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Imprisoned by her past

Set free by her enemy!

Part of The King’s Elite. Charged with high treason, Lady Jessamine Fane is under the watchful eye of icily calm Lord Peter Flint. It’s a task this spy won’t be swayed from, no matter how alluring his prisoner! Only it’s not long before Flint realises that tenacious Jess hides a lifetime of pain. With so much at stake, can he afford to take a chance on their powerful attraction?

My View

Well, what can I say about this, but absolutely, bloody brilliant? Just when I thought that Virginia Heath couldn’t get any better, she stuns us all with this beauty. When I say beauty, I mean it!! I know that I am – and always will be – a huge fan of a certain Warriner brother, but this book inches past and has now become my favourite of all Ms Heath books.

This is the perfect ‘enemies to lovers’ story, another reason to fall in love with it. Enemies to Lovers has to be my whole time favourite trope, there is something about the heated bantering that goes on between the couple that really gets me. Jess and Peter are not just literal enemies but their personalities are so different, you do wonder if they are even going to be able to have that HEA which we all want. Peter is a patriotic, loyal and brilliant agent of the crown who has been tasked with bringing down a smuggling ring. He is escorting a known traitor back to England; Lady Jessamine who has been charged with high treason, there really is no other man capable of such an important mission, just as there is no doubt that this alluring, infuriating woman is guilty of the very crimes she is charged with and being such a head strong young woman, she tries at every opportunity to escape.

I have found my whole time favourite character, ever in the form of fiery, hot-headed and obscenity throwing Jessamine – Jess. My goodness, this young lady is a real blast, when we first meet her she is throwing missiles of food at Flint from her cell as well as throwing a very wide range of abuse and insults at him; this girl has quite the acid tongue and I absolutely love the bantering – or maybe that should abuse hurling? that goes on between her and Flint.

Flint is so different to the previous agent we met; Seb, who was agonisingly shy and quiet, whereas Flint is the complete opposite, he is cool, controlled, regimented, confident, he’s not one to allow his personal thoughts and emotions to deter him from his mission. He may sound a bit cold and unfeeling, but that is far from the truth, when he allows himself to show a more human side he is captivating and adorable.

Fabulous, witty, imaginative, sexy, thrilling, alluring, basically mind-blowingly good, I should stop there as just spouting out various words isn’t really a review, is it? But when you read something of this fine quality, then you just want to gush about it as much as humanly possible – even if that does mean your putting people to sleep with the babbling. But, I don’t care, this book is just wonderful. The story is a master piece of writing, it’s has two of the best lead characters and secondary characters I’ve met in a while, a plot that has the reader hooked from the bread flinging first scene and will keep you turning the pages at lightning speed wanting to find out what happens and then you cry on the last page that it’s finished – which just gives you the excuse to re-read it. A romantic, engaging, exhilarating, compelling, one of the best I’ve read.

Brilliant book that I cannot recommend enough and I cannot wait for book three.

This was an Arc from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Virginia.

The Uncompromising Lord Flint is to be released on 27 December and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.


Review: The Mysterious Lord Millcroft (The Kings Elite #1) by Virginia Heath

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Life as a duchess…

Or something more dangerous?

Part of The Kings Elite: constantly told her beauty and charm are all she has to offer; Lady Clarissa is intent on marrying a duke. And intriguing spy Sebastion Leatham will help her! Only, first she’ll assist him with his new assignment – playing the part of a confident aristocrat Lord Millcroft.

Sebastion awakens a burning desire within Clarissa that leaves her questioning whether becoming a duchess is what she truly longs for…

My View

Oh, my! Oh, my! Virginia Heath, what are you doing to me? There was me thinking that this author could never create a character who will send me into a swooning, dithering mess like I was, when I first met lovely, damaged Jamie Warriner. But she has gone and done it again with this magnificence specimen of a man, who I have fallen completely and utterly in love with. Oh, Seb! Be still my beating heart!

After being shot and nearly killed while on his last mission, spy Sebastion Leatham is recuperating at the home of a fellow agent’s brother; Dr Joe Warriner. He finds himself sharing the house with the spellbindingly beautiful and too perfect to be true, sister of Bella Warriner. Seb is instantly tongue-tied and shy around this gleaming goddess, but his well-honed spy intuition tells him that there is more to this beautiful woman then meets the eye, surely someone cannot be that perfect!

Clarissa is harbouring a secret which is the reason why she has ventured to her sister’s in the first place, she has been wanting to marry the Duke of Westbridge since the first moment she met him. She knows he is dazzled by her, what man isn’t? and yet he hasn’t made a moved unless you count the roses he sends.

It is not long before Clarissa and Seb realise that they need each other’s help, Clarissa needs Seb to catch her Duke and Seb needs her in the next part of his mission with those pesky smugglers. I would never have thought that two completely different character, characters who are as far removed from the others world as you can get would work so beautifully together. Their individual personalities as different as they may be, seem to blend with each other so perfectly. They really are a couple I never expected to work, but they do!

