What is the Lovers and Legends Series?. . .Guest Post by Nicole Locke

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What is the Lovers and Legends series?


I don’t know. I didn’t come up with the name, Harlequin did. I do, however, love the name because it sounds Jackie Collins-ish. That may have made it worse to my understanding what the series will entail because if there ever was a legend she was it. I’m definitely not.
Oh, I know I’m supposed to have the answer to what the series is. After all, I’m the person at the keyboard. But the funny thing about creating something is it never feels as if it’s coming from you.

Certainly none of these characters or their stories, or the plots and intrigues and villains feel like they’re coming from me. It feels more like I’m just the medium for them to tell their story. Which now makes me sound like someone from Poltergeist, when all I am is someone trying to explain this while eating pretzels.

Yes, I’m eating pretzels while writing this post. See? Definitely not Jackie Collins.

But I do have stories to tell, and there will be many in the Lovers and Legends series. So far, there are ten. I have a lot of voices in my head.
They are not written in chronological order, nor are they written in order of importance. They’re more like threads in a tapestry. They can be read separately, and each has their own Happily Ever After.

4But everything hubs around The Knight’s Broken Promise, which introduces Robert of Dent, his friend Hugh, and the Colquhoun clan. All the people in that book will have their own stories, and the best part, you’ll see them again and again. For instance, you’ll be introduced to Gaira’s brother, Malcolm, in The Knight’s Broken Promise, hear about his grief in Her Enemy Highlander and struggles in The Highland Laird’s Bride. Eventually, he’ll have his own happily ever after, too.

What of the Legend? That’s first revealed in 3Her Enemy Highlander. It’s a Jewel, which has many myths attached to it. Thus, it becomes a powerful talisman for both good and evil. In The Highland Laird’s Bride, you’ll find its purpose. In Malcolm’s story, you’ll know what will become of it.

But before Malcolm’s story, there will be Rhain’s, who is brother to Teague, who is friends with Robert. And I’m currently writing Hugh’s story from The Knight’s Broken Promise for a later 2017 release.

I’m also trying (and failing) to rein myself in from talking about the other people and voices in my head. Yet someday, I hope to chat about them all while sharing my bag of pretzels.

In the meantime, I may not know exactly what the Lovers and Legends series is, but I’m typing it as fast as I can to find out.

More about my work at  www.nicolelocke.com


A Chat With. . .Nicole Locke

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Today on Chicks Rogues and Scandals, I am very pleased to have Best selling author Nicole Locke chat with me. So take a seat and let’s get to know Nicole a little better.


Reading Chick : Hi Nicole, Welcome to Chicks, Rogues and Scandals, Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today, Firstly, what five words would you use to describe yourself?

Nicole : Persistent and Procrastinator. (Yeah, those two have epic battles). Five words? I can’t get past procrastinator. How about traits? Cause I like things clean, but hate to clean. Love going out, but adore staying in. Best and the worst cook ever. Love my children, but not on deadlineday. How about one word? Chatty.

Reading Chick : Brilliant! one of the best answers we have had for a while. If you could live in any era and place, when and where would it be? And why?

Nicole : The future where they invent time-travel. I want to be able to explore more worlds than I can today. Mostly, I just want to visit bits of myself with my children and husband and tell myself: Enjoy Now! (and stop thinking about other worlds and the future where they invent time-travel).

Reading Chick : Oh wow, what an answer, very original I like it. Who was your childhood hero?

Nicole : Besides my mom? That’s easy: Words. Words have always inspired me. If I think of all those staggering moments when something just clicked inside me, it was usually because I read, or someone said, something profound.

Reading chick : That’s really nice Nicole, What is your favourite time of the year?

Nicole : Autumn. It’s the best time of year. I was raised in the Midwest, US. Spring had too many bugs; Summer was too hot; Winter had ice storms. But the time of year we were freely able to dine outside was Autumn (food is very important to me).

