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WINNER OF THE 2017 RONE AWARD (best medieval romance)!


Dubbed the Black Wolf for his raven hair, his fierceness in battle and his way with women, Sir Alexander of Talisand attacked life as he did the king’s enemies. But acclaim on the battlefield and his lusty escapades did not satisfy. King William Rufus would bind him to Normandy through marriage to one of its noblewomen, but the only woman Alexander wanted was a commoner he had saved from a terrible fate.


The shame of being the child of a Norman’s rape dogged Merewyn’s steps from her youth. Determined never to be a victim of a man’s lust like her mother, in Wales she donned the garb of an archer and developed extraordinary skill with a bow. Despite her fair beauty, men now keep their distance. No longer in need of protection from other men, can Merewyn protect herself from Alexander when he holds her heart yet can never be hers?

My goodness, me this is good! In fact the word ‘good’ is too mild of a term to describe just how unbelievably great this book is. No wonder that this was the winner of the 2017 RONE award, it is fantastic and exactly how a Medieval Romance should be written! I always know that whenever I pick up a Regan Walker book, I am going to instantly fall in love with it, but there is something rather special about King’s Knight, it is an intriguing, seductive, edge of your seat and exhilarating romance set in a time where chivalry and honour reigned. This is what I love about the medieval era to start with that it was a dark, perilous and dangerous as well as being a time where the world was full of chivalric, loyal, honour bound with absolute love – once found.

This is the last book in the brilliant Medieval Warriors series, and it feels like we have come full circle, the series started with Serena and Raynard; (otherwise known as the Red Wolf) Lord and Lady of Talisand and now we are back where we started but this time with their son; Alexander – who I have to say, I am in absolute love with!

As children Alexander; the little lord-ling of the mighty Red Wolf saves scared, vulnerable illegitimate Merewyn when she was about to be attacked by the boys from the village who just because she is the result of her poor mother being raped, Merewyn is now seen only as a but of a plaything, that is until the devil himself turns up by her side. Merewyn then went on to train as an archer in Wales and Alex went to train to be the Lord, Knight and warrior he was meant to be.

Years later, it is now 1091 and the fearsome Red Wolf’s cub is now a full-grown man, a brilliant Knight in his own regard, he is now back at home after spending years away fighting for King and country and training to be the deadly Knight he is now. He has a sinful reputation as a most sought after lover and ladies man, something which he Alex has thoroughly enjoyed that is until he comes face to face with the one woman who has been in the back of his mind since he rescued her years before. Merewyn is a tantalising, mysterious and utterly breathtaking woman, she is so different to his usual conquests a brilliant archer in her own right and a woman a lot like his own mother who would much rather wear men’s clothes and go out in the hunt then stay at home in pretty gowns sewing. To say Alex is instantly attracted to her is an understatement.

The chemistry sizzles between them, the air practically crackles with pent-up sexual tension and mutual lust, you just know that these two are just meant to be together. They are like two sides of the same coin, both different but together are one. Unfortunately all is not on our love birds side, as Alex is devastated to learn that the King has picked his bride for him, a woman who will bring together the two mighty houses, but this woman has got a deadly reputation not just because she has a habit of ridding herself of unwanted husbands – which did make me think of a black widow spider, but Alex’s intended also sees Merewyn as a threat. Add a war expected at any moment which very would mean Alex’s death, will our destined couple be torn apart in the most cruelest of ways, or will the Black Wolf and the Archer have their happy ever after?

My goodness, if there ever was a moment for a #DoubleSwoon, then now is the time. I didn’t think that my all time favourite Regan Walker character; Jean Donet could be pushed down to number two, but Alexander has done it. He is a passionate, fearsome, intelligent, strong, sexy, loyal and protective man who loves his family above all else. The way he looks up to his might father; Raynard, The Red Wolf is wonderful, to Alex his sire is the one man in the whole world who he admires and aspires to be. I love the scene when Alex and his father have a sword fight in the Talisand games, it’s wonderfully to see the Red Wolf and his ‘cub’ go head on head and how playful Raynard is with Alex, wonderful scene. It is that particular personality trait; the family orientated one that I loved about him. The way he treats his fellow knights no matter what their rank with respect and friendship is another trait that I love about him and the fact that yes he has a reputation for being a ladies man but the moment that he is reunited with beautiful Merewyn, he is a one woman man. She is everything to him, she brings light into his life.

