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Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on this brilliant blog tour for; Temple of Dreams by Carolyn Mathews. Not only will I be sharing this fascinating book with you, but I also have an exclusive excerpt with you all. Go on, take apeek I hope you love it as much as I do!

Temple Of Dreams by Carolyn Mathews

Genre: Historical / Publisher: Round Fire Books / Format: Ebook, Paperback

Homeless and jobless following the death of his adoptive parents, Sebastian enrols at a college of natural medicine which boasts a sanctuary modelled on an ancient Greek healing centre. After a night in the temple, he dreams of Apollos, a young Athenian defeated in a pankration contest, suffering memory loss. More dreams follow, decrypted by Sybil, the lecturer who insists he keeps a dream journal. Seb is kept busy in the 21st century by a budding relationship with Fliss, which stalls when she tries to persuade him to search for his birth parents. Meanwhile, Apollos, in the fifth century BC, readies himself to attend the festival of the Greater Eleusinian Mysteries, to discover the secrets of how to avoid the perils of the underworld and make it to Elysium.



Exclusive Excerpt

I am woken by a kiss from Pelagia, who must be freshly bathed and perfumed because she smells wonderful. I respond to her caress and then something Philemon said yesterday makes me turn away from her.

What’s wrong, Apollos? Are you ill?’

I can’t think of a tactful way to say what’s on my mind, so I blurt it out.

I’m sorry, Pelagia. I should have thought of this before, but it only occurred to me recently. Was it you or your husband who was unable to…who was….

Barren?’ she says, with an edge to her voice.

I take her hand and press it over my heart.

Did he marry again?’


And did he have children?’

There is a child but I have it on good authority that his wife pretended to be pregnant and sent one of her father’s slaves to Mount Lycabettos to pick up a newborn boy. If I’d loved him, I might have considered doing the same.’

How could she get away with that?’

He often travelled abroad on business and she chose an opportune time. She padded herself out and went to her parents’ house for the “birth”. They probably sprinkled some pig’s blood around, to make it more realistic.’

What if he finds out?’

I think he’d turn a blind eye. They were married for two years before the child “arrived”. This way, it makes him look more of a man.’

If it wasn’t his, does that mean you might be fertile?’

Pelagia dropped her cynical pose and giggled.

I wouldn’t be surprised, pledged as I am to a goddess of fertility. If I wasn’t before, I probably am now.’

I can’t tell whether this is a yes or a no, but have now grown tired of the subject and proceed to finish what she’d started, making conversation redundant.


About the Author

Carolyn Mathews is the author of the Pandora Trilogy, whose first instalment Transforming Pandora was showcased by The People’s Book Prize in 2014. Carol has an MA in Applied Linguistics and an abiding interest in metaphysics, both of which have profoundly influenced her writing. She lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

You can find more about Carolyn here –


#CoverReveal | The Eliza Doll by Tracey Scott – Townsend #TheElizaDoll #LoveBooksTours @Wildpressed @lovebooksgroup

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Hello, Sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be apart of this wonderful cover reveal for; The Eliza Doll by Tracey Scott-Townsend. This book sounds so good and the cover is so eye-catching, I hope you love it too, go on then go and have a peek!

The Eliza Doll by Tracey Scott – Townsend

Genre: Historical / Publisher: Wild Pressed Books / Format: Ebook, Paperback

Ellie lives in a campervan with her dog, Jack, selling her handmade dolls at craft fairs. There is one doll that she can’t bear to finish until she comes to terms with the truth of what has happened.

The Eliza Doll is an uncompromising family drama about upheaval, off-grid living and living on the dole in 1980s England.

Set in East Yorkshire and Iceland from the eighties to the present.

Buy Link Here


About the Author

Tracey-Scott-Townsend is the author of six novels — the most recent The Vagabond Mother (January 2020) and Sea Babies (May 2019) — all published by Wild Pressed Books and Inspired Quill Publishing. Reviews often describe her novels as poetic or painterly.

She is also a poet and a visual artist. She has a Fine Art MA and a BA (Hons) Visual Studies. She has exhibited paintings throughout the UK (as Tracey Scott). She has a long career as a workshop facilitator with community groups and in schools.

Tracey is co-director of an up-and-coming small independent publisher, Wild Pressed Books, which has a growing roster of authors and poets.

Mother of four grown-up children, Tracey spends as much time as possible travelling the UK and Europe in a camper van with her husband and two dogs, writing and editing while on the road.

#BookBlitz | A Thin Porridge by Benjamin Gohs #AthinPorridge #lovebookstours @Bengohs @lovebooksgroup

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Hello, Sunshines! I have the pleasure to one of today’s stops on this great Book Blitz for A Thin Porridge by Benjamin Gohs. This book sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to share it with you all, I hope you love the sound of it as much as I do. 