Reading Chick : I agree with you there, Autumn has always been my favorite season too, OK, a time for a toughie. Out of all your work, who is your favourite character and why?

Nicole : I’m writing a series, so that’s a difficult question the more I get to know the characters. But I think it has to be Robert from The Knight’s Broken Promise. His grief compelled me to write and to stop putting my ideas in a drawer.


Reading Chick : Very nice, Your books are incredible, where does your inspiration for them come from?

Nicole : From the characters. Every story I write, someone else is revealed. Someone, who demands their tale be written as well. In this way, I don’t know when, if ever, the series is going to end.

Reading Chick : Very interesting. What three tips would you pass on to an aspiring author?

Nicole : 1. Just. 2. Keep. 3. Going. It took me forever to get here. Decades of writing, but never enough. Half-attempts at finding a publisher or agent. Just keep going. Finish. Keep going again. I read somewhere (words are my heroes): Even those falling down are moving forward.

Reading Chick : Oh, Wow! That is a brilliant tip, Thank you Nicole, If you were hosting a dinner party what three people would you invite? (They can be real/fictional, dead or alive).

Nicole : I’d want my grandparents around the family table again so my children would know them. But if I was just, you know, making macaroni and cheese (my favourite food) and had extra to spare? I’d have the Count of Monte Cristo, Jamie from Outlander, and Jason Bourne. All three of these characters possess the traits of that tortured, vulnerable, reluctant hero. I adore a man, who has weaknesses and perseveres despite them.

Reading Chick : That is some dinner party, can I come too? Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today, it has been an absolute pleasure.

If you want to find out more about Nicole and her work then check out her website, Nicole loves hearing from her readers so why not connect with her via the links below.


Twitter : NicoleLocke News


Awakening The Shy Miss ~ Review

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Wallflowers To Wives #2

Back Blurb : 

Seduced by the prince 

Dimitri Petrovich, Prince of Kuban, is unlike any man seamstress Evie Milham has ever met. Exotic and charismatic, he’s paying a visit to her sleepy country village. Yet one glimpse of the prince’s melting brown eyes and shy Evie’s heart races like never before… 

Dimitri is no stranger to desire, and he knows innocent Evie wants him! Before he returns to his homeland, he must decide—resist Evie’s siren call, or give her pleasure beyond her wildest, hottest imaginings!

My View :

Evie Milham loves the rascally Andrew Adair, she has loved him since she was a child and she will whatever she can to finally make him notice her and marry her, the only problem with that is; he barely even knows she exists and another much bigger problem for Evie is that she has gone and caught the attention of the devilishly handsome Dimitri Petrovich; Prince of Kuban. It all sounds simple and innocent enough but that is just to put you off your guard because this is super sexy, brilliantly intelligent and such a feast for the eyes.

Dimitri is leading an archeological dig in Evie’s home village and the moment he set’s eyes on the shy and beautiful Evie he knows that this is the woman for him, she has a razor-sharp mind and wit to goe with it, she is intelligent, caring and so far out of his sphear. They start working alongside each other at his dig and soon find themselves giving into that mutual attraction. Unlike other woman she doesn’t treat Dimitri like a royal she treats him like an equal and this makes Dimitri want her all the more . . .The only issue is that he has to go back to Kuban to be the Prince that he was born to be, but can he leave her?

First off, wow! what a villain we have in Andrew, he is egotistical, smarmy and as slippery as an eel and personally I think Evie needs a to have a sit down with a doctor for wanting this villanous creature, especially when the man that she should be fawning all over is right in front of her, in the form of the delectable Dimitri.

“Please don’t do that.” She couldn’t beat it if he was toying with her. She was enjoying his company far too much, especially after being denied it for a few days. She knew intuitively he was himself in these moments, not the polite faced she’d seen all week.
“Do what?” he leaned close, his knuckles skimming her jaw in a light caress for wich there was no other explanation but the improbable.
“Act as though you’re seducing me.” She clapped her hand over her mouth. She could hardly believe she’d let that thought escape. Surely he would laugh at her now. But he didn’t laugh.
His hand sifted the wet stands of her hair “Maybe it’s not an act. . .”

