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Hello my lovely readers! I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of one of the steamiest, sexiest books I have read this year; The Bad Sister by Rachael Stewart. So hold on to your knickers as I tell you a wee bit about this hot book.


When movie star Carrie Evans begs her ordinary twin sister to switch lives with her for three weeks, all Carrie can think about is escaping the trappings of Hollywood. But returning to England throws her into the path of old flame Dan Stevenson, the boy she left behind—without telling him why. And Dan’s no longer the soft, dependable guy, quick to do her bidding. He’s hot, sexy and dangerous…everything her career-savvy self should run away from.

But she can’t.

When Carrie walked out of Dan’s life without a backward glance, she broke his heart. Now, she’s back begging him to help save her sister’s business. The fire is still there: he wants her, and she wants him. But forgiveness? Never. He’s not the boy he once was. He’s a man in control, used to getting what he wants, and he’ll help her, as well as do a whole lot more.

But can their hearts survive a second time around…especially when the truth of the past comes out?

Phew!!! My goodness me, Rachael Stewart what are you doing to me? What a scorcher, seriously I need a cold shower after that. Honestly, while your reading I can guarantee that your pulse will race, your temperature with sore and your underwear will start to feel ridiculously uncomfortable – in fact, I would say read this in bed while wearing your birthday suit. 😉

This is the second book in this mini series and I hate to say it, but I haven’t read the first book; The Good Sister, that didn’t take any of the enjoyment out of this though, it just makes me want to read it all the more. As I hadn’t read the first – and I know a few reviewers did go into this book slightly biased and against the heroine; Carrie. – I came into this story with completely fresh eyes, as I hadn’t read the first book I didn’t know all about Carrie being the ‘bad’ sister, or why she was even labeled as such – which I think was a good thing as I saw the real woman, the character’ that Ms Stewart wanted readers to see. I saw her as a determined, resilient, intelligent, brave young women who has fought for everything she has ever wanted, and unfortunately that did mean sacrificing so much. She does come across as cold at times, but there are reasons for that, there are reasons for every move she has ever done. I really like how Carrie has been portrayed, I like her depth, her kindness, her real heart and her vulnerability that she tries so hard to hide. She is a multilayered characters that can really stir the emotions of the reader and that writing is a real skill.

The story open’s ten years earlier when Carrie choses to follow her father to LA to chase her much wanted dream of becoming an actress, but her choice to follow her dream comes at a cost. That cost is breaking three people’s hearts; the man who loves her Dan, her twin sister who loves Dan; Isla, and finally her own. Even though most think she hasn’t got a heart to break!

Now she’s back and she needs the help of the very man she abandoned all those years ago, the very man who hates her and who still loves her – very deep down! She wants to put things right, she has come back to rescue her sister Isla’s buissiness from ruin and she knows that there really is only one man who can help her do that, she just needs to avoid the daggers that are shooting at her from her frosted eyes. She thinks that she can just walk in and the Dan from her past will still be there to help her, what she doesn’t count on is that the Dan she knew and secretly loved isn’t the mighty, rough, tattooed, brutish sex god that is now standing in front of her. And let me tell you, this man isn’t the placid little boy she left behind he has really grown – in far more ways than one – he is now a man who is in full control of his life, he never takes no for an answer, he knows what he wants and he stops at nothing to get it. He agree’s to help her, under one condition – a condition that will shatter both their cold masks to show their real self’s beneath.

There are many, many descriptive words I can use for this book; sexy-as-hell, hot, steamy, seductive, raunchy, knickers melting, but there is so much more than just sex about this story. There is a real emotional pull to it, that will get under the readers skin grab your heart and not let go.

I am really picky about which erotic romances I read, over the years I had read many and most have been so bad that they did turned me off this genre slightly. Now I only read one or two authors in this genre and Rachael Stewart is definitely one of them, I was hooked with her work when I read her charity anthology; Filth but there is something very special about The Bad Sister, its out of this world good. The story and writing just flows seamlessly from one scene to the next, Dan and Carrie are brilliantly developed. Ms Stewart has a great talent at taking the reader on a highly emotional journey that is full of heart and lust.

