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Christmas Revels V; Four Regency Novellas

Regency Christmas Wishes (Historical Romance)

Regency Christmas Liaisons (Historical Romance)

Christmas Revels IV; For Regency Novella’s

Scandal at the Christmas Ball; Marguerite Kaye, Bronwyn Scott (Historical Romance)

Invitation to a Cornish Wedding; Marguerite Kaye, Bronwyn Scott (Historical Romance)

Snow-Kissed Proposals; Jenni Fletcher, Elisabeth Hobbes (Historical Romance)

Love Rekindled at Christmas (Historical Romance)

Miss Moonshine’s Emporium of Happy Ending; Authors on the Edge

Midsummer Magic at Miss Moonshines; Authors on the Edge

Christmas at Miss Moonshines Emporium; Authors on the Edge

Christmas Cookie Cozies; A Holiday Christmas Cosy Mystery (Cosy Mystery)

Once Upon a Christmas Past (Historical Romance)

Regency Summer Escape; A Regency Romance Anthology

Sexuality and Its Impact on History; The British Stripped Bare (Non-Fiction)

All Things Georgian; Tales From the Long Eighteenth Century (Non-Fiction)

Curzon Harkstead Collaborations

Books which are written by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead.

An Actors Guide to Romance (LGBTQ, Contemporary Romance Novella)

The Captain and the Cavalry Trooper (LGBTQ, Historical Romance)

The Captain’s Ghostly Gamble (LGBTQ Historical Romance)

The Captain and the Cricketer (LGBTQ Contemporary Romance)

The Nile Priestess (Supernatural Mystery, Historical Romance)

The Reluctant Royal (LGBTQ Romance)

The Glass Demon (Supernatural Mystery, Historical Romance)

The Captain’s Snowbound Christmas (LGBTQ Romance)

The Dishevelled Duke (LGBTQ Romantic Fiction)

How To Make The Perfect Man (LGBTQ Fantasy Romance)

The Captain and the Baker (LGBTQ Romance)

The Colour of Mermaids (Romantic Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

The Man in Room 423 (Romantic Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

The Captain and the Prime Minister (LGBTQ Romantic Fiction)

The Captains and the Squire (LGBTQ Romantic Fiction)

The Captain and the Theatrical (LGBTQ Historical Romance)

The Ghost Garden (Historical Romance)

The Captain and the Best Man (LGBTQ Romance)

The Captain’s Flirty Fireworks (LGBTQ Romance)

Curzon, Catherine; The Captains Cornish Christmas (LGBTQ, Contemporary Romance)


Anthony, Kali; Snow-Bound in his Billion-Dollar Bed (Romantic Fiction)

Anthony, Kali; Off-Limits to the Crown Prince (Romantic Fiction)

Anthony, Kali; Revelations of his Runaway Bride (Romantic Fiction)

Ashley, Jennifer; The Duke’s Perfect Wife (Historical Romance)

Ashley, Jennifer; The Seduction of Elliot McBride (Historical Romance)

Alexander, Rose; Along The Endless River (Historical Fiction)

Austin, Finola; Bronte’s Mistress (Historical Fiction)

Alpsten, Ellen; Tsarina (Historical Fiction)

Adlington, Lucy; Womens Lives and Clothes in WW2, Ready for Action (Non-Fiction)

Ashley, Phillipa, A Surprise Christmas Wedding (Romantic Fiction)

Angstman, Leah; Out Front the Following Sea (Historical Fiction)

Amant, Betsy; Taco’s For Two (Romantic Fiction)

Admans, Jaimie; The Post Box at the North Pole (Romantic Fiction)

Admans, Jaimie; Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm (Romantic Fiction)

Andreson, Tammy; Taming a Lady Wolfe (Historical Romance, Novella)

Andreson, Tammy; Taming a Savage Gentleman (Historical Romance)

Avon, Joy; In Peppermint Peril (Cosy Mystery)

Alexander, Evie; Highland Games (Romantic Fiction)

Atherton, Kathryn; Suffragette Planners ad Plotters; The Pankhursts/Pethick-Lawrence Story (Non-Fiction)

Adair Fliedner, Colleen; In the Shadow of War; Spies, Love and The Lusitania (Historical Fiction)


Balogh, Mary; The Arrangement (Historical Romance)

Balogh, Mary; The Escape (Historical Romance)

Bryant, Annabelle; The Den of Iniquity (Historical Romance)

Bryant, Annabelle; Into the Hall of Vise (Historical Romance)

Bryant, Annabelle; The Last Gamble (Historical Romance)

Bryant, Annabelle; London’s Wicked Affair (Historical Romance)

Bell, Anna; Note to SElf (Romantic Fiction)

Bateman, K.C; The Devil to Pay (Historical Romance)

Bagwell, Gillian; The King’s Mistress (Historical Fiction)

Brimble, Rachel; The Mistress of Pennington’s (Historical Fiction)

Benson, Laurie; An Uncommon Duke (Historical Romance)

Benson, Laurie; An Unexpected Countess (Historical Romance)

Benson, Laurie; One Week to Wed (Historical Romance)

Benson, Laurie; One Night Under the Mistletoe (Historical Romance)

Benson, Laurie; Mrs Sommersby’s Second Chance (Historical Romance)

Benson, Laurie; His Three Day Duchess (Historical Romance)

Byrne, Kerrigan; The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo (Historical Romance)

Byrne, Kerrigan; How To Love a Duke in Ten Days (Historical Romance)

Blake, Mollie; The Secret at Arnford Hall (Erotic Contemporary Romance)

Blake, Mollie; Keeping You (Erotic, Romantic Fiction)

Blake, Mollie; The American Best Man (Erotic, Romantic Fiction)

Blanton, Nancy; The Earl in Black Armour (Historical Fiction)

Barlow, Christie; Love Heart Lane (Romantic Fiction)

Bowman, Valerie; Never Trust a Pirate (Historical Romance)

Bowman, Valerie; The Right Kind of Rogue (Historical Romance)

Bowman, Valerie; A Duke Like No Other (Historical Romance)

Bowman, Valerie; No Other Duke But You (Historical Romance)

Brant, Lucinda; Salt Hendon Collection (Historical Romance)

Bazos, Cryssa; Traitors Knot (Historical Fiction)

Bazos, Cryssa; Severed Knot (Historical Fiction)

Barton, Angela; Magnolia House (Contemporary Fiction)