Oh! How much have I fallen for the Prince of Kuban, he is just such an incredible character, once you have got past his Regal exterior there is a kind, intelligent, loving and sexy man beneath who is just shouting out for a bit of love, for someone to just forget for a minute that he is a Prince and treat him like a man.

The chemistry between Dimitri and Evie is just amazing is just sizzles off the page, every time they are together the atmosphere just crackles with pent-up tension and frustration, from the full-out sexy and erotic scenes in Dimitri’s pavilion to the secret little touches and glances that they share, it is those moment’s that are just beautiful and full of emotion.

“Then don’t be a gentleman. Don’t be a prince. Just be a man. My man.” It was all he really wanted to be in those minutes – just hers – and he could feel logic slipping away, replaced by something headier, stronger and undeniable where doing what he wanted made sense.
“I am going to lose this argument, aren’t I?” He could hear the desire in his voice, feel the beginnings of a smile on his lips.
“Yes, absolutely.” Evie gave his neckcloth a tug to make it clear. “if you’re lucky, you’ll lose more that.” Yes, he could see that, starting with his clothes and quite possibly ending with his mind.

Awaking the Shy Miss is, I am ashamed to say my first Bronwyn Scott novel, I really cannot express how much I enjoyed this book. It is fast paced and imaginative, the character’s are so well written. From love rivals, plot twists, steamy and sexy scenes that can make your toes curl and by far one of the best villains that I have come across for an age, this has everything that you want from a Historical Romance and I highly recommend it.

This just has to be read and I am looking forward to reading more from this talented lady.

The History of a Poppy

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We Will Remember Them

We all know that the Poppy is the universal symbol for respect to the fallen, it is also a sign of solidarity and hope to our brave serving man and women who risk their life’s day in day out for their country. By wearing the poppy we are telling them and the world that we are proud of them, that we are behind them and that we support them. We know why we wear our Poppy with pride on our chest, but how did that small but showy bloom come to be the symbol of such pride?

It all started during World War one and a single but powerful poem which captured the attention and imagination of a lady who swore she would always wear this bloom in respect.

The Flanders Fields Poppy, The Papaver Rhoeas

During the Great War, because of the mass fighting and bombing that occurred on the western front again and again and again, the previously beautiful countryside’s were swiftly turned from lush green land to fields of mud. The landscape was bleak and barren where little if anything would grow, except a certain little red flower.


John McCrea

On 3rd May 1915, after losing a close friend in Ypres the day before, a Canadian doctor, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrea noticed how amongst such death and destruction the simple Poppy was growing and thriving against the odd’s, this observation resulted in one of the most known and well-loved poems of all time “In Flanders Fields”. the poem was first published on 8th December 1915 in a London-based magazine called Punch.

In 1917 American professor Moina Michael was lecturing at the University of Georgia when the USA entered WWI, wanting to do something to help she took leave of her work and volunteered to assist with YMCA. On 9th November 1918, Moina, after reading John McCrea’s “In Flanders fields” she wrote a poem of her own named “We Shall Keep The Faith” in tribute and from that day she vowed to always wear a Poppy in remembrance for those that has fallen. At a YMCA conference she appeared with a silk Poppy pinned to coat and handed out 25 more to those attending she campaigned tirelessly to have the Poppy adopted as the National symbol of remembrance.

The Early Poppy

It was at a conference in 1920 that the National American Legion adopted it as their official symbol of remembrance, it was at this conference a Frenchwoman, Anna E. Guerin who was inspired by what Moina had accomplished at how the Poppy had become a symbol of such importance that she made her own artificial Poppies; the poppies’ that are commonly used today.

