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Hello my lovely readers! I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this gorgeous book; The Highborn Housekeeper by Sarah Mallory, I feels I have been waiting an age for book three in the Saved From Disgrace series; Nancy’s story, but it was well worth the wait, this is so good.

A disgraced lady

Turned lowly housekeeper

Earl’s daughter Nancy turned her back on the aristocracy when she fled a forced marriage, working as a cook and housekeeper. But in nursing an injured man back to health, Nancy uncovers a deep longing for the dangerously attractive Gabriel, and a surprise: he’s working to protect government secrets! She wants to help him. But to do so, Nancy will have to return to the life she once cast aside…

My goodness, this book! The minute I met Nancy in the previous books, I knew she must have a story, there was something intriguing about her, there was a hint of mystery and like a lot of fellow readers, I needed to know her past and to see where her future lay. So, you wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I heard that she was having a story of her own, even though it seems an age since we last delved into this glorious series – or maybe that’s just me, I am very impatient after all. I can happily say that it was well worth the tortuous wait for her HEA, as this is a doozy.

This is book three in the ‘Saved From Disgrace’ series, this can be very easily be read as a stand-a-lone, even though Nancy is from the previous books all you need to know about her part and her history is here for you, but I would highly recommend checking out the others in the series, only because they are just too good not to miss.

This could be my favourite in all of the series, in fact not could be, it definitely is – which seems a bit disloyal to the previous, I’m sure I said the same about those – I love it, the story is ….well, it is beyond my capacity to describe just how good this is, I could say devastating, gorgeous, engaging, thrilling, sizzling chemistry, lies, secrets with a dash of mystery – and that is is just the hero….. oh, do not get me started on the hero.

Oh, my word Gabriel, serious sighing is going on here, he is wonderful, Sarah Mallory, what have you done to me? I am a swooning mess after meeting this gorgeous, grumbling, mysterious man with the playful, twinkling eyes. I may be ruined for other heroes for life. Ah, Gabriel, I need more heroes like this in my life…hint, hint, if anyone is reading this!

Well, I best get on with this review, it’s no good me whittling on about a great chest and fine pair of take me to bed eyes, you want to know a wee bit about this book….or maybe I could get away with just babbling on about Gabriel’s….unmentionables 😉

The story opens with Nancy on her way back from London, home to Prospect House where as you will know if you have followed the series is a home for women who are in need. Our Nancy is far more then just a great cook and housekeeper, she is far more then what she appears. Which is why I wanted to know her story, she is a fascinating woman. The snow is falling heavily when their party briefly stop at an inn that Nancy comes across a man left for dead in the road – as you do. Even though it is going against her better judgement, after all he could be anyone – he could be a bandit, pirate, rogue who knows….and especially as she is precariously close to the very person she has been running away from all these years, Nancy is a good woman and can’t leave the poor man to die so she bustles him into her carriage, even though he could be a pirate, he definitely has the manners for one.

I really, really like Nancy, she is a real bright spark, I always knew that she had a smart head on her shoulders and that she had a real, genuine caring nature and this book has just enforced what I had already thought of her. She has her own secrets , I love that she is very independent she is proud of the life she has found, even though she tries to act all proper even she can’t resist Gabriel when he is tantalising her…well, she is only human how can she not fall under his spell?

So decamping at his home, to a bemused valet, she starts to nurse the mystery man back to health, which is very funny seeing her take over his house hold as though it were her own. Let us just say once he has woken and regained enough of himself he isn’t too happy about the fact that he is now under the wing of an interfering woman who just so happens to have a great bust beneath her prim widows weeds.

Gabriel is like a lion with a thorn in his paw, he is grouchy, brooding, grumbling but he has been attacked and left for dead and is woken to a busy bee of a women stamping around his house, it’s understandable that he’s a little put out and he wants her gone as soon as possible. But, Gabriel has a secret, a huge reason why he doesn’t want an enchanting woman around the house taking up all is attention. Gabriel’s secret and why he was attacked is a major part of the plot, so I ain’t going to go too deep into that, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, let us just say that there is far more to Gabriel then a fine pair of twinkling, cheeky and sexy eyes.