Overall, this is an astoundingly good romance, sinfully captivating and highly seductive – and that’s just Dan!! Oh, my, oh, my!!! Racheal Stewart you made my weekend with this read, not only is it a truly wonderful book but Dan to me looked just like Tom Hardy….Swoon!!! Sex on legs tattooed, big and burly, a bit rough around the edge, kind-hearted, gorgeous…I could go on, but I’d rather just sit here salivating over luscious Dan 😉


This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Rachael.

The Bad Sister can be purchased from Amazon.

#BlogTour : #Review Mr One-Night Stand by Rachael Stewart @rach_b52 – Exclusive Extract & #Giveaway #MrOneNightStand #DoYouDare @MillsandBoon #MillsandBoonsInsiders

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Hello my lovelies, I have the huge pleasure to be the next stop on this fantastic blog tour. I am so excited to be sharing my review of Mr One Night Stand by the very lovely Rachael Stewart, plus I have an exclusive extract to whet your appetite, and on top of all that, I have an exclusive to Mills and Boon copy of Mr One Night Stand to giveaway to one very lucky winner – you may have seen the gorgeous black books popping up all over social media, Yep, I have a spare, Phew! So, grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

About The Book

One night only.
Just think of the possibilities

The second she sees Mr Oh-So-Delicious, Jennifer Hayes knows she needs one night of crazy. No names, no strings, no rules. Except that Jennifer’s naughty one-nighter is actually Marcus Wright—her new business partner! Now they’re mixing business with all kinds of pleasure. But when it comes to falling in love her sexy Mr Wright is either Mr Wrong or the best mistake of her life…

Mr One Night Stand is to be released on the 21st February, and can be found at Amazon


Exclusive Extract

Her breathe caught, a peculiar awareness taking hold.

He sat at a table beside the glass wall. A great seat from which to enjoy the far-reaching cityscape below, although his eyes showed no interest in the vista. No, they were well and truly pinned on her, projecting an intensity that had her skin prickling with such thrill.

Hell, she wanted to stride straight over – the urge was almost making her do just that – but sense prevailed. Tony wanted her. Hopefully he could explain away his crazy behaviour, and put her mind at rest over the future.

Giving a small sigh, she headed for the bar. A drink – that was what she needed. Anything to take the edge off.

Slipping on to the bar stool, she crossed her legs and replaced her clutch with the leather-clad drinks menu.

Good evening, Miss Hayes, what can I get you?” She looked up to find Darren, the head bar tender, approaching with a smile, his hands busy drying off a glass. She returned his smile easily and scanned the list, honing in on a Vodka Martini and figured that had to be strong enough.

He cocked an eyebrow when she made her request, “Shaken, not stirred madame?” his Scottish-accented Bond impression had her laughing, and the sound was alien to her eyes. It had to be weeks – months, even – since she had a proper giggle. Maybe she was the one in need of a good shake, never mind the drink.

He knew her too well. She didn’t do spirits. A spritzer was her usual drink of choice. But a spritzer just wasn’t going to cut it. Nit tonight. It wasn’t just Tony, it was her concern of her mother too. She was getting worse and there was nothing Jennifer could do to stop it.

Her heart fluttered painfully and she pushed the thought aside. Not now!

Sounds perfect,” she said, flipping open her and retrieving her mobile to check if Tony had at least messaged. But shed not eve lit the screen before her eyes sidled away drawn to the brooding silhouette not twelve feet away.

He was tall – she could tell that even though his body folded deep into the bucket seat. The ankle of one leg casually rested atop the knee of the other. The designer cut f his dark suit and tan leather shoes spoke money. Although whether he had any was an entirely different matter. She’d learned tat quickly enough in the city. People only had to dress to impress and it attracted wealth like bees to honey.

