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#Review Her Deceptive Duke (Wicked Husbands series #4) by Scarlett Scott @scarscoromance #HerDeceptiveDuke #WickedHusbands #Victorian #Romance

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Georgiana, Duchess of Leeds, hasn’t seen her husband since he left her on their wedding day for an extended hunting expedition and never returned. But she isn’t the sort to wait around pining for an arrogant oaf who can’t bother to recall he has a wife, no matter how sinfully handsome he may be.

She finds all the fulfillment she requires in caring for the stray cats and dogs of London’s streets. Until, that is, the duke returns, and she uncovers the truth about where he’s been…

Kit, Duke of Leeds, never wanted to be duke. He was content with his life as one of Her Majesty’s most dedicated spies until his brother’s unexpected demise left him forced to marry an American heiress to save the family estate from ruin. The day he married her, he left for a secret assignment in America, with no intention of returning.

Seriously wounded and his cover ruined, Kit’s forced back to London where he finds a townhouse brimming with creatures and a wife who can’t bear the sight of him.

With husband and wife beneath the same roof at last, their marriage of convenience sparks into a passion that’s as undeniable as it is unexpected. But is desire enough to bring two wary hearts together? And once Kit’s wounds are healed, will Georgiana’s love be enough to make him stay?

WARNING: Contains explicit language and steamy scenes.

Well, what a fantastic book! It’s ultra hot, saucy, thrilling, exciting, sensual….I could go on but over the course of this review, I may bleat on a wee bit too much about how amazing this book is. I cannot believe that I have never read Scarlett Scott’s work before, why is that? I must have been walking around with my eyes shut to have missed this fine author, but that will soon be rectified as I will most certainly be reading more from Ms Scott.

This is book four in the Wicked Husbands series seeing as I hadn’t read any of the other before I can whole heartedly say that you really do not need to. I read this as a stand-a-lone, because the story is centred around the couple and not so much the spy network – we will get to that later 😉 I didn’t think that I had missed out on anything from the previous books, true I now need to read the other’s just because this was so darn good.

The story starts with Georgianna and Kit marrying, not voluntarily theirs was the typical arranged marriage of convenience; his Ducal family needed money and she has money as she is the daughter of a wealthy American. Match made in heaven? Not quite, seeing as the moment they are married and before the wedding day is even finished Kit swan’s off without a backwards glance at his new wife and Duchess. To say that poor Georgianna is riled doesn’t even come close to how she feels about her husband, all she can do is stand by and watch his retreating broad shouldered back walk away from her.

In the months while her husband was off on his so called ‘hunting trip’ she has had to find a way to take her mind of the hurt she was feeling when he left, that hurt soon turned into anger and now she feels nothing for the man she was made to marry. She started rescuing animals and nursing them back to health, she has literally filled the house with all manner of animals – which once her husband returns and finds dogs in his master chamber that makes for some very amusing scenes between estranged husband and wife.

He does sound like a cad and really he could have waited a day at least before he fled, but I do like Kit and there is a very good reason why he had to flee. Kit is not just a high and mighty Duke but he is also apart of a secret group of her majesties spies called ‘The legion’ he had to rush off on his latest mission, one that unfortunately for him is the one that nearly gets him killed. He turns up again months later; severely wounded after being shot when his cover was blown. He has no choice but to go home with his tail between his legs as everyone thinks him a traitor, let us just say he isn’t looking forward to the reunion with Georgiana.

I absolutely adore ‘enemies to loverstrope stories, I love the conflict between the couple and the HEA feels so much more earned and these two are fantastic. They argue, rant and rave, they throw abuse and insults at one and other as though it’s as easy as breathing and then there is the making up sex; my goodness me it mightily hot! Kit is gruff, broody, argumentative, he never wanted to be Duke he is far happier in his spying role, he never wanted a wife – especially one as free- spirited and feisty as Georgianna, who would be as happy as Larry to skewer him with something sharp; but the estate and the title needed the money. Yet beneath all that ruthlessness and cold heart there lies a good, loyal, decent and brave man who merely wants to do his duty. Georgianna is a wonderful lady, yes she does hate Kit with a passion for doing a runner, but when he turns up wounded she is the first to jump in and help her husband, but that doesn’t mean life is plain sailing for them especially with an unknown traitor on the loose and Georgianna ready to shoot anyone – including Kit – with her trusty pistol.

I love it!! It is such a great story; thrilling, imaginative fast-paced and supremely sexy. The character’s are well developed from the moment of meeting them you are instantly drawn to into their story but more then that they are immensely likeable and very funny; especially when they want to throttle each other. It is defiantly one that will be read and re-read again and again.