She really is an amazing young lady, after her early ordeal when she was rescued by Alex she swore that no man would ever touch her, she would protect herself. Which is where the always brilliant Serena; lady of Talisand comes in, Serena was and still is the queen of the bow and arrow – I have always loved Serena she is a strong, resilient woman who is so caring and she shares those traits with the younger woman. Merewyn fights for her place and she has worked hard to over come her unfortunate start in life, she is bold, resilient, loyal, brave and deadly as well as being vulnerable, cynical and passionate. When she chooses to give her love and heart to someone they are extremely fortunate. She has always held a light for Alex but being lowly born and illegitimate she knows that the heir of Talisand is too far above her, but that doesn’t stop her heart beating out a rapid beat when ever she sees him. Or when they secretly kiss – oh, my those kisses are incredible; sweet, tender, sexy, passionate, loving.

I love how Ms Walker has answered all the questions that I had throughout this series, such as what would happen with the young orphan Jamie, is my favourite Welsh archer and the other Knights such as Sir Alain happy? All of their stories are revealed and the series – even though it is sad that there will be no more ‘Medieval Warriors’ – has finished in a good place leaving the reader very happy and satisfied.

This is a tantalising, action-packed, atmospheric, engaging, passionate, powerful, compelling – I am running out of complimentary descriptive words – brilliantly written, an emotional page-tuner that I can guarantee will have you hooked from that very first page. The story sweeps the reader along at a marvellous pace, you are taken on an spell-binding journey which is full of thrills, twists and turns and a gorgeous romance all entwined with meticulously researched and rich history. Ms Walker as ever has put her heart and soul and many, many hours of love into this, it’s so rich in detail that it’s as though you have been transported from your armchair to Medieval Yorkshire.

This book is really too good to be true, fantastic characters, mesmerizing plot a superb ending to what is an amazing series.

Simply stunning!

Kings Knight is available from Amazon, and I cannot recommend it enough!


Review : Reclaimed by the Knight (Lover to Legends #7) by Nicole Locke

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He left to save his family…
Now he’s back!

Nicholas of Mei Solis once swore to do anything to protect his home—he even went away to fight for it. That meant leaving beautiful Matilda too. Now Nicholas has returned briefly, to lay to rest the ghosts of his past. But one look at Matilda, now widowed and with child, changes everything. Suddenly Nicholas is compelled to stay…and to take back the future they both thought they’d lost…

My View

Firstly when I got this book, I got to say I did squeal in pure delight! I have been looking forward to reading this one since I met Nicholas in ‘The Knight’s Scarred Maiden.’ There was something very dark and dangerous and raw about him, something that captured my attention and like a lot of readers of this series, I really wanted a Nicholas story. I wanted to know what drove him to becoming a mercenary, I wanted to know all about him, so I was very excited when I heard that Nicole Locke had written his story. I was way too excited! This does not disappoint, this story is high on emotion, but more than that it answer’s so many questions’ that needed answering about Nicholas.

This is book seven in the wonderful Lovers to Legend’s series, just the like previous books this can be read as a stand-alone or as apart of the series. This is what I love about this series is you can pick up any book in random order and instantly become glued with it.

Mercenary Knight; Nicholas left his home all those years ago to bring in the funds that his ancestral estate needed. Yes, some thought he left to gain a name for himself or left for some selfish, vain reasons, but that is as far form the truth. Nicholas isn’t selfish he cares deeply and knew that he needed to leave. Which also meant leaving the one woman he had always loved; Matilda.

When he receives word that Matilda had blatantly given up on him and married their childhood friend Roger, Nicholas is fuming and all out for revenge which is one of the reason’s he decides that now is the time to return home and take his rightful place as lord. Nicholas is hurt and confused by Matilda and Roger’s marriage, he doesn’t understand why the woman who had claimed to love him and said she would marry him had done such a thing while he was away risking his very neck – not to mention losing his eye – to send home the coin Matilda and his people needed. Let me just say that Nicholas can hold a grudge, he has seen too much and experienced too much he has become dangerous and jaded and his blood and heart wants revenge. Yet, he isn’t half as bad as people think him to be, he is kind and nurturing he has a big heart and feels thing’s very deeply. He is actually quite a sensitive man beneath his chain mail. He just wants love!