Barton, Angela; You’ve Got My Number (Romantic Fiction)

Betts, Charlotte; The House on Quill Court (Historical Fiction)

Burke, Alison; Search for the House of Dreams (Contemporary Fiction)

Bennett, James; The Dust of the Rose Red Knight (Historical Fantasy)

Britnell, Angela; Christmas in Little Penhaven (Contemporary Fiction)

Bateman, Kate; This Earl of Mine (Historical Romance)

Bhathal; Ritu, Marriage Unarranged (Romantic Fiction)

Baggot, Mandy; A Perfect Paris Christmas (Romantic Fiction)

Baggot, Mandy; Staying Out for Summer (Romantic Fiction)

Brisbin, Terri; The Highlander’s Substitute Wife (Historical Romance)

Briggs; Laura, A Little Hotel in Cornwall (Novella)

Baxter, Alyssa; A Marchioness Below Stairs (Historical Romance)

Baxter, Alissa; The Truth About Clicking Send and Recieve (Contemporary Fiction)

Barrett, Kerry; The Smuggler’s Daughter (Historical Fiction)

Baxter, Rhoda; Smart Girls Series (Romantic Fiction)

Baker, Mary Jayne; Runaway Bride (Romantic Comedy)

Baker, Mary Jayne; The Never Have I Ever Club (Romantic Fiction)

Borstinski, Leopold; Hollywood Biker (Historical Crime Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Borstinski, Leopold; Cuban Heel (Historical Crime Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Borstinski, Leopold; Alex Cohen Series (Historical Crime Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Borstinski, Leopold; Midtown Huckster (Crime Historical Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Borstinski, Leopold; Casino Chisler (Crime Historical Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Britain, Ray; Forgotten Lives (Crime Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Brear, Anne Marie; The Tobacconist’s Wife (Historical saga)

Bacarr, Jina; The Resistance Girl (Historical Fiction)

Bacarr, Jina; The Lost Girl of Parus (Historical Fiction)

Bacarr, Jina; A Titanic Love Story (Historical Fiction)

Belshaw, T.A; Unspoken (Dual-Time Line, Historical Fiction)

Breeding, Cynthia; Highland Renegade (Historical Romance)

Baynham, Jan; Her Sister’s Secret (Contemporary Fiction)

Baynham, Jan; Her Mother’s Secret (Contemporary Fiction)

Billington, Rachel, Clouds of Love and War (Historical Fiction)

Booth, Alison; The Philosopher’s Daughter (Historical Fiction)

Bonham, Josie; A Good Match for the Major (Historical Romance)

Bridgett, Helen; Summer at Serenity Bay (Romantic Fiction)

Bartlett, Jo; A Winters Wish for the Cornish Midwife (Contemporary Fiction)

Bolter, Andrea; The Italian’s Runaway Princess (Romantic Fiction)

Bolter, Andrea; Captivated by her Parisian Billionaire (Romantic Fiction)

Bolter, Andrea; The Prince’s Cinderella (Romantic Fiction)

Belfrage, Anna; The Whirlpools of Time (Historical Fiction)

Burstall, Emma; The Girl who came Home to Cornwall (Contemporary Fiction)


Corbett, Linda; Love You FRom A-Z (Contemporary Fiction)

Conan Doyle; Arthur, A Scandal in Bohemia; a Sherlock Holmes Mystery. (Historical Mystery)

Cutts, Lisa; Murder at the Gardens (Cosy Mystery) Black Hearts and Daggers

Cutts, Lisa; Murder in the Village (Cosy Mystery) Black Hearts and Daggers

Casey, Jane; The Woman with the Map (Historical Fiction)

Chin, Adrienne; Love in a Time of War (Historical Fiction)

Capaldi, Francesca; Hope in the Valleys (Historical Fiction)

Craig, David; Lord of the Hunt (Noir, Gothic Historical Fiction)

Carrara, Sabina Gabrielli; The Last Witch (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Ciesielski, J’nell; Beauty Among Ruins (Historical Fiction)

Chambers, Rosie; A Year of Chasing Love (Romantic Comedy)

Curzon, Catherine; The Crown Spire (Historical Romance) co-wrote with Willow Winsham

Curzon, Catherine; The Star of Versailles (LGBTQ Historical Romance) Co-wrote with Willow Winsham

Curzon, Catherine; The Mistress of Blackstairs (Historical Fiction)

Curzon, Catherine; The Scandal of George III’s Court (Non-Fiction)

Conroy, Vivian; Fatal Masquerade (Historical Cosy Mystery)

Conroy, Vivian; One year Lady Alkmene (Historical Cosy Mystery)

Conroy, Vivian; The Butterly Conspiracy (Historical Cosy Mystery)

Conroy, Vivian; A Testament to Muder (Cosy Mystery)

Carr, Robyn; What We Find (Contemporary Romance)

Cornick, Nicola; Claimed by the Laird (Historical Romance)

Cornick, Nicola; The Woman in the Lake (Time-Slip Historical Fiction)

Cable, Jane; Another You (Dual Time Line Historical Fiction)

Connelly, Clare; His Innocent Seduction (Romantic Fiction)

Caliskan, Patricia; Girlfriend Interrupted (Romantic Comedy)

Crews, Caitlin; Untamed Billionaires Innocent Bride (Romantic Fiction)

Crews, Caitlin; Untamed (Romantic Fiction)

Cornwall, Victoria; The Daughter of River Valley (Historical Romance)

Cornwall, Victoria; Daughter of the House (Historical Romance)

Cornwall, Victoria; A Daughter’s Christmas Wish (Historical Romance)

Cornwall, Victoria; Daniel’s daughter (Historical Romance)

Chara, Sun; A Match Made in Heaven (Romantic Fiction)

Carr, Deborah; The Poppy Field (Historical Fiction)

Craig, Susanna; To Seduce a Stranger (Historical Romance)

Craig, Susanna; The Companion’s Secret (Historical Romance)

Craig, Susanna; The Duke’s Suspicion (Historical Romance)

Callahan, Patti; Becoming Mrs Lewis (Historical Fiction)

Conyngham, Lexie; The Slaughter of Leith hall (Historical Mystery)

Chambers, Rosie; Katies Cornish Kitchen (Romantic Fiction)

Cook, Harry; Fin & Rye & Fireflies (LQBTQ Romantic Fiction)

Cooper, Tea; The Woman in the Green Dress (Historical Fiction)