I truly believe that Seb Leatham could be the best character that has sprung from this author’s fabulous mind – except maybe delicious Jamie, but I may be a tad biased where that chap is concerned 😉 Really, this is what I look for in a hero. Not only is he brilliantly gruff and brave but I love how painfully shy around women he is, such a refreshing change from the usual overly confident heroes that are so popular, I would much rather have a quiet, genuine and kind hero than one who talk’s more than me.

Those of you who have read the Warriner series (really is there anyone out there who hasn’t?) then you will remember Clarissa, the sparkling and perfect sister of Bella. When I first met Lady Clarissa, I will be honest and say that I wasn’t a fan of her, she could be the only character of Ms Heath’s that I didn’t take to. Clarissa perceived herself as way too good for the hard-done by, brilliant Warriner’s and as I am terribly attached to those four brothers’, her attitude really put me off her. Sorry, I do hate to say that, but she did get on my nerves a little when we first met her. So, I was in two frames of mind about her having her own story, but I was interested to see where Ms Heath would take this character and wondering if the little strumpet would redeem herself to me. And I can gladly say that Ms Heath has pulled it off, I will put my hands up and say to the author; “You were right, to give Clarissa her own story.” Clarissa is so much more than the woman I originally thought her to be, her transition from spoilt little madam, to the complex social butterfly is quite an eye-opener and I have now grown to love her as much as I do her sister; Bella.

As beautifully perfect as Clarissa is, there is a fragility about her that quite catches not just Seb off guard but also the reader. My heart bled for her when she think’s herself as good for nothing more than looking beautiful, she is a multi-layered, deeply delightful young lady who at times I wanted to shake and tell her that she is far more than she perceives herself to be.

As well as the captivating blossoming romance between Seb and Clarissa, I have to mention the spine-tingling and gripping smuggling and spying branch of the story. As soon as I heard that Virginia Heath was going to be writing a series based on the spy ring that popped up in the Warriner’s I was so excited about it, and this first instalment of the King’s Elite is so damn good! I cannot wait to properly meet the rest of the spy’s, I just know that this is going to be an invigorating and breath-taking series. The King’s Elite spying world is dark and perilous, you can literally feel the danger, Ms Heath has created a marvellously real and all-consuming deadly world of spies that could be right out of an Ian Fleming novel.

This is an exhilarating, edge of your seat, thrilling and beautifully sensual romance, one that I guarantee with keep you engaged right from page one and never want it to end. I love the sweet and tender romance that between Seb and Clarissa, their relationship blooms from mutual trust to friends to something more. This is a masterpiece of character development each scene is beautifully written to portray each moment of our character’s role in the story. I cannot wait to read the rest of The King’s Elite, thoroughly satisfying and highly recommended.

Pure perfection!

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Mysterious Lord Millcroft is to be released on 23rd August and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

Falling in Love with Happily Ever After by Virginia Heath

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I’ve always adored romance books. Right from the moment I picked up my first one at twelve I’ve been hooked. Fabulous Harlequin Mills & Boon authors like Nora Roberts and Penny Jordan took me to imaginary places and made me best friends with the characters they created. By the time I left school, I had a secret dream to write them one day. I never dared tell anyone because I’d have been laughed at. Girls like me didn’t become authors.

However, as time went on and I read more books than I dare count, that dream became more insistent. After years working in the media I switched careers and became a history teacher. A little while later, I picked up my first regency romance and it was magical. Dashing men in boots and breaches, feisty heroines who gave them a run for their money, rich period detail- what wasn’t to love? There and then I decided if I ever wrote a book, it would be a historical romance.

Three years ago, I finally plucked up enough courage to quit my job and follow my dream, then spent the next year writing three books. Not one was good enough to be published but those stories allowed me to teach myself how to write well. My fourth attempt felt different from the outset. Special. The characters spoke to me and the story flowed. I never plotted a single paragraph, instead I listened to their voices and wrote what they wanted me to write. I finished it in just five weeks and plucked up the courage to send it to Harlequin Mills & Boon. In May 2016, That Despicable Rogue became my debut novel.

It soon became apparent that not only could I not plot to save my life, but that I am prolific. All those years of daydreaming meant my odd mind has no trouble concocting characters, and once I introduce the characters to each other, they decide the direction of each book. I am currently writing my eighth Regency for Harlequin, something which I know is mad seeing as my first book only came out eight months ago, and each has been completely different. The only similarities have been my feisty heroes, even feistier heroines and the bursts of humour which spill naturally out of my pen. I call them Regency Romantic Comedies. So far, I’ve written about kidnapping, war, family feuds, a pair of talking horses, a foolhardy wager, four gorgeous brothers and the murky world of smugglers. I’ve been inspired by Shakespeare, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Hollywood musicals, a history documentary and a door knob. Yes, you did read that right! It was hanging by a thread on my daughter’s bedroom door because she has a tendency to flounce and slam said door. In my odd mind, in walked a tall, feisty yet sensitive heroine and Her Enemy at the Altar was born.

