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Hello my wonderful friends, have I been excited about this book, or what? And finally The Wallflower Wager has come to Chicks Rogues and Scandals…..I feel like dancing with joy! I am so excited to be sharing my review of this gorgeous book with you all and I have an exclusive (no spoilers) excerpt for you all to devour, so grab a cuppa and a snack of your choice and enjoy.

They call him the Duke of Ruin.

To an undaunted wallflower, he’s just the beast next door.

Wealthy and ruthless, Gabriel Duke clawed his way from the lowliest slums to the pinnacle of high society―and now he wants to get even.

Loyal and passionate, Lady Penelope Campion never met a lost or wounded creature she wouldn’t take into her home and her heart.

When her imposing―and attractive―new neighbour demands she clear out the rescued animals, Penny sets him a challenge. She will part with her precious charges, if he can find them loving homes.

Done, Gabriel says. How hard can it be to find homes for a few kittens?

And a two-legged dog.

And a foul-mouthed parrot.

And a goat, an otter, a hedgehog…

Soon, cold-hearted Gabriel, who wouldn’t know a loving home from a workhouse, is covered in cat hair, knee-deep in adorable animals, and bewitched by a shyly pretty spinster who defies his every attempt to resist. Now she’s set her mind and heart on saving him.

Not if he ruins her first.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Stop,” she said with perfect calm. “Don’t move.”

He heard a strange flutter, and in the next moment it happened.

A bird landed on his shoulder. A parrot, she’d said? The creature’s toes prickled along his skin. His muscle twitched with the urge to shrug it off.

“No, don’t,” she said. “I’ll come for her.”

Usually, Gabe would balk at taking orders from a lady – or anyone else. However, this was a decidedly unusual situation.

Pretty Girl,” the bird squawked.

Gabe set his jaw. Do you think I haven’t noticed that, you cursed pigeon with pretensions?

She crept towards him, padding noiselessly over the carpet, step by silent step. And as she came, sweet words fell from her lips like drops of raw honey.

“That’s it, darling,” she murmured.

The fine hairs on the back of his neck lifted.


The hairs on his arms lifted, too.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Just like that.”

Now she had the hairs on his calves involved. Damn it, he had too many hairs. By the end of this they would all be standing to attention.

Along with other parts of him.

“Don’t stir.” she said

He couldn’t speak for the parrot, but Gabe was doing some stirring. One part of him had a mind of its own, especially when it came to beautiful women in translucent chemises. He hadn’t lain with a woman in some time, but his body hadn’t forgotten how.

He couldn’t help himself, he stole a glance at her face. Just a half-second’s view. Not long enough to pore over every detail of her features. In fact, he didn’t get any further then her lips. Lips as lush as petals, painted in soft tender pink.

She was so close now. Near enough that when he breathed, he inhaled a lungful of her scent. She smelled delicious. A faint hunger rose in his chest.

“I know you’re feeling lost. And not a little frightened. You miss her terrible, don’t you? But I’m here, darling. I’m here.”

Her words sent a strange ache spreading from his teeth to his toes. A painful awareness of all his hollow, empty spaces.

“Come home with me,” she whispered. “And we’ll sort out the rest together.”

He couldn’t take any more of this. “For God’s sake, get the damned thing off me.”

At last she collected the feathered beast. “There we are.” Cradling it in her arms, she carried the parrot to it’s birdcage and tucked it in.

Gabe exhaled in relief.

“She’d settle more if I covered her cage,” his beautiful intruder said. “I don’t suppose you have a towel?”

He glanced at the linen slung about his hips.

“How badly do you want it?”

Her cheek’s flushed. “Never mind, I’ll be going.”

“I’m going to walk you.”

“Truly, you needn’t do that. It’s only next door. No more than twenty paces down the street.”

“That’s twenty paces too many.”

Gabe might not operate by polite society’s rules, but he understood them sufficiently to know this situation violated at least seventeen of them. And anything that damaged her reputation would decrease the profit he stood to collect on this house.

Until he sold this property, her worth was intertwined with his.

“You’re no doubt accustomed to having your own way, Your Ladyship. But I’ve ruined enough lords, baronets, knights and gentlemen to fill the whole of Bloom Square.” He arched and eyebrow. “Believe me when I say, you’ve met your match.”


Penny watched in silence as the Gabriel Duke turned and stalked to his dressing room.

Then she melted into a quivering pool on the floor.


he’d left the door ajar. As his towel dropped to the floor, she caught a glimpse of taut, muscled backside before tearing her gaze away.

Oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord.

Once she’d latched and re-latched Delilah’s cage for good measure, Penny stood and attempted to piece herself back together.

She glanced hat her dressing gown. The faded toile print was years behind the fashion, and the end of the sash were hopelessly frayed – the casualty of many a playful kittens swipe. And her hair …Oh, she could only imagine the state of her hair after this adventure.

She peered into the dressing-table mirror. Worse then she feared. Her plait made Delilah’s ruffled crest look sleek. Penny quickly unknotted the muslin around her braid and combed her hair with her fingers before re-braiding it and tying it off.

She squinted into the mirror again. Better, she judged. Not a great deal better. But better.

Pretty girl

From the dressing room, Mr Duke gave an annoyed groan.