Matilda had no choice, she waited for Nicholas but after all her letters had gone unanswered she thought he had given up them. She saw him as just another selfish mercenary. She had tried to forget about her feelings for him and get on with her marriage, she wanted it to work with Roger, that is until the man she had vowed herself to suddenly dies and her past love turns up. Like Nicholas she is confused about her feelings for him, she wants to hate him for – as she thought it – deserting her, yet he proves difficult to do so.

Their feelings for one an other are still obvious for all to see, there are a lot of misunderstandings and confusion on both sides. They are both quite stubborn people, and they don’t make life easy for themselves. I do love how Ms Locke has really pulled out all the stops with these two, she has created a powerful yet equally up-lifting, second-chance romance.

I absolutely love this story, it is an engaging, magic and wonderfully romantic love story that has got so much of the authors heart in it. Ms Locke’s passion for this era and this story is evident on every page. The character’s really go on an emotional journey not just finding their happy ever after, but they go through a lot as individuals. Out of all the Lovers to Legends series, this has to be the most emotionally heart-wrenching book of the series, it is very character focused, the reader is drawn into Matilda and Nicholas’ world. For me I found that I wasn’t merely reading their story I was completely immersed into the story, avidly watching as the story unfolded.

A fabulous addition to what is already a favourite series, I cannot wait to see what comes next.

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

Reclaimed by The Knight is available now and can be purchased from Amazon.

Review : Rebel Warrior (Medieval Warrior’s #3) by Regan Walker

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When your destiny lies far from where you began …

Scotland 1072

The Norman Conqueror robbed Steinar of Talisand of his noble father and his lands, forcing him to flee to Scotland while still recovering from a devastating wound. At the royal court, Steinar becomes scribe to the unlettered King of Scots while secretly regaining his skill with a sword.

The first time Steinar glimpses the flame-haired maiden, Catrìona of the Vale of Leven, he is drawn to her spirited beauty. She does not fit among the ladies who serve the devout queen. Not pious, not obedient and not given to stitchery, the firebrand flies a falcon! Though Catrìona captures Steinar’s attention, he is only a scribe and she is promised to another.

Catrìona has come to Malcolm’s court wounded in spirit from the vicious attack on her home by Northmen who slayed her parents and her people. But that is not all she will suffer. The man she thought to wed will soon betray her.

When all is lost, what hope is there for love? Can a broken heart be mended? Can a damaged soul be healed?

My View

Wow! This is breath-taking! I do love a Medieval romance and I always know that whenever I pick up a Regan Walker book, I am going to be in for something special. And this is no different! Rebel Warrior is book three in the delightful ‘Medieval Warriors Series’ and it is incredible. For those that have been reading this series they will recognize Steinar from The Red Wolf’s Prize as he is the brother of the beautiful Serena. As soon as I read that book, I was interested in reading his story, he sort of jumped out at me, and I can say that I am not disappointed. I am a huge medieval romance fan there is something dark and brutal, yet inexplicably romantic about this era. It was a dangerous time, yet their love seemed to transcend the danger they were in and Walker has perfected writing this emotion, especially with this one.

When out with her guard flying her beloved Hawk, Catriona of the Vale of Leven, returns homes only to find that her entire village is being ransacked and everyone were either brutally murdered or taken prisoner by North-men. She sees her mother and father slain right before her eyes and within minutes she is alone in the world all except for her brother, her guard and friend and her Hawk. She is sent to live at King Malcom’s court, she still has thoughts to marry the Irishman that her father arranged but again her heart is broken as her betrothed betrays her.

Catriona is a smart cookie, she is a non-nonsense, resilient and feisty young women who has been witness to something that no one should have seen; the brutal murder of not just her parents but her whole community, her way of life. That has made her strong, it has given her a sense of how brutal and harsh life can be. It has hardened her heart, that is until she meets a charming young lad with a certain twinkle in his eye.

