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#Review | The Colour Of Mermaids by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead #TheColourOfMermaids @e_harkstead @MadameGilflurt

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Hello Sunshines! I am super excited to be sharing my review of this breathtaking book; The Colour of Mermaids by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. Before I start with this review, I wish to take a moment to say just say something…

Over the last month or so I have really struggled with keeping motivated and my focus on reading, which for someone who loves reading, who finds so much joy in books and has always used books as an escape from the real world; that slump made me really sad. I blame too much time on social media mixed with obsessively watching the chaos on the news, it all got a bit much. But even so, I can’t even express how depressing it was not being able to enjoy a book! Then I started this and I have to say that this became a balm, I was gripped from the first chapter and by the end, I felt as though a weight had been lifted, but more than that; I re-found my love of reading again. So a massive thank you to Catherine and Eleanor for reminding me, without knowing it; how much I love reading! xx

So, grab that cuppa, sit back and enjoy the book that gave me the kick up the rear and gave me back my mojo!

In a world of childhood secrets and tabloid scandals, is falling for the bad boy of British art as risky as it is raunchy?

When artist Eva Catesby is invited to an exhibition in honour of art world enfant terrible Daniel Scott, she’s expected to follow the crowd and sing his praises. Instead she tells him what she really thinks and sparks fly. As they plunge headlong into a wild affair, Eva becomes the target of unwanted attention from an unseen enemy.

Daniel Scott is famous for his paintings. Filled with darkness and tormented imagery, his canvases are as mysterious as his background. Until he meets Eva, Daniel is a stranger to criticism and doesn’t know what it means to fall in love.

Can Eva help Daniel overcome his childhood demons or will a fatal secret from the past destroy their future?

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of drug use/abuse, mental illness, depression, stalking and sexual assault. There is mention of suicide, child abuse, rape, murder and non-romanticised brother-sister incest.

How much do I love this book?! Let me count the ways….honestly, I’m already waxing lyrical, you can see how this review is going to go, can’t you? But once you have read this book you will all understand my excitement and inability to actually string two legible words together that don’t consist of ‘OMGs, I love it’ and various swooning gif’s…

I will just say the one thing then, should I?…


Absolutely and utterly heart-stopping, powerful and emotionally wrenching, intoxicatingly gripping, romantic and brilliantly thrilling; perfection!!

Will that do?

Plus, I was so wrapped up in this book I let many cups of tea go cold (shock and horror!!!) and the dog ate my shortbread, but was I bothered when I was so immersed in this glorious book? Not on your nelly!!

When Eva Catesby is invited to the exclusive exhibition for the world-renowned, the bad boy of the art world; Daniel Scott, a man as dark and mysterious as that of his all-black attire and bleakly sinister paintings. Unlike the throng of people who have turned up to pour more praise on to the already inflated head of the ‘enfant terrible‘, Eva tells it how it is, she holds nothing back and she doesn’t believe in shading the great artist from criticism if it will help him make even greater work.

Eva is a fabulous character, she is so passionate; about her work as an artist and especially about her work with a group of underprivileged kids, who she is trying to help with art. Even though she comes from a well-to-do family she really wants to help those in worse off circumstances than her and I really admired her for that! She is a kind, caring, talented and compassionate woman.

Daniel has never met anyone like Eva, she is the breath of fresh air he needs in his dark, drug-fuelled existence, he is drawn to her but knows that he can’t allow anything more than a moment of lustful passion to pass between them, as our bad boy isn’t exactly what he appears, there is more to discover about the mysterious sunglasses-wearing Daniel Scott and Eva soon finds that as tempting, handsome, mysterious and talented as he is, there is a more heart-breaking, self-destructive and darker side to her brooding bed mate.

As Eva and Daniel begin their passionate affair, they soon to see their relationship as something other than just sex, they grow closer with each passing day. The more they fall in love and get to know each other, the more dark and hidden secrets are revealed, secrets which may come between our couple but only if Daniel can find the courage to seek the help he needs to move forward from his heart-breaking past.