“I’m so sorry for the imposition,” she called “Delilah only came to live in Bloom Square a few weeks ago. Her mistress passed away. Parrot’s are very loyal an intelligent, and they often outlive their human companions. So she’s not only been uprooted from her home, she mourning.”

“I must say she doesn’t sound particularly aggrieved to me.”

“She does say the most amusing things, doesn’t she? ‘Pretty girl’ and ‘yes’, and – Do you hear that one? ‘Fancy a …’ what? I never can catch what she’s saying at the end. It’s not biscuit.’Fancy a cuppa,’ perhaps? But who gives a parrot tea? It sounds like ‘fancy a foxglove,’ but that makes even less sense. I don’t mind saying the mystery is driving me a bit mad.”


She froze. “I’m not that upset about it.”

He returned to the bedchamber, not clothed in a pair of trousers and an unbuttoned shirt.

“It’s what the parrot’s saying. ‘Fancy a fuck, love.’ that bird came from a whore house.”

She spend a few moments in scandalized silence. No one had ever spoken to her in such a manner – but that wasn’t the disturbing part. The disturbing part was that she liked it.

“That can’t be,” she said. “She belonged to a little old lady. That is what I was told.”

“Bawds turn into little old lady’s too.”

Pretty girl.” Delilah gave a cheeky whistle. “Fancy a f-

Penny pressed a hand to her mouth. “Oh, no.”

Yes! Yes! Ooh! Yes!

Mr. Duke sat to pull on his boots. “Please tell me I don’t need to translate that for you.”

***Excerpt was used with permission from Mills and Boon as apart of this blog tour. ***


Once again Tessa Dare has blown me away with her wonderous way with words, again and again she proves that she is in a whole league of her own when it comes to historical romance, there isn’t a single negative thing that I can say about her work, she is pure class and this one maybe the best I have read to date, it is unbelievably good.

This is the third book in the Girl Meets Duke series, and the best yet, in my personal opinion. What makes this my personal favourite is the fact that our hero is a regular self made man, instead of an aristocrat, he has worked hard to pull himself out of the gutter to become such a powerful tycoon. I don’t anyone who reads my reviews will find that a surprise that I prefer regular Mr. Duke to an actual Duke, but seriously though this man is….well, I think I need a gif to say what I think of Gabe…

Lady Penelope, what a fabulous character she is! From the first page when she was trying to coax a stubborn parrot from the windowsill with a biscuit, I knew that I had found a kindred spirit, she is brilliant, she babbles on from one topic to the next, she loves her animals and will do anything in her power to look after them and she will fight tooth and nail to protect them, she is kind, caring and very misunderstood by the ignorant people of society that find her odd – Penny, you are not odd, you are unique! She has gathered a menagerie of animals a fact that her family are at odds with and soon give her an ultimatum; if she wishes to stay in London and live independently as she is now, then she must be rid of the animals and enter society or she goes home to become the much loathed role of spinster aunt. Enter Gabriel Duke, the notorious Duke of Ruin who has just moved in next door and after an hilarious first encounter offers to help her, but it is while helping her that sparks start to fly and our unlikely duo become more then just ‘acquaintances’

Gabriel Duke, I think you all know what I think of him; sexy, ruthless, protective, brooding, growling, hard-working, self-made man, enthralling, mesmerising…he is just so damn hot, I need a bucket of water thrown over me!! I don’t think I can take the heat that radiates from this testosterone fuelled hulk of a man.

Mmmm!! …..Where was I? Gabe, yes…he has clambered , dragging himself out of the dirt and the gutter to become this powerful, ruthless tycoon who doesn’t take no for an answer. He has just bought the house next door to Penny and plan’s to do it up and sell it for a huge fortune, and he knows that with the house being so close to the beautiful spinster’ Penny he will get so much more for it as every young buck and rogue will want to live next door to her. The only problem with his plan to renovate the house and bring it up to date is none other then the girl next door – if he hasn’t got enough to deal with, now he has to deal with a house full of animals.

This is just so good, the relationship between Penny and Gabe is brilliant, they are laugh out loud funny and the chemistry is off the charts sizzling hot. I loved them because they are so different, I wouldn’t never have believed that they would work as well together as they did.

This is everything that we all have come to love about Tessa Dare books; humour, twists and turns, sexual tension, fabulously engaging plot, gorgeous couple all entwined with that unmistakable Tessa Dare gift for mesmerising story-telling. Honestly I cannot recommend this book enough, it will appeal to all Dare fans and also for those who haven’t read a Tessa Dare book yet – really is there any one out there who hasn’t read on of this fine authors work? – then this is the perfect introduction to her wonderful work.

This was a complimentary copy from the publisher, which I voluntarily reviewed as apart of this blog tour, thank you Mills and Boon Insiders.


About the Author

Tessa Dare is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty historical romances.

Mixing wit, sensuality, and emotion, Tessa writes Regency-set romance novels that feel relatable to modern readers. With her bestselling “Spindle Cove”, “Castles Ever After”, and “Girl Meets Duke” series, she has had great fun creating heroines who defy the conventions of their time—engaging in “unladylike” pursuits that range from paleontology to beer-making—and dreaming up the strong-willed, sexy heroes who find their hearts ensnared by them.

