Hello, my lovely readers, today I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this gorgeous book; A Wife Worth Investing In by the marvellously talented Marguerite Kaye. This is an extra celebration too as this book is Marguerite’s 50th book for Mills and Boon/Harlequin, wowzers!! Huge congratulations Marguerite. xx

A convenient proposal…

Makes a scandalous match!

Part of Penniless Brides of Convenience: Knocking on Owen Harrington’s door, impoverished and desperate, Miss Phoebe Brannagh wonders if London’s most eligible catch will recognise her. But injured and reclusive, Owen is no longer a carefree man. And he’s in urgent need of a convenient wife! Owen’s shock proposal allows Phoebe to fulfil her life’s ambition to open a restaurant…but his heated kisses tempt her to hope for a new dream – marriage, for real!


I have been waiting – not, so patiently – for this book since I closed the last page of the previous, and I can say without a doubt that this was well worth the wait. This book is gorgeous in every way, shape and form. This book is a testament to just how brilliant Marguerite Kaye is, she is the queen of the marriage of convenience trope. Honestly, there are very few authors who can nail this trope as perfectly as Ms Kaye can.

A Wife Worth Investing In, is the second book in the gorgeous Penniless Bride of Convenience series. This series is connected with three sisters, each sister is as different as the next yet each share a passion for their chosen hobby, which as you will see in this book Phoebe’s turns into a career. As with the previous you can read this as apart of the series, but it can very easily as a stand-a-lone. Another reason to celebrate is that this gorgeous book is also Ms Kaye’s 50th book with Mills and Boon/Harlequin, which is an astonishing achievement. Congratulations Marguerite. I have seriously got some back reading to do, I am making it my mission to read them all.

The story opens, two years previously in a little café in Paris where; aspiring Chef, Phoebe wants nothing more the to open her own restaurant, she is an accomplished cook in her own right and has a great passion for sharing her food with others and really accomplishing something for herself. But, this is the Regency era and it is not as easy for a woman. Which is why she is training in Paris under an acclaimed Chef, it is while she is waiting for her chef and lover that she meets by chance; rakish, charming, handsome and wandering Owen. A man she is instantly attracted to, but not just for his sinful good looks but she sees a kindred spirit in him, a man who actually sees and listens to her as herself. Owen is fascinated with the young woman, he sees so much passion in her a passion that he wishes he had for something, instead of a constant recklessness that sees him living on the edge. Owen and Phoebe make quite the impression on one and other that they agree to meet each other again in the same café two years to the day, to see how they are fairing.

Two years later, and Phoebe and Owen are as changed as they can be. Phoebe is destitute, she has lost everything which includes her self respect, her confidence, her passion and the little light behind her eyes that makes her Phoebe. She has fell on hard times, yet even though she has nothing she refuses to go back home to her sister and aunt, she turns to the one persons she hopes can help her.

Owen is also a shell of the man we first meet, after he left her in that café a terrible, life changing accident. He is in constant pain, unable to walk properly and has turned into a recluse. Yet, he is still the gentleman she knew him to be and as soon as he hears of her plight, it is like she has given him a new lease of life and he is soon planning how t help her. As well as helping himself, as he is in need of a wife and she is in need of security. Perfect, he proposes; they both get what they need. Her the ability to open her restaurant and him the wife his rank states he must have, all very practical and proper.

But, we all know that in historical romances and especially Marguerite Kaye’s book nothing will stay practical and proper, especially once our two start seeing the other as something other then a means to improve their circumstances and delve into their feelings for one and other.

There are some really loving and tender moments between Phoebe and Owen, they are both scarred, both their scars more than skin deep. They have both been through the mill, they have both suffered in more ways than and now need to find happiness – even though neither of them think that they deserve to be happy. I love how they bring each other out of their shells its so subtle and real.

They have a real connection right from the moment they meet in that cafe, and I love how Ms Kaye has built that up from a budding friendship which had a lot of mutual attraction then through difficulties they must both face once married to where they end up, it written with such understated longing and passion, its quite breath taking really.

This is a brilliant story, a real master class of romance writing, its mesmerising and dazzling, honestly its perfect!

For me I saw more as second chance romance too as that is essentially what both Owen and Phoebe have in one another, they have that second chance to have happiness. The journey they go on to their happily ever after is an emotional ride, there are many ups and down for these two and that is just with their personal issues that they must face. I do love them though, Owen is the hero that you need to love, you want to hug him you want to love him and you feel every emotion and every painful step right down in your heart 0 that is how excellent the writing is.

Marguerite you has stolen my breathe away with this, I am absolute awe.

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Marguerite. x

A Wife Worth Investing In is to be released on 30th May and can be pre-ordered at Amazon and I definitely say go and pre-order.

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