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Hello my lovely readers, I am so excited to be sharing my review of the utterly gorgeous; Captivated by Her Convenient Husband by Bronwyn Scott with you all. This book is stunning, to say I have been excited about this book is an understatement, and yet I may need to have a jolly good weep as to have this beautiful book in my hand means that the Allied at the Altar series is finished, I am not ready for this series to end. So while I try to compose myself after blubbering all over Fortis and Avaline, grab a cuppa and enjoy.

‘Looks like I’ve come home just in time.’

The Duke’s son returns!

Part of Allied at the Altar. Avaline hasn’t seen her husband, Lord Fortis Tresham, for seven years, after he was presumed dead at war. Now her convenient husband has returned in time to save her from an unwanted suitor! Yet as he returns to her life―and her bed―Avaline is cautious… Why is he so mature, courteous, thoughtful―so different from the selfish soldier she married?

Well, what can I say about this? I have been waiting for this book for such a long time and it was well worth the wait, I knew that this book; Fortis’ story was going to be an emotional one and by Jove, does it pull at your heartstrings! I am a weeping mess after that, not only because this is the last book in what has been an incredible series *sobs* really this series is so, so good I am lost for words just how amazing this series is, for the last few months we have been left tiny breadcrumbs of Fortis Tresham, there have been little whispers about him which intrigued me so much, I was so impatient to get hold of his story – I am not the most patient person at the best of times, but waiting for this book has been like torture, so to finally get my hands on Fortis was not only brilliant to finally get his story, but very emotional as this is the last in the series. I don’t want to leave these amazing character’s.

Bronwyn Scott, you really have excelled yourself with this book, I am in absolute awe of it and I bow down to your excellence. I am a huge fan of Bronwyn Scott’s work, her writing is second to none, her stories are supremely rich in emotion and romance, in other words they are flawless, but this really is right up at the top. This book is truly beautiful, and it is one of the very best, I am so in love with it. I was utterly blown away with Fortis’ story, this is emotional, tender, loving, surprising and so romantic. It is sad that this wonderful series has come to an end – unless of course there is more, please let there be more! But this is a fantastic ending, it answers all those niggling questions that have been arising throughout the series and it feels as though we have come full circle and all the ends have now been linked together.

As those who of you who have been following this series will know, that for the last three books we have been left breadcrumbs of what happened to Fortis when he went missing after the battle of Balaclava. He has been missing for a year and then all of a sudden Fortis Tresham comes walking out of the forest without a clue of who or where he is. I was intrigued, I needed to know his story and I really wanted him to find the peace that he deserved, and yes this does happen but there is a real twist and a surprise the story, that makes the reader stop and go; wow!

The story opens with Avaline, who is fearful of her future, she is trying to fend off the horrid Haywood who is trying to muscle in and get his hands on not only her but her land all in an attempt to gain his much sought after knighthood. The only protection she has from him and his manipulations is the fact that she is married into one of the old Dukedoms in the country, unfortunately her husband, third son; Fortis Tresham went to war eight years ago, and in the last year she has had word that her husband after falling in battle is now missing. With the help of her amazing in-laws she tries to move forward constantly hoping that her husband will return to her.

Well, she certainly doesn’t have to wait long as he returns, and what an entrance!! Scooping the swooning damsel up in his strong arms, after giving the baddie a good old fashioned ‘talking to’ and storming out is like something out of the movies, it is like something from a dream and by jove is it romantic – I may need to swoon myself, and that is just the beginning of getting to know this fine and vulnerable man.

As you can expect there is a lot that stand in the way for their happily ever after, there are things that Avaline and Fortis must over come, some expected and some not. Fortis is changed from the man she remembers, yes just as handsome with the same beautiful blue eyes but there is a shadow that is hanging over them. I really say too much about that aspect of the story, but believe me when I say that Fortis will break your heart, you will be at the edge of your seat hoping and praying thing everything works out that they both find the happiness that they both so desperately want and deserve. I absolutely love how Bronwyn has gone about revealing what happened to Fortis throughout the story with flash backs, you can really feel his fear, his confusion, his anguish and his desire to learn the truth.