A librarian by training and a booklover at heart, Tessa makes her home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband, their two children, and a trio of cosmic kitties.

Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Amazon / Instagram


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#Review | Stolen Kiss With The Hollywood Starlet (Brides Of The Roaring Twenties #2) by Lauri Robinson #StolenKissWithTheHollywoodStarlet #BridesOfTheRoaringTwenties @LauriR @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello my lovely friends, I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of the gorgeous twenties set romance; Stolen Kiss With The Hollywood Starlet by Lauri Robinson with you all today. So grab a cuppa   and enjoy.

An innocent country girl…

With stars in her eyes!

In this Brides of the Roaring Twenties story, hotshot lawyer Walter Russell knows an innocent country girl like Shirley Burnette is going to find it tough in cutthroat Hollywood. A stolen kiss with this bright, young singer may be worthy of the silver screen—but Walter hates show business and has sworn off starlets. He knows he should steer well clear…if only he wasn’t so compelled to help her!

Well, this is a gorgeous book, one which I cannot recommend enough, but first full discloser, that I haven’t read a 20’s set romance before this – I know, it’s unbelievable, I can’t think why this era has eluded me before now, but I do know that I will be rectifying that – bring me the 20’s romances, I want gangsters, flappers and bootleggers.

This is the second book in the Bride of the Roaring Twenties, I can guarantee that you can read this as a stand-a-lone, I have read them out of order, don’t ask why, I have them both and yet chose to read this one first I tend to work in odd ways, but I just finished the first book; Baby on his Hollywood Doorstep (review to come soon) and really except for a few mentions of shared character’s the stories are very much separate to one and other. Which I do like this kind of series, where you can literally just pick any of the books up and start to read without worrying if your missing out on something from previous books.

I’m babbling again, aren’t I?

The story as you may have gathered is set in the roaring twenties, singer Shirley Burnette has just arrived in Hollywood, after being forced from her home, she has nothing but what she has in his suitcase and a dream of stardom. She has always been told she sings like an angel and now she wants to take the city of angels by storm. She is your stereotypical country girl who sets her eyes on the big lights. Yet, alas her first day doesn’t exactly go to plan when she is nearly run down by high and mighty lawyer; Walter Russell. Let us just say that Walter and Shirley don’t get off at the best starts, he in no uncertain terms without even knowing her name tells her to get on the bus and go back to where she came from. Well our Shirley maybe classed as a country-bumpkin, but she has got spirit, she wants to be a singer more then anything she wants to live the dream her mother didn’t have the chance to live.

Walter knows that a country girl like Shirley (or Blondie as he nicknames her) won’t survive in the tough, backstabbing and at times deadly Hollywood, that the sparkle will soon be banished from her wide eyes, there is a reason why he knows this and why he wants to protect her, a reason that comes clear as the story moves along and one that I ain’t going to tell you, let me just say that Walter’ isn’t the hard, arrogant powerful man that Shirley first thinks him to be, there are cracks in his hardened armour. Walter dislikes everything about Hollywood, he hates how false it all can be, how innocent people can be changed over night, apart from his clients he tries to stay as far away from starlets and the lights of Hollywood as he can – yet ‘Blondie’ gets under his skin.

Oh, Walter!!! Sigh, Who says that the twenties were full of sexy Gangsters and Bootleggers? This man is a marvel, I don’t usually swoon over the pristine suited lawyers but phew, this guy is gorgeous…I may need to commit a crime just so he can defend me 😉

I have always loved Enemies to Lovers and even though these two aren’t so much ‘enemies’ there is a mutual dislike between them at first, but soon both of their icy exteriors melt away and they see that the other isn’t too bad at all. I love how they get to know each other, they both have to work past their own personal past and issues, I adore how Walter is so protective of her and yet at the same time treats her as an equal, such as when h gives her a driving lesson. The chemistry is sensual and smouldering, it’s not wham, bam straight into to bed, their romance builds up over the course of the book, to a seductive and highly anticipated ending.

I loved this book, everything about it; the setting, the era, the clothes, the dialogue…everything. I was hooked with Shirley and Walter’s story, there is an underlying sadness that runs through their story which makes you completely engrossed, they both have heart-break in their past and that comes through and makes the story so much stronger and relatable, that human emotion and hardship kept me transfixed to the page, I was willing them to have a bit of happiness.

Overall this is an enticing, mesmerising and rich in emotion love story. You really get a sense of the times Shirley and Walter are living in, Ms Robinson has a marvellous eye for detail everything is so clear and vibrant and she knows this era like the back of her hand.

This is what I have come to really love about Lauri Robinson, she dives into the era’s that are so rare in romance, she brings them to your attention and makes you fall in love with a whole new era. I love that Mills and Boon/Harlequin are so open to these new stories and new era’s, keep them coming!

This was an Arc from the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, Thank you Lauri. X

Stolen Kiss With The Hollywood Starlet is available from Amazon.

#Review | Longing for Her Forbidden Viking (To Wed a Viking #2) by Harper St. George #LongingForHerForbiddenViking #ToWedAViking @HarperStGeorge @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello my lovely friends, I have the massive pleasure to be sharing my review of; Longing for her Forbidden Viking, which is the second book in the To wed a Viking series by Harper St. George. To say I have been excited about this book doesn’t really describe it; think  waiting for this book, think young child in a candy shop and you have an inkling, anyway grab a cuppa and enjoy.

