireman’s schedule; Guy Fawkes Night, before donning his uniform ….and sigh! Do I really need to say more than; dishy fireman saving cats from trees, to tempt you? The night ahead has bucket rattling, fireworks, bad-tempered; but hugely funny old Tresham ranting about clipboard welding firemen and young excitable children – I know sounds like hell on earth, right? Well it would be hell, that is until Rob umps into Jodhpur wearing, Olympic gold medal winning show-jumper; Ollie Tresham, who puts a flame to Rob’s practically dormant libido. Really who wouldn’t feel a flurry of lust when seeing that fine specimen of a man waltzing around in his “leaving little to the imagination” Jodphurs 😉

Ollie isn’t looking forward to the night a head any more then Rob is, he must show his face at his father’s charity fireworks bonanza, he may be the star Olympic athlete but that doesn’t mean he wants to be the poster boy of his fathers grand night, but he is a dutiful if reluctant son and does as is expected of him. He fully thinks that this night is going to go along the same lines as the previous Guy Fawkes, oh how wrong he is, as his night starts with fireworks of a completely different kind when he meets a luscious, tempting fireman who shows that he far more then a handsome face, he is a genuine, bona-fide hero ….yes, there is a bit of swooning moment, when Rob shows us all just how heroic he is!

I adore that first proper meeting between Rob and Ollie; sitting in the pub bonding over a drink, there is a crackle in the atmosphere around them they just gel together like peas in a pod. The banter between them is fabulously fast and witty, I love how incredibly cheesy and funny they are, they seem to bounce off each other and when they finally reach the bedroom you have the customary flirtatious wit and a sizzling ‘steaming up the windows’ sexiness.

These two are a wonderful couple, Ollie is such a good looking chap, he knows it yet he’s not arrogant he is just very aware of how he looks and who he is, he is fun and a little cheeky whereas Rob is such a cutie, handsome, serious, proud and cheeky. There are moments where he reminds of someone, a person who loves a well form male backside in a pair of fitted jodhpurs – oh, ok he reminds me of myself!

The only thing I will say against it; is I did wish it was a little longer as I would have loved to really get to know both Ollie and Rob and to have more of the glorious Tresham senior – honestly he is a real hoot, I was happily giggling away as he ranted about health and safety and clipboard wielding firemen – Nevertheless it is an excellent read, for such a short story we get a real insight of the character’s personalities, I love the transition that they both go through from meeting to the end, which is so lovely.

If you love a quick romp around the bonfire, with two sinfully attraction and sexy men (yes, I do realise how that sounds) then this is the book you, just like a firework; it’s sparkly, explosive and glittery and ends with a bang.

This was an Arc from the authors, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Catherine and Eleanor! Xx

The Captain’s Flirty Fireworks is to be released on non-other than 5th November, and can be pre-ordered now and I definitely say go and grab it.


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