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Hello Sunshines! I am super excited to be sharing my review of; The Scoundrel’s Bartered Bride by Virginia Heath. This book is so good, the hero; Owen….well is really something indeed 😉 I can’t wait for you all to meet him, I do hope you will all love it as much as I do!

The Scoundrel’s Bartered Bride by Virginia Heath

Genre: Historical Romance / Publisher: Mills and Boon, Harlequin / Format: Ebook, Paperback / Release Date: 16th June 2020


To the highest bidder

Lady Lydia Barton cannot seem to avoid Owen Wolfe since he’s returned after being wrongly transported for stealing her family’s jewels! But Lydia has more pressing problems, like her impending arranged marriage. Until Owen makes her father a counteroffer for her hand. Is Owen purely after her society connections, or dare Lydia hope that the charming stable boy she once loved is still within her ruthless, wealthy new husband?

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Praise for Virginia Heath

“Virginia Heath’s writing is as warm, witty, and insightful as ever…one of the best authors of historical romance around.” —All About Romance on The Determined Lord Hadleigh

“I loved every minute of this story along with the wonderful witty moments that I have come to love from Virginia Heath’s writing.” —Rae Reads on The Determined Lord Hadleigh

“Just when I thought that Virginia Heath had reached her pinnacle with sexy and swoon-worthy heroes she pulls a stunner… I have said it before, but I am going to say it again; that Ms Heath really does have a gift with writing.” — Chicks, Rogues and Scandals on The Disgraceful Lord Gray

“Virginia Heath’s books get better and better. She is an automatic buy for me. If you haven’t read her books, I highly recommend them.”— Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog on The Uncompromising Lord Flint


When I heard that the next book by Virginia Heath was going to be a mix of two favourite tropes; Marriage of Convenience and Enemies to Lovers (which just happens to be my favourite romance trope – I think everyone knows that by now) I knew instantly that we would be in for a whopping great book. And as always Virginia has gone and knocked ball of greatness out of the game and moved the goalposts of how historical romances books are written, the same goal posts which all historical romance authors aim for.

Honestly, is there no end to this amazing woman’s ability to entertain us, loyal readers?

This is a fabulous addition to her rapidly expanding writing CV! I believe this is her fifteenth book (I could be wrong if I am then do let me know) in what; four/five years? That is impressive, and as ever I am in complete awe of her…I think I best actually say something about the book, instead of embarrassing us all with the constant fangirling waffle!

Wolfe by name wolf by nature, isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? I don’t think lovely Owen is quite a wolf, true he maybe roguish scoundrel and underneath is twinkling charm and this endearing boyishness I did think there was a ruthless, hardened and steal quality about him, but he isn’t a wolf. Which I did found a tad disappointing I wanted him to be a rougher – especially regarding what he had been through, but hey, that’s just me, I’m a bit weird.

Apart from that, he is an amazing hero, I have always loved a self-made man, a man who has really fought and worked his arse off to get to where he is; and that is Owen! Virginia has done the most amazing job at creating a genuinely lovable rogue, a down on his luck lad who became the master of his realm. A man who every woman with a pulse will instantly fall in love with just doesn’t think of taking him from me…..I have my handbag at the ready for a duel 😉

He started his life in a decent job as a stable hand, then for things to take a wrong turn and suddenly he had nothing, and now he is the owner of a Gaming Hell, he has aspirations, his has vision, he is a proud, stubborn, complex and intelligent man. Yet despite having his world turned topsy-turvy, he has succeeded, and beneath that money magnet lies the heart of a kind, caring and compassionate man – a man who can’t for the life of him see the woman whom he loved all those years ago being sold off to a viper.

After being wrongfully accused and eventually transported for stealing, he has spent many years trying to regain his place in the world and he has worked hard, bloody hard to amass the fortune he has in his bank account and now the not so bad boy is back – much to the unease of the woman he loved all those years ago, a woman who he will never forgive, and yet he can’t seem to get said woman out of his mind.

Lydia is on the threshold of a marriage, she is going to be sold out to the highest bidder as her family are in dire straights, their huge wealth has gone and now her father needs to fill the family coffers and the only way to do that is to sell off his daughter even if that means selling her to the vile, evil and most likely murderous Lord Kelvedon. That is until the rakish, super gambler; Owen Wolfe steps in and literally wins her hand. Now they are together, they not only must face life as man and wife when they detest each other but they soon find themselves on a hunt to clear Owen name, because if he didn’t steal those dratted jewels, then who did?

I love, love, love that period when they are married, they still don’t completely trust or like each other and yet, there is a passion brewing, the air is tingling with pent up frustration, anger, lust, and confusion. I have always loved a good-natured battle between the couple and add in Virginia’s solid and brilliant wit you have fun and fireworks, but there are also some real emotional and heart-warming moments, it was in those instances where I warmed a little more to Lydia, as before that I wasn’t sure about her, but she soon won me over.

This is a wonderful escapist read, it takes the reader on a journey of discovery to find that all-elusive happily ever after. It has everything we loyal readers have come to love about Virginia heath’s writing; a perfect fiery romance full or real wit and raw passion, two intriguing characters who pull the reader into their lives and it is a real joy getting to know them and watch them grow and change from two warring individuals to an unbreakable couple. But don’t think this is all about the romance, I love that there is an intriguing mystery that hovers around in the background giving this a bit of a different feel to other romances. Again another aspect I love about the historical genre, I love a good mystery entwined with the romance.

This was an Arc via the author which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you, Virginia. x


About the Author

When lifelong insomniac Virginia Heath was a little girl, she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling. She did this every night for over forty years until one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down. Now, to her absolute delight and utter astonishment, her slightly racy Regency Romcoms are published in many languages all across the globe. Amongst them are her critically acclaimed Wild Warriners and King’s Elite series for Harlequin Historical.

Unashamedly addicted to happily ever afters and terminally cheerful, Virginia cannot wait to launch NEVER FALL FOR YOUR FIANCEE, the first book in her upcoming Merriwell Sisters trilogy with St Martin’s Press loose into the world.
When she isn’t furiously writing romance fuelled on far too much English tea, she likes to travel to far off places, shop for things she doesn’t need and drag her devoted Labrador Trevor on long walks around her native London. And in case you were wondering, two Romantic Novel of the Year Award nominations and eighteen books later, it still takes Virginia forever to fall asleep.

You can find her procrastinating online on her busy Facebook page and at

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Hello Sunshines, I hope you are all safe and well?! I am super excited to be sharing my review of this amazing book; The Mysterious Miss Fairchild by Sarah Mallory, as always grab that cuppa and enjoy!

An accomplished beauty…

But a most unsuitable match!