Costeloe, Dinah; The French Wife (Historical Fiction)

Cornell, Louise; Lost in Love (Historical Romance)

Conlin, Juliet; Love, Hope (Contemporary Fiction)

Clarke, Rosie; Nellies Heartbreak (Historical Saga)


Davies, Jayne; The Mrs MacKinnons (Historical Fiction)

Durham, Jan; Death at the Abbey (Cosy Mystery)

Davies, Lora; The Widows Last Secret (Historical Fiction)

Duke, Phillip; The Village (WW2 Historical Fiction)

Dunlap, Susanne; The Paris Affair (Historical Fiction)

Dunlap, Susanne; Voices in the Mist (Historical Fiction)

Dunlap, Susanne; The Spirit of Fire (Historical Fiction)

Dunlop, Susanne; Listen to the Wind (Historical Fiction)

De la Rosa; Liana; To Tame a Scandalous Lady (Historical Romance)

Dunmore, Evie; Bringing Down the Duke (Historical Romance)

Dare, Tess; One Night to Surrender (Historical Romance)

Dare, Tessa; The Duchess Deal (Historical Romance)

Dare, Tessa; The Governess Game (Historical Romance)

Dare, Tessa; The Wallflower Wager (Historical Romance)

Danks, Laura; Almost Forever (Contemporary Fiction)

Dunmore, Helen; The Lie (Historical Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Dunmore, Helen; The Greatcoat (WW1 Historical Fiction)

Dreyer, Eileen; Always a Temptress (Historical Romance)

Derry, Robert; The Waterman (Historical Fiction)

DeLand, Cerise; Daring Widow (Historical Romance)

Delecki, Jackie; A Cantata of Love (Historical Romance)

Davies, Liz; The Ticklemore Tavern (Women’s Fiction)

Dark, R.J; A Numbers Game (Crime Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Doxer, Debra; Where Butterflies Go (Historical Fiction)

Davis, S.R; They Had Eyes of Silver (Shapeshifter, Romantic Suspense)


Enoch, Susanna; My One True Highlander (Historical Romance)

Enoch, Suzanne; A Devil in Scotland (Historical Romance)

Ellis, Jan; French Kisses and A London Affair (Romantic Fiction)

Englert, Jeanine; Eloping with the Laird (Historical Romance)

Evans, Natalie Meg; Into the Burning Dawn (Historical Fiction)

Edge, Simon; Anyone for Edmund (Humoourous Fiction)

Emmerson, Kate; Secret’s of A Tudor Court (Historical Fiction)

Edworthy, Niall; Otto Eckhart’s Ordeal, Hunting Himmler Holy Chalice (Historical Fiction)

Eljarbo, Heidi; Of darkness and Light (Historical Fiction)

Elks, Carrie; Virtue falls (Contemporary Romance)

Eastman, Kate; The Sea Nurses (Historical Fiction)


Fullerton; Jean, A Ration Book Victory (Historical Fiction)

Ferry, Kirsty; Watch For Me by Twilight (Time-Slip Romance)

Ferry, Kirsty; Christmas on the Isle of Skye (Romantic Fiction)

Ferry, Kirsty; Jessie’s Little Bookshop by the Sea (Romantic Fiction)

Ferry, Kirsty; Hollys Christmas Secret (Romantic Fiction)

Ferry, Kirsty; Lily’s Secret (Time-Slip Romantic Fiction)

Ferry, Kirsty; It Started with a Giggle (Romantic Fiction)

Ferry, Kirsty; It Started with a Pirate (Romantic Fiction)

Ferry, Kirsty; Watch For Me at Christmas (Time-Slip Mystery, Romance)

Fitz-Gerald, David; Wander’s Far; An Unlikely Hero’s Journey (Historical Fiction)

Fox, Hester; The Widow of Pale Harbour (Historical Fiction)

Fairfax, Helena In The Mouth of the Wolf (Romantic Suspense)

Fairfax, Helena; the Summer of Love and Secret’s (Romantic Fiction)

Fairfax, Helena; Penny’s Antique Shop of Memories and Treasures (Romantic Fiction)

Fletcher, Jenni; Married to her Enemy (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; Besieged and Betrothed (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; Captain Amberton’s Inherited Bride (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; The Warriors Bride Prize (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; Miss Amelia’s Mistletoe Marquess (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; Reclaimed by her Rebel Knight (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; The Viscounts Veiled Lady (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; How to Lose and Earl in Ten days (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; The Duke’s Runaway Bride (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; Unexpectedly Wed to the Officer (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; Redeeming Her Viking Warrior (Historical Romance)

Fletcher, Jenni; An Unconventional Countess (Historical Romance)

Freeman, Kathryn; Oh’ Crumbs (Romantic Fiction)

Freeman, Kathryn; Reach for the Star (Romantic Fiction)

Freeman, Kathryn; Crikey, A Bodyguard (Romantic Fiction)

Foley, Gaelen; Her Every Pleasure (Historical Romance)

Foley, Gaelen; Her Secret Fantasy (Historical Romance)

Foley, Gaelen; Her Only Desire (Historical Romance)

Foley, Gaelen; Duke of Scandal (Historical Romance)

Foley, Gaelen; Duke of Shadows (Historical Romance)

Finley, Mick; The Murder Pit (Historical Mystery)

Finlay, Mick; Arrowood and the Thames Corpses (Historical Mystery)

Flynn, Clare; A Painter of Penang (Historical Fiction)

Fairfax, Simon; A Knight and a Spy; 1410 (Historical Fiction)

Flynn, Caroline; The Forget-Me-Not cafe (Romantic Fiction)

Fields, Helen; These Lost and Broken Things (Historical Fiction)

Finlay, Linda; The Girl with the Amber Comb (Historical Saga)

Fielding, Annabel; A Pearl for my Mistress (Historical Fiction)


Gilroy, Jan; The Sweetheart Locket (Historical Fiction, Dual Time Line)

Geraghty, Martin; George Bunce and the Black Fear (Noir Comedy, Fiction)

Galinsky, Nadine; The Factory Girl and The Fey (Historical Fiction)

Gabrielle, Tina; One Night With an Earl (Historical Romance)

Goody, Heide; The Sam Applewhite Series (Mystery) co-written with Grant, Iain

Galton, Della; Moonlight Over Studland Bay (Contemporary Fiction)

Gray, Morton. S; Summer of Lucerne Lodge (Romantic Fiction)

