One Summer of Surrender

One Summer of Surrender ~ Review

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The Seasons #3

Back Blurb :

Lucien, the Earl of Stenfax has been engaged twice, but only in love once. That was with his childhood sweetheart, Elise. When she threw him over for a man with more money and a higher ranking title, it broke him. Now she’s widowed and he finds himself drawn to her again, like a moth to her flame.

Elise had her reasons for walking away from Lucien, reasons he doesn’t understand. Back in Society, she’s now financially desperate and is even considering becoming someone’s mistress. But Lucien keeps appearing at the most inopportune moments and it’s only a matter of time before the desire between them explodes.

Time will tell if Lucien will be able to see past his lusty drive for revenge. And if Elise can convince him she’s worthy of more, despite the past.

My View :

Lucian, Earl of Stenfax was callously dumped by the beautiful Elise, just before their wedding, Elise passed him over for a Duke in the process breaking his heart and soul and nearly taking his very life. Stenfax was destroyed when he received the letter from Elise ending their engagement and he was on the edge of throwing hisself of the roof of is best friends house in grief, talked down by his brother Grey his vowed never to speak of or mention her name ever again and vowed to move on with his life, the only problem with theat plan is that is still loves her dearly.

Fast forward three year’s and Elise is newly widowed and on the cusp’s of poverty due to the current Duke wanting her whither for his own plaything or out in the gutter, Elise has no choice but to go to the notorious Madam Manning house who pair’s aristocratic, wealthy men with women who need protection and once there Elise comes face to face with the man that she loves and the one man that she broke all those years ago. Lucien!

After reading the previous two installment ‘s of The Season’s and getting to know the shadowy, Stenfax I have been looking forward to reading his story, Lucian was hi=urt terribly by Elise, she behaved so callously to him and broke his heart and I was looking forward to seeing if Micheals could redeem Elise in some way. I have to say that personally I don’t think she did. Even after we found out why Elise did what she did, I still had great trouble warming to her.

Elise isn’t what would think of her, she is a completely different person to the one that we have heard so much about in the last two book’s, and she has always been portrayed as cold-hearted, ice queen. A callous, manipulative bitch who is out for herself and only herself. She is actually a very strong and selfless woman who did go out of her way to help those closest to her and she does genuinely care for Lucian and his family. But yet, I still can’t get past that initial thought of her. She isn’t my favorite character in this series, I do find her cold.

I do like Stenfax though, not as much as his brother Gray, but he is a likable character, you are drawn to him, to his vulnerability and after what he suffered with Elise he is vulnerable, he is always balancing on the edge especially after his mini breakdown when Elise left him, but he has strength too. He is has trust issue, and he is at times overbearing and over protective but his is kind and generous and intelligent with a good heart. And, personally speaking I do think he is too good for Elise.

The plot is strong and very character driven, the love/hate relationship between all character’s on all sides is interesting to watch and play out. As much as I do love this series, I think that the previous two are a little better than this one. It doesn’t seem to have to same magic that i have come to love about The Seasons, I would still recommend this though as it does fill a few gap’s in and answer some questions that surrounded Lucian and Elise.

Not as good as the previous but still worth a read.