Natalya Fairchild can’t help but be drawn to Tristan Quintrell, Lord Dalmorren, with his effortless charisma, even if he’s not her intended bridegroom. Tristan is an eligible society catch…whereas Natalya’s unknown heritage could label her ruined! As he helps Natalya investigate her mysterious past, she starts to hope the truth of her conception won’t destroy her prospects…of a life with Tristan!

My, Oh my, Oh my!!! Well, this is just fabulous! I have read quite a few of Sarah Mallory’s books – and loved each one – but this one is easily the very best yet! Full of intrigue, romance, secrets, whispers of scandal, a superb plot and fantastic characters. There is nothing I didn’t love about this, everything from the brilliant plot with the addition of a great mystery to the utterly gorgeous and striking cover – I mean, look at it, isn’t it beautiful? (Yes, I know I may be a little biased seeing as I do have a penchant for dark purple)

Is it possible for me to read a Sarah Mallory book and not fall head over heels for the hero?

The answer to that is a huge; No!

Ah, Tristen….deep swooning sigh, followed by a dreamy look into the distance…..I really was doomed from the first page, talk about being a charmer 😉

Phew, this man has got the gift of the gab for sure, yet he isn’t boorish or arrogant he is a smooth talker, a man who knows exactly what he is doing, he is cool and controlled in any situation, he knows the game and he knows how to play his hand; he is smooth and effortlessly suave – well, he is until a certain dark-haired pocket rocket challenges and rebukes him – if I didn’t like Natalya so much, I would probably hate her – Poor Tristen, he really didn’t stand a chance!

The story opens with our gorgeous Tristen Quintrell; Lord Dalmorren and his hot-headed nephew who has turned up declaring his love for the mysterious Natalya Fairchild, a young woman with no past and who young Freddie has decided he wants to marry. Oh, dear! Tristen takes it upon himself to go to Bath and meet the young woman who has stolen his nephew’s little heart and whom Tristen believe may only want Freddie because of who he is. By the way, I thought Freddie was a hoot, a typical young buck, a proper rake, I loved him!

Natayla has no past, no memories, no knowledge of who she is at all and in certain respect especially with living in the Regency era, she may not have a very solid future, depending on whom she is. She has been raised by her aunt and uncle – well I say raised, what I actually mean is they have kept her hidden away, never to associate with anyone they deem unworthy, never to have fun flirtations with young bucks. She has never had a season and is hardly ever allowed to balls, yet they push her to be accepted within society, they have regimented every aspect of her life with lessons in every subject known to man. All she wants is to know who her parents were and to be able to have a little fun.

Natalya wants a little freedom, but more than that she wants to know who she is. Her aunt and uncle have promised to tell her everything when she turns twenty-one until then she must bide her time, at least for a few more weeks until all will be revealed to her.

I sympathise for Natalya, she is pent up ball of frustration, all she has ever wanted in life is to know who she is. Which is completely understandable! There is a lot of anger and confusion bubbling within her especially aimed at her guardians for how they keep her tucked away, how they demand so much of her but give very little in answer to her questions in return. She is also anxious about what the truth will be, what her future holds and what her parentage actually is; what if she is a result of a scandalous match? Or born on the wrong side of the blanket?

To say that Tristen is curious about Natalya is an understatement, he goes to Bath to see what it is about this mysterious young woman that has captivated Freddie so much. Then he sets eyes on her and true he doesn’t think she is all that different from all the other young debutantes out there, but there is a pull towards her, it’s like there is an invisible line pulling him towards her. It’s when they start talking when he sees past the colder exterior that she puts in place for her aunt and uncles sake, that he sees what a brilliant, passionate, intelligent and enchanting young woman she is. Then before he knows it, he is no longer trying to spend time with her for Freddie, but that his is charmed, his blood bubbles with want whenever she is near.

There is a real connection between Natalya and Tristen, they click even though they do squabble a fair bit and he does assume certain things about her that he really shouldn’t, but there is an undeniable sparkle between them, the moments when they are dancing together, the air crackles between them. I love the banter between them, this is what Sarah Mallory is a master at; witty, sexy and at times hostile banter between the hero and heroine.

I have to mention that ending, my goodness, what a surprising twist that was. I didn’t expect the ‘mystery’ to be what it was, I was thinking something else completely and then; boom Sarah throws a spanner into the works and pulls out this golden egg of an ending. It’s perfect for them both, especially Natalya, she really deserved happiness and goodness after being as cloistered as she was and it really showed Tristen at his most romantic, his most heroic and his most seductive…did I mention how much I adore this guy?

The Mysterious Miss Fairchild is in no other words, but charming! It’s an elegantly written mystery romance, it’s full of joy and fun, with a great twist at the end. This is one of those books that just makes you smile, this is a Sarah Mallory at her very best and yet again she shows just how a perfect Historical Romance is written.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this book!

This was an Arc via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you, Sarah. xx

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Hello Sunshines, I hope you are all safe and well, I am super excited to be sharing my review of this gorgeous book with you all; An Unconventional Countess by Jenni Fletcher. Huge apologies must go to Jenni first as I have had this review languishing in my draft’s box for way too long, I was supposed to have it up on the blog earlier in the year, but alas things happen and well laid plan’s are scuppered. I suppose better late then never, right? I do hope you all enjoy it!

From shopkeeper…

To Earl’s wife!

Part of Regency Belles of Bath. Two things are certain: Annabelle Fortini makes the best biscuits in Bath and Samuel Delaney, the charming bachelor who’s just entered her shop, is trouble! Her mother’s unfair exile from society has taught Anna aristocrats can’t be trusted. Samuel may be a famous naval hero and reluctant heir to an earldom, but Anna can’t fall in love with him! Unless she can overcome her pride…and surrender to her heart!

This is the first instalment in the brand new series; Regency Belles of Bath by award-winning Jenni Fletcher, and it is a doozy! I am a huge fan of this fine lady’s writing, her gift at swirling a certain fairy tale-esque magic around a simple and classy love story is always enchanting.

I don’t know who came up with the title of the series; Regency Belles of Bath, but I love the nod to Annabelle’s biscuit’s which are called Belle’s, I’m not sure if that was intentional, but I thought it’s such a lovely touch. This first book is a cracker, I can’t wait to see what is in store for us all in the second book and to see what mischief and scrapes Henrietta gets into with her own story, which is sure to be another flawless love story like this one is.

I am going to have to mention it, honestly I can’t help it….and it’s probably just me, because I am a wee bit odd…but every single time Samuel appeared on the page whether or not in uniform (preferably in uniform though, aye, that gorgeous Navy Blue…swoon!!! 😉 ) I had the theme tune for Hornblower playing in my head, plus the dimpled and dashing Jamie Bamber (IE: Left -Tennent Archie Kennedy) in uniform spring to mind….deep swooning sigh!!!