This is just marvellous, the chemistry between Gabriel and Nancy is on fire, from the moment he wakes you can feel the heat coming of the page whenever he looks at her, honestly it’s scorching. There is a real buzz between them, the banter is funny, sexy and real, even the more serious moments is enthused with an underlying ‘take me to bed’ atmosphere. The writing is brilliantly engaging, it takes the reader on a real journey and not just straight to bed. Honestly, this book is gorgeous, from the cover to the words within, I cannot recommend this enough, but I do need more from this series, please! Sarah Mallory, you cannot leave me hanging, I need more of Gabriel and Nancy. 🙂 These two are definitely a new favourite couple, they are just perfect!

This was an Arc copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Sarah. x

The Highborn Housekeeper is to be released on 27th June and can be pre-ordered now at Amazon.


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Hello my lovely readers, today I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this gorgeous book; A Wife Worth Investing In by the marvellously talented Marguerite Kaye. This is an extra celebration too as this book is Marguerites 50th book for Mills and Boon/Harlequin, wowzers!! Huge congratulations Marguerite. xx

A convenient proposal…

Makes a scandalous match!

Part of Penniless Brides of Convenience: Knocking on Owen Harrington’s door, impoverished and desperate, Miss Phoebe Brannagh wonders if London’s most eligible catch will recognise her. But injured and reclusive, Owen is no longer a carefree man. And he’s in urgent need of a convenient wife! Owen’s shock proposal allows Phoebe to fulfil her life’s ambition to open a restaurant…but his heated kisses tempt her to hope for a new dream – marriage, for real!

I have been waiting – not, so patiently – for this book since I closed the last page of the previous, and I can say without a doubt that this was well worth the wait. This book is gorgeous in every way, shape and form. This book is a testament to just how brilliant Marguerite Kaye is, she is the queen of the marriage of convenience trope. Honestly, there are very few authors who can nail this trope as perfectly as Ms Kaye can.

A Wife Worth Investing In, is the second book in the gorgeous Penniless Bride of Convenience series. This series is connected with three sisters, each sister is as different as the next yet each share a passion for their chosen hobby, which as you will see in this book Phoebe’s turns into a career. As with the previous you can read this as apart of the series, but it can very easily as a stand-a-lone. Another reason to celebrate is that this gorgeous book is also Ms Kaye’s 50th book with Mills and Boon/Harlequin, which is an astonishing achievement. Congratulations Marguerite. I have seriously got some back reading to do, I am making it my mission to read them all.

The story opens, two years previously in a little café in Paris where; aspiring Chef, Phoebe wants nothing more the to open her own restaurant, she is an accomplished cook in her own right and has a great passion for sharing her food with others and really accomplishing something for herself. But, this is the Regency era and it is not as easy for a woman. Which is why she is training in Paris under an acclaimed Chef, it is while she is waiting for her chef and lover that she meets by chance; rakish, charming, handsome and wandering Owen. A man she is instantly attracted to, but not just for his sinful good looks but she sees a kindred spirit in him, a man who actually sees and listens to her as herself. Owen is fascinated with the young woman, he sees so much passion in her a passion that he wishes he had for something, instead of a constant recklessness that sees him living on the edge. Owen and Phoebe make quite the impression on one and other that they agree to meet each other again in the same café two years to the day, to see how they are fairing.

Two years later, and Phoebe and Owen are as changed as they can be. Phoebe is destitute, she has lost everything which includes her self respect, her confidence, her passion and the little light behind her eyes that makes her Phoebe. She has fell on hard times, yet even though she has nothing she refuses to go back home to her sister and aunt, she turns to the one persons she hopes can help her.

Owen is also a shell of the man we first meet, after he left her in that café a terrible, life changing accident. He is in constant pain, unable to walk properly and has turned into a recluse. Yet, he is still the gentleman she knew him to be and as soon as he hears of her plight, it is like she has given him a new lease of life and he is soon planning how t help her. As well as helping himself, as he is in need of a wife and she is in need of security. Perfect, he proposes; they both get what they need. Her the ability to open her restaurant and him the wife his rank states he must have, all very practical and proper.

But, we all know that in historical romances and especially Marguerite Kaye’s book nothing will stay practical and proper, especially once our two start seeing the other as something other then a means to improve their circumstances and delve into their feelings for one and other.

There are some really loving and tender moments between Phoebe and Owen, they are both scarred, both their scars more than skin deep. They have both been through the mill, they have both suffered in more ways than and now need to find happiness – even though neither of them think that they deserve to be happy. I love how they bring each other out of their shells its so subtle and real.