I do absolutely love this book…I think I have said that already, right? …

As I said it is completely different if you love your edgier, super sexy, darker romances with an added bonus of a thrilling yet eerie stalking subplot which really makes the hairs stand up and you sit back and shiver a little of what Eva experienced.

My heart absolutely broke for Daniel when he reaches the lowest when his depression becomes overbearing for him there is a child-like quality; broken, lost in deep darkness and unable to reach past the heavy cloud that has eclipsed the sunshine. There are a few scenes that are very bleak, heart-wrenching and uncomfortable to read, but they are so brilliantly and expertly written. Talk about emotional; there were moments between Daniel and Eva which left me a sniffling mess, which soon followed by lots of real cliff-hanger of a twist at the end – whoa, I didn’t see that one coming!!

This is easily one of the best that Catherine and Eleanor have written – I do know I sound like a record stuck on repeat as I say that every single time I lay my hands on a new Harkstead/Curzon book, but oh, boy, is this beauty a cracker or what?! I am in complete love with it, I was glued to every single page, it was intoxicating to read, with thrills, romance, secrets and real darkness that had me hooked. Plus it’s super, super sexy and that is just gorgeously complex and heart-breaking Daniel.

You all know that I love a fragile and tormented guy in black, and this man broke me completely, I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again!

I have always known that Catherine and Eleanor are masters of emotional and witty romance, but this one shows just how impressive their writing is. The way they tackled such deeply sensitive and somewhat taboo subjects such as; depression, mental health illness, drug abuse is impeccable.

Did I mention how much loved this book?… Well I did, I do hope that there will be more stories like this in the pipeline from this marvellous duo!

This was an Arc copy via the authors, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you, Catherine and Eleanor! Xx

The Colour of Mermaids is released today and can be found at Amazon and I cannot recommend enough that you go and grab this gorgeous book.

#CoverReveal | Take Me Home (Heartbreak Brothers #1) by Carrie Elks #TakeMeHome #HeartbreakBrothersSeries @CarrieElks

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Hello Sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be apart of this wonderful cover reveal for the brand new book by Carrie Elks; Take Me Home is the first book in a whole new series; Heartbreak Brothers series. This cover is seriously hot, but don’t take my word for it go and take a peek.

Take Me Home by Carrie Elks

Series: Heartbreak Brothers

Genre: Contemporary 

Releases: 7th April

Take Me Home is the first book in the Heartbreak Brothers series of emotional standalone romances, set in the small town of Hartson’s Creek.

A grammy-winning rock star falls for a small-town girl in this all-new forbidden romance from author Carrie Elks.

Gray Hartson is coming home after years of playing to sold-out stadiums around the world. The tattooed singer is determined to build bridges with his sick father and reconnect with the family he left behind.

But then he meets her . . . the beautiful waitress with the smart mouth who makes him laugh more than he has in years.

One small problem. She’s his ex-girlfriend’s little sister. The only woman he can’t have.

Maddie Clark was an awkward teenager when Gray left. Now she slings hash in a backwater diner, her dreams of being a famous concert pianist left in tatters.

Don’t ask her why. She’ll never tell. Strong women do what it takes to keep a roof over their heads.

Until he walks through the door and complicates everything.

Their attraction is wrong.

But foolish hearts never listen to reason.

Maybe he should write a song about that.



About The Author

Carrie Elks Headshot

Carrie Elks writes contemporary romance with a sizzling edge. Her first book, Fix You, has been translated into eight languages and made a surprise appearance on Big Brother in Brazil. Luckily for her, it wasn’t voted out. Carrie lives with her husband, two lovely children and a larger-than-life black pug called Plato. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found baking, drinking an occasional (!) glass of wine, or chatting on social media.