Steinar has gone to Malcolm’s court to recover from being severely wounded, while there he has been brushing up his sword skills and he has been regaining his strength. He is full of anger that his beloved Talisand has been taken by a Norman and even more angry that his sister has married one, yet he knows that she is happy with her Wolf. It still doesn’t squash his well-hidden feelings on the matter, which is why he and he best friend the marvellously witty and equally charming Rhodari, Welsh archer – who in my book, is a real scene stealer, what a fun and sexy character! Steinar is happier with his own company, that is until he spies the most beautiful red-head he has ever seen, he is instantly taken with her. The one thing that really stood out for me about Steinar is how he wants a woman like his sister; Serena. He likes that fire and the fact that Catriona can think for herself, that to me is a vital part of his personality, he not only wants a woman to be able to think for herself, but not to be walked over, he also respect’s women for that trait too, which I found utterlyendearing.

I am so in love with Steinar! It is wonderful to see him get his own story, he was a compelling and fascinating man when we first met him, earlier in the series, but this just brings his absolute passionate, wild and romantic personality out for all to see. He is brave, heroic, stubborn, sensual and sexy and I particularly like his wit and his resilience. I love the friendly and almost brotherly relationship between him and the ever so charming Rhodari.

This book really pack’s a punch, as with all of Walker’s work it isn’t just about the romance that blossoms between the characters, there is an intriguing, thrilling and action-packed story that takes the reader on a real ‘blink and you will miss it’ adventure. The thing that I really picked up on from this the authors passion for the era, the history but more importantly the story. Walker’s love and attention to detail and the history shines through her words, and that passion really imprint’s itself on the reader, which makes reading this book an absolute joy.

I love this, it had me laughing, crying and gripped not wanting it to end. It is gritty and brutal, yet tender and loving and all the time enthralling.

Utterly fabulous!!

Rebel Warrior is available now and can be purchased from Amazon.

Review – The Knight’s Forbidden Princess (Princesses of the Alhambra #1) by Carol Townend

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A princess captive in the tower…

A Spanish knight who can set her free!

In this Princesses of the Alhambra story, meet Princess Leonor, who can’t escape her tyrannical sultan father. For Spanish knight Count Rodrigo, her innocence–and beauty–tug at his sense of honor. He will lay down his life to protect her…but the risks are great: she is the daughter of his sworn enemy!

My View

The Knight’s Forbidden Princess is book one in this new mini-series, and what an incredible start to what I can tell is going to be an amazingly romantic and thrilling series. I haven’t read Carol Townend’s work before, (which is a complete mystery to me, how come I have never read this author before?) so this isn’t just a wonderful start to a new series but a fabulous introduction to this new to me authors work, and I will definitely be reading more from her. As soon as I heard about this book and this new series I was hooked, the whole look and feel of it caught my attention.

The Princesses of Alhambra is set during Medieval Spain, where the country is at odds between the Knightly Spanish Nobles and the Sultan of Alhambra. The war that is battling between them is deadly, Knights are being taken by the Sultan for nothing more than ransom to fill his dwindling coffers which is what happened to our hero; Rodrigo. Townend has captured the tension and the danger of the time and area perfectly, it is real rawness an edge to it, that I love.

Princess Leonor is desperate to escape the prison her tyrannical Sultan father has locked her in, she and her two sisters; Alba and Constanza are a secret that their father fully intends to keep well hidden away. They are not allowed to go outside, they are not allowed to socialize. They are not even allowed to ask about their late mother. They are as Leonor describes them; pretty birds in a gilded cage, all they want is to be free to do as they wish, to live a life that they have been secluded from for so many years.

Leonor is a rebellious young woman, she is inquisitive about the world outside her towers walls. She has got fire locked away, she is by far the most innocent un worldly heroines I have ever come across. She takes risks but all for good and the loves she shows towards her sisters is beautiful. She yearns to learn about her mother, yet that half of her is locked away from her. Why is her father so adamant that she never knows about her mother? And why has he suddenly decided that they are never to marry? She is so full of questions, but her asking these things can lead to far worse than being locked in a tower.

