Hellooo my lovelies! I am so excited to be sharing my review of the latest – and last **Blubbers a little** Sinful Sinclair story; The Lord’s Inconvenient Vow by Lara Temple. So grab your cuppa, and cake – you will definitely need cake and tissues, and enjoy.

“I have a favor to ask…

I want you to marry me.”

Part of The Sinful Sinclairs. Samantha Sinclair was always Lord Edgerton’s complete opposite. But when Edge encounters Sam again in Egypt, it’s clear the years have changed her as much as him. So after she blurts out an impulsive, convenient proposal, Edge’s protective urge compels him to accept. Is it possible for two such different people to be together and find the happiness they both deserve?

Here it is the extremely long awaited next – and final **Sniffles and grabs a box of Jaffa cakes, for comfort** Sinful Sinclair book **Sobs** I can’t do it, I cannot write this review because If I do that will be it – no more!! **Sobs again, while munching through the Jaffa Cakes**

So, we are here the third and final Sinful Sinclair’s, this time we have the Sam and Edge’s story, if you have been following this series then I am presuming you all have been looking forward to finally meeting Samantha, which I am so pleased to say she does not disappoint, I think she could be one of my favourite heroines. But, no worries if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the Sinclair’s as this is very much a stand-a-lone.

Firstly, I have to say that Lara Temple has taken my childhood love of Egypt and placed it on the page in such a way that I have fallen in love with this mysterious and golden place all over again. She has woven a glittery, magical story around me and made me love Egypt even more then I did before, she has made me appreciate and see this country with fresh eyes, something which I will be eternal thankful to Lara for; Thank you! I have never set foot in that golden, sun baked country in my life and most likely may never set foot there, but because Lara is a master of capturing the essence of the setting, right down to the most obscure and little known detail her stories are always vividly stunning. Yet this book caught my imagination far more then any other I have read, each and every scene is breath-takingly vivid, I was devouring every moment. I was soaking up every sight, every smell, this book is a blatant assault on the senses, I could see the sandy dunes and star lit sky in my mind with so much clarity it was as though I was standing right beside Edge and Sam.

For as long as they can remember, Samantha Sinclair and Edward Edgerton have been friends/enemies, they are like chalk and cheese, she has always been the more compulsive and passionate, a bit of a dare devil she has always wanted to tag along with the boys, she has climbed statues and basically made a bit of a nuisance of herself, making her brothers and their close friend Edward – or Edge/ stay-away-from-the-edge as Sam nicknamed him – roll their eyes and groan at her exploits. At Eighteen Sam and Edge meet again in Egypt, there is a frisson of something in the air around them but they are again heading in different directions and make choices that will change their lives.

Fast forward eight years and out insipid duo are back in Egypt and are back at tormenting one and other, it is here that Sam realises that all she has been through this is the moment that she will grab hold of the one thing that she has always wanted; Edge! Yes he drives her crazy with his staid and very sensible persona but she has seen the man beneath the glacial exterior, even now he is so changed from the man she knew, she can see what many can’t and she wants her green eyed god and so being the spontaneous, free-thinking woman she is, she takes the bull by it’s horns and proposes…..I know, scandalous! She knows that if they can both put their past behind them and move forward past each of their own hurt and painful personal memories they can be happy, they can be the adventure loving twosome she has always dreamed them to be.

But with so much – namely Edge – standing in their way, can they really make it through the storm and find their much yearned for and so deserved happiness? Well, I’m not going to tell you, am I? You’re going to have to out and read it for your selves 😉

I absolutely adore Sam, she is exactly how I imagined her to be from what we have learned about her from the previous books, literally how she is written is how I have been imagining her to be. She reminds me of Evie out of ‘The Mummy’ (Which really is the highest compliment I can ever give for her as that film is one of my absolute favourites, I always wanted to be Evie when I was little) she is smart, savvy, a little careless and clumsy when she is having one of spontaneous moments, she thrives in dusty mystical Egypt. She is a girl after my own heart never happier then when she’s knee deep in the mud, uncomfortable in social circles and much prefers the company of true friends and family who see her for the slightly eccentric woman she is – plus she has a fondness for green eyed men 😉

Edge as much as he really makes Sam (and the reader) go through the mill for him, is a wonderfully complicated and complex man, he certainly has his issues, he has his inner demons that do cling on to him for dear life – even the strength that Sam holds has trouble expelling them, he reminds me of a career soldier who has left the military after many years and now he is trying to adjust to civilian life again – if that makes any sense? He can’t dispel his pain, he can’t move forward and he can’t allow anyone close to help mend his wounds, he both infuriated me and made me weep.

My only word against this glorious book – and I do hate to say any less than perfect words about Lara Temple’s books, but I vowed to write unbiased and honest reviews, even though it doesn’t make me feel less horrible for what I have to say, don’t worry I will hang my head in shame – I did think that there was a little too much “will they every have their HEA?/ Will they ever actually get past all this tension/ The hero is being a bit of a pillock” thing that was going on, don’t get me wrong I love tension and emotional turmoil within romance and anyone who knows me, knows that I love a damaged hero, but -and this is my personal opinion – I think this time it did somewhat slow down the pace of the book, which took the shine of my overall experience of it, it was fine to begin with but it did wear a wee bit thin. Sorry! I’ll go and hide now!

Apart from what I said above, I did really love this book, the story is an emotional ride, you will go through a whole host of emotions with this; laughter, giddiness and excitement, sadness and heart-break, annoyance, the entirety of human emotional depth is right here under the microscope for us all to see and feel. For me personally what holds this above all others is the exquisite and rich setting and historic detail of Egypt, I genuinely felt the authors passion for the country, the culture, the history, the people coming through the words, I was completely enchanted by it, this book has taken me on a mesmerising adventure which will stay close to my heart forever.

Just one more thing, I sooooo need Rafe’s story, he is fabulous! He reminds me a little of Chase Sinclair (Everyone knows how much I love that guy…#DoubleSigh!!!) Rafe is a mystery; charismatic, charming, fun but I also sensed there was a little darkness behind that scarred smile, I felt he was haunted – or maybe I am reading too much into it, either way I loved him as much as I was fascinated by him.

Over all this is a wonderful end to what has been an gorgeous series, I am sad that there won’t be any more Sinful Sinclair’s, but I can see that this is the perfect ending for them, it closes one door while others stand ajar making us readers wonder as to whether those doors will open and what is behind them.

This was an Arc cop from the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you so much Lara! Xx

The Lords Inconvenient Vow is to be released on 28th October and can be pre-ordered now, and I definitely recommend that you do!

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