I do have to warn that there is a lot of strong language throughout, and the sex will make the reader rather hot under the collar. So if you don’t like explicit bedroom scenes and a foul mouthed hero then this may not be the best book for you, but I would say give it a go as the story is a corker. With a traitorous and complex plot, sexy spies, brooding dukes and fiery duchesses, plus a mansion full of vagrant animals; what’s not to love?

A must read for all historical romance lovers!

This was a complimentary copy via Aurora Publicity in exchange for an honest review, Thank you Pam.

Her Deceptive Duke can be purchased from Amazon.

#Review Captain of my Heart (Heroes of the Sea #2) by Danelle Harmon (@DanelleHarmon) #HeroesOfTheSea #HistoricalRomance #CaptainOfMyHeart via @aurorapub

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He wanted no woman, except one made of sails and wood and wind …

Handsome, wily Irish privateer Captain Brendan Jay Merrick is running from a painful past — and fighting for a new nation’s future when he arrives in the colonial town of Newburyport, Massachusetts, with plans for shipwright Ephraim Ashton to build his magnificent new schooner. Brendan’s daring sea battles against His Majesty’s fleet have made him a legend in his adopted country — but one look at the dashing stranger and Ashton’s daughter Mira starts making plans of her own. . . .

She wanted no man — but him.

Brash, hot-tempered, and born at sea in a raging gale, Mira Ashton is more than most men can manage. Disguising herself as a crew member and sneaking aboard Brendan’s newly-built Kestrel, she becomes the schooner’s finest gunner . . . and the captain’s most outrageous distraction. As desire ignites between them, Mira finds herself competing against Kestrel for Brendan’s love. But when tragedy strikes, Mira must join forces with her mighty rival in a daring adventure that turns the tide of battle and brings glorious victory to the colonists, the captain . . . and the lady who has captured his heart

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Now this is wonderful, who doesn’t love a pirate romance? Captain f My Heart is book two in the Heroes of the Sea series, I haven’t read the first book in this series but that didn’t really matter as I cam e into this book as though it was a stand-alone and it is an easy to read story that will grab your attention. This is the first book I have read by Danielle Harmon and I can say without a doubt that it will not be the last, I thoroughly enjoyed her creative imagination and easy to read style of writing.

From the first page I was gripped by the story, the story begins in 1775 newly promoted and all around golden boy of the Royal Navy, Flag Captain; Brendan Merrick is shot and falls over board to be thought as dead, all because of a jealous and spiteful fellow officer; Captain Crichton – who really is a horrid, manipulative and sinister man you’ve ever come across. He really is acid! But don’t think that once Brendan is nearly killed that is the end we see of evil Critchon, oh no! Three years later the handsome young Irishman is alive and is now a privateer working with the America. He plans for one of the best shipwright Ephraim Ashton to build him a whole new ship and because of his fierce and legendary reputation of his battles against the British fleet, Ashton agrees and builds him the beautiful Kestrel.

But Brendan is yet again nearly killed again by his former nemesis, poor Brendan again ends up in the water, not to worry Ashton’s children are at the rescue, which is where Brendan meets Ashton’s vivacious, spirited and feisty daughter; Mira. Mira is a brilliant character, I love her determination, her fire and the fact that she becomes Brendan’s best gunner aboard the Kestrel as she sneaks aboard dressed as a boy. Brendan is a little taken back by her, she isn’t at all what he is used to, she is definitely no wilting wallflower, this is what draws his attention to her.

I love Brendan, but then again I do have a soft spot for Irish rogues who have a twinkle 😉 I have always thought you always know the measure of a man, from how he treats his men and Brendan is a brilliant Captain. I found him to be quite the contradiction, in one hand he is fierce, animalistic, powerful and impossibly sexy and ion the other he is caring, kind, a thinker with a real warm and kind heart. The romance between Mira and Brendan is fun, saucy, tender and passionate, they are both so alike which does mean fire.

What particularly struck me was how much research the author put into this, the battle scenes are breath-taking, the description the sights, smells of the sea and the ships in particular are atmospheric and stunning. I can smell the sea salt and hear the gulls from my cosy chair, I have read many sea based romances and this has to be one of the best, Ms. Harmon has a true talent for engaging the reader with stunning writing and compelling story telling, which hooks you from the very first page and you will devour every word.

This really is wonderful and one that I cannot recommended enough!

This was a complimentary copy via Aurora Publicity, Thank you Pam.

Captain Of My Heart is available from Amazon.