Gray, Morton. S; Christmas at the Little Beach Cafe (Women’s Fiction)

Gray, Morton. S; Sunny days at the Beach (Romantic Fiction)

Goldberg, Matthew; The Ancestor (Time-Slip Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Grosser, Samantha; The Shadow Witch (Historical Fiction)

Grosser, Samantha; The Sorcerer’s Whore (Historical Fiction)

Grosser, Samantha; Shakespeares Witch (Historical Fiction)

Gaynor, Hazel; Meet Me in Monaco (Historical Fiction) co-wrote with Heather Webb

Gray, Lorna; The War Widow (Historical Fiction)

Gray, Lorna; Mrs P’s Book of Secrets (Historical Fiction)

Gardner, Sally; The Beauty of the Wolf (Historical Fiction, Fairy Tale Re-Telling)

Griffiths, Rachel; Summer at the Cosy Cottage Cafe (Romantic Fiction)

Goode, Matthew; The Lengthening War; The Great War Diaries of Mabel Goode (Non-Fiction)

Gilman, David; The Englishman (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Ginger, Katie; Spring Tides at Swallowtail Bay (Romantic Fiction)

Gaston, Diane; Bound By Their Secret Passion (Historical Romance)

Gordan, Iain; Rebel with a Cause; The Life and Times of Sarah Bennett, 1850-1924, Social Reformer and Suffragette (Non-Fiction)


Holloway, G.K; 1066, What Fates Impose (Historical Fiction)

Holeman, Linda; The Linnet Bird (Historical Fiction)

Heath, Virginia; That Despicable Rogue (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; Her Enemy at the Altar (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; Miss Bradshaw’s Bought Betrothal (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; A Warriner to Protect Her (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; A Warriner to Rescue Her (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; His Mistletoe Wager (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; A Warriner to Tempt Her (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; A Warriner to Seduce Her (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia Heath; The Uncompromising Lord Flint (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Mysterious Lord Millcroft (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Earl’s Inconvenient Houseguest (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Marquess Next Door (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; Never Fall for your Fiance (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; How Not to Chaperone a Lady (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Viscount’s Unconventional Lady (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Scoundrel’s Bartered Bride (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; Redeeming the Reclusive Earl (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; Lilian and the Irresistible Duke (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Determined Lord Hadleigh (Historical Romance)

Heath, Virginia; The Disgraceful Lord Gray (Historical Romance)

Hogan, Faith; The Place We Call Home (Contemporary Fiction)

Hogan, Faith; Silent Night (Crime Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Hogan, Faith; What Happened to Us (Contemporary Fiction)

Hogan, Faith; The Gin Sisters’ Promise (Contemporary Fiction)

Hogan, Faith; The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club (Contemporary Fiction)

Hogan, Faith; The Place we Call Home (Contemporary Fiction)

Holmes, Valerie; To Love, Honour and Obey (Historical Saga)

Hornack, Francesca; Seven Days of Us (Contemporary Fiction)

Hoyt, Elizabeth; Scandalous Desires (Historical Romance)

Hoyt, Elizabeth; Sweetest Scoundrel (Historical Romance)

Hoyt, Elizabeth; Duke of Sin (Historical Romance)

Hoyt, Elizabeth; Duke of Pleasure (Historical Romance)

Hoyt, Elizabeth; Duke of Desire (Historical Romance)

Hoyt, Elizabeth; Not the Duke’s Darling (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; The Saxon Outlaw’s Revenge (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; Redeeming the Rogue Knight (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; A Wager for the Widow (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; A Midsummer Knight’s Kiss (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; A Runaway Bride for the Highlander (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; Daughter of the Sea (Historical Fiction)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; The Secret Agent (WW2 Historical Fiction)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; The Silk Merchant’s Convenient Wife (Historical Romance)

Hobbes, Elisabeth; Uncovering the Merchant’s Secret (Historical Romance)

Hummingbird, Ruby; The Wish List of Albie Young (Contemporary Fiction)

Holloway, Meghan; Once More Into the Breach (Historical Fiction)

Harkstead, Eleanor; The Low Road (Supernatural Romance)

Hollick, Helen; The Life of a Smuggler; Fact and Fiction (NonFiction)

Hanson, Allison; Her Accidental Highlander (Historical Romance)

Hamilton, Jillianne; The Spirited Mrs. Pringle (Historical Fiction)

Hampson, Penny; A Plethora of Phantoms (Supernatural Romance)

Hammond, Melinda; To Marry a Marquis (Historical Romance)

Hammond, Melinda; The Stars Shine Down (Time-Slip, Historical Romance)

Hammond, Melinda; Casting Samson (Time-Slip Humorous Romance)

Hammond, Melinda; The Bladesmith (Historical Romance)

Harvey, Clare; The Escape (Historical Fiction)

Hollows, M.J; The German Nurse (WW2 Historical Fiction)

Hollands, Gina; Little Village of Second Chances (Romantic Fiction)

Heinze, Denise; The Brief and True Report of Temperance Flowerdew (Historical Fiction)

Harper, Karen; The Queens Secret (Historical Fiction)

Housten, Julia; Sing me a Secret (Romantic Fiction)

Harmon, Paula; Death in the Last Reel (Historical Mystery)

Hobman, Lisa; Starting over at Sunset Cottage (Romantic Fiction)

Hollands, Gina; Yours, Trudy (Contemporary Fiction)

Harffy, Matthew; A Time for Swords (Historical Fiction)

Harffey, Matthew; Fortress of Fury (Historical Fiction)

Hilz, Rachel; Santa’s Lost Reindeer (Children’s Fiction)

Hurley, Graham; The Last Flight to Stalingrad (Historical Fiction)

Huston, Claire; The Only Exception (Contemporary Fiction)


Ive, Frances; Brown Eyes (Contemporary Fiction)

Ireland, Sandra; Sight Unseen (Dual Timeline Thriller Mystery) Black Hearts and Daggers

Ibbotson, Sharon; A Game of Desire (Historical Romance)

Ibbotson, Sharon; Hanukkah at the Great Greenwich Ice Creamery (Romantic Fiction)


James, Caroline; The Spar Break (Contemporary Fiction)

James, Rosie; The War Girls (Historical Fiction)

Joy, Kayla; Hooverville (Historical Fiction)

Jenner, Natalie; The Jane Austen Society (Historical Fiction)