There’s another sibling series lurking in the queue behind the smugglers. Alongside Oscar Wilde. I’m thinking I might write that series as an homage to his genius. The first book will be my twist on The Importance of Being Earnest…


About the Author

When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling.

As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down.

Fortunately, Harlequin Mills and Boon saw some potential in her stories and decided they would publish them. So far, she has been commissioned to write ten books for their Harlequin Historical series. Her first Regency Romance, That Despicable Rogue, was published in May 2016, and since then she hasn’t stopped writing. Her 3rd book, The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide was shortlisted for a RONA (Romantic Novel of the Year  Award).

After the success of her Wild Warriners quartet, she is currently working on her second series for Harlequin Mills & Boon Historical- The Kings Elite- which should hit the shelves in the Summer of 2018.

She would love to hear from you on either Facebook or Twitter, especially if you love history as much as she does, and promises to try to remember to Blog about something interesting every month.

A former history teacher and enthusiastic tea drinker, Virginia lives near London with her wonderful husband and two teenagers. When she is not making up stories of her own, Virginia likes to travel to far off places, shop for things she doesn’t need, walk her beloved Labrador Trevor and read other peoples’ stories.

Despite all of that, it still takes her forever to fall asleep.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / Goodreads / Pinterest

Review – A Warriner to Seduce her (The Wild Warriner’s #4) by Virginia Heath

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A sensible schoolmistress…

Awakened by the notorious rake!

In this The Wild Warriners story, schoolmistress Felicity Blunt feels old beyond her years—and desperately dull. Meeting confirmed rake Jacob Warriner brings her gloriously to life, yet no matter his allure, she must remain immune to his obvious charms and unashamed flirtation. But is Jacob merely a mischievous scoundrel, or is there much more to this Warriner than meets the eye?

Firstly, I want to say that this review will be a lot shorter then I usually have written them for this series, because I really don’t want to give too much away. I want to say so much about this book! It has been a pure privilege getting to know the Warriner’s, and this is a perfect end to a wonderful series. I am very sad to see it finished, but Virginia Heath has finished in a good place.

Oh my! What an ending, it is beautiful and a bit tearful, I love how Heath has ended this she has tied up all those loose questions what I had about the brothers from the previous books, I wanted to know how they would come on in the future. It’s a satisfying end and so good to see all four brothers happy, there is a real beautiful moment where all four are together sharing a very special moment. It’s one of those ‘awww..’ moments, where you wipe away a happy tear. A bit like the feeling when your, at a wedding!

Jake Warriner or as those in society call him “Jake the Rake” is a scoundrel of the highest order, to all accounts he likes nothing better then lounging his days away while bed hopping his nights away. But he has a secret, one that if ever revealed could be an almighty scandal. He is all set to leave London and head home to the comforting busom of his family, when for reasons that will be revealed in the story he has to stay and seduce school mistress Felicity Blunt.

Ouh La La, Jake!!! I thought Jamie was a masculine tortured man, but Jake really is something else. He is a real stud! But, he has demons of his own that he must battle, as has been hinted in the previous books about their mother’s death, this one we find out everything and why Jake has issues.

Fliss isn’t about to be another of the scoundrel’s conquest’s – or so she tells herself! She is quite content in her life and after her stint in London she fully intends to settle into her role as schoolmistress. But, the seductive scoundrel is harder to ignore than she thought. She knows that her only chance is to harden her heart towards him, but she can’t get past the thought that there is so much more to this particular rake then meets the eye. Soon they find themselves thrown together and their mutual scorching, hot desire for each other, could be the very thing that will be their down fall.

Jake is a real shock, I have been looking forward to reading younger brother; rakish Jake’s story and Heath has not disappointed. He isn’t at all how I expected him to be, and his story is so different to the others, but I am really pleased it is as this young man is a very different breed of man and he needed a story as enterprising and intriguing as this. I was blown away by him, there has been hints of him through the other books, but this really shows us just what a complex, sexy and at times vulnerable man he is.

Jake and Fliss are so charged, they sizzle. The bantering between is just so funny to read, she really has the measure of what kind a man he is, and it has all the fun to-ing and fro-ing that we have come to love and expect from Ms Heath’s, as always this has her signature wit. Scrumptious Jake has definitely met his match in the blunt speaking, smart and no-nonsense Fliss. She is savvy and instantly sees through Jake’s mask and knows exactly what he is.

Oh, I do have to say I found Fliss’ aunts hilarious! Yes, they maybe gin-soaked old coots, but they are as funny as hell and I do love their addition to the story. There is some really dark moment’s, but these two really lighten the plot. Every Historical Romance should have a pair of alcoholic aunts!

I really like the way that each chapter starts with a simple sentence, that reads like a diary. It’s like the characters are telling you something, every time a new chapter open’s. I really do like that, it’s so original.