After the war was over Moina returned to work at the University of Georgia and there she taught classes of disabled servicemen, she realized how much they needed financial and occupational support, thus she thought of the idea of selling her silk Poppies as a way to raise vital funds to assist disable veterans.
In 1921 Anna sent her Poppy Sellars to London, where the Poppy was adopted by Field Marshal Douglas Haig a founder of the Royal British Legion to be their symbol of remembrance too. The Poppy was quickly adopted by Veterans group’s in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and it was said that all countries who adopted the remembrance Poppy were the “victors” of World War.

Moina Michaels

From then on for the rest of Moina’s life she was always known as the “Poppy Lady”, for her hard work in various humanitarian efforts, Moina received numerous awards. She retired in 1934 and then in 1941 went on to publish her autobiography titled “The Miracle of Flower: The Story of the Flanders Fields Poppy”.

Because of a poem of loss and salvation and the act’s of two incredible women Moina and Anna, the Poppy was adopted as a symbol as remembrance. A symbol of pride and respect. By wearing our Poppy we are not only showing respect for the fallen but also to, two great women for their hard and selfless work.


In Flanders Fields 

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.



The Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red exhibit at the Tower of London in 2014 on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I which consists of 888,246 ceramic poppies, one for each British and colonial death.

A Night To Surrender ~ Review

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Spindle Cove Series

Back Blurb :

Welcome to Spindle Cove, where the ladies with delicate constitutions come for the sea air and men in their prime are. . .nowhere to be found . . .
Or are they?

Spindle Cove is the destination of choice for certain types of well-bred young ladies; the painfully shy, young wives disenchanted with matrimony, and young girls too enchanted with the wrong men; it is a haven for those who live there.

Victor Bramwell, the new Earl of Rycliffe, knows he doesn’t belong here. So far as he can tell there’s nothing in this place but spinsters. . .and sheep. But he has no choice , he has orders to gather a Militia. it’s a simple mission, made complicated by the spirited =, exquisite Susanna finch – a woman who is determined to save her personal utopia from the invasion of Bram’s makeshift army.

Susanna has no use for aggravating men; Bram has sworn off interfering women. the scene is set for an epic battle. . .but who can be named the winner when both have so much to lose?

My View :

I have read a lot of good reviews about Tessa Dare and I knew that I had to read her work and I am so glad I did because this is just so good, Tessa dare is exactly what I expected and so much more this just pure brilliance. It has everything that I personally look for in a Historical Romance. Enchanting and entertaining story with character’s that are so real and likable and not to mention my personal preference of a solid if flawed and tormented military hero.

Our first encounter of our hero see’s him and his little band marching toward’s the aptly named “Spinster Cover” on his way to see the local gentry to try to regain his place in the Peninsula Wars after a horrific wound. Bram is a soldier through and through, he has gunpowder running through his very vain’s and he cannot think of anything worse than an office job, so this is his last chance to regain his role as an officer at the front.

He rolled onto his side, giving her room to breathe. “Where did you come from?”
“I think I should ask you that.” she struggled up on one elbow. “Who are you? What on earth are you doing here?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” He tone was grave. “We’re bombing the sheep.”
“Oh. oh dear. off course you are.” Inside her, empathy twined with despair. of course, he was cracked in the head. One of those poor soldier’s addled by war.

You can real feel Bram’s pain, soldiering is who is, it is all he know’s and he feel’s very guilty about getting wounded and leaving his men. Bram is solid in his believes that his only way in the world is to go back to the hell that is the Napoleonic war’s, and he will do anything and everything in his power to accomplish that goal especially now as he not only has to look out for himself but also for his wayward cousin, Lord Colin Payne. And he would achieve what he set’s out to do if he didn’t meet the spirited and fragile Susanna Finch, the daughter of the very gentleman whose help Bram needs to get what he want’s.