Social Links

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#Review | You’ve Got My Number by Angela Barton #YouveGotMyNumber @angebarton @ChocLituk

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Hello Sunshines, on this grey and blustery day! I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this wonderful book; You’ve Got My Number by Angela Barton. So grab your cuppa, and a snack, sit back and enjoy!

Three isn’t always a magic number … 

There are three reasons Tess Fenton should be happy. One, her job at the Blue Olive deli is dull, but at least she gets to work with her best friend. Two, she lives in a cosy cottage in the pretty village of Halston. Three, she’s in love with her boyfriend, Blake.

Isn’t she?

Because, despite their history, Blake continues to be the puzzle piece in Tess’s life that doesn’t quite fit. And when she meets intriguing local artist Daniel Cavanagh, it soon becomes apparent that, for Tess, love isn’t as easy as one, two, three …

I loved this book!! This is perfect for curling up with through those cold blustery nights, I am relatively new to Angela Burton, having only recently discovered her work, but from that first book last year, I was completely hooked with her writing. So when I got the opportunity to review Angela’s latest offering, I snapped it up and I am so pleased that I did as this is wonderfully warm and feel-good romance, that will leave you wearing a huge smile.

Really, don’t we all love books that can make you laugh and smile? I, know that I do and this is one of those.

If ever there was a couple that was meant to be together! Tess and Daniel are just perfect for each other, yet due to other factors in their lives, they can’t just jump into a new relationship. Tess is in a relationship with the awful Blake- honestly, this guy could curdle milk, sorry but I really didn’t like him from the start, yet his presence and manipulative behaviour is integral to how the story unfolds, so I suppose I can allow him that. Tess knows that their relationship has come to a halt, she isn’t in love with him and as she likes o say, they are like jigsaw pieces that have been re-moulded to fit even though they don’t. I do love that analogy!

When she literally bumps into charming, handsome and a little guarded; Daniel with his two gorgeous little spaniels, she just knows that this guy is special, she can’t deny that there is a mutual attraction there, sparks fly. But Daniel has his own darkness he must first face before he can commit to his own happily ever after.

But Blake – who is a cretin – sees the changes in the wind, he doesn’t want to lose her, even though he knows deep down that they have gone the course, he comes up with a plan to keep her by his side, and it is here and his dastardly plan that really boiled my blood, Tess is a good person, so she does the decent thing and stands by him.

I love this! It is such an easy to read, cute and magical story all about new beginnings, falling in love and second chances, both Tess and Daniel must navigate their way through the rocky waters they have each found themselves in, I felt that both of them needed a second chance in life; Tess with just getting herself out there and start to live again while trying to find her ‘jigsaw piece’ because the ‘piece’ she has now doesn’t fit in her jigsaw and Daniel needs a second chance after running away from an incident which happened many years ago and one which he still feels guilt over. I have to say that I do love a ‘new beginnings’/second chance story, I don’t read this trope half as much as I should do and judging by this beauty I think I am missing out on something.

I have to mention the cover, which is so eye-catching and matches the story within so perfectly. I know you should never judge a book by its cover, and you most certainly never pick up a book just because of the pretty picture, but I have to admit that in this case, I saw Angela’s name emblazed across it, add in a handsome dark haired chap plus two dogs and well you have me hook-line and sinker…I really am that easy to please 😉 and Choc Lit really do have some of the most eye catching and fitting covers for their books.

Over all this is a gorgeous, feel-good, warm, charming and relatable story which a cast of fabulous character who you will love and hate in equal measure – really, there was one which I totally hated, one of those characters where you want to boo and hiss them whenever they are in a scene – which shows just how great Angela’s writing is, to create such wonderful characters that make you feel such a wealth of emotion.

This was a complimentary copy via the publisher, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Liz. xx

#Review | It Started with a Giggle (Schubert #3) by Kirsty Ferry #ItStartedWithAGiggle #SchubertSeries @kirsty_ferry @Choclituk

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Hello Sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be sharing my review of this fabulous book; It Started With A Giggle by Kirsty Ferry, be warned I may giggle 😉 and babble especially where the hero is concerned…green eyes, sigh! So grab that cuppa and cake…you will need cake and enjoy!