But there was something in the broad set of his shoulder’s, accentuated as they were by this tailored jacket, and the confident air in his relaxed poise that had her certain he was all about the front.

And what a front…

Her eyes drifted upwards. The crisp white shirt say smoothly over his torso, no hint of spread. Then they drifted higher, to the last fastened button of his open collar and the hint of dark hair curling there.

Her pulse skipped, her mouth watered, and her eyes snapped back to her phone. Not now!

Seriously, what was wrong with her? Was she that desperate to get laid? That fed up with her trusty vibrator that her body was putting up a fight? Truth was, there was no time in her life for that complication. Mr Dildo didn’t talk back, didn’t require care and affection. He didn’t require time that she didn’t have.

Between dashing back and forth between London and Yorkshire each weekend to be with her family she was all out of that.

But one night, though. Think of the possibilities…

Heat simmered low in her belly as she activated her phone scree. No notifications. She fired off a brief ‘Where are you?’ Message and placed the device back on the bar, her heighten awareness picking on movement from the man’s direction. She watched him crook his finger to the blonde waitress hovering nearby and an inexplicable pull ripped through her.

Christ, he was reeling her in too.

She nibbled the inside of her lip, drinking in his rakishly long dark hair, chiselled set of his jaw that softened delectably with his easy grin. And then there were his eyes – so compelling. She couldn’t make out the colour, but there was something about them, something deliciously sinful…

Her tummy contracted with a barrage of heat, and in that second she knew she wanted to leave with him. That she wanted one night of crazy. No names, no real talk, just wild, no-holds-barred sex.

Could she do it? Hell, would he?


My, oh, my!! What a book! Ms Stewart has been cutting her teeth with saucy, sexy romances for a while now, but what surprised me most is that this is her debut Mills and Boon Dare novel. And what a debut! The quality of this is astounding, I can see a shining long and successful writing career ahead of her. This is – and I am rather embarrassed to say – first full length novel I have read by her, why is this? I don’t have an answer to that, only I must have been living in a Historical focused bubble for the best part of a year. But, that will change. I can’t wait to read more from this talented author.

I am a late-comer to Dare books, after only reading my first this year – again living in a bubble, so when I got offered to participate in this blog tour, I did jump at the chance as fast as I could. And I am so pleased that I did, as this is fabulous!

When Jennifer has to attend a business meeting, she is rather more peeved at her boss Tony not only because he does tend to use and lay a n awful lot on her shoulders. But mainly by the fact that he doesn’t even appear to meet her as promised, he was supposed to do all the introductions with the man who has bought into their business; a Mr Marcus Wright. Jennifer is frustrated – in mores way then one, she has had enough of how lax Tony is being lately and she is in an emotional state worrying about her ill mother. So when she sees the sinfully attractive man sitting in the airport, she has only one thing on her mind – and it has nothing to do with business meeting and corporate partners, it has everything to do with a partner in a completely different sense.

She makes it very clear to the stud in the suit that she only wishes for one night, one night of no strings and good old-fashioned – and may be a bit of new-fashioned – sex. But what she doesn’t realise that she has just gone and had the night of her life with not any old random from the airport lounge, but her new business partner; the enigmatic Marcus Wright!

Now she knows the truth, can she really go on as thought nothing happened? Can she forget what they did with each other, how he made her feel sexy and special and how she melted him with a mere smile? Or should she do what is said never to be done, and mix business with a whole load of pleasure?

What really appealed to me about ‘Mr One-Night Stand’ was just how real and relatable the two lead character’s are, I sometimes find it difficult to relate or even like character’s who like nothing more than to sip champagne while wearing a cat-walk named suit, people who do nothing but complain about breaking nails and not being able to jet off on holiday. Those people – I hate to admit it, irritate me. I am more of a fan or very real character’s who have actually lived and understand the world; which is Marcus and Jennifer down to a tee. Yes, they are both powerful and wealthy individuals who have forged their way into their world with hard graft, but beneath their cool masks of powerful business magnets they are very complex and fascinating people, especially Jennifer.