“Become my concubine.”

But never his wife?

Part of To Wed a Viking: Saxon maiden Ellan would rather wed a Dane than be forced into marriage by her father. In fact, she has one Dane in mind. But strong warrior Aevir has been ordered to marry for duty—all he can offer Ellan is a place as his concubine! She may be bold, but Ellan can never accept that! Even if his burning kisses make it incredibly tempting…

The best of the viking romance sub-genre I’ve ever read.” Goodreads on Marrying Her Viking Enemy

Marrying Her Viking Enemy by Harper St. George is a mesmerizing and tantalizing story … A must read.” Goodreads on Marrying Her Viking Enemy

Oh, boy!! Harper you have gone and done it again, I am a melting swooning mess, I am bowing down to you, this is stunning!! To say I have been excited about this book is an understatement, I have been looking forward to Ellen and Aevir’s story since we met them in the previous book, I was instantly intrigued by them, and oh my did they live up to expectations.

This is it second book in the To Wed a Viking series, yes it can very easily be read as a stand-a-lone, it has it’s own central story and characters – one that you will instantly fall in love with, even though I do recommend that you read the previous book; Marrying her Viking Warrior as this book follows on from where the previous left off, but only so you don’t miss a moment of this fabulous series.

Saxon Ellen is left in shock when her father – who is supposed up to no good, you will have to read it to know what I am on about with that 😉 – turns up and tells her in no uncertain terms that she is to marry a Saxon of his choosing, she will not follow her sister and becoming a traitor to their Saxon blood by marrying a Dane, Godric has plans for the daughter he has detested most of her life. Ellen, unlike her father doesn’t hate the Dame’s she knows that not all of her people have been accepting of the invading Viking’s but she see’s them a different light, she enjoys the peace that they have brought to her world and she is undeniable attracted to them -or one in particular; Aevir, she is enthralled by him, he is the most handsome man she has ever seen, he captured her attention – not surprising really, Aevir is….well, if ever there was a time for a #DoubleSigh and a swooning gif then now is the time….sigh!!

**Pulls herself from daydreaming about blonde Vikings**

Ellen is adamant that she won’t be forced into a marriage, she wants to stay with the Danes but to do that she must marry one – but not any, she wants Aevir! Alas, poor Ellen has a struggle on her hands as Aevir is very power hungry, he thinks that a lowly farmers daughter and a possible spy will do him no good career wise, even though he find her intoxicating, he can’t keep his mind or eyes from her, his body and heart or in a constant battle with her stubborn mind. Jarl Vidar has already negotiated a bride for Aevir that will propel him to great heights so when he refuses to take Ellen as a wife, he does offer her something else; to be his mistress…Ouh la la!! Will Ellen accept is scandalous proposition?

For me it has to be our leading couple that really steal the show, they are mesmerising. I always say how much I love each of these stories and their characters and it is very true, I do love them all, these Viking’s are some of my favourite character’s out of all the historical romances I have read (and believe me I have read a fair few historical’s). But there is something about Ellen and Aevir’s road to their happily ever after that really struck me, I felt a real kinship with both of them, which is a little odd, usually as a reader I tend to connect with one character and then hold on to them not wanting to let go, yet here, both Ellen and Aevir really connected with me both in their own ways. Ellen is so resilient, she is a natural carer, she tries to please she tries to do her best for everyone, even if people don’t want it. She has a sensitive heart beneath her determined and capable exterior, I felt that she wounds easily. She is also very strong, in an emergency she instantly knows what to do, she is no wallflower this gal knows what’s she doing.

Whereas Aevir there is times when he looks back on his past, on where he came from that he came from very humble beginnings, there is a lot of shame at there way he came into the world, and pride at how he worked his way up through the ranks. He has worked hard for what he has and yet there is a vulnerability in him that still sees himself as not worthy – when really he is the most worthy of men – even if at times he can appear to be a little arrogant and selfish and a little mercenary, but I can look past that as he has stolen my heart. He has a heart of pure warrior gold no matter where his roots began. I love each of them, they are a couple anyone can really get behind and support, their way to their happiness isn’t a straight forward one, there are a lot of hurdles in the road and that has made them a strong, adorable and resilient couple who will face whatever comes their way with strength and dignity, something we can all aspire to

There is no doubting that Harper St George has a gift, her writing is some of the best I’ve read, she grasp’s hold of your attention and doesn’t let you go not even when the book has finished. Her attention to detail is flawless you feel as though your in the midst of the perilous Viking era, I could smell the fires, the woods, I could sense the unease in the atmosphere, the danger that is forever lurking around the corner and the sexual undercurrent that is swirling around Ellen and Aevir is so palpable you feel the tingles – and this is just with the merest heated glance.

This is a deeply sensual, evocative, mesmerising and fabulously intriguing story that captures the readers imagination. This not the stereotypical warrior meets girl and they get hitched, oh no, at times I did wonder if Ellen and Aevir would ever find their happiness – there was a lot of me muttering; “Come on Aevir/Ellen’s” while reading this as it is as clear as a bell that they are perfect for each other but things don’t run smoothly for our couple, there are twists in the tale that have you hooked, add in politics, danger and many, many lusty, meaningful glances and you really are on to a winner with this beauty.