Count Rodrigo has been captured by the Sultans men, along fellow Knights; his wayward cousin Enrique and best friend Inigo they are held for ransom. Rodrigo has more on his plate than just being a prisoner for financial gain his friend Inigo is seriously wounded when they were captured, and Rodrigo is also grieving the death of his baby brother. But meeting a veiled lady who saves his friend’s life changes Rodrigo’s life forever.

Breaking out of her prison tower, Leonor and her Knight in shining armour have to make the ride of their lives. The Sultan wants his daughter back and the tyrant will do anything to get her. Which means that the Knightly, gentlemanly Rodrigo has to protect the exotic and enticing beauty with his life. The way they find each other and learn about each other, is so lovely. They are such an adorable couple, the air crackles around them with just a mere glance. Love it! They face a lot of obstacles as they find their way in their relationship, not only the Sultan but they is a lot of conflicting and complex emotions from each of them that stands in the way.

I love this man! What a sexy, sinfully handsome and alluring man, Rodrigo is incredible. From that very first glance of him through Leonor’s window as he arrives dirty and brooding, I will admit I fell head over heels for him….seriously swooning! 😉 He has got so much going on, his duties in the army, his duties as a noble his grief for his brother and his complex and challenging feelings for a woman who he can’t have. He is proud, protective, perceptive and highly intelligent. He loves absolutely, I’m telling you if you are loved by this man than you are one very lucky lady.

I do love Medieval Romances, there is something very raw and edgier to them and this is no exception. The story is articulate, fast paced and highly engrossing. It flows beautifully taking the reading on a sweeping journey through Medieval Spain, from the stifling cities to the flowing countryside.

The rich and opulent scenery is excellent in detail and atmosphere that it captures your attention, it is as though you are riding through the dire heat, sitting in those filthy prison cells and lounging about in the stifling harem.

I really, really love this book! Townend is a skilful and creative writer who draws you so expertly into her world. This is an exciting, hugely romantic and fresh story that has everything you would want from a Historical Romance, I cannot wait to read more from this author and this series. I got a feeling this is going to a fabulous series!

A spicy romance with a brilliantly engrossing plot.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Knight’s Forbidden Princess is available now and can be purchased from Amazon.

Review – The Red Wolf’s Prize (Medieval Warriors #1) By Regan Walker

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Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, the Norman knight known as the Red Wolf for the beast he slayed with his bare hands, hoped to gain lands with his sword. A year after the Conquest, King William rewards his favored knight with Talisand, the lands of an English thegn slain at Hastings, and orders him to wed Lady Serena, the heiress that goes with them.


Serena wants nothing to do with the fierce warrior to whom she has been unwillingly given, the knight who may have killed her father. When she learns the Red Wolf is coming to claim her, she dyes her flaxen hair brown and flees, disguised as a servant, determined to one day regain her lands. But her escape goes awry and she is brought back to live among her people, though not unnoticed by the new Norman lord.

Deprived of his promised bride, the Red Wolf turns his attention to the comely servant girl hoping to woo her to his bed. But the wench resists, claiming she hates all Normans.

As the passion between them rises, Serena wonders, can she deny the Norman her body? Or her heart?

My View

I have one word for this and that is simply; Wow!! Even though I have been reading this series out of order, I was bowled over by just how incredibly good this book is. This is how Medieval Romance is done, the story flows seamlessly and flawlessly while keeping the reader engaged and enchanted throughout. The Red Wolf’s Prize is one of those books that you will repeatedly pull of the shelf again and again, it is beautifully written by one of the best authors around today.

Set during 1068, just after Norman King William has conquered England, after all his loyal and un-relenting service towards William and throughout the conquest; faithful Knight Renaud de Pierrepont (or more commonly known as The Red Wolf) is given the northern strong hold of Talisand as a gift for all his hard work. Not only has King William given Ren the mighty estate but he has given him the Lady of Talisand as a bride. At first Ren isn’t too keen to take a Saxon bride who most likely will hate him, but he is ever dutiful and as he is looking forward to seeing his new home.