A Thin Porridge by Benjamin Gohs

When 19-year-old Abeona Browne’s renowned abolitionist father Jon Browne dies in summer of 1860, devastating family secrets are revealed, and her life of privilege and naiveté in Southern Michigan becomes a frantic transatlantic search for answers—and someone she didn’t even know existed.

Still in mourning, Abeona sneaks aboard the ship carrying her father’s attorney Terrence Swifte and his assistant Djimon—a young man with his own secrets—on a quest to Africa to fulfill a dying wish.

Along the journey, Abeona learns of her father’s tragic and terrible past through a collection of letters intended for someone he lost long ago.

Passage to the Dark Continent is fraught with wild beasts, raging storms, illness, and the bounty hunters who know Jon Browne’s diaries are filled with damning secrets which threaten the very anti-slavery movement he helped to build.

Can Abeona overcome antebellum attitudes and triumph over her own fears to right the wrongs in her famous family’s sordid past?

So named for an African proverb, A Thin Porridge is a Homeric tale of second chances, forgiveness, and adventure that whisks readers from the filth of tweendecks, to the treachery of Cameroons Town, across the beauty of Table Bay, and deep into the heart of the fynbos—where Boer miners continue the outlawed scourge of slavery.

Buy Link:


About the Author

Benjamin J. Gohs is a longtime award-winning news editor whose investigative journalism has included stories of murder, sex-crime, historical discovery, corruption, and clerical misconduct. Benjamin now divides his time between writing literary thrillers and managing the community newspaper he co-founded in 2009.

#BookBlitz | One Fatal Night by Helene Fermont #OneFatalNight #lovebookstours @helenefermont @Lovebooksgroup

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Hello, Sunshine! I have the pleasure to be apart of this book blitz for; One Fatal Night by Helene Fermont. I can’t wait to share this great book with you all, which is currently on offer and I will tell you all about that too, I hope you enjoy it!

One woman’s quest for revenge unearths a fatal secret from her past.

Astrid Jensen holds one man responsible for her mother’s suicide, and she’ll do whatever’s necessary to get close to Daniel Holst and destroy his life – even if it means sleeping with him to gain his trust. Astrid knows he’s not who he pretends to be. But before she can reveal his dark secret, people from her mother’s past start turning up dead, and it looks like she and Daniel are next. In order to survive, she might have to put her trust in the man she has hated for so long.

Daniel Holst has worked hard to climb into Norway’s most elite and glamorous circles, and he’s not about to let any woman bring him down. But when a psychopathic killer starts murdering people from his shadowy past, he discovers that the only person who might be able to save him is the woman who wants to destroy him.

As Astrid digs deeper into her past, she uncovers secrets long buried and realizes everything she once believed is based on lies. What began as a quest to avenge her mother’s death becomes a desperate struggle for survival and leads to the truth about what happened one fatal night ten years ago—and the surprising mastermind behind the most recent murders.


Buy Links

If you love the sound of this book, then why not take advantage of the current offer on the eBook, which is down to £2.99 from £7.99. Not one to miss!

Kindle edition –

Paperback –


About the Author

Hélene is an Anglo-Swedish fiction author currently residing in her home town of Malmo, Sweden, after relocating back from London after 20 years.

er thrilling character-driven psychological fiction novels are known for their explosive, pacy narrative and storylines.
Hélene is the proud author of four novels – One Fatal Night, Because of You, We Never Said Goodbye and His Guilty Secret.


#BlogTour | Crazy For You by Domhnall O’Donoghue #CrazyForYou #LoveBooksTours @Domhnall1982 @lovebooksgroup @MercierBooks

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Hello, Sunshines, I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on the brilliant blog tour for; Crazy For You by Domhnall O’Donoghue, this book sounds fabulous and it has been put straight onto my wish list, I love the sound of it and I hope you will too, so go on take a peek. 

Crazy for You by Domhnall O’Donoghue

Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Publisher: Mercier Press / Format: Ebook, Paperback

When Clooney Coyle promises Vonnie Gallagher they’ll be friends for life, he has no idea what he’s letting himself in for. The lonely and eccentric Vonnie quickly becomes obsessed with the kind-hearted but insecure actor, and her misguided crush soon develops into something much more sinister, which leaves Clooney’s career in tatters.

But when fate takes a strange turn and elevates the pair into an overnight celebrity couple, Clooney must decide whether to embrace the fame he has longed for since childhood or end the ridiculous charade before Vonnie’s jealous – and murderous – inclinations spiral out of control.

