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An Outlaw to Protect Her (Outlaws of the Wild west #3) by Harper St George

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Running from her past…

Into the arms of an outlaw!

In this Outlaws of the Wild West story, gunslinger Zane Pierce is the only man who can shield brothel madam Glory Winters against a dangerous threat. But safety at the smouldering Zane’s side comes at a price, and soon it’s not just the secrets of her past that have Glory on edge…it’s the realisation that she might be losing her heart to an outlaw!

My View

Wow! – Just wow, that basically sum’s this book up for me, I have been really excited to read this book and find out what happened with the final Reyes brother – and the man who caught my attention from day one; Zane! And I can tell you now that this exceeds my expectations, this is the last book in the Outlaws of the Wild West series and as sad as it is that this series (the series that started my love for western romances) has come to an end, but it finishes with a blast. I may babble on about how much I love this book – and Zane! But, really I can’t help myself I have so much I want to say about this that I’m afraid this review may turn into a full length novel of it’s own.

For the first time ever with a book, I was left playing this story back like a movie in my mind every detail is so vivid and real. From each scene to the characters and the language it all grips right from the first page to the last – oh, the ending, it’s like something from a Hollywood movie! It isn’t like reading a book, it’s like watching a movie play out. Which really show’s off just what an amazing writer Harper St George is, her way with words and creating a story that instantly grabs your attention is marvelous and I do hope she writes more Western Romances.

This pick’s up from where we left off in the previous; A Marriage Deal With The Outlaw – Castillo’s story ended. For those who haven’t read Castillo’s story then I won’t be spoiling the ending but I will say that our Outlaws have found themselves in the grand Victoria House in Helena, under the watchful eye of the Madam herself; Glory Winters.

Glory Winters – don’t you just love that name? Is the madam of the well respect and opulent Victoria House, along with her best friend Able – who really is the kind of friend a woman wants in her life, he is wonderful. Glory is beautiful, resilient and tenacious she rules her world with pride, she is kind and treats her girls with care and respect that these ladies deserve. But, Glory has a secret – infact she has more secrets than the secret service – one that if ever revealed could lead not just to her own death but that of Able’s too.

When she suddenly becomes threatened and blackmailed, she turn’s to the only men she knows will look after her; The Reyes Brother’s! Which means that the one man who has ever caught her eye and made her heart flutter, will be closer that is comfortable.

Glory is an extraordinary woman, I completely admire her. She is feisty, independent and strong yet below that façade lies a vulnerable, scared and lonely woman. Who I believe needs a little love in her life.

Zane Pierce, notorious and wanted outlaw and the third member of The Reyes Brother’s has always been fascinated by the beautiful and intriguing Glory, never in his life has a woman enthralled him as much as she does. But, he knows that nothing can ever happen between them. He is a wanted man, what sort of life could he give her? But when she reaches out to him and his ‘brothers’ for help, his protective instinct kicks him into action – not so much Knight in shining armour, more brooding gunslinger. Zane will go above and beyond to protect her, as he and Glory spend more time with each other his fascination with her and how she starts to make him feel, confuses him.

My goodness me, how much do I adore this man? Too many to count! I was intrigued by this huge, scarred and quietly spoken man the moment I met him in Marriage Deal with the Outlaw. I so wanted to read his story and I can happily say, he does not disappoint. Zane very well have become one of my new favourite heroes. He is such a fascinating, complex man, he has a proper Outlaw edge about him. He has a dangerous and predatory aura about him that even makes Glory stop in her tracks. I love how St. George has described him as “not classically handsome” that make’s him far more realistic than if he was ‘perfect’. I like his flawed look, to me his is the perfect hero – a bit like Heathcliffe but with a warmer heart, and he actually smiles! He is a supremely intelligent, thoughtful and charming man – when he wants to be – when he does turn on that oh-so sexy, teasing flirtatious charm then no woman has a chance.

But there is also a vulnerable side to him that I found heartbreaking, Zane has issues with love. Like Glory he has been through the mill and he has had his heart-broken and other parts of him destroyed so cruelly, which is why his feelings for Glory confuse him so much.

They are such a sweet and loving couple, each see’s the other in ways that no one else does and each has the one thing the other needs. Glory see’s past his scarred face and sees the good man beneath and he knows instantly that there is something about this beautiful woman then meets the eye. They are a wonderful couple who are made for each other!

This is an amazing book that really packs a punch – plus, did I mention how much I loved Zane? This is a vibrant, mesmerising romance, skillfully written with a wonderfully immersive plot and characters that engage and delight throughout. It really is a gorgeous story, it’s fast and thrilling. The sexual tension between our couple leaps from the page, it’s a will they won’t they story your reading it with bated breath waiting to see what comes next. A definite page turner, that will keep you hooked.

I loved it, very highly recommended.