They have a real connection right from the moment they meet in that cafe, and I love how Ms Kaye has built that up from a budding friendship which had a lot of mutual attraction then through difficulties they must both face once married to where they end up, it written with such understated longing and passion, its quite breath taking really.

This is a brilliant story, a real master class of romance writing, its mesmerising and dazzling, honestly its perfect!

For me I saw more as second chance romance too as that is essentially what both Owen and Phoebe have in one another, they have that second chance to have happiness. The journey they go on to their happily ever after is an emotional ride, there are many ups and down for these two and that is just with their personal issues that they must face. I do love them though, Owen is the hero that you need to love, you want to hug him you want to love him and you feel every emotion and every painful step right down in your heart 0 that is how excellent the writing is.

Marguerite you has stolen my breathe away with this, I am absolute awe.

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Marguerite. x

A Wife Worth Investing In is to be released on 30th May and can be pre-ordered at Amazon and I definitely say go and pre-order.

#Review : The Determined Lord Hadleigh (Kings Elite #4) by @VirginiaHeath_ #TheDeterminedLordHadleigh #KingsElite @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello my lovely readers! Well this was a hard review to write, I couldn’t find the words to full express what I wanted to say, even after reading my review back I know that I babble a fair amount, so apologies for that. Another reason is that this will be the last time I get to write a Kings Elite review……sobs, uncontrollably for ten minutes….I can’t believe it! But, I have to say that this series goes out in smashing style 😉


He’s got iron control…

But she might be his undoing!

Part of The King’s Elite. Haunted by Penny Penhurst’s courage on the witness stand, meticulous barrister Lord Hadleigh offers her a housekeeper position at his estate. Despite trying to stay detached, Hadleigh is charmed by her small child and surprised by how much he yearns for this proud woman! Can this he break through his own – and Penny’s – barriers to prove he’s a man she can trust…and love?

Well this was a sad day coming where I would be writing my review for the last Kings Elite book, I need tissues, I want to weep. Do I really need to write this review? Can’t I just skip it, bury my head in the sand so that I don’t have to face the fact that this is it for the glorious Kings Elite?


OK, well if I must break my heart, I will do it with aplomb – don’t you just love that word? By Jove, has this been an incredible series or what? From those first few pages of book one, I have been avidly turning the pages, becoming more and more absorbed into the Kings Elite world that they are now more known to me than family – Hmmm, Not sure that if that is a good thing or not!


So this is book four in the sensational Kings Elite, we have come face to face – figuratively speaking – with the most charming, shy, courageous, loyal, lovable, passionate and gorgeous characters, they have taken us on a whirlwind journey across four books. A journey full of intrigue, smuggling, spies, danger, romance and adventure and now we are here at the finale…..someone hand me the tissues, please! As with each of the previous books; The Determined Lord Hadleigh, can be read as a stand-a-lone very easily, my personal recommendation would be that you do at least read the previous one first; The Disgraceful Lord Gray before this, if you haven’t read the others, there are particular moments in this one that will give away a few spoilers in regards to the sub plot that has been running throughout the series.


After testifying against her husband, a man linked with the Smuggling ring – that as been one of the best subplots that has ever come out of a Mills and Boon book – Penny is shocked to find that after his sentence she loses everything, she and her young son are left destitute. Poor Penny, she does the right thing, she stands up for the first time in her life against the man who has made hasn’t just made her life unbearable, but also who has scared the living daylights out of her and now she has nothing. The man who was prosecuting her vile husband, the honourable if a wee bit pompous Lord Hadleigh feels a sense of injustice over what happened to the young woman, so much so he tries to help her. She is a proud, determined woman who after being on the wrong side of a manipulative and controlling man she is very uncomfortable about the charming, golden eyed barristers help. She sees it as being no better off then where she was, she is an amazing woman she may be fragile but I got a sense of real inner strength, like a lioness when times get tough she will do anything in her power to protect her child and I completely admire her for that.


To say he is an educated man he really doesn’t have a clue when it comes to women, as he goes about things all wrong. He has good heart, he is noble and honourable and loyal, he does try to help her, even if at first he doesn’t go down the proper avenue. Bless him, he gets it all wrong – thank goodness that Seb ……swoon! Has word with the young barrister. I really, really like Hadleigh, he isn’t at all how I thought he would be from those previous appearances, you are first introduced to a calm, intelligent and caring man but you soon realise that there is more to this man then meets the eye. There is another man beneath the cavernous barristers cloak.