James, Syrie; Duke Darcy’s castle (Historical Romance)

Johnson, Joanna; The Marriage Rescue (Historical Romance)

Johnson, Joanna; Scandalously Wed to the Captain (Historical Romance)

Jones, Carol; The Boy with Blue Trousers (Historical Fiction)

Jenoff, Pam; The Last Embrace (Historical Fiction)

James, Rosa; The Beginning and End of Us (Contemporary Fiction)

Jenkins, Rebecca; The Duke’s Agent (Historical Mystery)

Jeffers, Regina; Angel comes to the Devil (Historical Romance)

Jeffers, Regina; The Earl Claims His Comfort (Historical Romance)

Jeffers, Regina; Lady Joy and the Earl (Historical Romance)

Jeffers, Regina; Letters From Home (Historical Romance)


Kaye, Marguerite; Governess to Countess (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; From Courtesan to Convenient Wife (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; Lady Armstrong’s Scandalous Awakening (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; The Earl who See’s Her Beauty (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; His Rags-to-Riches Contessa (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; A Scandals Winter Wedding (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; A Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; The Earl’s Countess of Convenience (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; The Inconvenient Elmswood Marriage (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; The Truth Behind Their Practical Marriage (Historical Romance)

Kaye, Marguerite; A Wife Worth Investing In (Historical Romance)

Keenen, Fay; The Weekender (Romantic Fiction)

Kleypas, Lisa; Bow Street Runners (Historical Romance)

Kleypas, Lisa; Secret’s of a Summer Night (Historical Romance)

Kleypas, Lisa; It Happened One Autumn (Historical Romance)

Kleypas, Lisa; Cold-Hearted Rake (Historical Romance)

Kleypas, Lisa; Scandal in Spring (Historical Romance)

Kleypas, Lisa; Marrying Winterbourne (Historical Romance)

Knott, Lucy; How to Bake a New Beginning (Romantic Fiction)

Knott, Lucy; Wishes Under a Starlit Sky (Romantic Fiction)

Knott, Lucy; The Ingredients for Happiness (Contemporary Fiction)

Kelly, Vanessa; The Highlander’s Christmas Bride (Historical Romance)

Klassen, Julie; Ivy Hill Christmas (Historical Fiction)

Keysian, Elizabeth; A Perilous Passion (Historical Romance)

Keysian, Elizabeth; Vanquishing the Viscount (Historical Romance)

Kelk, Lyndsey; I Heart New York (Romantic Comedy)

Kaye, Nina; One Night in Edinburgh (Romantic Comedy)

Kennedy, Freya; In Pursuit of Happiness (Romantic Fiction)

Kenicer, Greg. J; Plant Magic (Non-Fiction)

King, Heather; Chains of Fear (Historical Fiction)

King, Heather; The Missing Duke (Historical Romance)

Kaplan, Mitchell James; The Unbounded Night (Historical Fiction)

Kimm, Gabrielle; The Courtesan’s Lover (Historical Fiction)

Kelly, Karen; Lillian Whites Journey (Contemporary Fiction)

Kennedy, Paulette, Parting the Veil (Historical Fiction)

Kelman, Suzanne; When the Nightingale Sings (Historical Fiction)

Kidd, Michelle; Guilt (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers


Laval, Marie; Angel Heart (Historical Romance)

Laval, Marie; The Lion’s Embrace (Historical Romance)

Laval, Marie; Dancing for the Devil (Historical Romance)

Laval, Marie; Little Pink Taxi (Romantic Fiction)

Laval, Marie; Queen of the Desert (Historical Romance)

Laval, Marie; A Paris Fairy Tale (Romantic Fiction)

Laval, Marie; Bluebell’s Christmas Magic (Romantic Fiction)

Laval, Marie; Happy Dreams at Mermaid Cove (Romantic Fiction)

Locke, Nicole; The Knight’s Scarred Maiden (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; Her Christmas Knight (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; In Debt to the Enemy Lord (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; Reclaimed by the Knight (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; Her Legendary Highlander (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; Her Honourable Mercenary (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; The Knight’s Runaway Maiden (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; The Maiden and the Mercenary (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; Captured by her Enemy Knight (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; Secret’s of a Highland Warrior (Historical Romance)

Locke, Nicole; Her dark Knight’s Redemption (Historical Romance)

Laidlaw, Charlie; The Space Between Time (Humour Fiction)

Low, Shari; This is Me (Contemporary Fiction)

Low, Shari; The Last Day of Winter (Contemporary Fiction)

Leigh, Eva; Dare to Love a Duke (Historical Romance)

Leigh, Eva; From Duke Till dawn (Historical Romance)

Lecky, Pam; No Stone Left Unturned (Historical Mystery)

Lecky, Pam; Footprints in the sand (Historical Mystery)

Lecky, Pam; The Bowes Inheritance (Historical Fiction)

London, T.J; The Turncoat (Historical Fiction)

Lynn, Denise; The Warrior’s Runaway Bride (Historical Romance)

Laurens, Stephanie; The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (Historical Romance)

Leverett, Louise; Love and other Things to Love For (Contemporary Fiction)

Logue, M.J; An Abiding Fire (Historical Fiction)

Ladbury, Jackie; The Potter’s Daughter (Historical Saga)

Lee, Cora; No Rest for the Wicked (Historical Romance)

Lee, Cora; The Good, The Bad and The Scandalous (Historical Romance)

Ladd, Sarah.E; The Light at Wyndcliffe (Historical Fiction)

London, Julia; Sinful Scottish Laird (Historical Romance)

London, Julia; Hard-Hearted Highlander (Historical Romance)

London, Julia; Devil in Tartan (Historical Romance)

London, Julia; Tempting the Laird (Historical Romance)

London, Julia; A Royal Kiss and Tell (Historical Romance)

London, Julia; Seduced by a Scot (Historical Romance)

Lara, Olivia; Someday In Paris (Time-Slip Romance)

Langman, Pete; Killing Beauties (Historical Fiction)

Lee, K.T; A Nose For Mischief (Cosy Mystery)

Loades, Mike; Dogs, Working Origins and Traditional Tasks (Non-Fiction)

Lynden, Emma; The Holiday Plan (Contemporary Fiction)

Lawless, Erin; Forgotten Royal Women, the King and I (Non-Fiction)

Lovett, Jo; The Mistletoe Pact (Romantic Fiction)