Sometimes the best things start in the strangest ways …. with a giggle!

On a night out in Edinburgh, single mum Liza-Belle Graham finds herself revealing her hopes and dreams to a green-eyed stranger. Liza always wanted to run an “arty-crafty-booky” business, and she’s seen the perfect empty shop to make her dreams a reality. No harm in telling the stranger. It’s not like she’ll see him again …

But Scott McCreadie is no mystery man – he’s an interior designer looking for new premises. And who does Liza bump into when she arranges a viewing? None other than Scott trying to steal her perfect shop!

Is Liza’s arty-crafty-booky dream in jeopardy, or is a new dream about to begin?

As soon as I read the title, I knew that I needed to read this book, it spoke to me and once the story opened up and we find that the lovely Liza the leading lady of the story is a giggler which is what our wonderful hero; Scott likes about her. It was fate! You, see I am a notorious giggler, I giggle over books, films, people. I giggle when I shouldn’t (Giggling through funerals is a serious faux pas) I giggle in awkward moments …I’ve even giggled through a job interview because I was so nervous, let us just say I didn’t get that job. So I knew that had to get my hands on this one and that I would love this book for that alone.

I have read quite a few of Kirsty Ferry’s books now, and have loved each one I adore her creative writing style it’s so fresh and different, her words just leap off the page and drag you back into the book with them, so how on earth I missed The Shubert series is a mystery; seriously, I must walk around with my eyes closed….hmmm, no wonder I am constantly falling over 😉

I loved this book it is such a feel-good vibe to it, that really kept me engaged throughout, and yet at the same time, because I hadn’t read the previous book in the series, I felt that like I had missed out on something crucial, especially where Scott’s sister came in. But that is nothing what’s- so-ever to do with the writing or the story, that has everything to do with me jumping into a series halfway through – but you see when a Kirsty Ferry book comes along I just have to grab it with both hands, I can’t help myself I just have this overpowering need to read her books.

As you may have guessed this is book three in the Schubert story – btw, Shubert is a cat that is spookily very human-like – as I said I hadn’t read the previous two, something which will be rectified as soon as possible, but I do think for those of you like myself who haven’t read this series, then I do think it preferable that you read them in order – that is just my humble opinion, which is why your here, right? They maybe have been written as stand-alone’s, you can always grab a copy and see for yourself.

Anyway, enough of my waffling…I will be doing enough of that in a minute when it gets to introduce you to my gorgeous green-eyed scot (That sounds a little processive, wait till you meet him you will soon see why I keep calling him mine)

When single mother; Liza, goes on a rare night out with colleagues she finds herself a wee bit tipsy and suddenly confesses all her hopes and dreams about wanting to open her own arty-craft-bookish shop and she even goes as far to tell this handsome stranger with the startling green eyes exactly where the empty shop she has seen is. She only realises her faux pas when the handsome stranger turns up and has ideas for said shop for his own interior design company

An agreement is made and they end up sharing the shop, yes ensue fireworks and constant irritation between them, I do love a bit of tension between two opinionated people whom you know are meant to be together. Liza thinks him sarcastic, arrogant, way too smarmy for his own good and unfortunately has become best buddies with her daughter; Isa, who thinks that this luscious creature in leather is the bee’s knees. I won’t argue with her there! So along with Scott’s eccentric sister; Nessa, a way too intelligent cat and Isa we have the makings of a rather eclectic matchmaking trio.

How much do I love Scott? Ah, let me count the ways…in fact, I would probably run out of writing space if I tried, he is a god!! It is like Kirsty Ferry has jumped into my mind and pulled out my dream man, which is a little unsettling…

Scottish. Check!

Green Eyes. Check!

Biker. Check!

The wearer of too-tight t-shirts. Double Check!