For those who follow the blog and read my waffled attempts at reviewing, my obsession with a man in uniform will not come as a surprise that I loooovvvvee this man!! For those who have just stopped by…well you will have to get used to the swooning and sighing over dashing Captain’s 😉

Regency Bath, what a magical this is, full of beautiful scenery, architecture, a certain famous spa and biscuits…yep the home to some of the best biscuits in the country. Annabelle Fortini has taken on the running of the family biscuit shop, and what a glorious shop that is….honestly, I need one, or two…or maybe three of those biscuits!

Annabelle does distrust and dislikes the aristocracy; in fact, you could even say she hates them with every fibre in her body, but then again she has a right to; her mother was an aristocrat who married below her station, her father’s footman to be precise and because of that blatant disregard to their rules her family disowned Anna’s mother and never had any contact with the family again. I think Anna and her family have done far better for themselves out of the fold then they would have ever been while within society’s gaze. She has worked hard to carry on and keep her parent’s little shop going despite having other worries stressing her mind, but our Anna is a determined, strong and resilient woman.

I love the way the story opens with Samuel and Anna meeting literally within the first few pages, I liked that instant introduction not just them as a reader but them as a couple, it was as though everyone was getting to know one and other all at once which was a lovely idea.

Captain Delicious – sorry, I mean Samuel 😉 – Delaney…be still be beating heart….if ever there was a man-made to stand aboard a frigate and boom orders to men on the deck, this is him. Samuel has the very crashing sea running through his proud blood, he loves the Navy, he has worked hard to be in the position he is and he wants nothing more than to sail away again, he is a loyal, proud and determined man. But after getting wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar, Samuel has returned to Bath to recuperate and to find out if is to become the next Earl of Staunton, if he does then he can wave a sad goodbye to his much-loved Navel career. He hates the thought that for once in his life he has no control over his future, that he made be forced to leave the one that fills his heart with freedom.

Ahh, Samuel, how much do I love this man? He is…well, I don’t quite have the appropriate words to describe how much I have been daydreaming about this gorgeous uniform wearing man. I need a gif or lots of heart eyes and flames emoji. Honestly, what most people think, It’s true I am obsessed with a man in uniform, I can’t help it!! I blame my family for encouraging me to watch Sharpe and Hornblower 😉

Due to certain things out of their control, Samuel and Anna do spend a lot of time together, in this time they slowly and steadily grow closer and closer, the attraction between them is palpable, they both see something of themselves in the other and I love how they also see each other’s inner turmoil and inner strength which only makes them even more attracted to each other. But there is also a cloud hanging over them, this cloud is the fact that Samuel hasn’t told Anna that is maybe a part of the very aristocratic society she hates so much. To her he is this charming, loyal Naval Captain, a hero a decent chap – yes he is all those things, but what on earth will happen when she learns the truth?

Nope, I am certainly not going to give away that juicy snippet 😉

I have to mention the chapter where Samuel is talking to Anna about the Battle of Trafalgar, the way he tells it makes you think you were right there amongst the chaos of what was one of the greatest British naval battles of all time. It is as plain as day that Jenni Fletcher has done considerate research into the history of the battle, It made me think of Bernard Cornwall’s; Sharpe at Trafalgar, which I read many years ago. The writing is solid, as solid and sure as the mighty Victory leading her little fleet into that historic and triumphant battle.

Hmmm?! I may have gone a little off course there….Where was I?

The thing I love about Jenni Fletcher’s stories is that they are not all aristocratic lords and ladies swanning around like sheep following each other in the latest fashions (No offence to other authors who do write lords and ladies, most I do genuinely love) her characters are real, they are in no other words to describe it; normal, they work hard and I do connect with them, they are fabulous!

Anna especially is a new favourite of mine, no wilting wallflower here she is a brilliant, passionate, loyal, caring and intelligent woman who has a little too much weighing on her slim shoulders, which is why Samuel and she are so perfect for each other. They are from the same mould, he doesn’t want a brainless ninny in his life, he needs someone who not only can challenge and banter with him but who is matched in intelligence and passion.

I love the way Jenni captures the very essence of Regency Bath, the whole book sparkles with her passion and knowledge for the era, for the story, for the history …and of course for the biscuits!

This book is as delicious as the biscuits in Anna’s shop, it swirls magic and joy around the reader like fine sugar in a bakery. Its a testament to what a brilliant author Jenni Fletcher is, full of romance, history, laugh out loud character banter, a brilliant plot which flows with such ease that the reader will be swept away…hopefully right into the waiting arms of a certain man in uniform – a girl can dream 😉

Charming and perfect – I don’t think there is any more to say, is there?

This was an Arc from the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Jenni and apologies for how ridiculously late this review is! xx

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Hello Sunshines! I am super excited to be sharing my review of the beautiful; Scandalously Wed To The Captain by Joanna Johnson. So grab that cuppa and a snack – you will need it and enjoy!

Bound to a stranger

…in a secret ceremony!

With her finances, reputation and heart all broken by a family scandal, Grace Linwood seeks employment. But the lady she’s companion to isn’t long for this world. She’s intent on seeing Grace protected and quickly wed to her son, curt and closed-off Captain Spencer Dauntsey. With little choice, all Grace can say is “I do”…but who is the man she has just married?

I have been so looking forward to this book ever since reading Joann’s debut; The Marriage Rescue last year, I knew that there were more great things to come from her and I wasn’t wrong, this book is a sensation; deeply moving, fabulously original plot with two of the most engaging characters who I can guarantee you will love from the onset. …plus one’s a Captain; you all know me and men in uniforms, I love them, the more fragile and broken the better and does this guy need loving are what? I could easily weep for his tortured soul.

I love that opening scene, it really grasps the reader’s attention, it’s so dramatic you can really sense the emotion and how lost in their own broken world Grace and Spencer are, it’s a brilliant piece of writing and sets up the story perfectly. I love how the unique ending fits Grace and Spencer perfectly with the opening scenes, it’s so clever how Joanna has used turbulent weather to really build upon the emotion, yet again proof of what a brilliant writer she is.

Grace Linwood is a woman on the edge; her family are centre stage to a huge scandal since her father has been wrongfully imprisoned in debtors prison of all places, framed by his colleagues the family are now bankrupt, their so-called friends have fled like a rats on a sinking ship and the family are just about destitute. To make matters wore – if they could get any worse; Grace’s beau has done a runner not wanting his name to be tied with known debtors and such scandal – the rake! But never mind Grace, your knight in not so shining armour will be along soon to growl and brood at you….sigh!! Which is when in her most desperate hour of need while contemplating her life in the pouring rain she bumps into an old family friend.

Captain Spencer Dauntsey….be still my over rapidly beating heart! I need a gif, honestly, words are failing me!… back in Lyne Regis, after leaving the town eight years previously after the death of his father he, his mother and twin brother left but now with his mother dying he has brought her back home.