Limbu, Captain Kailash; Gurkha Brotherhood; A Story of Childhood and War (Non-fiction)

Lovering, Jane; Home on Folly Farm (Contemporary Fiction)


Mallory, Sarah; Pursued for the Viscount’s Vengeance (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah; The Ton’s Most Notorious Rake (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah, The Lairds Runaway Wife (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah; Cinderella and the Scarred Viscount (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah; Rescued By Her Highland Soldier (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah; Beauty and the Brooding Lord (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah; Forbidden to the Highland Laird (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah; The Mysterious Miss Fairchild (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah, The Highborn Housekeeper (Historical Romance)

Mallory, Sarah; His Countess for a Week (Historical Romance)

Mallery, Susan; You Say it First (Contemporary Fiction)

Moran, Beth; Christmas every day (Romantic Fiction)

Moran, Beth; Now Not to be a Loser (Contemporary Fiction)

MacIntosh, Portia; The Time of our Lives (Romantic Fiction)

MacIntosh, Portia; Love and Lies at the Village Christmas Shop (Romantic Fiction)

Martin, Laura; Reunited with his Long-Lost Cinderella (Historical Romance)

Martin, Laura; Her Rags-to-Riches Christmas (Historical Romance)

Martin, Laura; Courting the Forbidden Debutante (Historical Romance)

Medeiros, Susanna; The Devil Wears Plaid (Historical Romance)

May, Isabella; The Ice Cream Parlour (Contemporary Fiction)

Moss, John; Great British Names and their History (NonFiction)

Mitcham, Josepth; Where is Tony Blunt _Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Mitcham, Joseph; Hitting Home (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Michaels, Sam; Siren (Historical Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Michaels, Sam; Vixen (Historical Fiction)

Martin, Madeline; A Ghostly Tale of Forbidden Love (Historical Romance)

Morris, Lucy; A Nun for the Viking Warrior (Historical Romance)

McNamara, Ali; Kate and Clara’s Curious Cornish Craft Shop (Contemporary Fiction)

Matthews, Imogen; The Hidden Village (Historical Fiction)

Mack, Leonie; A Match Made in Venice (Romantic Fiction)

Manby, Chrissie; Saying Goodbye To Tuesday (Contemporary Fiction)

MacClean, Sarah; A Rogue by Any Other Name (Historical Romance)

MacLean, Sarah; One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (Historical Romance)

MacLean, Sarah; No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (Historical Romance)

MacLean, Sarah; Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover (Historical Romance)

Maitland, Iain; The Wickham Market Murder (Historical Mystery)

Matthews, Ella; The Knights Tempting Ally (Historical Romance)

May, Nicola; The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay (Romantic Fiction)

May, Nicola; Welcome to Ferry Lane Market (Romantic Fiction)

McLean, Jude; The Escape (Romantic Fiction)

Moran, Katy; Game of Hearts (Historical Romance)

McCabe, Amanda; The Queens Christmas Summons (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Andrea; Thunder on the Moor (Historical Fiction)

Mark, Jonathan; The Lies of Our Fathers (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Major, Geoff; Deadline (General Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Mascull, Rebecca; The Seamstress of Warsaw (Historical Fiction)

Mascull, Rebecca; Miss Marley: A Christmas Ghost Story (Historical Fiction) Co-written with Vanessa Lafaye

Michael, Becky; A Rake Like You (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Mimi; The Lost Letter; A Victorian Romance (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Mimi; The Viscount and the Vicars daughter (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Mimi; The Matrimonial Arrangement (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Mimi; The Work of Art (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Mimi; John Eyre; A Tale of Darkness and Shadow (Historical Fiction)

Matthews, Mimi; Gentleman Jim (Historical Fiction)

Matthews, Mimi; The Winter Companion (Historical Romance)

Matthew, Mimi; Fair as a Star (Historical Fiction)

Matthews, Mimi; A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion (Non-Fiction)

Matthews, Mimi; A Holiday By Gaslight (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Mimi; A Convenient Fiction (Historical Romance)

Matthews, Mimi; A Modest Independence (Historical Romance)

Morray, Maxine; Winter at Washington Bay (Romantic Fiction)

Manning, Lona; Shelley and the Unknown Lady (Historical Fiction)

McMillan, Rachel; The London Restoration (Historical Fiction)

Michaels, Jess; An Affair in Winter (Historical Romance)

Michaels, Jess; A Spring Deception (Historical Romance)

Michaels, Jess; Summer of Surrender (Historical Romance)

Michaels, Jess; The Daring Duke (Historical Romance)

McDonagh, Sue; Escape to the Art Cafe (Romantic Fiction)

Martin, CBX; Bob the Dog, The Memoirs of Evil Bob the Terrier (Contemporary Humorous Fiction)

Meyrick, Catherine; The Bridled Tonge (Historical Fiction)

MacGregor, Jan; Wild, Wild Rake (Historical Romance)


Neep, Elizabeth; Twelve Days to Save Christmas (Romantic Fiction)

Newton, Andie; The Girls From the Beach (Historical Fiction)

Newton, Andie; The Girl from Vichy (Historical Fiction)

Newton, Andie; The Girl I Left Behind (Historical Fiction)

Newland, Justin; The Abdication (Historical Fantasy)

Newcome, Robert; the Name Beneath the Stone (Historical Fiction)


Oliver, Melissa; The Knight’s Convenient Alliance (Historical Romance)

Oliver, Melissa; The Return of the Lost Knight (Historical Romance)

Oliver, Melissa; The Rebel Heiress and the Knight (Historical Romance)

Odden, Karen; A Trace of Deceit (Historical Fiction)

Olsen, Quenby; The First Born (Historical Romance)

O’Brien, Jenny; Darkest Night (Crime Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

O’Brien, Anne; A Tapestry of Treason (Historical Fiction)

O’Donaghue, Domhall; Sister Agatha; the World Oldest Serial Killer (Humour, Comedy Fiction


Porter, M.J, Son of Mercia (Historical Fiction)

Powell, E.M; The Canterbury Murders (Historical Mystery)

Patrick, Phaedra; The Library of Lost and Found (Contemporary Fiction)

Pendle, Eve; Falling for a Rake; A Victorian Romance (Historical Romance)

Pearl, Hannah; Evie’s Little Black Book (Romantic Fiction)

Pearl, Hannah; Meet Me At The Buddy Bench (Contemporary Fiction)