Avaline really stood out for me, she is a wonderful, caring, kind and gentle woman. She isn’t a complex woman, she just wants love, she wants a happily ever after, but she is a practical woman if anything which is why she married Fortis in the first place, she needed protection and he was able to give it. But, that was all he gave her, within days he was off to war again. She didn’t know her husband then and after eight years she still doesn’t know him, what she does know is that he man who has returned to her has changed and it those changes that make her fall in love with him, but she is scared of having her heart broken as it was last time Fortis was home, which is why she holds back from him as she does, I can’t blame her, my heart goes out to this woman she has faced a lot in the years he has been away, not only faced the backstabbing of the ton but she has found a new independence while he has been away and she is fearful of long that now he is back.

Do not think that this is just a mere tortured hero comes homes and heroine tries to bring him back to his old self, because this book is far, far more then that, the story goes from the expected to the utterly heart in mouth unexpected and then finishes with the most beautiful ending, that was so fitting for Fortis and Avaline.

This is a gorgeous second chance love story, which really pulls at the heartstrings and it is the perfect ending to what has been an amazing series, one that I am very sad to see finish.

Perfect, there is no other words for this book, just perfect, I cannot recommend this book and this series enough.

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Bronwyn. x

Captivated By Her Convenient Husband can be pre-ordered now and I would say go and pre-order.

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Hello my lovely readers! I am very excited about sharing my review of this utterly gorgeous book, I have been avidly reading this series and was so exited to meet Sutton and Elidh and it does not disappoint. So, without further ado grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

He’s falling for a princess…
But she’s a commoner!

An Allied at the Altar story: A madcap scheme to secure a patron for her father’s play finds Elidh Easton at a house party, dressed as Italian royalty! But Elidh catches the eye of their dashing host, Sutton Keynes, who has four weeks to find a noble bride. He’d never look twice at her normally – poor, plain and untitled – but in the moment, it’s easy to imagine they have a future!

My goodness, Bronwyn Scott you have gone and done it again! I am, as ever in complete awe at the excellence of this fine lady’s writing. I have been so excited about this book and it did not disappoint; Tempted By His Secret Cinderella blew me away, its stylish, seductive, intriguing and utterly romantic, honestly its perfect!

This is book three in the Allied At The Altar series, I cannot believe that we are on book three already, how can that be? It only seems like yesterday that I first opened the first book, this series is so engaging and that you literally just fly through book after book. A lot like devouring a full share bag of M&M’s, you keep reading then you want to weep when it comes to an end – I don’t want this series to end!! As with the previous two, Tempted By His Secret Cinderella can be read very easily as a stand-a-lone, as the series is linked together with specific characters which appear or are mentioned in each book when the story calls for them.

Sutton has been informed that if he is to inherit he must marry within four weeks, but not just marry anyone – oh, no! There are clauses that state very specially the type of women he is to marry, but also that they must stay together – well, I never! Sutton isn’t exactly averse to marrying, but he would rather it be on his own terms and that the lady be agreeable to him and his project. So he decides to host a house party where he can do proper ‘research’ on his prospective brides, but the one that catches his eyes isn’t on the list at all, the girl in the red dress fascinates him from the moment he sets eyes on her.

Elidh and her father are destitute, they are practically broke. Her little wage which she gets for sewing isn’t near enough to keep them going through the winter and her play write father hasn’t sold a play in so long, that Elidh is worried. Even more so when she hears of her fathers newest scheme. He plans to gate crash Sutton Keynes house party in the disguise of Italian royalty so that he can find a new patron for his latest play. No amount of persuading can change his mind so Elidh must done the mask of confident, stylish, sexy; Principessa Chiara and w her way into Suttons world and she is soon caught in the gaze of Sutton himself.

I really, really like Sutton, he is a man who knows his duty, he knows what he must do and he isn’t one to shirk that duty. He has loyalty to his family ingrained in him right down to the core, he is loyal and honest and just wants to do what’s right. But it’s the other side of his personality that caught my eye and drew me to him – like a moth to a flame, he is highly intelligent, he prefers science and fact over whimsical and the ton. He has a passionate side of him that willingness to work that is very seductive.