Spencer has a lot of darkness that is engulfing his every day, he is wracked with guilt and shame over his actions, over what happened he is so wrapped up in his own grief and his own hell he is becoming oblivious to everything else around him…honestly the bottle he drinks daily doesn’t help matters either. He is locked in the gloom of his darkened mind, that is until the ray of saddened sunshine appears out of nowhere to set his world off kilter…or maybe that is one too many bottles?

When Grace is reunited with a family friend and Spencer’s mother; Dorothea, who is unfortunately seriously ill, she and her family are saved when Dorothea offers Grace the position of companion, which pushes Grace and Spencer together forcing them to spend time with each other. Something our spencer isn’t too happy about he doesn’t want Grace to know the full extent of just how much he has changed from the carefree and charismatic man he once was. Dorothea who even though we see her in the final throes of life because of this illness, I sense that she is a really cunning and savvy woman, she sees things and it is her dying wish that Spencer and Grace marry. Which sees them complying to her final wishes, and then they must tread the uncertain path they have found themselves on which is compelling reading and an absolute delight to see them slowly getting to know each other.

Even though this is only the second book by Joanna Johnson it is as clear as a bell that this lady has huge amounts of talent, her writing is flawless, I know that she is going to from strength to strength – honestly, this fine lady will soon rule the historical roost and I cannot wait to see what she pulls out of her intelligent mind next.

Overall, this is a magnificent, charming and intriguing romance, with a perfect and highly original plot and two of the most heartbreakingly wonderful characters, it really is just perfect!

This was a complimentary copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Joanna and huge apologies for how ridiculously late this review is. xx

#Review | Her Rags-To-Riches Christmas (Scandalous Australian Bachelors, Book 3) by Laura Martin #HerRagsToRichesChristmas #ScandalousAustralianBachelors @lauramartin2788 @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello Sunshines! Am I super excited about this book or what? I cannot wait to share with you all my review of the stunning; Her Rags-To-Riches Christmas by Laura Martin, which is book three in the Scandalous Australian Bachelors series. So settle back grab that cuppa, grab your cake and enjoy!

A Christmas miracle rescue!

But dare she wish for more?

Wrongfully-convicted and transported to Australia, Alice Fillips is saved from public flogging by wealthy landowner George Fitzgerald. Working as a domestic servant at his farm feels worlds away from her old life. But as the connection between her and George boils over, she’s torn between her fear of trusting anyone…and the tantalising glimpse of the fresh start this man could offer…

I have been avidly awaiting this book for way too long, and I was not disappointed, my goodness! This book is stunning, it’s mesmerizing, beautiful, clever and surprising, I felt every emotion and loved every moment, every page was a treat for this romantic’s heart.

Her Rags-To-Riches Christmas is the third book in the outstanding; Scandalous Australian Bachelors series, and oh boy, what a series it has been! Each book can be easily read as a stand-alone, yet my personal opinion is, I would read them in order as that way will give you a greater appreciation of just how beautiful this series and these bachelors are. Laura Martin is an outstanding author, I am relatively new to her work only reading this series, but from that very first book last year I was hooked and mystified with her wondrous writing.

The opening is brilliant and sets up the story beautifully, from that first introduction to the characters you know that all is not going to be smooth sailing for Alice and George, there are too many shadows and darkness lurking in their past, especially for Alice, because of what has happened to her she is so reluctant to trust and to believe that people can be good and kind, which I found very emotional and heartbreaking to read, but hugely heart-warming once George shows her that not everyone in life is out to hurt her in some way.

George Fitzgerald is back in Australia, after a brief spell in England with his friends, he is making his way back to his farm when he comes across a young woman being cruelly punished in the town, even though she is a transported criminal he cannot bare to see her flogged so he steps in and claims her as his.

Definitely a Knight in shining armour moment! 😉

Honestly, in that one moment I fell head over heels for this marvellous man, he is a kind, gentle, caring and sympathetic man who cannot tolerate the abuses and injustices he sees around him. But the other reason I adore him, it is his way with animals. I have always said you can tell a mans character by the way he treats those less fortunate than himself or the way he treats animals and George is a prince amongst the injured, the way he cradles that little joy just broke me, I melted completely.

It was so lovely seeing all the boys back together again, I have loved getting to know each one of the Bachelor’s as they have found the women who have tested and helped them find their happiness, but I think this is my favourite of them all, I know I have said that about the previous books, but this one really buried itself into my heart, it is hugely emotional, thought-provoking and sensitive and at the same time it crackles with tension and sizzles with pent up attraction, it burns with longing and chemistry. I cannot truly say how much I loved this one, this series is amazing each one so different and so cleverly entwined together yet this one really sets itself apart from the others, I really think that Laura Martin has broken the mould of Regency romance with this beautifully captivating book.

Alice is wrongfully convicted and transported she has been through hell lost a little of her self while a prisoner, she has lost her trust, her faith in humanity, she has become a shell of the wild and vibrant women you just know is hiding in that fragile body. I adore the way Laura has handled the weary budding relationship between Alice and George, the way trust is built up between them is so beautiful to see especially with Alice as she has seen and experienced so little kindness since she was convicted and transported so it is so hard for her to believe and trust George. She senses that he is different from the other men she has encountered, but can she really put her faith in a man who is technically her owner?

What I love about this series is that it isn’t your stereotypical regency full of glittery balls and glamorous debutantes, this is looking at the era from the opposite side of the fence we get to see another side to Regency one that doesn’t follow the rules and I love it. There is something very enthralling about Australian history, I’ve not read that many historical romances set there only because I haven’t found them, which is a real shame. I loved learning about the land and the history, the descriptions of the outback are so vivid, they are full of raw truth and enchanting colour. It is obvious that Laura has done her research as she wrote this book, every aspect is so clear and real, I was transported there with every scene.

As you may have guessed, I loved it!!! This is easily one of the best I’ve read, I loved the intricate story, the romance, the easy and thrilling pacing of the story and especially the setting. It’s beautiful, atmospheric, enticing, gripping and magical. Hurrah, to Laura Martin for writing such an intense and satisfying book!

This was a complimentary copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Laura and huge apologies for how ridiculously late this review is. xx

#Review | His Countess For A Week by Sarah Mallory #HisCountessForAWeek @SarahMRomance @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hello, my festive little Sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this gorgeous book; his Countess for a Week by Sarah Mallory. This book is so wonderful ad I have been so looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you all, so settle in, grab that cuppa, plus a snack and enjoy!

A pretend marriage to the Earl

Sharing everything—except a bed…

To uncover a ruthless killer, Arabella Roffey masquerades as the Countess of Westray—never expecting her ‘husband’ suddenly to appear! He could expose her, but instead he agrees to continue her ruse for a week. Randolph is brooding, handsome, and Bella likes him more than she should. Pretending to be his wife, she shares everything with him—except a bed—but the temptation to do so is becoming all too real…

It’s always like opening a Christmas gift whenever I start a new Sarah Mallory book, you know it’s going to be a great love story, but because Sarah is such a dynamic and imaginative writer, you never know what sort of adventure you will go on, I have yet to be disappointed by the journey and this beautiful book is no different.