Bram is credit to his creator, everyone know’s that I love a tragic war hero and Bram is that a much more, he’s too intelligent for his own good, too handsome for his own good (A pair of fine green eye’s have always made me swoon) too stubborn, and never shy of making his opinions universally known but all that makes him the absolutely brilliantly endearing man that he is and this is all before he show’s his softer side, once Susanna get’s past his defences he is highly sexy and protective. The steamy scenes between him and Susanna are alone enough to make you want a cold shower.

Bram,” she whispered, unable to resist, “Do you think you could love me, just a little?”

He laughed, “Good lord, no.”

No? Susanna bit her lip, cringing inside, “Oh”

Oh dear. She dropped her gaze to his lapel, assessing her options. Could she bring her self to marry him, if he didn’t love her at all?

Of course she could, the alternative flashed before her eyes – a future that appeared hopelessly lonely and grim. She couldn’t picture it too clearly, but she sensed it sensed it would involve a great many cats and peppermints.
Never mind love. she could make do with lust or admiration, or whatever he offered her. even tepid affection was better than fuzzy peppermints. 

He touched her cheek, drawing her gaze back up to his strong, handsome face. “No, Susanna.” He said “I cannot love you just a little. If that’s what you want, you must find a different man.” His green eyes were breathtaking in their intensity. His thumb brushed her bottom lip. “because I can only love you entirely. With everything I am, and everything I ever will be. Body, Mind, Heart and soul.”

So Victor Bramwell, is given the new Title of Earl of Rycliffe and the task to raise a militia in the little town of Spindle Cove by the local gentry, Lord Finch the problem that Bram has is that on arriving in the little town he soon realises that all is not what it seem’s for a start is over run by women and men are thin on the ground and the one’s that he doe’s find and put into his militia are more concerned about baking cakes and what colour curtains should be hung than marching and shooting rifles and Bram knows exactly who to blame. Susanna.

Susanna, isn’t what you expect she comes across as very, strong-willed and minded a young woman who know’s exactly what she want’s, but below that mask there is a vulnerable and fragile young girl, who is tormented daily by her own horrors. Bram and Susanna are a match made in heaven, she is the tenderness and love that Bram craves for and he is equally strong willed and protective what Susanna need’s. it is just beautiful how they sooth each other’s broken heart’s.

“Your begging to be taught a hard, fast lesson in what it means to please a man.”
“Your just longing to put her head on my lap and feel my finger’s in your hair.”
he backed her up against a rock. “You need a good ravishing.”
“You” She breathed, “need a hug”.
They stared at each other for a long , tense moments. At first, looking eath other in the eye. Then looking at each other’s lips.
“You know what I think?” he said, coming closer. So close she could feel his breath wash warm against her cheek. ” I think we’re having one of those vexing argument’s again.”
“The kind where both sides are right?”
“Hell, yes.”
And this time when they kissed, they both made that sound. That deep, moaning, yearning, whimpering sound.
That sound that said yes.
At Last.
You are exactly what I need.

For me A Night Of Surrender, Spindle Cove book 1 was the best way to be introduced and start reading Tessa Dare, she know’s her craft and what people want out of a Historical Romance, I can absolutely see know why so many people go crazy for this lady’s work she is just amazing and Tessa Dare is just so talented and she has definitely just stormed her way to the very top of my favorite author’s list. The only shame is that I started reading her work late, but that doesn’t matter it just means I get to read all her work now to catch up.

This is super sexy, highly enjoyable and Pure brilliance, one that should be permanently cemented on any Romance readers bookshelf.

A Chat With. . .Tammy Andreson

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Today at Chicks Rogues and Scandals I have the great pleasure of having the wonderful author Tammy Andreson join me. . .So take a seat and let’s get to know Tammy.

Author Bio


Tammy lives with her husband and three children just outside Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up on the Seacoast of Maine, where she spent countless days dreaming up stories in Blueberry field’s and among the scrub pines that line the coast. Her mother loved to spin a yarn and Tammy filled many hours listening to her mother retell the classic’s. It was inevitable that at the age of 18, she headed off to Simmons College, where she studied English Literature and education. She never left Massachusetts but some of her heart still resides in Maine and her family visit’s often.