I hand on heart cannot recommend this book and this series enough, I am hoping for more Vikings – honestly, I need more Vikings in my life, not that I’m hinting or anything.. OK, I am! 😉

This was an Arc copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you so much Harper. x

Longing For her Forbidden Viking is out Today and can be purchased from Amazon.

#BlogTour | Dare To Love A Duke (London Underground #3) by @EvaLeighAuthor #DareToLoveADuke #Review #MillsandBoonInsiders @MillsandBoon

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Hello my lovely readers! I have the massive pleasure to be today’s stop on this amazing blog tour for; Dare To Love a Duke by Eva Leigh, this book is gorgeous, the hero especially is a definite favourite of mine 😉 So grab a cuppa, sit back and try and endure my waffling right to the end of the review.

The outrageous new book in the Scandalous Ladies of London series that’s perfect for fans of Poldark and Vanity Fair.

For a dashing duke and the proprietress of a secret, sensual club, passion could lead to love…

Thomas Powell, the new Duke of Northfield, knows he should be proper and principled, like his father. No more duelling, or carousing, or frequenting masked balls. But he’s not ready to give up his freedom just yet.

Lucia—known as Amina—manages the Orchid Club, a secret society where fantasies become reality. Yet no member of the club has ever intrigued her…until him, the masked stranger whose heated looks sear her skin. After months of suppressed longing, do they dare to give in to temptation… ?

Well, this is dazzling! By far one of the most seductive and erotic books (apart from Dare) that I have read from Mills and Boon, it’s spine-tinglingly good, its sexy, sensual and enchanting romance, that is so different to the stereotypical historical romance.

This is the third book in what has been an amazing series; The London Underground, and when I say that this is amazing I don’t just say it because I can’t think of another word to use (even though that is true) but it seriously is amazing. I have been hooked from the start, but don’t worry if you haven’t read the previous two, these books are pretty such stand-a-lone stories, but with shared character’s. I have to admit that this book is my favourite out all three, there is just something very sinful and deadly about this one, it makes you want to hide away with it and never let anyone near it, you want to be selfish and keep it all to yourself – or, what I actually ,mean is you want to keep a certain devilishly gorgeous, Irish rogue to yourself…ah, Tom you can ruin me any day….#DoubleSigh

I best move on and actually talk about the book, and not just talk about Tom’s well shaped rear end…;-) Honestly, I have become obsessed, I can’t help myself, this man is the epitome of delectable masculinity, sexy as hell, cheeky, roguish – come one who doesn’t love twinkly eyed rogue? Not to mention he’s Irish, I do love a Irish accent and I am not ashamed to say it but I did hear Cillian Murphey’s swoon-worthy voice in my mind whenever Tom spoke…sigh!

Thomas, the new Duke of Northfield knows that he really must start acting the Duke he is instead of the rake he has been for many years, but if he is to give up his wild life of duels, gambling, debauchery that means he also must give up the one thing in his life that has come to actually mean something to him; the secret ‘Orchid Club’ one of the most sought after clubs in the whole city – if you know about it- a secret paradise where no matter your station in life once you are through the door and the mask is in place you can be who you want to be. Thomas has become bored of the trivial fun of town, he no longer gets pleasure from being the rake he once did, but the moment he stepped into the Orchid Club and met the tempting and mysterious Amina his life changed.

‘Amina’ or otherwise known as Lucia has recently taken over the management of the club, coming from Italy she understands more then most what Thomas feels about being on the outside, but unlike Thomas she has had to face some real struggles in her life. She is a grafter, and that instantly made me like her she isn’t afraid to put in the hours and get the job done, being from poverty she knows just how precarious life can be, she needs the club to succeed as there is more at stake here then just her future.

Have I mentioned how much I adore this man? He’s not just a walking sex god, even though he is very…shall we say; skilled? He is a man who to be honest I don’t think he likes the aristocracy very much (nothing that Thomas) even though he is reluctantly apart of it. Being part Irish and having spent his early years with his mother in Ireland he has always felt on the outside of society, he has been tolerated because of his status but not liked or respected for the man he is and that grates on him, a lot. Now he is Duke, he knows he should start acting as he is supposed to but deep down he is still that wild lad from Ireland who really doesn’t care, he wants to have fun. But above all the thing I love about this man is how much he deeply cares for his family and his closest friends. He also is very passionate about helping those who genuinely need help, unlike his late father and most of society Thomas isn’t ashamed to voice on the rising poverty in the country, if anything his good heart and conscious spoke to me far more then what he can do in the bedchamber.

I adore the relationship between Lucia and Thomas, at first its all about sex the lust between them is palpable from that first meeting when she sees him as nothing but a charming buccaneer, the air sizzles around them, I felt like I was holding my breath, not daring to exhale in case I miss something between them. Then that soon turns into something more profound, something deeper.

What I do love about this book – in fact the whole series, is that these heroines are not your run of the mill sighing, swooning debutantes, these woman have fire and spirit, they aren’t afraid to challenge the hero, they are independent woman in their own right, they can play the seduction game and have the hero eating out of the palm of their hands. The hero’s fully respect these amazing woman for who they are, and this is so rare in historical romances, these couples are equals.