I am so pleased that Sarah wrote Ran’s story, the last time we met him he was a bit of a bad ‘un, yet as much as you wanted to dislike him, I really wanted him to redeem himself with a story of his own. I am over the moon that he gets his happily ever after too, but it’s not an easy journey for him, there are certain things that are associated with his past that does impede his way to happiness, and I thought his little flaw’s and vulnerabilities make him all the more lovable and fascinating.

After five years living in Sydney Cove after being transported for Murder, Randolph the newly named Earl of Westrey is now back on English soil and ready to finally step up and take responsibility for his life, he knows he did wrong and he is ready to be a man. He may not be comfortable with coming back with a title especially as a convicted criminal, but he has grown up a lot and ready to step up, but he is rather taken back that when he reaches one of the estates he now owns and finds a ‘wife’ already in residence. Well to say he is a tad shocked to discover a strange woman masquerading as his countess, but who is this mysterious and incredibly beautiful woman? And why on earth is she living in his home as the new Countess of Westray?

I love Ran – in fact, the word ‘love’ doesn’t really cover how much I adore this young, beautiful and charming man if I was a debutante from the regency era, I would have to pull out the virginal white feathered fan and begin to flutter it with gusto (I know, I’m a little long in the tooth to be classed as any kind of deb, but you get the idea) He is a complete surprise not at all how I thought him to be, he is really cheeky and enigmatic there is a smooth confidence about him that makes the heart a flutter around him, and yet hidden beneath that twinkly-eyed charm there is a fragility, a secret that could prevent his happiness.

After the death of her husband, Arabella rather scandalously masquerades as the Countess of Westray to infiltrate the coven of the group she thinks is behind the death of her husband. She had heard all about the new Lord Westray, she never thinks for a moment that the convicted criminal and new Westray will turn up at the same country house as her, but alas there he is large as life, impossibly handsome and full of surprises, for instead of exposing her as a fraud he remarkably decided goes go along with her charade.

Arabella is a really good woman she isn’t one for games and falsehoods, she is far too honest and caring for that, yet she will do all she can to find the truth about her husband. There are inner depths to Arabella, not just her need for justice and truth, but the more she uncovers the more she realises, that she has lived her life under an illusion as you will find out as you read, there is a deep sadness about her that I picked up from the moment I met her and I absolutely loved the way that without even trying Ran brings out the inner sparkle which she keeps hidden so well.

As they work together under the guise of man and wife, to uncover what happened to Arabella’s late husband, the chemistry between them is hard to resist and soon both are beginning to feel the pull of their desire for the other, but can they hold off their feelings and wade through the sexual tension that lingers in the atmosphere around them long enough to find out the truth?

I have to mention that ending, oh, my word!! Talk about edge of your seat, I was completely gripped by the intricate and daring finale, I absolutely refuse to give details (as always there will be no spoilers coming from me) but it’s a real doozy, it’s unexpected, thrilling, ridiculously romantic, the perfect ending for Ran and Arabella.

I loved every part of this; the story is not your stereotypical romance it’s original and I loved the edgier feel to it which pulls the reader in. Its full of tantalising banter, fabulous character’s are brilliantly written, Arabella and Ran are wonderful to get to know, they sizzle with tension, the atmosphere between them crackles with lust, each scene is like a battle of wills who will cave in and lunge at the other? I even love the baddie’s, they have such great personalities that you really love to hate them – there is one, in particular, that does make you want to boo and hiss whenever they appear.

This book has every thing you would ever want from a historical romance; history, two challenging characters, a coupe of villains, an explosive plot, a beautiful romance and it is all tied up with that unmistakable Sarah Mallory flare and style.

This was an Arc copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Sarah! Xx

His Countess for a Week is to be released on 26 December and can be pre-ordered.

#Review | Rogue’s Holiday (Agents of the Crown #5) by Regan Walker #RoguesHoliday #AgentsOfTheCrown @RegansReview

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Hello, my friends, I am so excited to be sharing my review of this amazing and gorgeous book; Rogues Holiday, which is book five in the stunning Agents of the Crown series by Regan Walker. So, grab a cuppa and let me take you on a thrilling adventure.

Even a spy needs a holiday…

Robert Powell’s work as a spy saves the Cabinet ministers from a gruesome death and wins him accolades from George IV. As a reward, the king grants him a baronetcy and a much-deserved holiday at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton where he thinks to indulge in brandy, cards, good horseflesh and women.

But when Muriel, Dowager Countess of Claremont, learns of Sir Robert’s intended destination, she begs a favor…to watch over an “errant child” who is the grandniece of her good friend living in the resort town. Little does Robbie know that Miss Chastity Reynolds is no child but a beautiful hoyden who is seemingly immune to his charms.

Chastity lives in the shadow of her mother and sisters, dark-haired beauties men admire. Her first Season was a failure but, as she will soon come into a family legacy, she has no need to wed. When she first encounters Sir Robert, she dubs him The Rogue, certain he indulges in a profligate lifestyle she wants no part in.

In Brighton, Robbie discovers he is being followed by friends of the conspirators who had planned to murder the Cabinet. Worse, they know the location of Chastity’s residence.

I say the same thing every single time I read a Regan Walker book, and I think Regan must be tired of reading it from me, never-the-less, I am going to say it again and that is; she really has a gift for story-telling. Every time I pick up a Regan Walker book, I know that I am going to be in for a treat, she stun’s with her eloquent and magical writing, she never disappoints, and this is no exception.

To say I have been looking forward to this book is an understatement, it’s been a long torturous wait (believe me, I am not the most patient of people, I don’t even like waiting in line in the supermarket) for Robbie’s story, yet he was worth the wait. Since we first met him in the previous; A Secret Scottish Christmas, I was completely taken with him, I loved how we got to know him and the relationship with his twin brother; Nash, in that book, I knew that he needed a story of his own there was something very intriguing about him. So you can understand how excited I was when I head that Regan Walker would indeed be giving Robbie a story of his own and oh boy, its a doozy! I definitely think that he has stepped out of his brothers, and his families shadow and come into his own to be the brilliant hero, I knew he would be.

Spy for the crown; Robbie Powell has gone and helped disband a brutal gang of treasonous conspirators who planned on murdering cabinet ministers, to say thank for all he has done for his country and the crown; King George IV bestows on him a Baronetcy and grants him an exclusive and much deserved holiday in his very own Pavilion in Brighton. Our Robbie jumps at the chance to finally be aware from all the spying lark, deep down he has had enough of dodging knives and bullets, he wants nothing more than a little peace and to finally be able to have a good time and maybe a quick fumble with an available woman. When the fabulous Dowager Countess of Claremont learns of Robbie’s destination, her sly mind starts to plot and she asks him to look after the niece of a good friend of her, an feisty, misbehaving errant child.