A smooth talker with a good heart. Check!

Yup, this guy is perfect, I can’t really say more than that, I may as well just sit here and stare off longingly into the distance as I daydream about this leather-clad, green-eyed Scottish rogue…..#DoubleSigh!

Now we have all the players, let the drama begin, and believe me there are some dramas a rivalry that can only end in romance, a secret, a surprise twist and a riveting finale…..really what more would you want from a Kirsty Ferry book?

I love that there is a feeling of something else lurking beneath the cute little story, like all of Kirsty’s books I have read this has that enchanting almost magical touch to it, it’s so subtle but it makes you think there could be more than meets the eye and this is what Kirsty does so perfectly she draws the reader into her world and wraps you up with her silken words right until the last page and I love it!

This was a complimentary copy via the publisher, which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you, Liz. xx

#Review | Casting Samson by Melinda Hammond #CastingSamson @SarahMRomance

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Hello Sunshines, I am very excited to be sharing my review for the wonderful Casting Samson by Melinda Hammond, with you all, today. So grab your cuppa and your cake, and enjoy!

“A haunting blend of fascinating history and timeless romance” – Nicola Cornick

Her life in London shattered by finding her boyfriend in the shower with another woman, Deborah Kemerton retreats to sleepy Moreton-by-Fleetwater. To keep her mind off her broken heart she joins the committee organising a pageant to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the village church. They need to cast the perfect Samson, and Deborah thinks Josh Lancaster perfect for the part…

Anne Lindsay, a fellow committee member, comes into conflict with historian Professor Toby Duggan when she uses a local legend of Sir Hugo, a 12th century crusader and founder of the church, to publicize the event. By the day of the pageant Anne is no nearer to finding the truth and as things begin to go disastrously awry, she and Deborah fear that all their hard work will be wasted, without some sort of miracle…

I love that this is likened to one of my all-time favourite comedies; The Vicar of Dibley, which in my humble opinion is by one of the best comedies. So when I read that Casting Samson had a hint of Vicar of Dibley to it I was very excited, I knew it was going to be good especially with the great Melinda Hammond at the helm. But even I was surprised by how wonderful this little story is, which is full of laugh’s, fun and romance with a touch of mystery and history thrown in for good measure. Melinda is an amazing author, she can so easily grasp the reader’s attention and never fails to match the most perfect characters together…I will talk about a certain character later…I may need to delve into the gif folder for this one, sigh!!

When Deborah finds her sleaze of a boyfriend in the shower with another woman, the life she had found for herself in London has crashed around her ears. She decides that the best thing for her and the best way to heel herself is to retreat back home, back to her sleepy little village of Moreton-by-Fleetwater. Once there her dad, who owns the local café persuades Deborah to join the local committee which is currently organising a pageant which will be to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the local village church. Which is where she meets the eclectic group of senior citizens that make up the village committee.

I love this little band of people they are a real hoot getting to know, they really add that ye old very English village eccentric charm to the book which I love ….definitely Vicar of Dibley… and some of the things they come out with did at times have me laughing out loud, just the thought of a not so young village parish committee discussing employing male strippers just tickles me; which is really one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed this book, is that it made me laugh.

In a topsy-turvy world, we need more laughter and this book is just the ticket to make anyone smile.

As always I strayed off-topic, so the committee is wanting to cast the part of Samson in their pageant and apart from some wanting to involve any undressed man they lay their hands on, it falls to Deborah who may just know the perfect person; Josh Lancaster, part-time stripper full-time chef who just happens to drop into her family’s café as the troupe are moving through. He is perfect for the part, as handsome as sin with his roguish slightly feral gipsy like dark looks and a body that any woman with a pulse would become enthralled with, plus….there is a always a plus with me…he is a thoroughly decent chap who…and this is really the cherry on top of the cake…he can cook!!

Yep, I am in heaven…just leave me on the floor where I have fallen into a swoon!

