Happy New Year

New Years Resolution’s

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2015 is nearly over and I can’t believe just how fast this year has gone, it seem’s to me that the year goes faster as you get older, I don’t usually make New Years Resolution’s mainly because I don’t stick to them; sometime’s I set my Resolution’s too high or just get bored and give up by February, but this time last year I did make one and that was to do something new for 2015. That something new was this very blog, I decided to take the plunge and even though I have only been blogging for a few month’s it has been so much fun I have been able to share my love for book’s with people and in the process I have had so many lovely message’s and so much support from some absolutely wonderful people who have taken time out of their very busy schedule’s to show this new blogger a bit of kindness.

So my Resolution for 2016 is to carry on with Chick’s, Rogue’s and Scandal’s, read many, many more book’s and hopefully encourage more people to become reader’s and maybe get a few more nervous book lover’s to take up their laptop’s and create a blog of their own. Just go for it, take the chance and dive right in, you’ll meet some great people and learn some new thing’s and be introduced to some brilliant book’s.

So I hope every one has a Brilliant News Years Eve (whatever you are doing) and a Happy and Healthy New Year and I’ll be seeing you all in 2016.

I’m curious to know what your New Years Resolution’s are!