This is superb! It is so, so much more than your average Historical Romance. It is fresh, witty and intelligent. The crowing glory of this book is the plot, it is fast, thrilling and so unexpected. Smugglers, secret agents, scoundrelly rakes and fiery heroines, plus an amazing love story. What’s not to love? This, is one of those books that you know just needs to be made into a film.

This series has been a pure joy to read, getting to know each brother as they take you on a journey into their darkened and dazzling world. I have said it before that Jamie was my favourite and that is still true, I really felt attached to him and Cassie. But, Jake he is not far behind! Heath has really out done herself with these four brothers, she has proved again that she really is the go to woman for angsty, sexy as hell heroes.

This is just fabulous!


A Warriner to Seduce Her is to be released on 3rd May and can be pre-ordered now at Amazon.

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Review – A Warriner to Tempt Her (Wild Warriners #3) by Virginia Heath

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A shy innocent… wary of all men…

Part of The Wild Warriners

After a shocking incident, shy Lady Isabella Beaumont is perfectly happy to stay in the background and let her sister get all the attention from handsome suitors! However, working with Dr. Joseph Warriner to help the sick and needy pushes her closer to a man than she’s ever been before. Is this man worth trusting with her deepest of desires…?

Firstly, I do need to warn you, I am going to do a lot of gushing about this book – so much you’ll probably get bored. This is book three in the “Wild Warriners” series, where we get to know four devilishly handsome and so-called wild brothers and I can say that this next foray into their glittery and sometimes dark world is just as heart-warming, tantalizing and as pure as the others. In fact, I would say that this could be the most anguished book I have read by Heath and I love the dynamics of the whole story from the relationship between Joe and Bella to the history and intrigue of what is going surrounding them and their little community.

It is a wonderful addition to this series!

Lady Isabella Beaumont – or Bella, to try to get on with her life after a barbaric attack on her a year ago she is volunteering at Dr Warriner’s infirmary and foundling home – that has been set up by none other that Letty Warriner. She hopes that if she gets herself out of the confines of the house and actually do something useful she will get better or as her family say, get over it. Bella is happy doing her jobs within the infirmary, once she was the life and soul of a party but now she is a shell of herself and she just wants to fade into the background and let her more exuberant and beautiful sister; Clarissa take centre stage.

Bella really got to me, there was something about her fragility that really touched me. She is a scared and broken young woman who experienced something that no-one should ever have to experience, and because of that brutality she is now a shell of her former exuberant self. But it wasn’t just the attack that has caused such fear and skittish-ness in Bella, it was how people – especially doctors – tried to “treat” her, poor Bella the quacks scared the living daylights out of her.

Joe Warriner is the brainy brother all he wants to do is help the people, but due to his families tarnished name that is a lot easier said then done, but due to his two older brothers marrying and they are all working tirelessly to bring a little respectability to their blackened name. With his two older brother’s Jack and Jamie doing all manner of good things for the community; Jack and Letty founding the Infirmary and foundling house while Jamie and Cassie are bringing joy to the town with their wonderful Orange Blossom books and Joe is striving to be a good doctor. He is also obsessed with Lady Clarissa Beaumont, he is dazzled by her beauty, but being a stroppy little madam, she doesn’t see Joe – but her sister does!

She turned and his heart soared— then promptly plummeted to his toes . She was quite the wrong sister. Not Lady Clarissa Beaumont at all, charming, blonde and effervescent. But Lady Isabella Beaumont. Pretty, yes, and clearly in possession of a damn fine pair of legs , but rather a serious, unsociable individual…

As Bella and Joe work together at the infirmary and foundling house, their friendship blossoms into something more tender. Joe at first sees her as nothing but a bit of a cold fish, she is serious and irritating and nothing at all like her ethereal sister, but that view of her soon becomes replaced with awe and wonder and more importantly love. Bella begins to feel thing’s for the handsome doctor that she had never thought to feel, he is like a soothing balm to her fractured soul and I do have to say that those moments when he is gaining her trust, those little touches that she allows him are so heart-warming.

I think in some ways Bella envies just how close all the Warriner’s are, her family as much as they try, they are just the same as so many other stuffy aristocratic families. They are proud people and I found that at times they were very cold. Her mother, I think is a lot more like her daughter, she has a bit more fire. Bella wants what Joe has with his family, absolute love and devotion to one another – which as we know the Warriner’s are something very special indeed.

She was?’ Joe had enjoyed the flirting immensely but had no intention of letting on. ‘I thought she had a touch of conjunctivitis.’

Out of all the brothers he is the one that is a bit of an enigma, he is ridiculously intelligent – there is no doubting that and what I really like about him is how excepting he is of modern idea’s, how he experiments with new age ways and medicines, he really is a man who is at least a hundred years ahead of his time. Behind those steely blue eyes is a determined man, but even though he seems so much more level-headed than his brothers there is something lurking within our doctor that you really would never have expected. When truly cares about a person like he does Bella then again you see a completely different side of this quiet man emerge, a man who is fire and brimstone and who will do anything to protect her.