Little does our Robbie know that the ‘child’ is in fact a young woman, with a mind of her own. Chastity is the bane of her families lives, she isn’t the sterotypical little miss that everyone thinks she should be, she isn’t even the sterotypical regency debutante. She is a woman who thinks for herself and does as she pleases, even if some do class her as an uncontrollable hoyden. Chastity’s family decides that she must be reigned in, so they decide to ship her off to live with her great aunt in Brighton where they are hoping she will finally become respectable – I’m not laying any bets on that, for the very aunt she is going to stay with is just as mischievous as her niece.

Once there she meets a devilishly handsome rogue, who just happens to wear a fine pair of boots – you see, our Chastity designs footwear, she notices these things – that first meeting between them, before they actually know who the other is, is so much fun and really shows just how rakish and cheeky Robbie is; honestly grabbing a unknown woman in a hotel and kissing her senseless, scandalous 😉

Robbie and his uncle Jean-Jacques (Jack) arrive in Brighton and are looking forward to having a little down time and enjoying themselves, but the holiday does not go to plan not only do they both meet beautiful woman who each have their own charms and quirks and make Robbie and Jack go a little mad with want and lust. But, there is also the fact that Robbie’s secret life may have caught up with him, putting all around him in terrible danger.

You wouldn’t believe how happy I am that the fabulous Lady Claremont appears again and she is on brilliant form as usual, don’t you just love a match-maker? Well, maybe not Robbie at first, I’m sure his twin brother felt the same and look how that ended 😉 As soon as Muriel learns of Robbie’s destination she puts her little plan of match-making into action with brilliant results.

I have a real soft spot for these character’s, each are wonderfully crafted and very real and relatable; Chastity is an absolute delight to get to know, she is such a bright spark I love that she designs shoes, she fits in so well with the other ladies in Robbie’s family. I utterly adored Jack; Robbie’s cheeky, roguish uncle he is just as quick witted and as predatory and Panther like, something we avid readers of this series have come to associate and love about his father; Jean Donet. It is no secret how mush I fell hopelessly head over heels for Jean Donet from Echo in the Wind, but Robbie and Jack have definitely stolen my heart aware from that rugged silver fox of a piratical Frenchman.

My only qualm with this, is that I felt a little disappointed that we may not get Jack’s story, this is just my view going by how this book ended – I do hope I am wrong as I adored Jack, he may be one of my favourite character’s from the series (him and his gorgeous father; Jean) I adored his roguish yet serious and gentlemanly personality, there were times where delicious Jack did steal the scene away from equally delicious Robbie, but apart from maybe not having another Agent’s of the Crown story featuring Jean-Jaques Donet (I have my fingers crossed there will be) I loved this book.

What I love about Ms Walker’s books is that I always learn something about our history, that I had never heard of before and this is the case with the Cato Street crime. I found that utterly fascinating and especially as Ms Walker has meticulously integrated the real life history with Robbie’s story, it’s so cleverly done and makes for brilliant and immersive reading.

This book is mesmerising, I have never been to Brighton, yet because the writing is so crystalline clear, fully detailed, plus passionately and superbly researched. It brings the whole time to life, it’s vivid and very effective at allowing the reader to immerse themselves into another time and place, I felt as though I was standing right there beside Chastity and Robbie in regency Brighton.

As always the author’s note at the back is hugely fascinating, for those who love their history, then that is a must read.

Overall this is an intelligent and beautifully written romance, that is expertly infused with intrigue and danger.

This was an Arc copy via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Regan. x

Rogue’s Holiday is to be released on 7th November and can be pre-ordered now.

#Review | Christmas With His Wallflower Wife (Beauchamp Heirs #3) by Janice Preston #ChristmasWithHisWallflowerWife #BeauchampHeirs @JaniceGPreston @MillsandBoon @HarlequinBooks

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Hellooo sunshine’s, have I got an amazing book to share with you all today! I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this utterly beautiful and very emotional; Christmas With His Wallflower Wager, which is the finale **sobs** book in the Beauchamp series by Janice Preston. So grab that cuppa and a huge slice of creamy, chocolatey cake (you’re going to need it, plus tissues) and enjoy….while I hop off to devour my own weight in, yet more Jaffa Cakes!

A convenient bride

Can he be the groom she deserves?

Part of The Beauchamp Heirs. Lord Alexander Beauchamp has protected Lady Jane Colebrooke since childhood. So seeing she’s about to be forced to wed, he steps in with a proposal of his own! But Alex underestimated the closeness that taking Jane as his bride demands—something he expected never to give. As Christmas approaches, he knows he must confront the dark secrets that shadow their marriage…

Oh my goodness, Alex what have you done to me? There I was minding my own business, happily swooning over Vernon, Dominic and Zach and boom; fragile, vulnerable, tragically lost, secretive Alex comes along and ruins me and breaks my heart, he does really does need a huge hug – something which I am more than happy to provide 😉 honestly though, I thought I was completely lost when Zach exploded into my life, but oh boy has Alex got to me or what. I may never recover from this, I may never be able to look at another hero again.

This is the third and final book in the Beauchamp Heirs series, and it is very sad that this beautiful series has come to an end, but I am hoping that there will be more books that at least feature the glorious Beauchamp’s in some way, yes I am blatantly hinting there that I want more Beauchamp’s in my life…no not want, I need them!! Over the course of this series and the previous, it has been a real joy getting to know each couple and their adorable pooches – by the way; thank you Janice for putting a bull terrier into your books and in such a fabulously central way, you wouldn’t believe how that tiny thing made me happy.

So, book three means; Alex, the one Beauchamp heir that I have been looking forward to meeting, Alex has always felt like the outsider, the black sheep of the Beauchamp family, he has never felt at ease or himself with them, the only person he has ever really felt comfortable around is his childhood best friend Jane. So when she needs rescuing from the unsuitable clutches of the dastardly Sir Pikeford, he does as he has always done with her; stand in and protect her. Once married he thinks that his personal scar’s and ghosts from his troubled past may finally leave him now he has to put all his focus on to equally vulnerable Jane. Oh, how wrong he is! Let us say, that Alex soon realises that burring your problems isn’t the answer and that the woman by his side could very well be just what he is looking for. That’s, of course, they both can move forward and past their issues.

