Hello, my lovelies, I have the very great pleasure to be sharing my review of The Bladesmith with you all today, and this book is amazing!! So grab a cuppa, take a seat and let me tell you a wee bit about this wonderful book.

1745: John Steel takes a consignment of swords to Warenford Keep on the wild Northumberland coast. He suspects that the swords are destined for the rebel army of Charles Edward Stuart, but matters are complicated by his growing attraction to Katherine Ellingham, daughter of a known Jacobite and betrothed to the powerful Lord Warenford.

With Carlisle in the hands of the Jacobites, and government troops patrolling Northumberland, John makes a desperate bid to retrieve the swords from the Keep before his family is implicated in the uprising, but can he succeed, and protect Katherine and her family at the same time?

A tale of high adventure in the turbulent days of the Jacobite Rebellion.


Is it right for me to start this review by squealing loudly like a loon? Well, I’m going to; Squeeeaalll!!! My goodness, this book is so good – in fact good is way too inferior term to use for just how brilliant this book is. I literally read this in one weekend, it was just too good to put down, I was gripped. I knew that this would be great as Ms Hammond has this rare gift at entwining fabulous historical detail, suspense, adventure and romance all in a wonderfully engaging and atmospheric story.

Set during 1745, in the turbulent and dangerous Jacobite Rebellion, I am fascinated by these darker eras of our history, times which aren’t as featured within historical romances as they should be. When other’s love to focus on the glittery Regency world I love that Ms Hammond takes a stroll through grittier historical times with this glorious book.

John Steel has been asked by his sword maker brother to take a consignment of swords up to Northumberland, to the customer; Lord Warenford. John has an inkling that all is not as it appears, once he reaches the mighty castle. Why would the Lord Warenford need so many swords and what is it about the castle and it’s occupants that has John on edge. He has his suspicions that all is not what it seems, and he comes to believe that his brother’s swords are in fact going to be used by the rebels and if that is the case his family are in danger. Further trouble is added to John’s already heavy shoulders of problems as he begins to be incredible attracted to the women Lord Warenford is betrothed to; beautiful Katherine Ellingham who just happens to be the daughter of a known Jacobite.

Really, John doesn’t do anything by half measures, does he?

There is so much to love about this book, the plot is brilliant and very engrossing – I won’t say too much as there are many twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages at lightening speed. I love the character’s, John is a gorgeous hero inside and out! He is kind, courageous, loyal, protective and immensely clever and he has a real gentle side to him too. Katherine is an amazing young woman and one with that I really connected; her care for her ill father, running and trying to keep the household together show just how strong she is. She is resilient, gentle and intelligent, all she wants is her family to be OK and if that was all I knew about Katherine would be enough for me to really admire her.

The story is fast-paced, seductive, and mesmerizing. It has an edgy undercurrent that really grabs the reader attention from the off. Ms Hammond has intricately entwined a gorgeous romance, an edge of your seat adventure and real history with some breath-taking historic scenes and it is the details that really emphasise the turbulent era, with an adventuresome and courageous couple who are as clever as they adorable.

A definite must-read, very highly recommended!

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Melinda and massive apologies for how incredibly late my review is.

The Bladesmith can be found at Amazon.


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