Lady Serena of Talisand wants nothing to do with The Red Wolf, she vows that she will never marry the Norman Knight and so she decides to leave her beloved childhood home. As much as it pains her to leave not just her home but the people of Talisand whom she’s looked after, but she is adamant that this is what she needs to do, so she flees dressed as a servant.

Once Ren arrives at Talisand and finds his bride gone, he is furious and sends out a search party. Unbeknown to him that amongst the women his Knights bring back is infact his bride; Serena in disguise as Sarah the servant girl. As Serena watches and gets to know the fearsome ‘Red Wolf’ she can’t help herself but to like him, and she is reluctantly impressed by how he charms her people, his natural magnetism draws her to him like a moth to a flame. Ren is as equally charmed by the servant girl ‘Sarah’ she entices him with a mere look with her violet eyes and he has this sneaking suspicion of her, he has the impression that there is more to this elegant servant then meets the eyes.

The chemistry between Ren and Serena is electric, their attraction for each other can barely be contained, it simmers and boils overs. Even though Serena plays hard to get and tries to keep her heart closed off to his sensual and exotic charms, which where Ren is concerned is an awful lot harder then she thinks. I have always been a fan of ‘Enemies to Lovers’ and this is perfect. It has all the element’s that you want from this trope.

Ren is such an incredible man he lives by a handful of rules that he expects his own Knights to abide by too – but seeing as these rules are don’t abuse the local’s especially the women and be respectful and so on, they aren’t too strenuous to adhere to. Ren is honourable and Knightly through and through, he is an intelligent, brave and seductive warrior who treats people with the utmost respect. He truly believes in treating everyone – especially women – with decency and respect and anyone who dishonours themselves best beware. That is just the Knightly side of him, but I really like the man behind the ‘Red Wolf’ mask – Ren the man is a seductive and supremely sexy man, I particularly like how he genuinely listens and takes his time to get to know the people of Talisand.

Serena is a good woman she cares deeply for her people especially of the women, she cares for bringing justice to those who have been wronged. She is a passionate, calm and very brave woman who isn’t averse to standing up to the mighty ‘Red Wolf’ especially when it’s on a topic that she believes in. Which is one of the reason’s why Ren is so transfixed by her, he likes her stubborn tenaciousness. Serena is a great character with so many good qualities, she is also an archer – by far one of the best even Ren and his loyal Knights are justifiably impressed with her skill.

Whenever I read a book by Regan Walker I am spell-bound with her stories, she grasped hold of your imagination and transports you to another time while taking you on a wondrous journey. You are educated as well as entertained with her masterful way with portraying exactly what was going on at the time with precise historic details that I love. The Red Wolf’s Prize is brilliant, I cannot say too many good things about this book and this series.

I don’t rate book’s in my reviews, but if I did this would be given easily ten stars, I love it!

Highly recommended!

The Red Wolf’s Prize can be purchased at Amazon.

Review – In Debt to The Enemy Lord (Lovers and Legends #4) by Nicole Locke

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“You have a debt to pay. You owe me your life.”

Anwen, bastard of Brynmor, has fought hard to find her place in the world. But she’s forced to rethink everything when she’s saved from death by her enemy Teague, Lord of Gwalchdu. Instead of releasing her, he holds her captive…

Teague trusts no one. So, with ominous messages threatening his life, he must keep Anwen under his watch, no matter how much her presence drives him wild. And when passionate arguments turn to passionate encounters, Teague must believe that the strength of their bond will conquer all!

In Debt to the Enemy Lord is book four in the Lovers and Legends series, even though these books do have a common link between them, they can be read very easily as stand-alone as each book has its own unique story, its own history and fresh character’s. I did start reading this series half way through and I am currently reading them out-of-order but as they are so well written and each one is different that is very easy to do.

I have been a huge of fan of Nicole Locke’s work since I first read her work and I have been hooked since each book in the series has a superb story that entwine’s itself so beautifully with history, myth’s and romance.

Set in the after-math of the war between Wales and England, where English King Edward I won the war, now the country has settled in a sort of stale-mated peace. Each side trying to move forward and get on with their lives, the Lord of Gwalchdu; Teague is thankful that the war is over but now home from fighting alongside King Edward he is treated with hostility from his people. Teague is half English and half Welsh and when the war broke out Teague chose to side with the English, making the Welsh think of him as a traitor to them and treat him with hostility and contempt. Teague is receiving mysterious threatening letter’s that are both alarming and worrisome, he feels alone as he has an issue with trusting people and more to the point very few people trust him. If it wasn’t for his brother; Rhain he would be very much alone in the world.