If you have been following the series, you may know that Alex was the one who found his mother murdered as a child and that has weighed heavily on him for the rest of his life. I won’t say too much about that aspect of the story, but it is a huge part of why he is as troubled as he is and why there is animosity between him and his Ducal father. For me, t was that side of the story that captured my attention the most, the journey Alex must go on from rescuing and marrying Jane to facing some exceedingly difficult moments to finally reach that happily ever after, he so deserves and yearns for, that journey is one which is fraught with heartache, not just for Alex and Jane but for the reader too. It is expertly written, the emotion ripples and crackles right off the page.

I have been through the mill with this one, I have laughed, sighed, swooned, groaned in frustration, cried; basically, I have had some sort of little meltdown on the course of this book and, you know what I would happily do it all again. Then to top it all off, I ended up clinging to my kindle as I perched at the edge of my chair, terrified for my hero and hoping he comes through and gets his much deserved happily ever after (just a small hint at the turmoil which our characters go through) …Janice Preston, what are you doing to me?

I am an emotional mess, and loving it!

I have to mention the ending, no spoilers…just a nod to Ms Preston’s impressive gift at cementing a scene into the reader’s mind forever, it is perfect for the story, for the series and for the Beauchamp’s. Just one thing though, from the title you would think that this is a Christmas story, I personally wouldn’t say it is, but what I will say is; that this is a beautiful, illuminating and heartfelt romance with one of the most troubled and fragile heroes I have come across since Jamie Warriner from Virginia Heath’s Wild Warriner’s and dare I say it; Heathcliffe?! As you may except I was all over Alex…that doesn’t sound right, but I think you get the idea of how much I adored him.

Christmas with his Wallflower wife is a gorgeous love story, yet it is far more than your stereotypical; friends to lovers romance, with it’s an entertaining, intriguing and suspenseful subplot, rich details and outstanding emotional conflict between two incredible characters this is an engaging and enchanting page-turner that will captivate you right to the last page.

A beautiful and emotional finale to what has been a perfect series!

This was an Arc via the author, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you, Janice. x

Christmas With His Wallflower Wife is to be released on 28 November and can be pre-ordered now.

#Review | Regency Summer Escape: A Regency Romance Summer Anthology (Regency Anthologies #3) by Regina Jeffers, Arietta Richmond & Victoria Hinshaw #RegencySummerEscape #ARegencyRomanceSummerAnthology

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Hello everyone, I have the great pleasure to be sharing my review of this charming regency anthology; Regency Summer Escape: A Regency Romance Summer Anthology (Regency Anthologies #3) by Regina Jeffers, Arietta Richmond & Victoria Hinshaw, so sit back with a nice cuppa and enjoy.

Three wonderful Regency Summer stories! Will the Lord win his Lady by summer’s end?

Her Summer Duke by Arietta Richmond

A Lady promised since childhood, now questioning her feelings, a Duke also promised, and questioning his desire for love, a noblemen turned to the sea, now desperately in love, a cousin doubting her own betrothal, a confusion of suitors, and unexpected triumph of love.

Lady Margaret Caulfield is somewhat spoiled, and newly come out into society, finds that she suddenly doubts everything – about love, and about her future. Promised since childhood to the man who saved her life when she was ten, she had not questioned it – until she met a man at a Masquerade Ball, and immediately fell in love with him.

Captain Lord Adam Halstone is barely accepted by society, and only then because he is the second son of a Duke – for he has done the inexcusable, and not only invested in trade, but chosen to work as a ship’s Captain. Love is not something that he has considered, yet when he meets a green eyed beauty at a Masquerade Ball, he finds himself utterly in love.

But Lady Margaret must contend with her uncertain feelings for the Duke she is promised to, who himself is coming to doubt the wisdom of the promise he made eight years before. And matters are complicated by others who would also seek Lady Margaret’s hand, should she cry off from that promise.

In the end, will love triumph? Or will duty bind each of the players in this tangle to an unhappy future?

Courting Lord Whitmire by Regina Jeffers

At a bend of the path, an unexpected meeting. She is all May, he is December. But love knows not time.

Miss Verity Coopersmith, at twenty, has not met a man she feels anything for, and expects that she never may. Mostly, she is content with her lot.

Andrew, Viscount Whitmire, at forty two, a widower newly come into his inheritance, with a fifteen year old daughter to contend with whom he had spent little time with since her birth, does not expect love or happiness to ever be part of his life. Duty will have to suffice.

But when they meet on a muddy lane in the rain, life is irreversibly changed for both of them.

Sarah’s Summer Surprise by Victoria Hinshaw

Miss Sarah Kinnard is the youngest of ten children, and when her father’s death and her mother’s grief delayed her London Season, she found herself with no options but to accompany a friend to the countryside, or to play nursemaid to her sisters’ children. The countryside seemed an excellent choice – until she met the man responsible for the renovations of the manor house at which they were staying. The man who, just by his presence, made her feel things that she had never felt before.

Captain Benjamin Lockhart took on the role of renovation manager to give himself something to do, as he healed after the war. It was a new life that he found comfort in, until the arrival of Miss Kinnard, when he found himself desiring more from life than he had ever considered before.

Can the restoration of a long abandoned manor house also restore the joy of life and love for two souls somewhat abandoned by their families?

If you love great stories, and the regency era, you’ll love these!

My, oh, my! What a gorgeous anthology this is, this is a perfect collection of wonderfully charming Regency Romance’s, which I can guarantee if you love your Regency romances then you are going to absolutely adore this enchanting anthology. Each of the three stories are so enchanting, you feel a real sense of love in the air as you read them, I’ve not read two of the author’s in this anthology but I am a huge fan of Regina Jeffer’s work, I love her writing she is an astounding author who can really capture the readers attention, so I knew that with Ms Jeffer’s involved in this that I would love fall in love with this anthology and I was so right, I have now added two more fine writing ladies to me ever expanding TBR pile.

As you may have gathered this is a Regency Anthology, so yes do expect lots of Jane Austin-esque scenario’s but with a few twists, charming and witty dialogue and wonderfully atmospheric settings and detail, all of which will capture your inner Regency lady swoon into the arms of the three heroes in their boots and well fitted breaches. I have chosen to review the anthology as a whole instead of my usual full individual book reviews, only because if I did post a review of each, this this post may go on and on – really no one wants listen to my babbling when you have seriously gorgeous and charismatic heroes and wonderfully clever enchanting heroines to get to know.

If you love your Regency then this is an absolute must read, each story in the collection is charming and enjoyable, I love how each one fits so beautifully along side the other’s, all three really compliment one an other and yet they are so different the individual authors writing styles are strong and engaging, each book is rich in detail and you will be swept away to another time.

A thoroughly romantic, charming and beautifully written anthology!

This was a complimentary copy via the author’s, which I voluntarily reviewed, Thank you Regina.

Regency Summer Escape is available now from amazon, and if you love your Regency then this is a must buy.