Reading Chick : Hi Tammy, Welcome to Chicks, Rogues and Scandals, Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today, Firstly what five word’s would you use to describe yourself?

Tammy : Oh jeez… In my own way shy, motivated, hardworking, motherly, and committed.

Reading Chick : Very nice, If you could live in any era and place, when and where would it be? And Why?

Tammy : When I was younger I dreamed of living during the period I now write in. It’s where many of my story ideas got their start. Now I am glad to live in the twenty first century, I like my shower. LOL But I love getting to take trips back in my mind through my books.

Reading Chick : Excellent, that is the beauty of reading Historical Romance isn’t it? You can travel back in time when ever you want, like you I do rather enjoy my home comfort’s. Ok! Who was your childhood hero?

Tammy : Hmmm…. I loved the story Mountain Laurel by Jude Deveraux in my teenage years. The hero in that book is my all-time favorite.

Reading Chick : Ooh! I have never heard of that book, I will have to look it up, very nice, Thank you Tammy. What is your favorite time of the year?

 Tammy : I love them all for different reasons. Summer may be my favorite because my kids are home with me.

Reading Chick : What better reason to love it? Ok a toughy, Out of all your work, who is your favorite character and why?

Tammy : Each character has something special but my favorite might be Graham from Stealing a Lady’s Heart. He is a classic hero who saves the damsel in distress while expecting nothing in return.

Reading Chick : Oh very nice, Your book’s are incredible, where does your inspiration for them come from?

Tammy : Thank you! I’m a bit of an introvert and I spend a lot of time, dreaming up tales in my mind. Those are the beginnings of my novels.

Reading Chick : What three tip’s would you pass on to an aspiring author?

Tammy : My first and second tip are to work hard and persevere. I know that sounds like what you would here for any endeavor but it holds true. An occasional author puts out one book that just explodes and makes them famous but most of us have to keep working to succeed. My third is ignore the bad reviews. You can learn from them but really amazing authors have been sunk by self-doubt.

Reading Chick :  Those are brilliant tip’s, Thank you. If you were hosting a dinner party what three people would you invite? (They can be real/fictional, dead or alive)

Tammy : Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, and Tom Brady. That is a dinner that would be… inspirational!

Reading Chick : Oh. My. Goodness!! What a dinner party. . .Can I come, Please? Thank you again Tammy for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today, I have just one more cheeky question, just for fun . . . What is your all-time favorite naughty but nice food?

Tammy : Bacon mac and cheese!!

Reading Chick : Yummy!

To learn more about Tammy and her work then why don’t you pop along to her website and check out what she is up to.

Tammy Andreson Website


Taming a Lady Wolfe (a Novella) ~ Review

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Tammy Andreson : Taming a Lady Wolfe (A Novella)

The De Wolfe Pack Series

Back Blurb :

Lady Delia de Wolfe absolutely cannot marry the handsome rake, Roderick Maddox, fourth Duke of Manchester, despite her brother’s insistence she do just that. Though he has long reformed his ways, he steals her breath away every time their eyes meet and she simply doesn’t deserve that kind of happiness. Not after the death of her brother, Reginald. She must pay penance, because, if not for her, he would still be alive.

Roderick Maddox, has known for years he would marry Delia. Before Reginald’s death, he made a promise to his friend, not only would he care for Reginald’s sister, but he would reform himself into the type of man Delia deserved. He never expected Delia to ignite such passion or to be so resistant to him. Nor did he realize he held the secret about Reginald’s death that could crush their budding feelings forever.

My View :

It all start’s on one fateful day in 1790 Roderick Maddox; Duke of Manchester sail’s down the river toward’s De Wolfe Castle in the hope to meet his best friend’s sister Delia De Wolfe; when on top of the cliff he notices some commotion, one thing lead’s to another and both Delia and Roderick’s best friend Reginald fall from the cliffe, changing the lives of everyone involved from that point on. Year’s late and Roderick return’s this time not just to meet Delia but to finally make her his bride, the only problem is Delia has decided that because of what happened all those years ago she doesn’t deserve any kind of happiness and has resolutely decided that is she is going to be married off she is going to marry and old man where she can be live the rest of her life in purgatory.