The instant chemistry between Elidh and Sutton just jumps off the page, it sizzles those little glances and touches that pass between them are wonderfully vivid that you can feel the tingles along with them. Even though Elidh is trying to be disinterested in him, she can’t deny that she – like the rest of us – is transfixed with the quiet and at times brooding Sutton.

I have been completely in love with this series from the beginning, the further we go along the better and better it gets. It takes the reader on a beautifully crafted journey as Sutton and Elidh traverse the great road towards their happily ever after.

I adore the premise of this, the Cinderella-esque storyline isn’t at all what you would think it to be, there is an imaginative twist to it. I really like how Ms Scott has gone deep into the reason why Sutton must marry within weeks to inherit, it is a brilliantly dark secondary storyline, one that is constantly present in the background throughout the story, it is the driving force of why Sutton does what he does.

Overall this is a magical love story; its enchanting and fun, as well as being highly addictive reading, its one of those will they, won’t they gripping romances that will have you turning the pages with lightning speed.

I cannot wait for the fourth and final…..weeps for ten minutes … in the series, I am eagerly awaiting that one!

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Bronwyn.

Tempted By His Secret Cinderella is to be released on 30th May and can be pre-ordered now.

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Hello my lovelies, today I have the great pleasure to share my review of One Night With The Major, which is the second book in the ‘Allied At the Altar’ series by Bronwyn Scott. So grab yourself a cuppa and let me tell you about this brilliant book.

One daring encounter

Binds her to his marriage bed!

Part of Allied at the Altar: In England, innocent tea heiress Pavia Honeysett has always been judged for her face or her fortune. She would much rather return to her uncle’s palace in India. So to escape marriage to the aged man her father has chosen she will ruin herself!

But her red-hot night with Major Camden Lithgow changes everything. Suddenly, this stranger will become her husband…

My goodness, this is so good! I loved the first book in the series, the character’s of that really spoke to me but this really is so different to the first and definitely in a league of it’s own. It’s exotic, sexy, sensual and thoroughly enchanting and it has the best twisty ending. Which is exactly what I have come to expect from Ms Scott’s writing, she takes what is a very basic ‘Marriage of Convenience’ story and gives it a fresh new twist, she incorporates different cultures, plus some of the most enthralling heroes and spirited heroines around.

Major Camden Lithgow has been sent home from the war on leave for a short time, for him to give the worst possible news to his best friend and fellow officer’s family; that Fortis has been killed in the war. Cam feels guilty about his best friend and he went a little off the rails as he never believed his best friend to have gone. Which is another reason why he is on leave – time away from the war to try to get himself in a better place. It is as he is making his way home that he meets an astonishingly beautiful and mysterious exotic dancer who seduces him, has her sinful wicked way with him and then leaves him, with nothing but lustful memories.

Pavia Honeysett is destined to married off to a man who is old enough to be her grandfather. A vile, perverse man who has a certain fetish for young virgins – is it alright for me to scream; pervert? Her father an incredibly wealthy tea merchant who married an Indian princess who has struggled to claim his place in society and now he has only one thing on his mind when it comes to his only daughter, and that is how she will get him his much sought after foot in the aristocratic door. Independent and free-thinking Pavia has other idea’s so she concocts a scheme to ruin herself so that her intended won’t want her and then she will be free. But alas, as with these things, her plan doesn’t exactly go as she expected it to, and soon she must marry the very man who she chose to ruin herself with – a stranger with his own demons.

I may have just found my favourite of Ms Scott’s heroes, Cam is such an amazing character I loved him from the very first instance. Anyone who follows my reviews will probably have an idea of what sort of man Cam is, that makes me swoon at his feet in a very unsightly heap. Cam is just marvellous! Charismatic, brave, loyal, courageous, a real charmer when he puts his mind to it, gorgeous inside and out but there is something else beneath that proud officer’s surface, there is a loneliness, a fragility that I found far more alluring than him in his uniform – believe me, coming from me that is quite something, as I do have a real love for uniformed men.

This is perfection, the relationship between Pavia and Cam isn’t what either of them had originally wanted, but they soon realises that the other is exactly what they have both needed in their lives. They are such an adorable couple, they have much to face, not just learning to love and discover who the other is but they have a fair amount of prejudice they must face.