If you think Jack and Jamie are hot-blooded and testosterone fuelled men, then just wait until you see Joe lose his temper.

This is very romantic there is no question about that in any way and yet, it is very different to the previous Warriner’s. Instead of wham-bam straight into bed, this is a lot more restrained because of Bella’s past experiences she has a lot of issues that she needs to overcome before she can really let herself be easy in a man’s company and Bella’s trust is hard-won by Joe. Their relationship smoulders below the surface and you wait with bated breath for that moment when he has win’s her trust, which is a really lovely moment. You feel your eyes filling up with tears of pure undiluted happiness and you think; Yes, at bloody last!

Where do I touch you?’ ‘Wherever you want. There are no rules. Let your hands wander where they will. In the interests of science, of course.’ She giggled at his wink and relaxed a little more…

Let me just say that younger brother Jake is a hoot. I didn’t really appreciate his tenacious, fun-loving personality in the previous Warriner books – I suppose because he as younger, and I had my eyes on fixed firmly on Jamie. But, Jake is a real rake, he is as law upon himself with the best on liners. The chemistry between the two younger Warriner’s is especially fun and you can really see Heath’s legendary humour and wit coming through with Jake – and I am looking forward to seeing what happens with this rake.

That vile and sadistic reverend Reeves is back again causing more trouble, shooting more poison from his vile and acidic tongue. I tell you now, I have never hated a character as much as I do the revolting reverend and, yet his presence give an already wonderful story an unsettling and thrilling twist – and there are twists!

What I particularly like about this one is Heath’s attention to detail each little twig of the story is fabulously entwined with fact’s, all the medical facts from the era is sharp and clearly focused. The hours of research, blood sweat and tears that Heath would have gone through to create this beauty really shows in her excellent writing. This is generous with historic detail and facts that pull you into the story and keeps you transfixed, right to the last page and then you’re in some sort of limbo wanting it to keep going.

This is unbelievably good, I can definitely say that Joe rivals my favourite brother; Jamie for attention. I cannot recommend this enough, it is a must read!

This was an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

A Warriner to Tempt her is release on 24th January and can be pre-ordered now at Amazon.

Chicks, Rogues and Scandals Best Books of The Year, 2017

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It’s that time of year again where I look back through the year and pick out my favourite books that I have featured on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals, it has been especially hard this time to pick my favourite’s as this year has been full of the most amazing books you can imagine. I have found new author’s that are now go to authors for their genre, new style books and series’ it has been an amazing year of reading. I have ditched my usual formula of best Hero/Heroine/Plot but I have still got a book of the Year – right at the bottom of the post. There are others books that I have loved this year, but if I kept adding books it would end up being my top 50 – I have already added more then I intended, as I only intended on doing my top ten, but there were some books that I couldn’t possibly leave off.  So, in no particular order here are my favourite Books of 2017 followed by my Book of the Year!


14 Best Books of the Year; 2017

Echo in the Wind by Regan Walker

Echo in the Wind is a beautifully written story, its thrilling and exciting but yet the love story is so tender. Jeán Donèt really steals every scene he is featured in. He is a hero who can make any woman swoon with just a smouldering look, he is an enigmatic and suave individual who has a breath-taking Gaelic confidence and charisma. A heroine, who is not a wilting wallflower she is a vibrant and strong-willed, independent woman who has her own beliefs and views on the world and she isn’t afraid of voicing them. Together these two are a force to be reckoned with, but they compliment each other too. There isn’t anything about this that I don’t like!

The Viking Warriors Bride by Harper St George

This is so sexually charged, the chemistry between Vidar and Gwendolyn is red hot, any hotter and your eyes would smoke with just reading it, they are made of the same stuff. I love when they start getting to know each other, there is a real spark between them and the respect he shows her is sweet and uplifting. As always the writing is strong and articulated as we have come to expect from St. George. When I read an historical I like the historic detailing within the story and St George doesn’t disappoint, she has got it all spot on, everything is crystalized and explained to a high degree from the smells of our characters to the actual Viking marriage ceremony – which I found absolutely enchanting, the trading of the swords is a beautiful ritual.

Angel Comes to the Devils Keep by Regina Jeffers

This is highly enjoyable read, the romance between Angelica and Hunt simmers and sizzles nicely, Ms Jeffers has done a lovely job at building up their relationship from when Hunt gets injured right to the end, you never know in which direction their story is going to take as there is so much that stands in their way. Yet, that connection that they share, that Hunt has especially, is tender and loving and at times you are just as agonised as he is. I really like how Jeffers has mixes a romance novel with a murder, kidnapping an espionage thriller, I found it exciting, romantic and one that I highly recommend.