That is untill she meet’s the tall, masculine, devilishly handsome rogue that just so happen’s to be a Duke and an old family friend and the man that she is to be betrothed to. From that moment on she tries her hardest to not be attracted to Roderick and equally tries to hardest to push him away, the thing she didn’t count on was that he is as stubborn and sure-minded as he is handsome and the harder she tries to pull away from him the more he up’s the seduction.

“I declare this the best tea I have ever had. What is in it?” She closed her eyes. Roderick was the most handsome man she had ever met but his voice, almost as much as his proximity, was making her weak in the knee’s. think Reginald, she chanted to herself.

“I never share my recipe. I have three sisters in law who have been trying to get it out me for years.” She tried to roll again but he stepped up behind her, hand’s on her hip’s. Her teeth snapped together. If he didn’t stop touching her, she might lose her mental facilities.

“I must warn you that former rogues have ways of extracting these types of secrets.” His breathe tickled the skin of her neck and her insides melted into a puddle.

This opening grab’s your attention and you cannot stop reading untill you have reached the last page, I really like the simplicity of the story about how an entire family have been marked for life by the tragic death of their brother. It is raw and emotional. A lot of stories in this genre you usually get a secondary, sub-plot where there you delve into secondary character’s that may or may not appear in future novel’s by the author, but not here, the story is focused on Delia and Roderick and I really like that. I like the fact that something as important as how the characters try to come to terms with their tragic loss takes centre stage, there is no fussy or complicated sub plot’s, which I think would ruin this book.

Apart from the sadness that our character’s are feeling throughout this is very fast paced from the minute we first meet our character’s to the last page you are spirited along at breakneck speed, but in a very good way. I think Tammy Andreson has done a very clever thing with this, she has got the emotional and sad part’s, but because this is very fast we are not getting stuck in their grief for too long, Tammy has made sure we are seeing our characters start taking their tentative step’s forward.

She stood frozen for half second, wondering if she should do this or not, when the door flew open and Roderick stood in the doorway, shirtless.

More tears poured down her face and, not even lowering her arm, Delia whispered, “Oh, Roderick.”

“What is it love?” he gathered her into his arms, and held her tight against him, closing the door with a firm click.

“I dreamed it again. The day I fell. Only this time you were there, you saved me” He breathing tightened, but his eyes held hers.

“I’ve wanted to tell you…”

biting her lip she tried to gather her thoughts, he had been there he had seen his friend die and he had saved her. She hadn’t known how she would react to this moment before being in it, but now with clarity, she knew she owed him everything. What was more Reginald had wanted Roderick to save her. It had been his choice and this was the life he wanted for her. What was more it was the life she wanted for herself.

Without anymore hesitation, she threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his “Yes, I will be your wife.”

The characters themselves are well written, interesting with an air that you just know there is more to them, more that you want to know about them, Rodderick is definitely in that category. Roderick is a brilliant hero, and I know we all band that around a lot but in this case he genuinely is, with the way bring’s fragile and damaged Delia out of herself and help’s her to move on. He is also extremely smart, sexy and so self-assured that he does walk very close to being arrogant, but being a scandalous rogue what else would we expect. But the character that really caught my attention in Taming A lady Wolfe was Delia’s eldest brother and head of the De Wolfe clan; Stone De Wolfe. He is such an interesting man, quiet, brooding and fascinating and one that I definitely would love to know more about.

I really liked Taming A Lady Wolfe, it is a sweet and very likable little story of love and loss and I would definitely recommend it to other Historical Romance reader’s. Tammy Andreson is a very talented author with an intelligent mind, with a great sense of what we all love and want in a romance story.