I absolutely loved the ending, it was really satisfying and perfect for our couple and their story. Another reason I love how it ended was the reference to what I hope will be the next story in the series – I am desperate for Tresham’s story. I won’t say too much about that, all I will say is that the ending is a bit of a cliff-hanger with regards to the sub plot of this story. I can’t tell you too much about that as there would be huge spoilers, and I never like to give away spoilers

Over all a wonderful story, the plot is as fascinating and mesmerising as the character’s, while the writing and attention to detail is as ever spot on the mark. I cannot wait for the next instalment of the Allied at the Altar series.

Highly recommended, a definite must read!

This was an Arc copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Bronwyn and apologies for the late review.

One Night With The Major id available now from Amazon

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‘I can protect you.’

But she must accept his ring!

An Allied at the Altar story: after an abusive marriage, Sofia is struggling to find acceptance in Society. So when dashing Viscount Taunton needs her investment for his business, she’s surprised by his strong, supportive nature.

In Conall’s arms she discovers true pleasure. Yet to fully leave her past behind, Sofia must consider Conall’s offer of his full protection – in the form of wedding vow

My View

This is a fabulous start to a whole new series; Allied At The Alter, which going by this first book is going to be another brilliant series by a favourite author of mine. This is essentially a ‘Marriage of Convenience’ story, but as ever with Ms Scott’s work there is always a great secondary plot or a twist to the tale. I love that Bronwyn Scott has set this series in the Victorian era, which is such a change from her hugely popular and brilliant regencies, I can say without a doubt that she has pulled a beauty out of the bag with this one.

Conall; Viscount Taunton after gaining the title he now has to deal with the problems that go along with it, which in Taunton’s case means they are in dire need of money. Conall comes up with the most brilliant plan to gain the funds that his family and more importantly the title needs and that is to do what many aristocrats deem as rather vulgar. He plans to go into business!! I know shock and horror, he wants to start trading with the mills with his Alpacca wool, but to do that he needs capital but when he goes to the one man who could set this venture off refuses him point blank he must find another avenue to go down.

I love that about him he is an enterprising, creative and imaginative young man who has a proper head on his shoulders, in fact he rather makes me think of John Thornton from North and South – I think everyone knows how much I love a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and this is the man. Conall is a very proud man, it does grate that he has to beg but where his family is concerned he will do what is needed. I really, really love him he just wants to do what’s right he is motivated, enigmatic and at times very serious but that just adds to his appeal. Once he gets turned down by a family friend no less he has no other choice than to fall on to the charity of the mysterious but incredibly wealthy; La Marchessa di Cremona.

Sofia has her own reasons to be as mysterious and hidden in the shadows as she is, if found she would face a fate far, far worse then death, which is why she is equally as desperate for this deal with Conall to go well. She is a complex woman, and I love how Ms Scott doesn’t divulge all of Sofia’s secrets in one go, she teases with dropping little clues and subtle hints through out the story. Yes, it is pretty easy to figure out her back story and why she is fleeing, but it’s incredibly satisfying finding out about this woman. Sofia may appear to be an alluring, beautiful, majestic creature from another planet and yes she is, but that is a mask to protect herself, she is pretty damaged, she is vulnerable, afraid and has trust issues.

I adore both Conall and Sofia, as individuals they are tough cookies who are fighting to not just keep their heads above water but to save their family and themselves. But for me they really shine when they are together, they are both immensely intelligent, resourceful, charismatic and proud. You would think that they would be like chalk and cheese, but that’s as far from the truth as you can get they are each others rock.

This isn’t your stereotypical boy meets girl romance, there is intricate layers that entwine some very serious subjects within the story; such as abuse, divorce and a county which is forging a head into a new innovative world. I love Victorian novels, it was a time of change of new ideas and all of that is features in this book. The character’s are engaging and likeable, the two leads off course are perfect but I love the secondary characters too which are fascinating, and fun to get to know, even the baddie is mesmerising.

Overall this is a brilliantly written, original, thrilling, engaging, captivating and page-turning romance that will keep you teetering at the edge of your seat, reading with baited breath as the story unfolds. A great start to a whole new series, one that I cannot wait to dive into again with book two.

A great book and highly recommended!

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Bronwyn.

Marriage Deal With The Viscount is to be released on 27 December and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.