Overall, this is wonderful, a brilliantly original love story with amazingly different and complex characters.


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#Review | Reclaimed By Her Rebel Knight by Jenni Fletcher #ReclaimedByHerRebelKnight #MedievelRomance @JenniAuthor @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello my dear readers! Do I have an amazing book to share with you today, or what? I have the massive pleasure to tell you a little about the incredible; Reclaimed By her Rebel Knight by Jenni Fletcher. This book is simply stunning, I know that I may have over done the gushing on here, but it’s so amazing, so grab your cuppa take a seat and enjoy and apologies for the long review you will have to endure.

Married to a perfect stranger

Reunited with her warrior husband

When Constance inherited her father’s lands she had no choice but to marry cold-hearted Matthew Wintour. He left her for the battlefield without even a wedding night. Five years later Matthew has returned—a valiant knight! But Constance is no longer a frightened girl. And this time she must reach out to discover the honourable man behind the armour and what pleasures await them in the marriage bed…

My, oh, my!!! Jenni Fletcher you have out done yourself, this is how you write a Medieval love story; captivating, evocative, thrilling, enchanting, it’s a feast for the senses and has one of the best endings ever! Another shining gold star to be attached to Jenni Fletchers cap, this is sensational! By far one of the best Medieval romances I have read – and I have read a fair few – but this is as perfect as you can get in a Medieval romance;

When Constance is orphaned at the tender age of fourteen, if she was to keep her property and her fortune out of the King’s hands she must marry. She ends up married to Matthew, who just after their wedding leaves England for Normandy to do his duty and serves the King, or as my gran used to say; ‘he went off to find a war’ while Constance must leave her home; Lacelby and live with her uncle until her husbands return – whenever that maybe!

The story and their marriage really start five years later, in 1214, Matthew returns Constance can’t say she is happy or sad about that as she doesn’t know the man that she is to spend the rest of her life with, neither got to know each other in those few moments together, they were just children, she can’t even remember what he looks like. Neither of them wanted this marriage, but it was a necessity to save her from the ruthlessness of the King. Even though she doesn’t know the man she must share a bed with, she is determined that she will try and be a good wife and make this unwanted marriage work for them both.

I instantly felt a connection with Constance, she is a wonderful character, she is a strong and resilient young woman, who takes everything in her stride, never one to complain and she has a quietly soothing side to her that can ease the brooding of beasts, she is always rational but as you will soon see she possess a lioness heart of courage when the time comes. She was forced to leave the only home she has ever known, become married to a man she doesn’t know and then left again before the wedding night. Any other woman would become a wailing shrew, but not our Constance. She is uncertain of how to act around Matthew, she is worried about their marriage, yes she is more then equipped to run a household, but she knows nothing about men, especially not one as large, brooding and distant as her husband.

Matthew, oh Matthew!! Be still my overly beating heart, honestly I need sedating, he is just….#DoubleSigh!! I don’t have the words for just how amazing this man is, I need my swooning gif…..

Anyway, he may be the finest, most loyal and trust worthy hero I have come across in a long time. For once we have a hero that isn’t complex, his emotions and his responsibilities are in utter turmoil, but he knows what he wants, he wants the best for everyone and he strives to bring peace and clarity. Is there anything more heroic then that? He is genuinely a good man, who has an awful lot weighing on his ridiculously broad shoulders, not only having to deal with the political mess, having to protect those he cares about from any repercussions from what is about to happen and most importantly he wants to make amends and do what is right by Constance…phew, I’m tired just thinking about it all. Do you see how vague, I’m being? Very good reason there is a major plot entwined within this glorious love story, one that I refuse to give away.

What I love about Constance and Matthew more then anything is that they are very relatable and very realistic couple, they are flawed especially after they were pushed together in a marriage of convenience, yet they work, they face a turbulent journey to their HEA but they work through their issues, they do what so few couple is romances do, and they actually talk. Yes there is a spark when they meet, they are both drawn the other because they have both changed so much, they were just kids when they married and now they are in their prime – or how Matthews says to Constance when he first see’s her “You’ve…grown” he says while looking at her bosom. I love that, it’s awkward and funny.

But don’t just think that this is run of the mills love story, oh no! There is a serious and deadly sub plot that will have you perched at the edge of your seat, going “Oooh, eek, wow!” if your a nail biter, you may not have any nails left by the last page.

This book is a testament to just how bloody amazing Jenni Fletcher’s writing is, she has a gift for storytelling, she flawlessly entwines a beautiful and enchanting love story with passionate historic detail, you become immersed in their world. Her passion for era come through her writing with such clarity, you are transported to the Medieval era through the strong and accurate details, and you fall in love with her beautiful and realistic dialogue, this is stunningly perfect!

Oh, and before I forget, do read the historical notes at the front and the back, they are so enlightening.

This was a Arc from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Jenni. x

This glorious book is out today, and can be purchased from Amazon and I cannot recommend it enough, so grab a copy while you can.

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Hello my lovely readers! I have the massive pleasure to be sharing my review of the incredible; Mrs Sommersby’s Second Chance by Laurie Benson. To say I have been excited about this book is an understatement and I am so pleased to say that this is a stunner…I may waffle on a wee bit, which I apologise for, so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

She’s played Cupid for others

Now she’s met her own unlikely match!