Mercier Press / Amazon


About the Author

Hailing from Navan in the royal county of Meath, Domhnall is a graduate of the Bachelor in Acting Studies Programme, Trinity College Dublin, later completing a Master’s in Screenwriting at Dún Laoghaire IADT.

He now works as an actor and a journalist, dividing his time between Galway, where he films TG4’s award-winning series, Ros na Rún, Dublin and Venice, where he and his Italian lover continuously promise their well-worn livers that they will refrain from quaffing so much Prosecco. (Unfortunately, it seems some vows, just like nearby Rome, were not built in a day.)

Wine-drinking aside, for more than four years, Domhnall has also enjoyed the responsibility of being Assistant Editor at Irish Tatler Man, a title whose various awards includes Consumer Magazine of the Year. Thanks to this role, he interviewed a host of high-profile names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Chris Pine, Kevin Spacey, David Gandy, and Jacques Villeneuve.

Domhnall has written for the majority of Ireland’s leading newspapers and magazines, including the Irish Independent, The Irish Times and RTE Online. He also writes a monthly column in Woman’s Way, the country’s biggest-selling weekly magazine.

His first novel, Sister Agatha: the World’s Oldest Serial Killer, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim (Tirgearr Publishing). His second book, Colin and the Concubine, was published earlier this year by Mercier Press, Ireland’s oldest publishing house. Book number three is called Crazy For You and will be published once again by Mercier Press in June 2020.


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#BookBlitz | Gray Genesis by Alan McDermott #GrayGenesis #LoveBooksTours @Jambalian @lovebooksgroup

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Hello, Sunshines, I have the great pleasure to be apart of this Book Blitz for the release of; Gray Genesis by Alan McDermott. The 7th Tom Gray novel, Gray Genesis is the prequel and it is set in Afghanistan a few years before Gray Justice. This book looks fascinating, I hope you love the sound of it as much as I do!

Gray Genesis by Alan McDermott

Series: A Tom Gray, Prequel

Genre: Military, Action Thriller

Format: Ebook, Paperback

Tom Gray is back in his most explosive adventure yet!

Afghanistan. As the war on terror intensifies, Taliban leader Abdul al-Hussain has plans to turn the tide in his favour. His objective: a US virologist named Miriam Dagher. She’s about to pay a visit to the land of her birth, and al-Hussain has her in his sights.

Out to stop al-Hussain is Sergeant Tom Gray, SAS veteran and leader of 8 Troop. His team are tasked with disrupting Taliban operations, snatching high-profile targets and wreaking havoc on enemy supply lines. Their missions are routine, until the Taliban unleashes a new breed of warrior.

Gray Genesis is a prequel to the million-selling Tom Gray series, a familiar blend of intrigue, camaraderie and explosive action.

Buy Link –


About the Author

Alan McDermott has an eclectic work history, with roles ranging from developing software for the NHS to shovelling custard powder in a food packing factory. He tried his hand at writing in 1990, but after completing half a draft, he started a new job and threw it in a drawer. It wasn’t until 2010 that he picked up his pen again, and published his first novel, Gray Justice, in 2011. Gray Resurrection and Gray Redemption soon followed, and his success as a self-published author attracted the attention of Thomas & Mercer an Amazon publishing imprint. They commissioned three more books in the Gray series, plus a spinoff called Trojan.

In 2014, Alan gave up his day job to become a full-time writer, and has written three books in a new series (Run and Hide, Seek and Destroy and Fight to Survive) featuring CIA assassin Nolene Driscoll.

He also has a standalone thriller called Motive, which has a new lead in Ryan Anderson.

#BlogTour | Another Us by Kirsten Hesketh #AnotherUS #Excerpt #LoveBooksTours @Kirsten_Hesketh @canelo_co @lovebooksgroup

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Hello, Sunshines, I hope you are all well? I have the huge pleasure to be today’s stop on this wonderful blog tour for; Another Us by Kirsten Hesket, not only will I be sharing this great book with you all, but I also have an exclusive excerpt. I hope you love it as much as I do, enjoy!

Another Us by Kirsten Hesket

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Canelo

Format: ebook

What if Emma isn’t the person she thought she was?

Her younger son has just been diagnosed with autism.

She’s accidentally quit her job.

The marriage she was dedicated to suddenly seems like a sham.

She’s pretty sure that she is going to have an affair with a hot new dad at the school.

The only thing that stays the same is everyone else. Emma realises it’s not them – it’s her. But if she’s not who she thought she was, can her old life fit in with the new Emma?

Compassionate, funny and poignant, Another Us is perfect for fans of Marian Keyes and Fiona Gibson.