While on the other side of the village fellow committee member; Anne is on a bit of a history hunt as she is adamant that the 12th century Knight; Sir Hugo founder of their little church is buried beneath the said church and she wants to use his legend to promote the village and the pageant. Only like our Deborah, she finds herself entangled with a good looking man where romance may blossom, that’s if they stop bickering and butting heads long enough to see what is in front of them.

I adore this little village where everyone seems to know each others business this is such a feel-good story with a host of eclectic characters and not one but two sweet little romances, then; boom in drops the Knights Templar and the story went from sweet whimsical good fun to something else….oh, how much do I love a Knight?? – Really all you have to do is mention the word ‘Knight’ and I am on it like a pack of hyena’s on juicy carcass….hmm, maybe a bit of morbid a comparison!

I absolutely adore the duel timeline, something that when done right is such a joy to read and this is just that; a real enlightening joy and so different to what I’ve read by Melinda Hammond before. It’s brilliantly structured neither of the two timelines merges together which could cause confusion they travel alongside by side in perfect harmony, Melinda has done a great job keeping both sides of the story entertaining and I do hope that there will be more stories from Melinda along the same lines of this.

As you may have guessed, I thoroughly enjoyed this, it’s different and at the same time has that much loved Melinda Hammond fabulously cosy and comforting stamp all over it. This is feel-good, enjoyable and gently paced romance with a difference.

This was a complimentary copy via the author which I voluntarily reviewed, thank you Melinda and massive apologies for how ridiculously late this review is. xx

#Blogtour | The Place We Call Home Faith Hogan #ThePlaceWecallHome #Review #Excerpt @gerhogan @aria_fiction

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Hello, Sunshines! I have the huge pleasure to be ttoday’sstop on the brilliant blog tour for the beautiful; The Place We Call Home by Faith Hogan. Not only will I be sharing my review, but I also have an exclusive excerpt for you all, so sit back grab your cuppa and enjoy.

Welcome to Ballycove, the home of Corrigan Mills…

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Irish countryside the famed mills have created the finest wool in all of Ireland. Run by the seemingly perfect Corrigan family, but every family has its secrets, and how the mills came to be the Corrigan’s is one of them…

Miranda and her husband were never meant to own the mills, until one fateful day catapults them into a life they never thought they’d lead.

Ada has forever lived her life in her sister’s shadow. Wanting only to please her mother and take her place as the new leader of the mill, Ada might just have to take a look at what her heart really wants.

Callie has a flourishing international career as a top designer and a man who loves her dearly, she appears to have it all. When a secret is revealed and she’s unceremoniously turfed out of the design world, Callie might just get what’s she’s been yearning for. The chance to go home.

Simon has always wanted more. More money, more fame, more notoriety. The problem child. Simon has made more enemies than friends over the years, and when one of his latest schemes falls foul he’ll have to return to the people who always believe in him.

Ballycove isn’t just a town in the Irish countryside. It isn’t just the base of the famous mills. It’s a place to call home.

Best-selling author, Faith Hogan returns with a family tale of love, loss, secrets and finding yourself.

AmazonKobo / Google Play / iBooks


Exclusive Excerpt

Even now, when Miranda looked upon the stained silt of the riverbank, she could see the tints that dominated woollen blankets that sat everywhere from the White House to Downing Street. Ada, for all her acuity in the accounts department, lacked that vision. It was a passion and Miranda wished it fervently for her daughter, because she believed it brought with it an unbridled joy that Ada so badly needed to make her into the woman Miranda hoped one day she might become.

Callie had it. Combined with her raw talent, it was what had made her youngest daughter into the worldwide success she had become. Miranda worried about Callie, probably more than she should, but she knew that Callie’s life in London was not as simple or as rosy as it looked. She worked hard, too hard in Miranda’s opinion, and that left far too little time for anything else. Of course, her youngest daughter had managed to net all of the trappings of a successful life, but like her mother, material things counted for little to Callie who was as happy raking out the garden as she was standing on the red carpet of some glitzy event.