So, we finally have Hadleigh’s story, after much waiting and wondering he is here and he does not disappoint. I saw this very much as a second chances story, Tristan Hadleigh and Penny Penhurst, what a remarkable couple they are. Both have complexities, both have vulnerabilities and both learning to love and trust. It is beautiful to watch their blossoming romance throughout the story, the journey they go on as individuals is one of the greatest pieces of writing I have read. It is powerful and gorgeous, it makes you shiver with anticipation about what will happen next and make you sigh with pure elated joy when they get there.


This book is packed with deep emotion, which the reader can feel right within them which for me is a testament to how brilliant this author is. Her grasp of language is as ever astonishing, the way this book can take hold of the readers emotions with a few words is perfect writing.


This book is absolutely delightful, what a joy it is to read.


Before I finish, one last note….Love, Love, Love the epilogue! Its gorgeous and fun, it is the perfect ending for all our heroes and heroines and Trefor 😉 brilliantly written, it brings all what you know and love about the Kings Elite together as a, shall we say; goodbye? Perfect, thank you Virginia for an astounding series, this is why we readers love you! X


This was an Arc from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Virginia!

The Determined Lord Hadleigh is to be released 27th June and can be pre-ordered at Amazon and do go an pre-order it.

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Hello everyone! Am I excited about this book or what? I am a massive fan of Gaelen Foley, her writing is amazing and this…well, this is beyond words amazing! Honestly I’m afraid I may babble and swoon, wait until you meet Luke, phwoar what a stud 😉

A heartbroken belle. A missing suitor. A heroic duke in disguise. Unmask Duke of Shadows and let the highwayman-duke steal your heart!

England, 1817. Lady Portia Tennesley has always dreamed of marrying for love. When the suitor who seemed her perfect match disappears at the height of the Season, she’s heartbroken. Eventually she consents to an arranged marriage with an eccentric duke she barely knows, a wealthy recluse who seems more interested in science than spending time with his new fiancée. But before Portia walks down the aisle to her grand, loveless match, she turns to the only man who can uncover her former beau’s fate—the mysterious outlaw known as Silversmoke.

Lucas Wakeford, the Duke of Fountainhurst, leads a double life that leaves him little time for romance. After his parents died at the hands of brigands as a lad, he found his true passion in standing up for the powerless as his masked alter ego, the heroic highwayman, Silversmoke. As the duke, however—his charade as a scholarly quiz aside—Luke knows he must eventually marry. Besides, having a wife around could help him blend in with his fellow noblemen. Elegant and highborn Lady Portia Tennesley seems perfect for the sort of duchess Luke needs. A fashionable belle preoccupied with high society, she’s sure to keep her nose out of his secret life fighting crime in London’s underworld.

But when the lady herself ventures into Silversmoke’s lair, begging for the famed highwayman’s help, Luke is astonished—and realizes he has seriously underestimated his future bride. Yet as Silversmoke, he can’t deny a damsel in distress, so he agrees to find her missing suitor. Tangled in a web of secrets and hidden identities, will Luke and Portia’s growing attraction be strong enough to survive the truth, or will their love steal away into the night?

Duke of Shadows is the fourth standalone novel in the Moonlight Square regency historical romance series. If you like alpha males in disguise, scintillating chemistry, and a double dose of mystery, you’ll love New York Times bestselling author Gaelen Foley’s tale of undercover romance.

Buy Duke of Shadows to unmask a sexy, swashbuckling historical romance today!

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! I am completely lost for words at the brilliance of this, honestly there are not enough words for just how amazing this book is. It has taken me a long time to write this review as I just couldn’t fathom the words that would do this book justice.

It has all the ingredients that we all look for in a Gaelen Foley book; gorgeous and engaging characters who grab your heart as soon as meeting them, thrilling and page-turning plot that will have your heart in your throat and sitting at the very edge of your seat, plus stunning historical detail that weaves throughout the flawless story with such ease add to all of this that magical Gaelen Foley touch and you have the perfect book.

I am a huge fan of Ms Foley’s work she writes the best stories ever – Brief confession; it was this fine lady’s books that brought me back to reading romance after many years of jumping from one genre to the next, from those first few lines of that book, I was hooked not only with this authors work but with romance again. So, I will be eternally thankful for Gaelen Foley for that.