I so related to certain aspects of Jennifer’s life, she spoke to me, I understood her far better than I do most character’s. Her need for her own life, her career, to protect and look after her family. The fact that she has an ailing parent at home and her guilt at not being able to be there all the time and help spoke volumes about her to me. She is an amazing women who has fought for what she has, she has toiled and worked her arse off to get to where she is, and I really admire her for that. She is a strong, independent, no-nonsense woman who knows what she wants….and she wants Marcus!

Overall, this is hot! Fiery, sexy, raunchy, spicy, steaming-up-the-windows hot. A great twisty plot that will keep the reader hooked and engaged, but the real pull of this has to be the character’s. They are wonderfully developed, each one real and with their own back story which makes you sit up even further to pay attention. Jennifer and Marcus don’t iust steam up the page, they burn the book right out of your hand. Their attraction for one and other is instant, it’s sizzlingly hot – and this is before they proceed to the bedroom, once there…well, phew pass me the ice ;-) The writing is solid, it’s stylish and flowing, it’s very easy to become fully absorbed into the story, I got a real sense that Ms Stewart has put her heart into this book and I for one cannot wait to read more from her.

If you like your romances very hot, then this is the book you need to read, even if erotic romances aren’t your bread and butter then I would say give it a go as there is far more to this then just a good old fashion romp between the sheets.

This was an Arc copy via the publisher in exchange for an honest review as apart o this blog tour, thanks you Sanjana and the Mills and Boon Insiders team.

About The Author

Rachael adores conjuring up stories for the readers of Harlequin Mills & Boon and Deep Desires Press.

She’s been writing since she could put pen to paper as the stacks of scrawled on A4 sheets in her loft will attest to, and the lovingly bound short stories that her father would run off at work and proudly share out with his colleagues. Thinking it was a pipe dream to be published one day, she pursued a sensible career in business but she was really play-acting, achieving the appropriate degree and spending many years in the corporate world where she never truly belonged. Always happiest when she was sat at her laptop in the quiet hours tapping out a story or two. And so here she is, a published author, her full-time pleasure, a dream come true.

A Welsh lass at heart, she now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and three children, and if she’s not glued to her laptop, she’s wrapped up in them or enjoying the great outdoors seeking out inspiration.

Rachael loves hearing from her readers, why not check out the links below.

Twitter / Website / Facebook / Amazon / Goodreads


I was so lucky to be sent two proof copies – you know the gorgeous black one’s which really do look amazing! – of Mr One Night Stand. One to review (Which I am ashamed to say, does look a little worse for wear now – or in other words, it looks loved.) and a spare. I so want to share this saucy and amazing book with you all, so I am giving away my spare copy plus I will throw in a selection of tea’s and chocolate for you to enjoy while reading.

How do I enter? I hear you ask.

Just comment below telling me who makes your pulse race that bit faster? Mine is below and for those who know me, it isn’t a surpise 😉

The giveaway is open across Twitter and Facebook too, same rules apply; just like the giveaway post/s and comment with your answer. (Each post you comment on is a separate entry, eg; If you comment here, Twitter and Facebook you have three chances to win.)

Good Luck, my lovelies!

*T&C’s – Closing date is 26th February at 9pm GMT, the winner will be chosen at random and will be announced shortly after, winner will be contacted directly by myself whether that be by email or DM via Twitter or Facebook. This Giveaway belongs to me and it is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone. Open to UK only, sorry!

A Chat With… Author Rachael Stewart

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I have the great pleasure of welcoming contemporary romance author; Rachael Stewart to Chicks, Rogues and Scandals for an exclusive chat…

About Rachael

Born in Wales, I am a valleys girl at heart, and as a child I wrote stories, lots of stories. If I didn’t have my head in a book, I was creating some fantastical world or other, taking ideas from everything around me, the news, my favourite books, the tv, the people in the street…not so good when they recognise themselves in them. Children can have such a special way with words!