Miranda sighed; time seemed to collide on her more often these days with the past almost as clear as anything in the present. Callie Corrigan was born on a sunny day that seemed to herald the arrival of spring although it was late autumn. Miranda smiled, remembering Paddy had been busy in the mills that day, trying to shore up the old machines that were already running on prayer as much as engine power. It was an exercise in sentimentality as much as prudence. Miranda knew they could purchase new looms and weaving machines. They could fill their factory floor with computerised gadgets that would save them money in terms of wages and probably other overhead costs.

But the truth was, Miranda liked things as they were and she knew that Paddy loved them too. She appreciated the crashing of the loom, the smell of the yarn, the greetings from people like Tom Walsh, whose father and grandfather had all carried out the same job before him. She loved the gleam of the metal. When she ran her hand along the nameplates, she adored the feeling that, in some way, she was connecting with the generations who had passed before her and managed to keep the mills running while the world around it too often lost its way.

No, she would not be letting go of the old for something sleek and humourless. Even though Tom would frown when Big Betty stumbled, he would shake his head and mutter, but his smile of kindliness was priceless as he’d nudge the old machine into productivity once more.

Her husband, Paddy, had been neither a mechanic nor an engineer, but he was a man with a good brain and an interest in tinkering with things until he got them right. He worked away on many a black night and hummed quietly while he set about maintaining all the machines in the mills. She loved to watch him, as his big hands caressed the machines as much with tenderness as with strength. In the end, he crafted a series of replacement cogs, bobbins and timers and they had over the years, in their way, helped Miranda and made her forget that she was carrying the weight of so many futures in her hands.

Unfortunately, their son Simon was nothing like his father. Simon had grown up with that innate ability to seem as if he was pleasing everyone while setting out only to please himself. If Miranda worried about any of her children, it was Simon who had caused her the most sleepless nights over the years. She feared that Simon would never grow into the man she’d always hoped he’d be. Instead, it seemed he was doomed to crave a lifestyle that his modest income would never match in the way he hoped. He was destined never quite to meet the mark.


Set in Ballycove, Western Ireland, The Place We Call Home is a beautifully written, realistic and deeply emotional family saga which spans the generations with its a perfectly interweaving plot which delves into the past and connects it with the present. I love how Faith Hogan delves deep into the Irish way of life in Ballycove, it adds to the story and the characters, which I thinks makes everything feel very real and authentic.

The setting is absolutely perfect, each scene is vivid and adds a marvellous echoing atmosphere to the story, the setting itself is like an extension of the story like an extra character, always there in the back ground and adds so much to every scene.

I really won’t say too much about the story as a whole as it is complex and each characters own story is so interwoven though out that I wouldn’t which to give anything away. But this whole story revolves around the Corrigan and Blair family, who have been mill owners for generations, there are huge secrets and lies, there is heart-ache and love. The centre of the community is the mill which isn’t just apart of the family, it’s not a vessel of mystery, but it is peoples lives, roofs over heads and food on the table. I love how the mill is cemented into the book, how realistically it’s importance to the community is written.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the family, and discovering the secrets that have been so cleverly hidden and then revealed throughout the book, Faith Hogan never fails to grasp the readers attention and their heart with her perfectly written stories, the way she can take every human emotion and the tangled relationship which are within every family is a master class of writing. The wring is strong, intelligent and thought provoking, you are drawn into the world she has created for her characters, you follow each of them as though you were walking right beside them.

Each character is brilliantly written, true they are not all likable, but as this is glimpse of real life is would be odd if everyone was sweetness and nice, as we all know the world isn’t full of good people and this is again where Faith’s talent at writing every nuance of human life comes into it’s own.

This is a wonderful poignant story witha family at it’s heart, full of love and lies. I will admit that it did start of a little slow for my liking but it soon picks up and I soon easily fell into it’s gentle and at times a soothing pace. If you love your family saga’s then this is the book for you, definitely highly reccomended.

