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Quote Of The Week

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Lazarus & Temperence ~ #1 Maiden Lane

Temperance Dews stood with quiet confidence, a respectable women who lived in the sewer that was St. Giles. Her eyes had widened at the sight of Lazarus, but she made no move to flee. Indeed, finding a strange man in her pathetic sitting room seemed not to frighten her at all.


“I am Lazarus Huntington, Lord Caire,” he said.

“I know. What are you doing here?”

He tilted his head, studying her. She knew him, yet did not recoil in horror? Yes, she’d do quite well. “I’ve come to make a proposition to you, Mrs. Dews.”

Still no sign of fear, though she eyed the doorway. “You’ve chosen the wrong woman, my lord. The night is late. Please leave my house.”

No fear and no deference to his rank. An interesting woman indeed.

“My proposition is not, er, illicit in nature,” he drawled. “In fact, it’s quite respectable. Or nearly so.”

She sighed, looked down at her tray, and then back up at him. “Would you like a cup of tea?”

He almost smiled. Tea? When had he last been offered something so very prosaic by a woman? He couldn’t remember.

But he replied gravely enough. “Thank you, no.”

She nodded. “Then if you don’t mind?”

He waved a hand to indicate permission.

She set the tea tray on the wretched little table and sat on the padded footstool to pour herself a cup. He watched her. She was a monochromatic study. Her dress, bodice, hose, and shoes were all flat black. A fichu tucked in at her severe neckline, an apron, and cap—no lace or ruffles—were all white. No color marred her aspect, making the lush red of her full lips all the more startling. She wore the clothes of a nun, yet had the mouth of a sybarite.

The contrast was fascinating—and arousing.

“You’re a Puritan?” he asked.

Her beautiful mouth compressed. “No.”

Jason Issacs as Lucius Malfoy

Could this be Lazarus, Lord Caire?

Long White Hair? Check

Long Black Cloak? Check

Piercing Grey/Blue Eyes? Check

Walking Staff/Cane? Check


Quote Of The Week

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This weeks “Quote of the week” is from the best Historical Romance Series that is out there.

The Duke (Knights Miscellany #1)

“I’ll never leave you. I’ll never mistreat you. I think you know that by now. Try with me. Let us find what we may find.”

“What do you expect to find, Robert?”

“How should I know? I’ve never experienced anything like this before in my life.” Tears shone briefly under her graceful long lashes before she blinked them away and glanced at him again with a reluctant twist of a smile. Sitting up, she wrapped her arms around her bent knees and sighed.

“You are asking us both to set ourselves up for great hurt when it comes time for me to leave.”

“Leave? Don’t speak of leaving, angel. You must stay forever.”

“As your mistress.”

“As my love,” he countered insistently.

Quote Of The Week

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A Quote from one of my all time favorite Series The Inferno Club by Gaelen Foley and this book in particular is my personal favorite Drake Parry is my all time favorite Inferno Club Hero.

Inferno Club #4 ~ Drake & Emily

Her beloved lunatic needed her–whether he knew it or not. Whatever it took, she was not leaving without him.

Quote Of The Week

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For the Easter Weekend here at Chicks Rogues and Scandals I will be doing a Easter Themed Weekend too, and to give you all a bit of a taste as to what is to come I have done a rather special Quote Of The week, which I am sure will be an all round winner.

So Enjoy and Stay Tuned!

Colonel Fitzwilliam’s manners were very much admired at the parsonage, and the ladies all felt that he must add considerably to the pleasure of their engagements at Rosings. It was some days, however, before they received any invitation thither, for while there were visitors in the house they could not be necessary; and it was not till Easter-day, almost a week after the gentlemen’s arrival, that they were honoured by such an attention, and then they were merely asked on leaving church to come there in the evening. For the last week they had seen very little of either Lady Catherine or her daughter. Colonel Fitzwilliam had called at the parsonage more than once during the time, but Mr Darcy they had only seen at church. The invitation was accepted of course, and at a proper hour they joined the party in Lady Catherine’s drawing room.

Pride and Prejudice

Quote Of The Week

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Maiden Lane #1 ~ Lazarus and Temperance

In the silence Temperance could hear her own breath rasping in her throat. The pistol in her hands shook violently.

The apparition turned gracefully, his boots whispering against the cobblestones, and swept the hat from his head as he bowed low. A scarlet feather fluttered in his hat as he replaced it on his head.

Then he was gone as well.

Temperance stared at Caire. “Are you badly hurt? Who was that?”

“I have no idea.” He shook his head. His silver hair had come down from its customary tie during the fight and it fanned against his black cloak. “But it would appear that the Ghost of St. Giles is no rumor.”




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I have finally decided to jump on the band wagon of doing “Quote Of The Week” I really like the idea of sharing my personal favorite quotes from my all time favorite book’s with you all – I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. So I have started with a very popular series and by far one of the best out there.

The Hathaways #5 – Christopher and Beatrix

Oh, the way he was looking at her, really looking at her . . . this was the Christopher of her dreams. This was the man who had written to her. He was so caring, and real, and dazzling, that she wanted to weep.

“I thought . . .” Christopher broke off and drew his thumb over the hot surface of her cheek.

“I know,” she whispered, her nerves sparking in excitement at his touch.

“I didn’t mean to do that.”

“I know.”

His gaze went to her parted lips, lingering until she felt it like a caress. Her heart labored to supply blood to her nerveless limbs. Every breath caused her body to lift up against his, a teasing friction of firm flesh and clean, warm linen.

Beatrix was transfixed by the subtle changes in his face, the heightening color, the silver brightness of his eyes.

She wondered if he were going to kiss her.

And a single word flashed through her mind.

Please. . .