I still have the evidence of my creations in a box in the loft, reams of A4 sheets with scarcely legible handwriting telling stories ranging from murder mystery and adventure, to thrillers and romance. One was actually typed on my father’s business laptop (it was a hefty, only-portable-if-you-could-weight-lift kind of a box) which he then took into work, printed it off and bound it up using his company’s facilities – how proud he must have been of that particular one. Mr Friendly & Willow I think I called it and it bears a significant resemblance to Enid Blyton’s Mr Pink-Whistle. Oops!

Pushing my hobby aside, I tried to be sensible on the job-front, I struck out for the big city career, getting a First Class Degree in Business and securing a professional career as a Business Analyst. I left Wales in the process and moved to Leeds, Yorkshire. All good. Although I really left Wales for love, not for the work. See that’s the romantic heart in me, always having the final say.

But as any writer knows, the bug never leaves you. I wrote in my spare time, whenever the mood took me, but never had enough minutes to make a proper go of it. Or to build up my courage and get the confidence to put myself out there, open myself up to the inevitable rejection(s) and critical reviews.

So lucky for me when I married my very own hero, had children and settled down, and those children all went to school, I was finally gifted the time to put into my writing (thanks to aforementioned hero) and built up the confidence to put my works out there (again thanks to aforementioned hero, family and friends).

I have written romance in various forms, from historical to contemporary, heartwarming to the downright erotic (still romance!!). The market has changed a lot since I was young and as it has become more open to erotica, indeed actually encouraging it – check out the new Mills & Boon Dare line – it has been fun to dabble at both ends of the scale.

I love writing erotic romance. I love writing soft romance. I just love being true to the book and the characters within it. If they demand naughtiness, they get naughtiness. In today’s market the handcuffs are off so to speak. And I feel incredibly lucky that I get to play a part in it and create worlds for others to lose themselves (as well as myself) in.

Here’s to romance and escapism at it’s best!

Rachael x

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Amazon / Goodreads

Spotlight on the Book


A rich girl sick of doing her stepdad’s bidding. A young woman submitting to the same man for financial security. Can they escape his sadistic clutches and finally find true love?

22-year-old Abi Taylor is sick of being used as a puppet by her overbearing, money-hungry stepfather. Wealthy life or not, she wants out—the only question is how? But then her stepfather’s latest fiancée Emma shows up and Abi’s life is turned on its head.

She is inexplicably drawn to Emma. Their fierce attraction leaves her confused and vulnerable, but she soon realizes it’s the least of her problems as she is pulled into her stepfather’s corrupt and sadistic world where betrayal is rife, family means nothing, and sex is everything. Abi knows she needs to escape the man who controls her every move, but can she break free and keep it all—the money, her freedom and the girl?

You can find Unshackled at Amazon.


Frankie Hi Rachael, Welcome to Chicks, Rogues and Scandals! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today.

Firstly, what five words would you use to describe yourself?

Rachael Nuts. Bubbly. Loyal. Perfectionist. Nuts (or did I mention that one already?).

Frankie If you could live in any era and place, When and where would it be? And Why?

Rachael That is so hard. I love the beauty of so many historical eras, but I know I’m viewing it through rose-tinted spectacles.

Take the Roman era, those gorgeous gladiators milling around, women in beautiful tunics and hair all lavishly arranged…but then we have to remember the puking between meals to make space for more food, the gory battles, the poverty and then I’m like “err, no, thank you.”

And then there’s all the beautiful gowns from the Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian eras…I mean seriously, just how gorgeous were those gowns… But then we have to remember that most of those outfits felt like a restraint of some sort. They made daily tasks like eating, walking, sitting, toileting and so on, a nightmare. Then there would have been the delightful smells, the horse manure, the general human waste, the various plagues, the poverty again and the fact it would take forever to travel anywhere. Oh yes, and then there’s the poisonous makeup, the things that would crawl about in your clothes and hair (granted, we still have a bit of this if we have children that are school age!) and I’m back to where I started. This era. This country.