This was an ARC copy via the author in exchange for an honest review.

An Outlaw To Protect Her is to be released on 23rd August and can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

Review – A Marriage Deal With The Outlaw (Outlaws of the Wild West #2) by Harper St. George

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A dangerous attraction in Montana!

Castillo Jameson has been hunting a murderer for years. The notorious outlaw never expected his search to lead to a standoff on a train—or having to save a beautiful woman caught in the crossfire…

Caroline Hartford has her own troubles—she wants to become a physician, but her parents demand she marry first. Then Castillo arrives at the wedding she’s attending, and Caroline has the perfect solution.

She will keep the outlaw’s true identity a secret…if he’ll pretend to be her fiancé!

My View

This is my first Western Historical Romance and it’s not at all what I was expecting, the nearest I have come to westerns is watching old cowboy movie’s, so in my ignorance I was thinking it would be the same – with gunslinger wearing wide-brimmed hats, as they ride through various deserts. But this is fabulous, this completely blew my mind.

It’s intelligently written, super sexy and funny with a dark and dangerous undercurrent.

Caroline just wants to follow her dreams and become a doctor, but her selfish parents, especially her mother putting the boot in and telling her she must marry first. What’s even worse is that her mother has gone and picked out a suitor for her.

I really respect Caroline, she has got a very wise head on her shoulders. She is having the same dilemma that a lot of women have today; Career first or family?

“My virtue doesn’t belong to my husband. It belongs to me. I can do with it what I like.”

She wants to forge out a career for herself And achieve something that she is hugely passionate about, then settle down and have children – that is if she finds anyone acceptable, but like today people find it odd when a young woman doesn’t do as expected and wants to wait and have children, that’s if she wants them at all and from that you get scorn and distrust.

I like how St. George has created this free-thinking and independent woman, who in all accounts I can really relate to. Caroline isn’t one to mince her words she knows exactly what she wants, she has a perfect picture of where her life is heading and she fights tooth and nail to make sure it does.

I really like how Castillo respect’s Caroline? when he finds outs what she wants.

Castillo Jameson or as he prefers to be called Reyes is out for revenge, he has been on the hunt for a murderer for years and Castillo won’t rest until he has it. But he also, desperately wants a family of his own, he wants a normal life. But seeing as he is wanted outlaw he can’t see that ever happening to him anytime soon.

That is until he meets Caroline.

She was beautiful. She was strength. She was all the things he wanted and admired….

Castillo has a lot of issues, is full of bitterness, that is directed mainly towards his father. Tanner Jameson married Castillo’s mother only to up and leave both Castillo and his mother to marry a young, well-connected woman from Boston. A woman with a name and more importantly political connections and money. For me I can completely understand Castillo’s resentment towards his father, what Tanner did was unforgivable.

Castillo is a suave and ultra sexy man, I have always loved a pair of green eyes and Castillo has the most amazing eyes. St. George has done a brilliant job at how well she had written Castillo, he springs up into your mind fully formed and he really is one brutally handsome man, he is charismatic, suave and his sex appeal just simmers off the page, that you end up in a melted puddle on the floor.

Castillo just so damn sexy and he knows it. He knows his effect on women and yet he isn’t arrogant, he just knows how to use his natural charm to get what he wants – and my goodness is he charming.

I adore it when he uses his Spanish charm on Caroline – especially when he uses the Spanish equivalent of her name “Caroleena” and that alone can make you squirm with pure delight.

“Carolina?” That name spoken in a whisper in his deep, raspy voice made butterflies take flight in her belly. The fluttering of their dainty wings sent ripples of awareness out along her nerve endings. He said the name using the Spanish pronunciation. Caroleena. She quite liked it….

It’s like a battle of wills between our two, they are both stubborn, and both are people who don’t back down in a fight, so the arguments and the bartering between them is fiery and highly enjoyable.

I love the relationship between Hunter and Castillo, they are solid they have a genuine, brotherly love and respect for each other. They don’t see each other as half-brothers, in Hunters eyes Castillo is his true brother. The way they communicate with each other with just a look, speaks just how in sync these two brothers are.

I also really like the third member of their little band of outlaw brothers; Zane! He is an intriguing man who I would really like to get to know more about. He has got so many hidden depths beneath that monosyllabic and rough exterior.

For me though – as much as I adore Castillo – Caroline is the star of the show.

St. George has done it again, she has yet again introduced me to an era that I wouldn’t have read and made me want more, that to me is the is the proof of just how talented author she is.

I loved it to bits, I definitely have had my eyes opened to just how marvellous this era in Historical Romance can be, and I will definitely reading more.

A stylish and thrilling foray into Western Historical Romance, love it and I highly recommend this.

This was an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

A Marriage Deal With The Outlaw is out on 27th July and can be Pre-ordered now at Amazon