Pink Heart Society Reviews

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I had the great pleasure to become a Pink Heart Society Reviewer earlier this year, plus the huge honour to be made an assistant editor for reviews. Which even now is an amazing feeling, even though I don’t do very much….hahaha!!

This page is where you will find all of the reviews that I have written for them. As The PHS Society is an independent romantic monthly, online magazine my reviews for them are exclusive for the PHS Society, which is why I will be posting them on this page with a link to the PHS review page for that month instead of a blog post.

Author’s can still use the reviews in any way they wish, but if using for a quote remember to add the name of the reviewer and The Pink Heart Society, just so that we all know who wrote the review.

My Reviewing Policy hasn’t changed and I will still be reviewing on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals which like PHS are exclusive to this blog and I am always looking to feature more authors in my Interviews, Reviews and Nothing But Romance series. If you are interested in having your book reviewed by The Pinks Heart Society, which is known and respected Internationally for the work they do you can find them at THE PINK HEART SOCIETY.

Pink Heart Society Reviews

July 2018 – Bound To Her Blood Enemy by Tora Williams

August 2018 – Irish Shadows by Laura Martin