Pearl, Hannah; Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop (Romantic Fiction)

Pearl, Hannah; Daisy’s Summer Mission (Romantic Fiction)

Powers, Jo-Ann; Heroic Measures (WW1 Historical Fiction)

Page, Lizzie; Daughters of War (WW1 Historical Fiction)

Page, Lizzie; When I Was Yours (Historical Fiction)

Penhall, Chris; The House that Alice Built (Contemporary Fiction)

Penhall, Chris; New Beginnings at the Little House in the Sun (Contemporary Fiction)

Preston, Janice; The Governess’ Secret Baby (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; Cinderella and the Duke (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; Scandal and Miss Markham (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; The Lady Cecily and the Mysterious Mr Gray (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; Mary and the Marquis (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; Lady Olivia and the Infamous rake (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; Daring to Love the Duke’s Heir (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; Christmas With hi Wallflower Wife (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; The Penniless Debutante (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; The Cinderella Heiress (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; His Convenient Highland Wedding (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; The Rag’s to Riches Governess (Historical Romance)

Preston, Janice; The Earl with the Secret Past (Historical Romance)

Patrick, Ian; How the Wired Weep (Crime Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Pendle, Eve; Six Weeks With a Lord (Historical Romance)

Portman, Katie; A Little Pick Me Up (Non-Fiction, Self-help)

Postle, Kerry; The Woman in the Painting (Historical Fiction)

Postle, Kerry; A Forbidden Love (Historical Fiction)


Quincey, Elizabeth; The Lyndhurst Affair (Historical Romance)

Quinn, Julia; First Comes Scandal (Historical Romance)


Rodi, Sarah, Escaping With Her Saxon Enemy (Historical Romance)

Rodi, Sarah; The Viking’s Stolen Princess (Historical Romance)

Radtke, Carmen; Dig Your Own Grave (Noir Humour, Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Radtke, Carmen; Let Sleeping Murder Lie (Cosy Mystery)

Rose, Anni; Recipe for Mr Perfect (Romantic Fiction)

Rose, Anni; Recipe for Mr Right (Romantic Fiction)

Russell, Jess; Mad for the Marquess (Historical Romance)

Rees, Tracy; The Little Christmas House (Romantic Fiction)

Rosenberg, Rebecca; The Secret Life of Mrs London (Historical Fiction)

Raynor, Catherine; Literary Trails, Howarth and the Bronte’s (Non-Fiction) co-wrote with David F. Walford

Rhodes, Joy; the Woolgrowers Companion (Historical Fiction)

Riley, Vanessa; The Bittersweet Bride (Historical Romance)

Riley, Vanessa; The Bashful Bride (Historical Romance)

Realf, Maria; The One (Romantic Fiction)

Richman, Allison; The Lost Wife (Historical Fiction)

Robinson, Lauri; Diary of a War Bride (Historical Romance)

Robinson, Lauri; Stolen Kiss with the Hollywood Starlet (Historical Romance)

Robb, Candace. M; A Conspiracy of Wolves (Historical Mystery)

Raisin, Rebecca; Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop (Romantic Fiction)

Reid, Carmen; Cross My Heart (Historical Fiction)

Raynor, M.L; Amongst The Mists (Historical Fiction)

Riley, Sheila; The Mersey Angels (Historical Fiction)

Riches, Tony; Brandon Trilogy (Historical Fiction)

Rawlins, Michelle; The Steel Girls (Historical Fiction)

Rosebush, Cheryl; What the World Needs Now; Trees (Children’s Fiction)

Read, Sara; The Gossip’s Choice (Historical Fiction)

Raafat, Christine; The Will to Succeed (Historical Fiction)


Stewart, Anna; The Midwife of Auschwitz (Historical Fiction)

Stewart, Rachael; Naughty or Nice (Romantic Fiction)

Stewart, Rachael; The Bad Sister (Romantic Fiction)

Stewart, Rachael; Mr One-Night Stand (Romantic Fiction)

Stewart, Rachael; The Secret Behind the Billionaire’s Return (Romantic Fiction)

Stewart, Rachael; Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire (Romantic Fiction)

Stewart, Rachael; Surprise Reunion with his Cinderella (Romantic Fiction)

Scott, Donna; The Taskmans Daughter (Historical Fiction)

Shelby, Lynne; The One That I Want (Romantic Fiction)

Shrimpton, Jayne; Fashion and Family History, Interpreting How your Ancestors Dressed (Non-Fiction)

Scott, Nikola; The Orchard Girls (Historical Fiction)

Shaffer, Mary-Ann; The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (Historical Fiction) Co-written with Annie Burrows

Scott, Bronwyn; Awakening the Shy Miss (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Claiming His Defiant Miss (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Marrying the Rebellious Miss (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Awakened by the Prince’s Passion (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Compromised by the Prince’s Touch (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Marriage Deal with the Viscount (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; A Lady Dares (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Portrait of a Forbidden Love (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; The Temptations of Lord Tintagel (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; The Passions of Lord Trevethow (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; The Secrets of Lord Lynford (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Tempted by his Secret Cinderella (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; One Night With the Major (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Captivated by her Convenient Husband (Historical Romance)

Scott, Bronwyn; Innocent in the Prince’s Bed (Historical Romance)

Styles, Michelle; The Warriors Viking Bride (Historical Romance)

Styles, Michelle; The Gladiators Honour (Historical Romance)

Styles, Michelle; Sent as the Vikings Bride (Historical Romance)

Styles, Michelle; A Deal with her Rebel Viking (Historical Romance)

Stevens, Berni; Izzy’s Christmas Star (Romantic Fiction)

Stevens, Berni; One Magical Christmas (Romantic Fiction)

Snow, Leila; Proof of Virtue (Historical Fiction)

Snow, Leila; Overruled by Fate (Historical Fiction)

Strathcarron, Ian; Crikey! How Did That Happen? The Refreshing Unauthorised Biography of Sir Bertram Wooster, KG (Biographical General Fiction)

Schmidt, Carola; Tell Me a Story Babushka (Children’s Fiction)

Skendrovitch, Cathy; The Pirate’s Bride (Historical Romance)

Scott, Scarlett; Her Deceptive Duke (Historical Romance)

Swift, Deborah; Entertaining Mr Pepys (Historical Fiction)

Smith, Rachel-Ann; Secret’s of Lady Lucy (Historical Romance)