This is book four in the Moonlight Square series, but don’t worry if you haven’t read any of the others of have missed a book this like the previous three can be very easily read as a stand-a-lone. Literally you can pick up any of these books and read them without getting confused about who’s who and past plots, this is all about Portia and Luke….and off course Silversmoke, sigh!

That first chapter, Oh my goodness!! What a start, it grabs the attention within a few short words, you are completely hooked right to the last page. Passionate and stubborn Portia is on her way to meet up with the legendary highwayman ‘Silversmoke’ – I am in pure heaven, serious swooning for this man – anyway, before I become hot and bothered for the gorgeously rough and brooding Silversmoke 😉 Lady Portia wants the notorious highwayman’s help. She wants him to find out what happened to the man she always though she would marry; the dandiest of dandy’s Joel. Portia really shouldn’t be bothered about the whereabouts of Joel and she knows that this meeting would be the scandal of the year, especially as she is engaged to marry the notoriously eccentric and quiet; Duke of Fountainhurst. He isn’t at all what you would think of as a Duke, he isn’t one for society and even worse he has a thing for bugs – which makes enlightening conversation for sure. She isn’t thrilled about marrying Lucas, but she is a well bred young lady who knows her place and what is expected of her and she also knows that she would never do anything to hurt Lucas’ feeling even of she does find in a bit of a bore, which is why he must never find out about her dealings with Silversmoke – how little she knows! 😉

What Portia doesn’t know is that the rugged, charming and seduction highwayman she has taken a shine too, is none other then the man she is about to marry. Yes, you guessed it our eccentric Duke has a secret – a big one, he is iving not just a double life, but he has three personas. Himself; Luke, the Duke; Lucas and Silversmoke. The reason why Luke has taken up the mask is heart-breaking, when Luke reveals all of his heart about the circumstances that has put him where he is, I wanted to jump into Moonlight Square and hug him for dear life.

Luke, Luke, Luke!!! Be still my beating heart, he is a wonder. You never know which ‘side’ of Luke is going to appear, Luke himself, the man wanted to do the right thing but is emotionally lost Or the Duke himself; staid, bookish and quietly passionate Lucas or will it be the dangerous, brooding, rough around the edges green eyed devil that makes me swoon on sight ……I say, as I crash to the ground because my legs have given out on me at his seductive smile. Double Swoon!! You know me, I have a serious weakness for green eyed rogues 😉

Talk about sexy! No matter which of his persona’s he is using, you will fall head over heels in love with him….or head over heels in bed with him 😉 Honestly, though this man is far more then a fine chest, good firm pair of arms and a rugged countenance, he is a multi-layered man. there are a lot of complexities about him, there is this lonely feeling you get from him, he does want love but he doesn’t feel ready for it. But, any woman who finds herself  under that intense green gaze then she is very, very lucky indeed! No, I am not at all jealous of Portia, not one bit!

I really won’t delve too much into the story with this review, you know me no spoilers! But, as you may have guessed there is so much more then meets the eye, but let me say that when all pieces of the jigsaw fall into place you will not be disappointed, this is stonking great story!

I love the relationship between Luke and Portia, its complex, seductive, the chemistry is tantalizing, those heated glances and the gentle touches are just gorgeous. I so love these two, they maybe one my favourite couples of the year.

This is just too damn good!! This has a real Inferno Club feel to it; smouldering chemistry between Portia and Luke, a Duke with a secretive side, a constant undercurrent of danger and a sub plot that is so dark, deadly and ridiculously addictive that it will make you sit up straight and go; ‘Wow’. It beautifully written by a hugely talented author who truly knows her craft, she is a master at historical romances with edge. The pacing, is fantastic, it takes the reader on a real roller-coaster journey of emotions. You never know what is around the corner, will Silversmoke find Joel? Will Lucas and Portia ever find what they are both are looking for? You will have to read it to find out won’t you 😉

Overall, a perfect adventuresome romance, Gaelen you have ruined me for every other hero in the world, Luke/Silversmoke have settled in my heart and will never leave again. I cannot recommend this book more, it needs to be read its as simple as that!

All I can say now is; roll on the Moonlight Marquesses; Peter, Sidney, Hunter and Arvendon. I am soooo excited about those!!