While out and about with Rhain touring his lands, he unexpectedly comes across a beautiful young woman who quite literally falls into his arms, after falling out of a tree. After the letter’s he keeps receiving Teague is instantly on edge, he is certain she must be a spy or something more sinister. But being the honorable man that he is, Teague takes her home and nurses her back to health only to discover that she is in fact from the illegitimate daughter of the Prince of Brynmore. Teague is a good man, he always does what he thinks is right not just for himself but for his people of Gwalchdu. He has a lot of pain that he holds close to his chest, I really felt him to be a very sensitive man and even the little snide remarks doe’s impact him. If it wasn’t for the wonderful Rhain Teague really would be alone in the world. He fully believes that Anwen is the person behind these threats he has been receiving so he makes sure she stays within his castle where he can watch her and as he does, he becomes more and more enchanted by her.

Teague is a lonely and brooding man, he sees darkness and lies ever where and trusts none and yet I find him utterly fascinating. His is a quietly seductive and remarkable man, he has like a haunted aura about him that pulls you to him like a moth to a flame. I love how Locke has described the brothers when Anwen first meets them both; one is golden light and the other darkness, and this is so true for them.

Anwen is very much in the camp where she see’s Teague as a traitor; which actually she does refer to him as such throughout the book. She thinks that being the Lord of Gwalchdu he should have stuck with his country people. As much as I liked Anwen’s spirit and passion for what she believes in and her tenacious character, I found her constant berating of Teague a little irritating at times she did act like a spoilt little girl a lot. Yet Teague and Anwar have a real connection once they let go of their own personal dislike and distrust of one and other. There are some really sweet and lovely moment between them when they have let their guards down, and their happily ever after is well worth the wait.

As I have been reading them out-of-order I had met Rhain before in ‘The Knight’s Scarred Maiden’ (which comes after this book) I was instantly drawn to him, he such an extraordinary character. As this is before his own story we see what he was like before he became a mercenary he is so alive, and so different to how he is when I first met him. The relationship between Teague ad his brother is loving and tender, they know each other so well and look out for one and other.

I have always been a fan of ‘Enemies to Lovers’ tropes and this is exactly what I look for in when reading one, the to-ing and fro-ing between Teague and Anwen is so entertaining, if at times strained. This is a dark and brooding romance – which is actually a lot likes its hero; Teague, which I thoroughly enjoyed it, I do have a real fondness for Medieval Romance and Ms Locke is a very gifted writer in the era. The story is complex and thought-provoking, with some very memorable characters it takes you on a journey with a lot of twists along the way and encased in historical fact.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and I cannot recommend it enough, definitely a must read for Medieval Romance fans.

In Debt to The Enemy Lord can be purchased from Amazon.

Review – Daughter Of The King (The Derbfine Series #3) by Ashley York

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A mistaken identity. A gruesome murder. Was it self-defense? Or Regicide?

Trained as a warrior, Brighit of Clan Cruadhlaoch despises the trappings and demands of womanhood…

Selfish dreams need to be set aside for the good of the clan, but a shocking murder only causes more turmoil. Especially as she stands accused. With no one else to turn to, can Brighit find escape in the arms of her new husband or will he require she reveal her inner most secrets?

Darragh of Clan MacNaughton is expected to follow his father into kingship but has little desire for the coveted title…

His willful wife is another matter. He has great desire for her. Despite her denial, he sees her womanly virtues and it sets him afire to know her, both body and soul. Will she resist his overwhelming need to possess all of her?

Firstly, I have to say this is why I love to read Medieval Romances, this is simply marvellous! York has a gift – I can grant you that – a gift for bringing to the world timeless, exhilarating and hugely romantic stories that bring to life a time where men were real men is the third book in The Derbfine Series, and it’s a scorcher. There is an arranged marriage with an very reluctant wife – who wants to be one of the boys – a murder mystery and blackmail all tied up with a very romantic bow.

