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#HottiesOfTheWeek Halloween Special.

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Hello my lovely little ghosts, ghouls and witches, I hope you are all having a spooktacular; All Hallows Eve! It’s been a while since I posted a ‘Hotties of the Week’  – in fact, it has been way too long and some of my new followers may not know about this popular segment of the blog. But, never fear (or maybe today is the day to fear) I have a whole new selection os delicious and delectable ‘Hotties’ for you all to bite. It wouldn’t be a Halloween ‘Hottie’s’ special without some fabulous guy candy, who loves to get into the spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween and like to dress the part.

So, are you ready to scream in terror – or maybe that should be scream in lust? After all, it may bee Halloween but these chaps aren’t that scary 😉 


Tom Hardy as James Delaney
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
Luke Evans as Dracula
Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook
Santiago Cabrera as Aramis
Channing Tatum as Marcus Aquilas
Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby
Sam Haughen as Jamie Fraser
Brad Pitt as Achilles
Chris Hemsworth as Thor


That’s it, I can’t take any more! If you have any Halloween Hottie’s you wish to share with me, you’re more than welcome to either in the comments below or on social media, I love seeing them and they may even get used in another ‘Hotties of the Week’

Now, just leave me in a swooning mess on the floor 😉

Valentines Hotties Of The Week Special

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I know, I am a day late with this post, but for all of those who have been waiting with baited breathe, here is my valentines ‘Hotties’ special. So grab a cuppa,  try not to spill it when you swoon…..Here they are, enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Sean Bean
Richard Armitage
Johnny Depp


Toby Stephans
Santiago Cabrera
Aidan Turner
Henry Cavill
Tom Hardy
Matthew Goode

There you go my lovelies, I hope you all had a wonderful valentines days, and as always I would love to know your Valentine’s Hottie, you’re more than welcome to share pictures or gifs with me of your ‘Valentine’ over on Twitter or Facebook.

Hottie’s Of The Week; Burn’s Night Special. #BurnsNight #HottiesOfTheWeek #Scotland

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In honour of it being Burns Night; Happy Burns Night – or is it Happy Burns day?? I never know…anyway, moving on from my irrelevant question – in honour of it being the Scottish celebratory day of the year, I though I may get into the spirit and share a few Scottish themed posts over the day. First up – and by far the most important post – is the very popular,  ‘Hotties of the Week’ – honestly I get more traffic on the blog when I post a Hotties Post then I do when I share reviews, it just goes to show that it’s not just me that has a one track mind 😉

So with no further ado, here they are my Scottish Hottie’s; Enjoy!!

Gerard Butler
Ewan Mcgregor
Richard Madden
Sam Haughen
Richard Rankin
David Tennent

There you are my lovelies, I hope these marvellous men have brightened your day, and as always if you want to share your favourite Scottish Hottie then your more than welcome to. and if your follow me on Twitter or Facebook why not share with me your Scottish Hottie in the form of a picture of a Gif, I love seeing them.

Hotties of the Week ~ Myths and Legends

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For this “Hotties of the Week” we are delving into the wonderful, dangerous and dark world of Myths and Legends. So sit back and enjoy my Easter gift to you all…

Eric Bana – Hector; Troy
Chris Hemsworth – Thor
Clive Owen – King Arthur
Russell Crowe – Maximus; The Gladiator
Henry Cavill – Melot; Tristan and Isolde
Brad Pitt – Achilles; Troy
Santiago Cabrera – Sir Lancelot; Merlin

Hotties of the Week…Luck of the Irish

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I know I have done a “Irish, Hotties of the Week” before but I am shamelessly posting another, after all who doesn’t like to “admire” an Irish Rogue? So here you are ladies, feast your eyes on these lovelies….

Colin O’Donoghue
Aiden Turner
Eoin Macken
Michael Fassbender
Jamie Dornan
Colin Farrell
Johnathan Rhys Myers

Hotties Of The Week….Wicked and Wild Welshmen!

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With it being St. Davids Day on Wednesday, I thought what a better way to start celebrating all things Welsh then a very special “Hotties Of the Week” (I couldn’t wait until Wednesday to post. I think you will understand 😉) – So sit back and enjoy these Wicked and Wild Welshmen.

As always my lovies…Enjoy!

Ioan Gruffudd
Matthew Rhys
Christian Bale
Taron Egerton
Steve Jones
Luke Evans

Do you know any more Wicked and Wild Welsh Hotties? If you do I would love to know about them…

Hotties of the Week. . .Year Round Up

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For an early Christmas Present from Chicks Rogues and Scandals, this Hotties of the Week is a round up the year. I have tried to include as many of the favorites as possible so there should be something for everyone. Ad always my ever so lovely readers. . .Enjoy!