This was an arc via the publisher and Netgalley, which I voluntarily reviewed as apart of this blog tour.


About the Author

Geraldine Hogan was born in Ireland. She gained an Honors Degree in English Literature and Psychology from Dublin City University and a Postgraduate Degree in Training and Management from University College, Galway. She is an Irish award-winning and bestselling author of four contemporary fiction novels under the pen name Faith Hogan.

Silent Night is her first crime novel, her second is due out in December 2019.

She is currently working on her next novel. She lives in the west of Ireland with her husband, four children and a very busy Labrador named Penny. She’s a writer, reader, enthusiastic dog walker and reluctant jogger – except of course when it is raining!

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#BlogTour | A Year of Chasing Love by Rosie Chambers #AYearOfChasingLove #Review @RosieCBooks @HQDigital

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Hello Sunshines – and Happy New Year!! My first blog tour of 2020 and it’s a real charming one; The Year Of Chasing Love by Rosie Chambers. So, sit back grab that cuppa – or health drink – and enjoy!

One moment can change a lifetime…

The last thing top divorce lawyer Olivia Hamilton ever expected was to be served her own divorce papers! To escape her marriage troubles, she agrees to go on a year-long trip to find the ultimate guide to love.

Travelling the world, surrounded by stories of love and happiness, it’s not long before her thoughts turn to Nathan, her soon-to-be ex-husband, and she starts to take note of her own lessons in love…

But with Nathan over a thousand miles away, will it be too late?

Perfect for fans of Cathy Bramley, Philippa Ashley and Caroline Roberts.

The year of Chasing Love is the debut novel by Rosie Chambers, and I definitely see great things in her future, and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next from this new author. This is a sweet, little contemporary story, one that will leave you smiling and feeling in a sunnier mood.

The story opens when top divorce lawyer; Olivia is presented with her own divorce papers. Not just shock and horror for her, but she also sees this as bad for her career.

After years of putting her career first, of building up her steely reputation she has unfortunately neglected to look after her home life, she has neglected her husband. Nathen has been patiently waiting and wanting them to move forward with their married life and now she is at the top of her game, Nathen decides enough is enough and files for divorce. Olivia is shocked, obviously, she isn’t naïve enough to think that everything was hunky-dory but she thought that she and Nathen were rubbing along happily enough and so for him to want to tear up their marriage is a real blow for her. She wants nothing more than to stick her head in the sand and delve further and further into her work but the fates are all against her as her boss forces her to take a long-overdue sabbatical hoping that it will make her take the breath she needs to actually take stock and put some perspective in her life before it’s too late.

Now she is left with a year with no work, no husband and she is fast sinking into despair that is until brilliant best friend Rachel turns up and offers her the chance to turn her life – or the year – around, by travelling around the world as she research’s the ultimate guide to love, she travels around Malta, Hawaii, Copenhagen and Singapore and finally landing in the city of love the most romantic place on earth; Paris, but will her travels be her saving grace? Swill Olivia finally be able to allow herself to be happy and will she find the love and the life she is secretly searching for?

I really enjoyed this, I did think at first it started off a little on the slow side for my liking, but it soon picks up the pace, A year of Chasing Love is such a relatable story, it’s one that is so relevant for today where there are so many women in top positions they do unfortunately have to pick between career and family, and when the career path is chosen family and those we love are unfortunately pushed aside. It’s a simple story which has a lot of heart, it’s a delightful and heartwarming story, the characters are wonderfully portrayed Olivia especially is very relatable even though at first I did find it difficult to warm to her but she soon won me over.

Overall, this is a charming little story about finding happiness and love and allowing yourself to let go a little if you love your easy-peasy, none taxing feel-good stories then this is the book for you.

This was an arc copy via the publisher and Netgalley, which I voluntarily and honestly reviewed as apart of this blog tour.


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