This was an Arc copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much Gaelen.

Duke of Shadows is to be released tomorrow; 21st May, and do go and grab yourself a copy.

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Hello everyone! Today I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this amazing debut book; The Marriage Rescue by Joanna Johnson. This is an amazing book, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Rescued by her enemy

Will she meet him at the altar?

Romani Selina Agres has despised the gentry ever since her mother was murdered by a cruel aristocrat. But she’s not sure what to think when Edward Fulbrooke, that very man’s nephew, rescues her from an angry horde. Edward may be different from other nobles but Selina’s distrust runs deep. So she’s shocked when he proposes marriage to protect her and her people! Can she accept?

Wow! Just wow, I am completely blown away by this beautiful book. If I didn’t know that this was Joanne Johnson’s debut, I would never have believed it. The quality of Ms Johnson’s writing is beyond good, she had me gripped from that very first page, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was gripped by the original and imaginative plot, this is a fantastic addition to ever-increasing Mills and Boon Historical Romances.

My goodness, what an opening! From that very first fast action and thrilling page, I was hooked. I could feel Selina’s fear as she rode to evade the mob out for her blood, the tension was palpable, my heart was in my throat as I read. That is great skill to have the reader go through so many emotional and feel completely connected with the character from the very first page. Ms Johnson certainly knows how to grab a person’s attention, this is a stonking great start to what I know is going to be a long and brilliantly successful career.

This is predominately an ‘Enemies to Lovers’ trope, which is my whole time favourite in all the romance tropes. Romani Selina has grown to detest all gentry, which once you find out her history and the story behind her hate you can really understand her. So when she finds herself in the unforeseen position that in order to protect her people, her family she must marry one of the very people she hates.

Edward and Selina are an incredible couple, they appear as different as they can get at first, but you soon realise – as do they – that they have far more in common then originally expected. There is an instant connection between Edward and Selina, the air crackles around them as they navigate their way through this whole new and unexpected life.

I love how Selina and Edward first meet as children, before each of their families can instil the prejudice and hatred for each other. They are just children who find a moment of happiness and kindness from the other. I love how Ms Johnson has written it as both Edward and Selina remember that moment all those years ago when they first met.

Romani Selina is accused of trying to steal away with Edward Fullbrooke’s little sister. Selina is running for her life from the angry mob who are fuelled with anger, ignorance and hate. She is completely innocent but knows better than to try to explain what really happened, she knows what the gentry could do to her so she ploughs on trying to evade capture. With the help from an unexpected place, Selina manages to escape and she is safe. But, for how much longer will she and her people be safe once the village people those from the estate know where they are?

Edward must marry if he is to keep his estate and lands from the clutches of his ‘evil’ uncle – once you read the book, you will know what I mean. Edward doesn’t want marriage, especially to any off those ninny-headed gold diggers that always seem to appear whenever there is a wealthy man, which is when he realises that the answer to his problems is right there under his nose. He pitches a proposition to Selina; he will personally protect her and her fellow Roma, they can stay on his land without fear if she will marry him. He proposes a marriage in name only for a short period of time and after she is free to go or stay and do as she pleases.

It’s a win, win situation!

The writing is flawless, you can really see how much research the author has put into this everything from the Roma campsite, clothes, customs and every scene is vivid in detail and rich in history. Ms Johnson has put so much of herself into this, you can feel her passion for story and the character’s coming right off the page with every word.

Over all this is gorgeous story! Utterly romantic, atmospheric, sensual, full of passion and charm. Amazing clear and realistic character’s, great edge of your seat plot. I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait to see what will come next from this new author.

This was an Arc from the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Joanna!

The Marriage Rescue is to be released on 2nd May and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

#Review : Reunited With His Long-Lost Cinderella (Scandalous Australian Bachelors #2) by Laura Martin @lauramartin2788 #ReunitedWithHisLongLostCinderella #ScandalousAustralianBachelors @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello my lovelies! I have the great pleasure to be sharing my review of the gorgeous Reunited With His Long-Lost Cinderella by Laura Martin, which is the second book in the amazing Scandalous Australian Bachelors series. So with put further ado, let me tell a little of this book.