The Unexpected Countess by Laurie Benson

This is great read, there is the perfect amount of romance and adventure with a huge, fabulous twist that is so unexpected. The Unexpected Countess is a huge success, a thrilling jaunt with an original plot. It is just so good! Benson has really out done herself with Hart and Sarah she has done such a great job with them, especially Hart who is a seriously great man to get to know I like Benson’s work her fun and charming personality just oozes off the page. But what I particularly like about her writing is that you get a real feeling of a writer who loves what she does, she puts her heart and soul into her work, her warmth is so palpable, her work is comforting as well as thrilling which I find so rare.

The Lost Letter by Mimi Matthews

Now I loved this book, I do love my heroes to be trouble and vulnerable and wanting a strong women to help them back to happiness and this is just that, this is truly breath-taking and I loved every single moment of it, the plot is gorgeously written. The simplicity of the story is what gives it real back bone, there isn’t twists turns at every corner so you lose track of the initial story. The Lost Letter is a beautiful, romantic and emotionally shattering, as the writing is so well-defined that you feel every emotion and I just love it to bits. For me this is one of those books that you keep on the bookshelf for ever, you will read and re-read it and you will never tire of Sylvia and Sebastian’s love story.

Besieged and Betrothed by Jenni Fletcher

What a terrific read, I will apologise for the amount of gushing I will most likely be doing about this book, but I have so much to say about it. Jenni Fletcher has real out done herself with this, it is such a compelling and highly charged romance that grips you from that very first page where our bulking, tank of a hero spots the fiery haired, tomboy on the battlements. I was literally hooked, and I was eager to finish and yet when I did turn the last page it was a sobering moment as that was it, done. I could’ve read this again as soon as I had finished. It’s fun, witty and at times heart-breaking, and fabulously engrossing. I just love it.

The Lions Embrace by Marie Laval

The Lions Embrace follows on from Angel Heart in the last book we met Marie-Ange and Hugo Saintclair who are the parents of our hero in this one; Lucas Saintclair and oh, my word what a man! He is simply delectable! Lava’s talent at entwining history of area and the cultures and languages, with a thrilling game of cat and mouse plus the tantalizing love story is faultless. She sprinkles The Lions Embrace with her customary Gaelic charm and she enhances your reading with detailing the sights, aromas and culture of each area we visit during the book and it enhances the reading experience. You become transported to this hot, dusty and dangerous place and it is utterly exhilarating.

 The Knights Scarred Maiden by Nicole Locke

I love this, this is absolutely superb! It sticks with you and gets under your skin, but in a very good way you become absorbed in their dark and dangerous world. I have read Historical Romances​ that has stuck with me long after finishing the book, but this is right up there with some of the best books I have read. It’s beautiful, heart wrenching and you get tingles while reading it. I do genuinely love this book, the plot is fast, complex and thrilling. Rhain and Helissent take you on this sensual, nerve wrecking journey as they find their feet and try to survive and move on with their lives.

The Last Gamble by Anabelle Bryant

This is the third instalment of “The Bastards of London Series” and I do think this is the best one yet. I have been really looking forward to reading this one, after meeting the dark and shadowy Luke Reece in the previous book’s he intrigued me. I wanted to know his story, his past and what in the hell his happening with his lost son and Bryant doesn’t disappoint. This series caught my attention from day one and it’s gone from strength to strength, Bryant has yet again created an entertaining, thrilling and sensuously attractive story. The thing that does set this one apart from the others has to be Luke, we have had snippets of this shadowy man’s turmoil in the previous two books “The Den of Iniquity” and “Into The Hall of Vice” and to finally get to see his story unfold and see his Happy Ever After is very satisfying

No Rest for the Wicked by Cora Lee

No Rest For The Wicked is apart of the “Heart of a Hero” series and it is a series I am looking forward to reading more of. The chemistry between out estranged couple is heated, the tension just ripples as well as the distrust for each other. This is fast, fun and exciting a fabulous read. I do really like this, it is smart, sexy and so well written but the more than that it makes you think. It is really lovely watching as these two get to know each other all over again and as their defences lower and they get closer and closer. They are both very reluctant to reveal their hearts, so it’s quite sweet when they finally do.

lord Hunter’s Cinderella Heiress by Lara Temple

This is book one in this new series; The Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies Series by the highly talented Lara Temple, and one that I have been looking forward to reading. But nothing prepared me for the huge emotion that surges through you as you read it. I know that Temple has said that this series is her baby, this is a personal story for her and you can really understand as you are reading it just how much of herself she has put into this. I have always liked her work but this really resonates with me, this touched a cord with me more than any other book I have read before, you can feel Temple’s heart and soul running through this, it is very emotional and it packs a real punch and it stays with you long after the last page.

The Crown Spire by Catherine Curzon & Willow Winsham

On first meeting their highway men our ladies fall for their irresistable and roguish charm in a heartbeat, not unsurprising really! They are saved and taken to an inn where they meet the cheeky, charming Innkeeper Ed Hogan and the shy, gentlemanly Doctor James Dillingham. There is something irresistable and provoking about these two handsome Scotsmen, not to mention something very familiar, could it be that Alice and Beth may have met these two rogues before? I love this, the chemistry between both our couples is rich and sensual and very sexy, like all Historical Romance fan’s I do particularly like a good rogue and The Crown spire doesn’t disappoint, in fact we are spoilt as there are two highway men to get to know and adore. It’s going into the super market and getting a two for one deal. Curzon and Winsham have created two strong and charming heroes, that you are bound to fall for.