Part of The Sommersby Brides. Widowed society matchmaker Mrs Clara Sommersby thinks handsome self-made businessman Mr William Lane is just the man for her neighbour’s overlooked daughter. He’s successful and confident, if somewhat emotionally distant, until suddenly—shockingly—his attention turns to Clara herself! She thought her days of romance were over, but is this dashing younger man intent on giving her a second chance?

Well, what to say about this, other than; My goodness, I love it, its absolute perfection!!! This ladies and – I think there maybe some – gents, is how you write a Regency romance. Laurie Benson, I bow down to you!!

I will attempt to put my scattered thoughts in order and write a proper review without too mush gushing, long sighing pauses and over the top waffling, but really with this beauty I make no promises that I won’t just talk for an hour about how gorgeous Lane is and how brilliant Humphrey is when trying to hump a plant pot…you have to read it, but I think all us dog owners have been in Clara’s shoes a time or two. 😉

So, this is the final book **Sobs and sniffles** in what has been a wonderful series, I will admit that personally the previous book was a little hit and miss for me and I did feel bad about writing a not as glowing review, but i have vowed to be honest but apart from that i have absolutely adore this series. It has been such a joy to get to know the Sommersby ladies over the course of the four books, they have become a little like family now I have spent so much time with them and I am very say sad to let them go….I just don’t want to, surely there is more Sommersby’s out there somewhere?. Long lost cousins four times removed or something….hint, hint 😉

Anyhow, so this is book four and as i always say, you can very easily read this as a stand-a-lone as well as part of the series, but i do say start from the start and get to know all the characters. For me it has been Clara who has been the star of each one, there was always something about older woman that just caught my attention, she is brilliantly funny, independent and insightful. I was very happy when i heard that she was going to get a story of her own. It has been a wait, for someone who doesn’t even like to wait in queue in a shop then wait for Clara’s story was agony, but worth it, because this is a doozy!

Set in the beautiful city of Bath, self made man; William Lane is there doing research for his newest business idea, he is set to propose to his business partner a certain man called Hart, I’m sure others will recognise that gent. While there he is very reluctant to try out the famous healing waters, when he catches the twinkling eye of Mrs Clara Sommersby. He is instantly enthralled by the enigmatic woman – and let me just say that his thoughts aren’t exactly angelic, they do concern hot baths and glistening bare skin 😉 Clara takes a instant shine to the younger man, but obviously she doesn’t think of him in that way, she is far too ‘old’, for a start she has other things to occupy her mind, a bit of matchmaking. Her and good friend the Dowager Duchess of Lyonsdale start to match make Clara’s neighbours daughter; Harriett. Clara has an idea that a certain Mr Lane would be perfect for the younger, shy woman. The problem with that, is William Lane has his beady eye set on someone else completely; why would he want a shy little cub when he can have the lioness instead? I love how there is an instant attraction between Clara and Lane, their blossoming romance builds up in such a beautiful natural way, they are such an adorable couple who you just know are made for one and other.

William Lane, oh, William!! Could there be a more perfect (for me) hero? I don’t think it is a surprise that I find the self made, hard working man alluring. He didn’t have the best of starts in life, being raise in a Foundling Hospital, which by all accounts were just awful, some were no better then the workhouse. But, with true grit and determination to make something of himself, he pulled himself out of the gutter and now he is a business man in his own right, he has got the most brilliant mind, he see’s things in ways which others are just blind to. But there is a vulnerable part of him, the part that still sees the world from the Foundling Hospital, the part that stills believes he isn’t good enough. He is so self assured, so independent; so when he does need help from others -aristocrats especially – it does irk him. I can really relate to this man, everything about his character speaks to me, he is just a wonderful, honourable, loyal and gentle man. Who needs a title when you have a brain?

This book is such a joy to read, I love that our leading couple are older then your average Mills and Boon/Harlequin couple, as Lane is 37 and Clara 45, I found that to be such a refreshing change. Its about time and I do hope that this will the start of more stories with older leads, instead of all the young whipper-snappers – Hmmm, I sounded like my Gran there! Another aspect of this book that I love, is that it shows that having children are not crucial to have a happily ever after, that if anything in the book spoke volumes to me.

As ever the thing that I really picked up from this, as do from any of Ms Benson’s books; is her passion for the Regency era, you get a real sense that she genuinely adores this period of history, she pours her heart into creating a realistic, charming and expressive world for us all to fall into. Another thing that did catch my attention with this, is her subtle ways of incorporating all the senses, it really brings the story and the characters alive, you visualise everything in your mind as though you were sitting in Clara’s hotel garden with them smelling the roses. I love it!

Over all this is an enchanting, mesmerising and captivating love story that meticulously weaves solid historical details with a charming second chance romance. I honestly cannot recommend this more, there isn’t a single thing that I dont like about this.


This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Laurie. x

Mrs Sommersby’s Second Chance is to be released on the 25th July and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

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Hello my lovely readers, I am so excited to be sharing my review of the utterly gorgeous; Captivated by Her Convenient Husband by Bronwyn Scott with you all. This book is stunning, to say I have been excited about this book is an understatement, and yet I may need to have a jolly good weep as to have this beautiful book in my hand means that the Allied at the Altar series is finished, I am not ready for this series to end. So while I try to compose myself after blubbering all over Fortis and Avaline, grab a cuppa and enjoy.