The Society lady

And the return of her first love…

Part of Scandalous Australia Bachelors: When widow Lady Francesca attends a masquerade ball, she’s shocked to meet Ben Crawford again. She’d loved him, once, before her awful marriage, before he’d been transported to Australia as a convict. Now a wealthy landowner, Ben’s contempt of her burns almost as strong as their attraction. She knows he believes she betrayed him – so she must put the past right, before it’s too late…

My, oh my!! What a book, I’m in love – yes, I know it happens on a regular basis! I have been so looking forward to this one since we first met Ben in Sam’s story, there was something about the quietly charismatic man who caught my attention and I am so happy to say that he does not disappoint – he is even more sexy and dashing then I thought he would be. Laura Martin you are killing me with your heroes!

Widowed Francesca is nearing the end of her moaning period and now she is facing the prospect of another love-less arranged marriage. She cannot think of anything worse than having to marry another bore, but she knows her place and she is a good girl who will always do as she is supposed to. But, her heart has always been to another, a boy long ago had stolen that before he was stolen away from her in the most brutal of ways. On the first ball since she was allowed out from her moaning she attends a Masquerade ball, where she meets the most enigmatic, suave and ridiculously sexy man she has ever met only to have her whole world rocked when she finds that he is none other than the boy who because of her was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Francesca is full of guilt over what happened to Ben, even though she tried to help as a child she knows that he blames her for what happened to him. She wants to make amends to him, before he returns to Australia.

Ben Crawford is back in London after eighteen long years in Australia, first as a prisoner and then working is way to becoming a wealthy man in his own right. In those long years Ben has always had one woman on his mind, one woman who had kept him going through all those hard, back-breaking days. Even though he has loved Francesca ever since they used to run around like feral children on Francesca’s father’s land, Ben has always though her partly to blame for what happened to him and that resentment has buried itself deep into Ben. Yet, he can’t get away from the fact that she has always been his one true love. Which is why he is so desperate to see her, he wants to know what she is like now how the past eighteen years have been to her and deep down he wants to know if she will remember him …. which he doubts! Which is where the masquerade ball comes in.

I do feel for Ben he was charged with a crime he didn’t commit and at the tender age of twelve was put on a boat and transported to the other side of the world to serve his sentence in Australia. He has been treated so harshly and cruelly especially by the aristocrat’s and this is mainly because he of working class stock. For me Ben is worth a thousand of any of those struck up snobs who look down their noses at him, he is a brilliant man; kind, charming, protective, hard-working, sensual, sexy-as-hell. Who wants a fop in a strangling cravat and perfectly manicured nails when you could have rugged, tousled Ben who can be a gentleman when the occasion calls for it but he is much happier getting his hands dirty – sigh!! I know who I would go for 😉

Oh, lordy how much do I love these Bachelors? I was completely smitten with gorgeous Sam from the previous book, then Laura Martin goes and introduces me to this stud of a man!! My goodness, I am feeling all hot and bothered – I have always had a weakness for a set of green eyes and does Ben know how to use those cunning dreamy greens or what? Swoon!! So many heart eyes for him, I am a melting wreck because of this sinfully attractive man.

But dear Ben is far more than just a chiselled physic, tousled hair and the most damn gorgeous smile on either side of the equator – oh, no he has brains as well as brawn. What I love about this series is that it is all about these ordinary men who have been unfairly treated – they were transported to Australia as children all because of lies – they served their sentence, which they shouldn’t have had to serve and once released from their chains they made a whole new life for themselves; both Sam and Ben have created a life that doesn’t consist of aristocrats and all the pomp, stupid rules and brash ignorance that circulated through the ton. This series is all about them finally finding the happiness that for the last eighteen years has been elusive to them.

I won’t say too much as there is a secondary plot going on about why Ben got transported and why Francesca feels so guilty, but I will say that ending, my goodness my heart wept and soared at the same time. That moment when Ben is about to leave on the ship is like something from a movie, utterly romantic! I had shivers while reading it, one of the best scenes ever.

This book is just gorgeous, It is an intricately woven romance which takes the reader on an enchanting journey. Ms Martin has created a beautiful story that has real heart and lots of love, her writing is full of passion for the story and the character’s. This is a brilliant second chance romance with two thought-provoking and complex character’s who will grab your attention and you will cheer them both on to their happily ever after.

I cannot wait for the next book in this series, I just know that it is going to be just as emotional as this one.

This was a complimentary copy via the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you Laura!