Exclusive Excerpt

Chapter Sixteen

Jack took a deep breath and nodded his head. ‘Yeah. Sorry. I wasn’t being me.’

He was as white as a sheet.

A small, vulnerable, precious ten-year-old boy. I really shouldn’t have shouted.

Right, let’s get you home,’ said Daniel. ‘I think the Healey family has made quite enough of a spectacle of itself for one evening.’


I wanted to go home. I really did. I wanted to go home, have a cup of tea, be with Jack… be with them all. But I couldn’t just abandon Mandy.

The tattoo tent—’ I started.

Oh, for goodness sake, Emma,’ said Daniel. ‘Does that really matter at a time like this? OK, I’ll take Jack and Lily home and you stay with your precious PTA.’

Before I could answer, he was gone, Jack and Lily trailing behind him. I stood there staring after them all.

Was I really that useless?

Was it really my fault?

Then I turned and walked slowly back across the playground.

A wave of noise and light almost winded me as I approached the hall. I felt exhausted, overwhelmed… helpless.

Emma. Are you OK?’ It was Paul, appearing at my side.

Not really,’ I said. I didn’t even have the energy to pretend that everything was all right.

Yeah, I saw you come out with Jack,’ said Paul. ‘I was going to come over but then Dan pitched up. Where are they all now?’

Gone home,’ I said. ‘I’ve got to stay and do the bloody tattoos.’

No, you don’t,’ said Paul. ‘Mandy will understand. Oh, Emma, love, you’re shaking. Come here.’

He pulled me into his arms. It was a friendly, comforting hug rather than anything else but suddenly I was weeping against his shoulder.

Oh God, I’m so bloody useless,’ I sobbed. ‘I’m a terrible mother.’

I felt Paul smile against my hair. ‘No, you’re not,’ he said. ‘You’re a lovely mum.’

I’m bloody not. I have no idea what do to when Jack gets like that.’

Paul stroked my hair. ‘That’s because it’s hard,’ he said.


About the Author

Kirsten has a background in advertising and now runs her own consultancy specialising in psychological interviewing and focus groups. Over the past 25 years, she has interviewed the Great British public on everything from Rolos to razors and vacuums to Viagra.

Kirsten is married with a son and a daughter and two exceptionally fluffy moggies. She is a keen amateur archaeologist and loves to spend her weekends hacking through the mud on a local Roman dig.

She is also a staunch supporter of Wycombe Wanderers – especially when they are winning!

Kirsten can be found on Twitter as @kirsten_hesketh


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#CoverReveal | Déjà Vu by Melody Saleh #DejaVu #LoveBooksTours @MelodySaleh @lovebooksgroup

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Hello, Sunshines, I hope you are all well? Today I have the great pleasure to be apart of this cover reveal for; Déjà Vu by Melody Saleh. I hope you love the cover as much as I do, go on then have a peek…

Déjà Vu by Melody Saleh

Happiness is finally within reach for best friends, Amber, Dominque, Debra and Zya. But fate has other plans…

Pregnant and widowed, Debra is engaged to suave and charming Italian heartthrob Roberto. So why does her heart race when she thinks about her therapist, Brian? Has she said yes to the wrong man?

Dominque has found the love and acceptance she always longed for with Tad. But devastating news soon threatens their future together.

Successful fashion designer Zya has discovered her own unexpected happily ever after with Tina . . . until her daughter, Ashanti is bullied and becomes the focus of a police investigation and the media. Now Zya suddenly stands to lose everything she holds dear.

Finally, together with the only man she’s ever loved, Amber is determined to not let anything come between her and Patrick—not even her jealous and vindictive identical twin sister. But someone is watching . . . waiting for the right moment to destroy her . . .

Will the women get their happy ending, or is it déjà vu all over again? Find out in the dramatic and suspenseful second book of the Unbroken series.


About the Author

After 35+ years in operations for various businesses (including her own), Melody pursued her dream of writing a novel. Having written for business publications, local magazines and even publishing a poem, Chemo’s not for Sissies, during treatment after her first cancer diagnosis, it was time to finish the novel that was started many years ago. When she started writing, “Facade: Things Aren’t Always as They Appear,” she had no idea where her characters were going to take her. “The story basically wrote itself. It was like a movie projector playing in my mind,” is how she describes her experience. It soon became apparent, their voices were not to be silenced… “The Unbroken Series” was born. “Deja Vu: Here We Go Again,”

Book II, to be released June 23, 2020, followed by C’est la Vie, Book III, in December.

Melody lives with her husband in her native home state Florida. She’s blessed to be alive today after two cancer diagnoses and enjoys watching her grandchildren grow up; something she doesn’t take for granted.