Smith, Rachel-Ann; Desires of Lady Elise, A Regency Novella (Historical Romance)

St. George, Harper; In Bed with the Viking Warrior (Historical Romance)

St. George, Harper; A Mariage Deal with the Outlaw (Historical Romance)

St. George, Harper; The Viking Warriors Bride (Historical Romance)

St. George; An Outlaw to Protect Her (Historical Romance)

St. George, Harper; Marrying Her Viking Enemy (Historical Romance)

St.George, Harper; The Devil and the Heiress (Historical Romance)

St. George, Harper; Longing For Her Forbidden Viking (Historical Romance)

St. George, Harper; Falling for her Viking Captive (Historical Romance)

Spearing, Sinead; A History of Women in Medicine (Non-Fiction)

Stolle, Michael; The Duke and the Imposter (Historical Fiction)

Sheldon, Claire; A Silent Child (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Shaw, Alex; Total Blackout (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Sandham, Ann; The Womens Writers Handbook (Non-Fiction)

Scott, Anika; The German Heiress (Historical Fiction)

Stine, Catherine; Witch of the Wild Beasts (Historical Fiction)

Sportelli, Victoria; Lady Margarets Escape (Historical Romance)

Steadman, Helen; The Running Wolf (Historical Fiction)

Scott, Caroline; The Photographer of the Lost (Historical Fiction)


Townsend, Carol; The Knight’s Forbidden Princess (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; The Reluctant Viscount (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; The Duke’s Unexpected Bride (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; Lord Hunter’s Cinderella Heiress (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; Lord Ravenscar’s Inconvenient Betrothal (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; Lord Stanton’s Last Mistress (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; The Earl She Should Never Desire (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; A Match For the Rebellious Earl (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; The Return of the Disappearing Duke (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; The Lord’s Inconvenient Vow (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; The Rake’s Enticing Proposal (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; The Earls Irresistible Challange (Historical Romance)

Temple, Lara; Unlaced by the Duke (Historical Romance)

Trench, Patsy; Mrs Morphett’s Macaroons (Historical Fiction)

Tonge, Samantha; The Christmas Calendar Girls (Contemporary Fiction)

Thomas, Gianna; Elizabeth’s Choice; A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Historical Romance)

Tonge, Samantha; The Summer Island Swap (Romantic Fiction)

Tinley, Catherine; Waltzing with the Earl (Historical Romance)

Tinley, Catherine; The Captain’s Disgraced Lady (Historical Romance)

Tinley, Catherine; The Making’s of a Lady (Historical Romance)

Tinley, Catherine; The Earl’s Runaway Governess (Historical Romance)

Thomas, Terry Lynn; The Silent Woman (Historical Fiction)

Tyner, Liz; Redeeming the Roguish Rake (Historical Romance)

Tyner, Liz; saying I Do to the Scoundrel (Historical Romance)

Tyner, Liz; To Win a Wallflower (Historical Romance)

Taylor, Brad; Hunter Killer (Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Trenow, Liz; The Poppy Factory (Time-slip Historical Fiction)

Thomas, Jo; Escape to the French Farmhouse (Romantic Fiction)

Thayne, RaeAnne; Sleigh Bells Ring (Romantic Fiction)

Thayne, RaeAnne; Coming Home for Christmas (Romantic Fiction)

Toll, Sarah; Merry Go Round (General Fiction)

Thomas, Carol; A Summer of Second Chances (Romantic Fiction)

Tod, M.K; Paris in Ruins (Historical Fiction)



Vizard, Ben; My Painful Duty (Historical Fiction)

Van der Velde, Simon; Backstories (General Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers

Van der Velde, Simon; The Silent Brother (General Fiction) Black Hearts and Daggers


Wharton, Eileen; Shit Happens (Contemporary Fiction)

Ward, Hazel; Finding Edith Pinsent (Contemporary Fiction)

Whitcomb, Mariette; Fortius (Phycological Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Whitcomb, Mariette; Binding Lies (Phycological Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Whitcomb, Marriette; Deception (Phycological Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Whitcombe, Marriette; Orca (Phycological Thriller) Black Hearts and Daggers

Walfnofer, A.E; With Face Aflame (Historical Fiction)

Wilson, Abigail; The Vanishing at Loxby Manor (Gothic, Historical Fiction)

Wilkins, Jon; Poppy Flowers at the Front (WW1 Historical Fiction)

Walker, Regan; Rogue Knight (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; Echo in the Wind (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; A Secret Scottish Christmas (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; The Holly and the Thistle (Historical Romance Novella)

Walker, Regan; To Tame the Wind (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; Against the Wind (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; The Shamrock and the Rose (Historical Romance Novella)

Walker, Regan; The Red Wolf’s Prize (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; A Fierce Wind (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; Rebel Warrior (Historical Fiction)

Walker, Regan; Summer Warrior (Historical Fiction)

Walker, Regan; Rogue’s Holiday (Historical Romance)

Walker, Regan; King’s Knight (Historical Fiction)

Walker, Fiona; Country Lovers (Romantic Fiction)

Ward, CP; Autumn in Sycamore Park (Romantic Fiction)

Webb, Heather; Meet Me in Monaco (Historical Fiction) co-wrote with Hazel Gaynor

Wright, Sharon; Balloonomania Belles; Daredevils Diva’s Who First Took to the Sky (Non-Fiction)

Ward, Amanda; A Cruise Love (Romantic Fiction)

Wordsworth, Diane; A History of Cadbury (Non-Fiction)

Walton, Mollie; The Daughters of Ironbridge (Historical Saga)

Windsor, Emily; Let Sleeping Dukes Lie (Historical Romance)

Windsor, Emily; Marquess to a Flame (Historical Romance)

Walsh, Alexandra; The Catherine Howard Conspiracy (Time-Slip Contemporary Fiction)

Walsh, M.J; Fate by Design (Historical Fiction)

Wareham, Evonne; A Wedding on the Riviera (Contemporary Fiction)

Wiggs, Susan; The Lost and Found Bookshop (Contemporary Fiction)

Wells, Jennifer; The Lost Girls (Historical Fiction)



York, Ashley; Eyes of the Seer (Historical Fiction)

York, Ashley; Daughter of the King (Historical Fiction)

Yendall, Helen; A Wartime Secret (Historical Fiction)


Zaidi, Malia; The Quality of Mercy (Cosy Historical Mystery)

Zigmond, Sally; The Ascending (Historical Fiction)