A Warriner to Rescue Her by Virginia Heath

Move over Heathcliffe there is a new gruff, monosyllabic, tormented hero in town in the form of Captain Jamie Warriner. Oh my word! I was warned I would love him and he has more than lived up to the hype, he really is something special. He is a proud man who after serving his country with courage facing down more horrors than any man should face he is back and he is in pain, not just physically but he is trying adjust to civilian life but like a lot of soldiers today poor Jamie is struggling. I was drawn to him the moment I met him in the previous book “A Warriner to Protect her” there is just something about this gruff but hugely sensitive man, that draws you in. Yes, he may be as stubborn as an OX – as well as built like one – but he has a good and kind heart, who needs a little love.
Proof of Virtue by Leila Snow

Ms Snow is was a new to me author and I can say this is simply stunning, there is pure and honest anguish which oozes of the page, It’s raw and immensely real to the era and really shows what life in the Victorian era was like for regular, working-class people. It’s so realistic, it’s like you are in the work house and mill alongside Emma, and you are experiencing her turmoil and suffering. It is gloriously detailed and graphic, some may think that for a historical romance it is too graphic of their suffering, but for me that is what makes an historical. This is how they should be, it has real meat on the bone. I can absolutely say for certain that Ms Snow is going to go very far in this genre, her way with language and fact is mesmerizing. If you’re like me and you like grittier, brutally honest and very real historical where the romance is hard fought for genuinely deserved, than this is the book for you.


So Chicks, Rogues and Scandals all time Book of the Year, 2017 is…

The Captains Disgraced Lady by Catherine Tinley

Tinley has captured the mixed emotions of Waterloo war is mesmerizing. You feel the sadness and despondency of the men and the civilians. Those chapters that cover the battle are superb, the detailing of what was going on and how everyone was coping and the actual battle scenes where Harry is in hand to hand combat is brutal and engrossing. This is atmospheric and so beautifully written and from reading this, I do think Tinley has a gift for capturing those little nuances in human thought and feeling and placing on the page. I had been looking forward to this story and it was so much more than I expected, you’ve probably guessed by my gushing how much I love this book and that I cannot recommend this enough, this is a must read! If you like your charming yet fragile heroes, feisty independent heroines all brought together with a stonking good plot and tied off with some beautiful romantic scenes and moments then this is the book for you.

So there you have my favourite books of 2017, have you read any of them and if so what you think? I’d love to know what your favourite’s have been from the past year.

Introducing The Unlaced Ladies.

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Just over a year ago nine incredible Historical Romance author’s banded together to create the hugely popular Facebook based; Unlaced Book Club, a very special place where authors, readers and like-minded individuals all get together to discuss Romance, History and have a lot of cheeky fun in between.

Now a year on and with enough books to fill a library and with over two hundred members this club is going from strength to strength and I feel very privileged to be a part of it and be able to experience the fun and good-natured banter that makes this Book Club so special.

So, who are these nine women who brought all this fun and hilarity to the world?

Each one of them are extraordinary writers with the best Romance brain’s in the business, between the nine of them they have brought to the world Rugged Medieval Knight’s, Sinfully Handsome Rakes, Roguish Agent’s, Tormented Military Men, Scandalous Dukes and Gorgeously Brave Vikings. Plus some one the strongest and resilient heroine’s that are the only women in the world that can put up with theses adorable heroes.

Let me introduce you to nine of the best women you will ever meet.

“We are a group of authors who write sassy and sexy historical romance. If you like good books, giggles, and giveaways you’ve come to the right place! At The Unlaced Book Club, we adore heroes that wear breeches or wield a broadsword. We love to chat and have fun, the only thing we ask is that members are respectful of each other and if you’d like to post promotional material, you check with one of the administrators first.
So, dive right in and join the conversation. You know you want to…”


Virginia Heath

When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling. As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down. Fortunately, the lovely people at Harlequin Mills & Boon took pity on her and decided to publish her romances, but it still takes her forever to fall asleep. Virginia is the author of the incredible Wild Warriners series.

Reading List

That Despicable Rogue
The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide
Miss Bradshaw’s Bought Betrothal
Her Enemy at The Alter
A Warriner to Protect Her
A Warriner to Rescue Her
His Mistletoe Wager

If you want to find out more check out or follow her on Twitter @VirginiaHeath_ Click Here


Laurie Benson

Laurie Benson is an award-winning historical romance author who writes books about men in boots and the women who fall for them. She began her writing career as an advertising copywriter, where she learned more than you could ever want to know about hot dogs and credit score reports. Her interest in history began when she was in elementary school, and that interest was fueled by many visits to many museums. In 2015 Laurie was honored to become a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist. When she isn’t at her laptop avoiding laundry, Laurie can be found browsing antique shops, going on ridiculously long hikes, or sitting in her car on the school pickup line. She lives with her husband and two sons in a house filled with testosterone—even her bunny is a boy.