A marriage between Brighit of Clan Cruadhlaoch and Darragh of Clan MacNaughton would unite their two clans, bring peace and secure peace with the other clans too, Darragh knows that marrying fiery tom-boy Brighit is going to be an interesting affair but he knows his duty and he knows just how important this truce is going to be for their kin but more than that he is inexplicably drawn to the little fiery temptress. Only thing is that this particular temptress has other ideas of what she wants – and it’s not him!

…When he finally broke the intoxicating kiss, he was breathing hard. “Oh Brighit. Never believe I would compare ye to another . Ye will not be found lacking because I will teach ye the only things ye need to know.”“Ye will teach me ?”

Brighit was raised by her father; Sean, the King of Clan Cruadhloach as a warrior, she has always had the opportunity to do exactly what she wished, her father pandered to her every whim that is until she reached maturity and she began to be treated with kiddie gloves because she was a woman. Being the daughter of the King, she knows that one day she would have to what is required of her, that day comes far to early for her liking with animosity rife amongst the clans the best way to bring peace is for two of the most powerful clans to unite which means that she now has to marry the very man she loathes.

Brighit decides that if she is to be chained to that man for the rest of her life she wants her last chance of freedom, she persuades her uncle to take her along on one of his legendary raiding parties. Only for what should have been an easy – and in Brighit’s mind, fun – mission turns sour and dangerous when they are unexpectedly set on and thing’s turn very nasty indeed, when someone of import is killed – leading to event’s that changes everything for all parties.

When I first met Brighit I thought she was extremely spoilt, she has had everything she has ever wanted and when someone says no to her she gets mardy and starts doing what a lot of toddlers do and has a tantrum. But the more I got to know her I saw her in a different light, I think she is a bit of a lost, confused little girl who is wanting everyone’s approval – but especially her father’s. Yes, she is very impulsive she runs in to things with eyes shut and without thinking, which always gets her into trouble it’s not until her life is actually at risk that she starts to realise that she has been going about things all wrong.

The relationship – or lack of it –between Brighit and Darragh is very one sided, Darragh does love her he wants to do the best for her and he genuinely wants to be a good husband. He knows he will never be King in his own right, and that does pray on his mind especially she Brighit comes from that world. I think under that roguish warrior’s pride there is a sensitive and very real man who just want to settle down.

…..Breaking the kiss, she seemed to purr in his ear. “I have wanted ye something fierce…..”

I do like Darragh, he isn’t what I would have thought of a warrior he is a lot calmer and serene than most men in his role, he is wants to live a very simple life – get married, have children and maybe have his own farmstead but obviously his position as a ri’s son makes that dream difficult for him and he definitely never thought he would want all that with Brighit.

They haven’t even been married twenty-four hours before thing’s take a deadly turn, when Brighit is embroiled in a blackmail attempt because of what happened, dare she finally put aside her distaste for her husband and tell him everything? In the meantime, while she is making herself sick with worry, Darragh is slowly becoming more and more frustrated by his wife’s lack of civility towards him. It is only due them getting stuck in a storm while she is ill, that he finally learns her feeling towards him. They are an odd couple at first but soon her feelings for him grows into something other than hate, and into something earthier, more natural and it is then that the story becomes a lot hotter – sizzling hot! 😉

“A moment,” Darragh kept hold of her hand, though he moved it to his heart, when she would have stood. “Ye cannot know what ye mean to me.” Her breath caught…

I will admit that at first, I wasn’t taken with Brighit, she came across as a pampered, spoilt princess, she was a slow burner for me and I did at first think that luscious, lovely Darragh deserved better, but I was proven wrong. Thanks to York’s remarkable writing my view on Brighit was replaced by awe for this incredibly brave woman. This has everything I have come to expect from Ms York, a stonking great story that grasp’s your imagination and takes you on a thrilling journey in another time with her usual flawless and signature passion for the era, her excellent knowledge and gift for drawing the reader in to a story that has depth, intrigue and above all York’s distinctive and impressive romance throughout.

I do love this series, and this one is wonderful.


Daughter of The King is to be released 17th March and can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.