Review | The Captain and the Theatrical (Captivating Captains Book 3) by Catherine Curzon & Eleanor Harkstead #TheCaptainAndTheTheatrical #CaptivatingCaptains @e_harkstead @MadameGilflurt

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Hello my lovely friends! Have I got a wonderful book to share with you all today, or what? I am so excited to be sharing my review of The Captain and the Theatrical, which is the third book from the Captivating Captains series…..squeal!!! I think anyone who follows me, will know how much I love this series, be prepared for waffling…so grab a cuppa and maybe a packet of biscuits and enjoy.


Book three in the Captivating Captains series

When Captain Pendleton needs an emergency fiancée, who better to turn to than his male best friend? After all, for Amadeo Orsini, life’s one long, happy drag!

Captain Ambrose “Pen” Pendleton might have distinguished himself on the battlefield at Waterloo but since he’s come home to civvy street, he’s struggled to make his mark. Pen dreams of becoming a playwright but his ambitious father has other ideas, including a trophy wife and a new job in America. If he’s to stand a hope of staying in England and pursuing his dream, Pen needs to find a fiancée fast.

Amadeo Orsini never made it as a leading man, but as a leading lady he’s the toast of the continental stage. Now Cosima is about to face her most challenging role yet, that of Captain Pendleton’s secret amour. With the help of a talking theatrical parrot who never forgets his lines, Orsini throws on his best frock, slaps on the rouge and sets out to save Pen from the clutches of Miss Harriet Tarbottom and her scheming parents.

As friendship turns into love, will the captain be able to write a happy ending for himself and Orsini before the curtain falls?

Finally, its here!! *She says jiggling about like someone with ants in their pants* The long awaited next instalment of the gorgeous ‘Captivating Captains’ is here, am I excited about finally getting my hands on this or what? Patience is not my strongest quality, it feels like an eternity since I had my last Captain fix, honestly, poor Catherine and Eleanor, they must be pretty tired of hearing my constant whining of “I’m so excited’s” and “I cannot wait’s”….I have bored myself…Anyway, it’s here woo-hoo!

This time we are in the Regency era, Captain Ambrose Pendleton (Pen) having just returned from the battle of Waterloo he is shocked to find that his father has arranged a marriage for him, in fact not just a marriage but he has planned out Ambrose’s future, which consists of him leaving England and everything he knows to marry a stranger, move to America and turn his hand to industry. All poor Ambrose wants is to follow his heart and write, while perhaps floundering around in the sea with a certain Italian, not that I blame him at all, Orsini is wonderful and he has the best wardrobe any woman could ever want, I was cheering him on at every turn, follow your heart Ambrose! …anyhow, Ambrose is a dutiful man, as much as he doesn’t want to leave and me hitched with a spoiled little girl he wouldn’t dream of going against his father that is until his good friend Amadeo Orsini comes up with a brilliant plan to release him from the vicars mousetrap.

Ah, Orsini what a fabulous creature you are! Thespian Orsini has made a name for himself – or should that be herself – on the stage in the guise of exotic, vivacious and striking Cosima, she is loved by all where ever she may go she has become the most sought after actress to tread the boards. Orsini and Ambrose have been good friends since meeting while Ambrose was on his grand tour, he is not about to see his good friend be forced into something he doesn’t want and be sent far, far away. Oh no, the tempting Italian has other plans for his darling Ambrose, But how to extricate him from the clutches of the Tarbottom harridan? – or as Orsini says; ‘Tarrow-Bottom’ – why, with a performance that would earn him a Olivier off course.

And this is when the fun really starts! Imagine it; A Derbyshire house party, A set of vile American’s (no offense to my lovely American friends, I know you not all vile ;-)) a actor who just happens to explode on to the scene dressed as a woman announcing her undying love for the brooding Captain and who has very saucy thoughts regarding his gold military sash 😉 a cheeky parrot who sets his eyes on the lady of the house and amongst it all you have a theft….ouh la la! I don’t think I can take anymore excitement…wait, oh yes I can, especially when Ambrose and Orsini finally declare their feelings…honestly I thought they never would, but it was well worth the wait, because these two are just too adorable for words.

I adore Ambrose, even though he has had flings in the past while in the army I think that his feeling’s for Orsini confuse him, he is a worrier, he is undeniably attracted to Orsini as both himself and as Cosima but he is afraid about what his friend would make of his attraction to him….Ambrose, you really don’t need to worry!

But alas as much as I adore both Ambrose and Orsini/Cosima the star of this has to be Pegolo, yup, the sarcastic, clever and brilliantly hilarious parrot has stolen the show and teamed up with the equally brilliant Mrs Pendleton, well we have a fabulous comedy duo….honestly where else would you see a married older lady walking about with a parrot propped on her shoulder?

This book holds some of the best character’s I have come ever across, not only in the shape of our two romantic leads – who in themselves are absolutely adorable – but the supporting cast are brilliant, from the very amusing Mrs Pendleton, who sees far more then she lets on, to the brilliantly funny Pegolo (this parrot needs a show of his own, he is fabulous) and the ever so slightly vile Tarbottom’s (I can never say that name with a straight face, I’m stifling a giggle now as I write, I can’t help it.) there was something about the Tarbottom’s that really made my skin crawl, and yet I couldn’t look away, which goes to show how much skill there is in this writing.

I love this, there isn’t anything I didn’t like, even though the start was a little slower then expected, with surprised me, but once the reason behind Ambrose’s slight melancholy is revealed all makes sense and I think the slower more thoughtful start is perfect for Ambrose and Orsini and their story. The chemistry and passion between our leads is wonderfully tantalizing and tender, those little glances they cast each other made my heart melt. I loved the little theft twist away from the romance, it builds up slowly and as you read you begin to wonder….hmmm, now is something going on here? I loved the investigation then ensures to find the culprit.

This really has everything I look for in a historical romance; beautifully portrayed lead character’s who you can get behind from the start, a wonderfully original love story with an unexpected sub plot. It has a real whimsical feel about it that made me think of fairy tales, and the humour, my goodness this is so much fun to read, there are some real laugh out loud moments…..Yes, I did a fair amount of giggling an sighing… I definitely think me and Orsino are two peas in a pod, especially whenever he thinks of a certain Captain in those fitted trousers and tall military boots…sigh!!

This is enchanting, it’s fun, romantic, original, the perfect escapism from the real world, I have said it before but I’m going to say it again…I love it!

This series just goes from strength to strength, each is as different from the next as you can get and with the constant love is love message tightly ingrained in each one there is nothing not to love about the Captains. Plus with another planned for later this year and fingers crossed more after…I’m not hinting, OK, I am, I need more Captains…. I am going to be in Captains heaven….or as excitable as a hyperactive spinning top, I may need sedating.

This was an Arc copy via the authors, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Catherine and Eleanor xx

The Captain and the Theatrical is to be released on 3rd September and can be pre-ordered now.