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Hello my wonderful followers, I am so excited to be sharing my review of this amazing book; A Midsummer Knights Kiss by Elisabeth Hobbes….In fact excited may be an understatement, I may need sedating with copious amounts of tea, you can be sure there will be a gif involved in this review….anyway, enough of the waffling grab that cuppa and enjoy.

A stolen moment…

…to reunite them!

Since her mischief-making childhood with Robbie Danby, Rowenna has curbed her impetuous nature and become a lady. When she meets Robbie again in York he’s close to claiming his knighthood, and their newly awakened affection inspires in Rowenna a decidedly adult impulsiveness! Yet Robbie’s heart appears to belong to another…unless a Midsummer kiss can change everything…?

My, oh my!! I have become swooning, melting, besotted mess on the floor because of this beautiful book….if ever there was a need for a #DoubleSigh then this is. It seems like an age since I read the Rogue Knight and was first introduced to the Danby brother’s (Yes, I have missed the first book; the Blacksmiths Wife, something that will be rectified).

The starts of when Rowenna and Robbie are children with the best opening scene concerning Geese – yes, you read rightly; Geese, something which did bring back childhood memories of being chased by the wretched things; honestly you all may laugh, but it was horrific…but, you don’t to read about my issue with Geese, you want to hear about this gorgeous book. From that first fun and enlightening chapter you can easily see that there is a very strong bond between them but there is also a spark, a hint of what will be a fabulous romance – even if at first they don’t realise it themselves. It’s lovely to see them as children, not understanding those little feelings and twinges they were feeling around each other, then when Robbie founds out something which will change his whole life and he leaves to start his Knight training, Rowenna is left behind it is these years apart that Rowenna especially knows that what she is feeling for Robbie is far more then just friendship and cousinly love.

We then fast forward years later when our hero and heroine are grown and finally reunited, Robbie is the brave, loyal and devilishly handsome Knight in training, he is full of idea’s of what his future will hold and dreams to be a great Knight, dreams which also happen to involve him marrying pretty lady-in-waiting; Mary. When they stop off at York, Robbie soon reunites with childhood best friend, Rowenna who he soon realises is as different from the little sprite he had left behind she is now a beautiful very lady-like young woman who posses far more charm and grace then he ever remembers and an even more wilful then he remembered. Now he is back and he now not only must figure out exactly what he wants but there is another dark secret that is lurking in the shadows , the secret that changed his whole perspective on his life all those years ago. There are obstacle in their way throughout, does one follow ones heart, or do as one is dutifully bound to? This question does appear throughout and it is a joy to watch as Rowenna and Robbie orchestrate their way through the trials that they must face.

Rowenna and Robbie are perfect for each other, they both have issues and their difference in character compliment the other perfectly; such as Rowenna and is bright, sparky, feisty and full of energy (that does at times get her into trouble) and Robbie is far quieter, he is charming, brave, brooding, thoughtful – at times – he definitely over thinks everything apart I think they just about manage adult life but together they are a strong force, they have an unbreakable bond that connects them, which has lasted the test of time since they were children.

This is a mesmerising and atmospheric, romantic adventure through a beautiful city in a time of unrest and upheaval which also happens to he the highly anticipated return of the Danby’s this time we have moved to the next generation in the form of Rowenna and Robbie. What I particularly loved about this, was watching Rowenna and Robbie discover themselves, they grow into the fabulously complex individuals right before your eyes.

I just loved it…

I have got to mention Robbie’s friend; Cecil, he is a fabulous character, personally speaking as much as I adore Robbie, I thought that Cecil stole every scene away, even though they are very different, their personalities are a little like chalk and cheese there is a underlying friendship and respect between them that makes for great reading and I really do hope that one day Cecil will get his own story…not that I’m hinting…oh, OK I am!

This has everything that we have come to expect from an Elisabeth Hobbes book; danger and unease, tension both from certain aspects of the story and crackling tension between Rowenna and Robbie. Humour, intrigue, romance, gorgeous settings, flawless historical detail, but there was more to this book then just a stunning back drop of York and a brilliantly portrayed romance, i felt that Ms Hobbes had really put her all into this book, there is an unmistakable passion for the story and the history that comes through the writing. Something else I did picked up from this is that I really need to read the Blacksmith’s Wife, that book has been sitting on my kindle for way too long, after reading and loving Rogue Knight and this I need to know Hal and Joanna’s story

This is a stunning book, enthralling and thrilling story which does take the reader on a marvellous journey, the character’s have more hurdles then in an Olympic sport which keeps the reader completely engrossed you are willing Rowenna and Robbie on, you become desperate for them to find their happiness, as there are few characters who deserve it as much as these two do. There is nothing that can say against Elisabeth Hobbes writing, she really is a master in her own right, she will grab your attention and never let you go until the last word and even then the story will stay with you a lot longer.

It’s a richly textured in emotional depth, excellently detailed so much so the story comes alive with sparkling clarity.

This was an Arc copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Elisabeth. x

A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss is to be released on 3rd October and can be pre-ordered now, and I definitely say go and grab a copy as soon as you can.