I feel very, very lucky to have been born in this century (actually I’m approaching 40 so that’ll be last century) and in the UK. Yes, I want to see the world and travel loads, there are so many wondrous places to take in, but the UK is definitely where my heart is.

(But if we take away all the grotty stuff and the discomfort, then stick me in a Tudor dress and prance me around court and I’d be in my element! So long as I could have a real man, none of the fancy-schmancy, high-neck ruffle wearing dandy’s! I think I’d have to go back in time and get me a Gladiator or Viking to go around with – Ooo, the gossip in the Tudor court would be rife!).

Frankie Oooh, I love it all. Who was your childhood hero?

Rachael Christian Slater and my dad! In no particular order (Honest dad, if you’re reading this!)

Frankie Awww, that’s really sweet. What is your favourite time of the year?

Rachael Ooo, toughie. I’d have to say Christmas. I love the whole build up, decorating, buying presies, getting together with friends, supping mulled wine, eating CONSTANTLY! But then I also love Summer, the long holiday rammed with family time, the better (at least we hope) weather, being outdoors in the sunshine, nothing can really beat that feeling of relaxing next to a lapping pool, book in one hand, chilled drink in the other, pure bliss!

Frankie Out of all your work, who is your favourite character and why?

Rachael Now this is really hard as I love all of my characters for a variety of reasons so I’m going to go with my most controversial, Abi. She’s in my current release UNSHACKLED, and in all honesty, she can be very hard to like because her biggest driver at the outset is money. She is trapped in a life of luxury and knows it’s wrong to stay for that alone, that her stepfather is all shades of wrong, that the role she plays for him is wrong. But getting out means risking her financial security and that is a terrifying prospect to her. It may seem selfish, but for a twenty-two-year old that knows no different, it is understandable that she would be scared of the unknown. So, when she falls in love and gets the courage to risk everything, going up against the man who has controlled her every move her entire life, it makes for a pretty awesome woman in my book.

Frankie Where does your inspiration for your books come from?

Rachael Anywhere and Everywhere! Real life. Dreams. TV. Film. Books. Music. Locations. Vehicles. Scents. Even someone’s dog could look at me a certain way and I’ll think: “yup, totally get what you’re saying, I can use that”. Seriously, inspiration is in the very air we breathe, you just have to keep your mind open to it.

Frankie What three tips would you pass on to an aspiring author?

Rachael NEVER give up. Writing is so subjective and what may not work for one publisher, may well work for another. And if it doesn’t, you can always self-publish. It is so easy to do these days.

Make sure your voice is the best it can be and make it your own. Read lots. Look at what you like, what you don’t like and why. Use that to hone your craft.

And lastly, writing can be lonely so try to find fellow writers and form a group, help one another, bounce ideas around and open yourself up to feedback. It doesn’t have to be lonely if you reach out and, in my experience, it’s that reaching out that makes it such a wonderful hobby and career.

Frankie Those are wonderful tips, Thank you! If you were hosting a dinner party what three people would you invite? (They can be real/fictional, from any era)

Rachael Meghan Markle because I think she is so real, gorgeous and I would like to get to know her.

Harvey from Suits because, well do I really need to explain that one.

And lastly, it would have to be Catherine of Aragon, because that woman could’ve seriously done with a chinwag and it would be utterly fascinating to hear her tale from her very own lips. Plus, I’d like to give her a medal for all she achieved and for having put up with a certain somebody for so long!

Frankie Now that would be a great dinner party!! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today, Rachael. I have just one more cheeky question, just for fun . . . What is your all-time favourite naughty but nice food?

Rachael I LOVE cinnamon swirls and welsh cakes. When I bake them, I have to make sure there are people around else I’ll gobble them all as my full switch seems to go on strike.

Yuuummm!! Thank you Rachael.

Personal Note From Racheal

Thank you for having me on your blog today, I so enjoyed doing this interview and I loved these questions. And thank you for Spotlighting, Unshackled.