Reading List

The Unsuitable Duchess
The Uncommon Duke
The Unexpected Countess

Learn more about Laurie by visiting her website at You can also follow her on Twitter at @lauriebwrites and like her on Facebook Click Here


Lara Temple

When Lara was fifteen she found a very grubby copy of Georgette Heyer’s Faro’s Daughter in an equally grubby book store. Several blissful hours later she emerged, blinking, into the light of day completely in love with Max Ravenscar and with Regency Romance. Lara writes strong, sexy, and suspenseful regency romances about complex individuals who give no quarter but deliver plenty of passion. Lara recently went back to look for that grubby crowded little bookstore but couldn’t quite remember around what corner it was…hopefully it is still there and another girl is in the corner by the window, reading and dreaming…

Reading List

Lord Crayles Secret World
The Reluctant Viscount
The Dukes Unexpected Bride
His Cinderella Heiress

To learn more about Lara Click Here


Nicole Locke

Nicole first discovered romance novels hidden in her grandmother’s closet. Convinced hidden books must be better, Nicole greedily read them. It was only natural she should start writing them (but now not so secretly). If she isn’t working on the next book in the Lovers and Legends historical series.

Reading List

Her Enemy Highlander
The Knights Broken Promise
In Debt to the Enemy Lord
The Highland Brides Laird
The Knights Scarred Maiden

She can be reached at, on Facebook, or Twitter as @NicoleLockeNews. Click Here


Harper St George

Harper was raised in rural Alabama and along the tranquil coast of northwest Florida. It was a setting filled with stories of the old days that instilled in her a love of history, romance, and adventure. By high school, she had discovered the historical romance novel which combined all of those elements into one perfect package. She has been hooked ever since. Harper is the author of the fabulous Viking Warrior series and the Outs of The WildWest series.

Reading List

Enslave by the Viking
One Night With The Viking
The Innocent and the Outlaw
In Bed With The Viking Warrior
Marriage Deal with the Outlaw

She would love to hear from you. Please visit her website at or find her on Facebook Click Here


Catherine Tinley

Catherine writes witty, heartwarming Regency love stories for Harlequin Mills & Boon. She has loved reading and writing since childhood, and has a particular fondness for love, romance, and happy endings. After a career encompassing speech & language therapy, NHS management, maternity campaigning and being President of a charity, she now works in Sure Start.

Reading List

Waltzing With The Earl

She lives in Ireland with her husband, children, and dog and can be reached at, and @CatherineTinley on twitter. Click Here


Janice Preston

Janice Preston writes emotional, sensual and satisfying Regency romance for Harlequin Mills & Boon. She grew up in Wembley with a love of reading, writing stories and animals and has worked as a dairy farmer, a police call-handler and a university administrator. She has two children, two step-children (all now adult) and a gorgeous, cheeky grandson. She now lives in the West Midlands with her husband and two cats and enjoys swimming, yoga and pottering about the garden when the sun is shining.

Reading List

Mary and the Marquess
Cinderella and the Duke
The Governesses Secret Baby
Saved by the Scandal’s Heir

If you’d like to know more, please visit Janice’s website at or follow her on Twitter @janicegpreston or Click Here


Jenni Fletcher

Jenni was born on the north coast of Scotland and now lives in Yorkshire, where she writes historical romance novels set in the Medieval and Victorian eras. She studied English at Clare College, Cambridge and Hull University, before starting to write books of her own Combining her love of history and literature with a special emphasis on alpha males and feisty heroines.

Reading List

Married to Her Enemy
The Convenient Felstone Marriage

Jenni loves hearing from her readers so why not get in touch Click Here


Elisabeth Hobbes

Elisabeth grew up in York where she spent most of my teenage years wandering around the city looking for a handsome Roman or Viking to sweep her off her feet. Sadly it never happened but Elisabeth developed a love of the past and went on to read History and Art History at university before venturing into the world of teaching. These days she holds down jobs as a teacher and mum. She lives in Cheshire with her husband, two young children and two cats with ridiculous names. Elisabeth loves historical fiction and has a fondness for dark haired, bearded heroes. When she’s not writing, she spends a lot of her spare time reading and has become something of a pro at cooking one-handed while holding a book!

Reading List

The Saxon outlaws Revenge
Redeeming the Rogue Knight
The Blacksmiths Wife
Falling for her Captor
A Wager for the Widow

You can find Elisabeth on Facebook and Twitter Click Here

Aren’t they fabulous?

So why not check out each of these author’s work and follow the Unlaced Book Club on Twitter to keep up to date with all their comings and goings. I can guarantee that getting to know these fine women will be the best thing that you will do today. TheUnlacedBookClub