Reunited With His Long Lost Cinderella is available now at Amazon.

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Hello my lovelies, I have the great pleasure to be sharing with you all my review of this amazing book; The Earls Countess of Convenience by Marguerite Kaye which is the first book in the whole new Penniless Brides of Convenience – to say I have been excited about this new series is an understatement and I am so pleased to say that this book does not disappoint. But, don’t take my word for it grab yourself a cuppa an a piece of cake and have a read.

A countess in name only…

tempted by a night with her husband!

Part of Penniless Brides of Convenience: Eloise Brannagh has witnessed first-hand the damage unruly passion can cause. Yet she craves freedom, so a convenient marriage to the Earl of Fearnoch seems the perfect solution! Except Alexander Sinclair is more handsome, more intriguing, more everything, than Eloise anticipated. Having set her own rules for their marriage, her irresistible husband might just tempt Eloise to break them!

Well, this is fabulous! What a great introduction to this whole new series, I was instantly interested in the Penniless Brides of Convenience just going by the title of the series alone I knew that this was going to right up my street. I was fascinated by the sound of it, I do love stories where the lead character is a little down on their luck and we see them really come into their own throughout the book and this is exactly what happens here.

Judging by this one, I know that the rest of this series is going to be great. I am really looking forward to see what Ms Kaye has got in store for us next and where these Penniless Brides takes us. Alexander, the new Earl of Fearnoch needs a wife! Because of a clause when he inherited the title, if he is to keep his estates he must marry before he turns 30 otherwise everything would revert to his already married cousin and the next in line. Alexander because of reasons you will find when you read the book he doesn’t want this cousin anywhere near the title, so when his friend Daniel says his niece Eloise would be perfect for him he knows that this could be his chance to fulfill the clause. Alexander doesn’t want a marriage in the regular sense, if it was up to him he wouldn’t marry at all due to his choice of career. All he wants is a wife in name only, and Eloise who is as reluctant for an intimate marriage as he is perfect.

After the death of their parents; Eloise and her two sisters are currently living with their aunt Kate, when she receives a letter from her uncle Daniel who says that his friend the Earl of Fearnoch is in search of a wife and dear uncle Daniel has put her name forward as the perfect candidate.

Eloise and her sister’s have a ball guessing what Alexander will be like, it is a very funny scene where the twins are coming out with these hilarious descriptions about the as yet unknown Earl. But, Eloise being the practical older sister she can see ahead that this marriage could be very beneficial for everyone – that is as long as she likes him.

The deal is made, they understand each other and marry but can their marriage really be just in name only? Let me tell you with the seductive looks that pass between them, I think not. There is an energy in the air whenever they are in the same room, they have real chemistry. Eloise and Alexander are a great couple, they both have issues, there is a vulnerability about both of them that is heart-breaking they have both suffered which has ingrained itself on both of them, turning them both cynical towards happily ever after’s. Which is why they work together so well, they can see themselves in the other and it is this part of their relationship that really speaks to the reader and where Ms Kaye comes into her own as a writer.

What I really loved about this one is that the first half of the book is basically Eloise and Alexander getting to know each other, it is them negotiating their marriage deal and finding their feet as a married couple and learning each other’s little tells and quirks. I really love that, and it’s so new for a couple to sit down and actually talk about themselves. True, Alexander doesn’t reveal all, there is more to this man then meets the eye and Eloise senses that too, she knows that Alexander isn’t exactly what he proclaimed himself to be.

I am a huge fan of Marguerite Kaye’s work, I love how descriptive her books are, you can really visualise every scene with such clarity it is as though you have been transported into the book. As always you become utterly submerged into her writing, but I do particularly like this one – I would even go as far as saying that this is one of the best I’ve read – I love the progression of the story and watching Eloise and Alexander find their way is utterly charming. Yet there is far more to this then a marriage of convenience, something which I won’t go into as it would give away the whole story and I can’t have that, you need to read this and find out what the sub plot is for yourself.

The Earls Countess of Convenience is a captivating and tender romance that will make you feel utterly besotted with the story and the character’s; are perfectly written they have real depth and energy. The story is flows gracefully from page one and takes the reader on a wonderfully journey right to the last.

Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough, this really is a heavenly read.

This was an Arc from the author in exchange for an honest review, Thank you Marguerite!

The Earls Countess of Convenience is available now and can be purchased from Amazon.