‘Looks like I’ve come home just in time.’

The Duke’s son returns!

Part of Allied at the Altar. Avaline hasn’t seen her husband, Lord Fortis Tresham, for seven years, after he was presumed dead at war. Now her convenient husband has returned in time to save her from an unwanted suitor! Yet as he returns to her life―and her bed―Avaline is cautious… Why is he so mature, courteous, thoughtful―so different from the selfish soldier she married?

Well, what can I say about this? I have been waiting for this book for such a long time and it was well worth the wait, I knew that this book; Fortis’ story was going to be an emotional one and by Jove, does it pull at your heartstrings! I am a weeping mess after that, not only because this is the last book in what has been an incredible series *sobs* really this series is so, so good I am lost for words just how amazing this series is, for the last few months we have been left tiny breadcrumbs of Fortis Tresham, there have been little whispers about him which intrigued me so much, I was so impatient to get hold of his story – I am not the most patient person at the best of times, but waiting for this book has been like torture, so to finally get my hands on Fortis was not only brilliant to finally get his story, but very emotional as this is the last in the series. I don’t want to leave these amazing character’s.

Bronwyn Scott, you really have excelled yourself with this book, I am in absolute awe of it and I bow down to your excellence. I am a huge fan of Bronwyn Scott’s work, her writing is second to none, her stories are supremely rich in emotion and romance, in other words they are flawless, but this really is right up at the top. This book is truly beautiful, and it is one of the very best, I am so in love with it. I was utterly blown away with Fortis’ story, this is emotional, tender, loving, surprising and so romantic. It is sad that this wonderful series has come to an end – unless of course there is more, please let there be more! But this is a fantastic ending, it answers all those niggling questions that have been arising throughout the series and it feels as though we have come full circle and all the ends have now been linked together.

As those who of you who have been following this series will know, that for the last three books we have been left breadcrumbs of what happened to Fortis when he went missing after the battle of Balaclava. He has been missing for a year and then all of a sudden Fortis Tresham comes walking out of the forest without a clue of who or where he is. I was intrigued, I needed to know his story and I really wanted him to find the peace that he deserved, and yes this does happen but there is a real twist and a surprise the story, that makes the reader stop and go; wow!

The story opens with Avaline, who is fearful of her future, she is trying to fend off the horrid Haywood who is trying to muscle in and get his hands on not only her but her land all in an attempt to gain his much sought after knighthood. The only protection she has from him and his manipulations is the fact that she is married into one of the old Dukedoms in the country, unfortunately her husband, third son; Fortis Tresham went to war eight years ago, and in the last year she has had word that her husband after falling in battle is now missing. With the help of her amazing in-laws she tries to move forward constantly hoping that her husband will return to her.

Well, she certainly doesn’t have to wait long as he returns, and what an entrance!! Scooping the swooning damsel up in his strong arms, after giving the baddie a good old fashioned ‘talking to’ and storming out is like something out of the movies, it is like something from a dream and by jove is it romantic – I may need to swoon myself, and that is just the beginning of getting to know this fine and vulnerable man.

As you can expect there is a lot that stand in the way for their happily ever after, there are things that Avaline and Fortis must over come, some expected and some not. Fortis is changed from the man she remembers, yes just as handsome with the same beautiful blue eyes but there is a shadow that is hanging over them. I really say too much about that aspect of the story, but believe me when I say that Fortis will break your heart, you will be at the edge of your seat hoping and praying thing everything works out that they both find the happiness that they both so desperately want and deserve. I absolutely love how Bronwyn has gone about revealing what happened to Fortis throughout the story with flash backs, you can really feel his fear, his confusion, his anguish and his desire to learn the truth.

Avaline really stood out for me, she is a wonderful, caring, kind and gentle woman. She isn’t a complex woman, she just wants love, she wants a happily ever after, but she is a practical woman if anything which is why she married Fortis in the first place, she needed protection and he was able to give it. But, that was all he gave her, within days he was off to war again. She didn’t know her husband then and after eight years she still doesn’t know him, what she does know is that he man who has returned to her has changed and it those changes that make her fall in love with him, but she is scared of having her heart broken as it was last time Fortis was home, which is why she holds back from him as she does, I can’t blame her, my heart goes out to this woman she has faced a lot in the years he has been away, not only faced the backstabbing of the ton but she has found a new independence while he has been away and she is fearful of long that now he is back.

Do not think that this is just a mere tortured hero comes homes and heroine tries to bring him back to his old self, because this book is far, far more then that, the story goes from the expected to the utterly heart in mouth unexpected and then finishes with the most beautiful ending, that was so fitting for Fortis and Avaline.

This is a gorgeous second chance love story, which really pulls at the heartstrings and it is the perfect ending to what has been an amazing series, one that I am very sad to see finish.

Perfect, there is no other words for this book, just perfect, I cannot recommend this book and this series enough.

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Bronwyn. x

Captivated By Her Convenient Husband can be pre-ordered now and I would say go and pre-order.