Review – Redeeming The Rogue Knight (The Danby Brothers Series #2) by Elisabeth Hobbes

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The spy who sought refuge…

When injured spy Sir Roger Danby comes asking for shelter at her inn, Lucy Carew is wary. He may be strikingly handsome, but the disgraced single mother has learned the hard way with men like him. Against her better judgment, she gives him refuge.

Sir Roger has never been at the mercy of a woman before, and he’s never met one as mysterious and bewitching as Lucy. He hasn’t come looking for redemption, but Lucy is a woman who could reach in and touch his closely guarded heart…

Brief Preview

Roger Danby is not just a Knight but also a bit of a spy, he is on a mission to take a secret missive to the King, only there are men lurking in the shadows waiting to do everything in their power to make sure he doesn’t deliver the message. While on route he and his squire; Thomas Carew have to make a quick get away from the house they were staying at, while on route to Cheshire. Thomas was caught in a compromising situation with the Lord’s daughter which resulted in both Thomas and Roger on the run.

While fleeing Roger gets shot with an arrow and the only safe place for him is the little inn that Thomas’ father owns. On arrival Thomas and a severely wounded Roger come face to face with Thomas’ sister Lucy, brandishing a poker.

Lucy can’t believe her eyes, when opening the front door to see her brother – who has been gone from her life for years – with a huge and some what menacing looking man who has an arrow stick out of his shoulder. She doesn’t trust Roger in the least but she can’t turn him or her brother away no matter what they may have done, so she looks after him, tending to his every needs.

Lucy is in desperate need, she has got debt’s that she can’t pay off because the last batch of her own brewed ale has turned sour and the inn that she has been looking after since her father’s death is in deep trouble. So, the last thing she wants is a wounded man to care for – especially if he is a fugitive, like she thinks him to be. But something about this ox of a man intrigues her.

They both distrust the other, yet they both are seriously drawn to each other. Can they get past each of their personal barriers be able to trust and love?

My View

I hadn’t read the previous book where we were first introduced to Roger – but because it is so brilliantly written, that didn’t restrict my reading and understanding of the story and characters. I read it as a stand alone, the story does very much revolve around Roger and Lucy so it’s an easy and highly enjoyable read.

Roger is well and truly a wolf, a dominant leader of the pack he is a masculine and insatiable man, who is very self-assured and über confident – even when wounded, he still ultra charming, if on the verge of egotistical.

‘You can sing me to sleep, if you wish, dove.’ He slapped his naked chest. ‘Right here against my heart. Or anywhere else you wish to lay your lips.’

At first you think he is all out for fame and glory as that is the reason he took on this job. But as you get to know him as a man and not just a Knight, you start to really see that there is some real deep-seated emotions lurking beneath the surface. Roger is very much the black sheep of his family, but I genuinely do think that he has the heart of a good, honourable and loyal man.

Roger is manly strength incarnate, brutal, commanding and sinfully handsome in a very rough around the edges sort of way. I find him compelling and intriguing if, a little arrogant and he demand’s attention with his unique brusque charm.

Lucy has an awful lot on her shoulders, she is practically ostracized by her village due to the fact that she is a single, unwed mother. She is raising her son, brewing the ale and running the inn after the death of her father and to protect her son and her livelihood she will do just about anything – that includes tying Roger to the bed while wielding a red-hot poker.

‘Should I get the poker?’ Lucy asked. He grunted a laugh. ‘You’re fixated on the thing, aren’t you?

She takes everything in her stride she is resilient and resourceful, but beneath that strong-willed independent, exterior there is a nervous and worried, scared young woman who has got too much to lose if her secrets are exposed.

She is scared for her son and herself, she is worried about her ale spoiling and that her debt’s are piling up and more importantly she is nervous about this stranger, with his gruff countenance, mesmerizing eyes and heavenly sculptured chest.

‘Is there something you want?’ ‘I thought I should examine your dressing. On your shoulder.’ ‘Or just watch me dressing?’ Roger asked suggestively. ‘That’s a good shirt. I don’t want you to bleed on to it.’

This is glorious, the detail of everything about the era is breath-taking, Hobbes has created this superb and compelling story and she has backed it up with intricately detailed historic fact. This is what I really like about Hobbes, her writing is raw and real. It is the language in particular that the characters use that I really like, it is very normal and of the age. There isn’t any dithering about with polite small talk, it’s always straight to the point and like Roger himself hugely blunt, and I absolutely love it.

‘Go! You don’t want to miss your chance.’ ‘Will you give me a favour to wear, my lady?’ Lucy raised her brows. She reached behind her head, pulled the green ribbon from her hair and pressed it into his hand. Before he could thank her, Lucy reached on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against his….

This is like walking in the characters foot steps you get a real sense of the period, Hobbes has yet again shown just what a talented author she is.
It is sharp and precise, from the language right down to details of the joust. It’s an highly charged tale of finding love in the most unexpected places, it is thrilling and emotional.

Another great read that I cannot recommend enough.

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Redeeming The Rogue Knight is released on 24th August and can be pre-order at Amazon