Black Hearts and Daggers is where you will find book reviews (and promo posts) for those books which don’t quite fit in with Chicks, Rogues and Scandals, all non-romance books which have lots of ‘Black Hearts‘ and a few ‘Daggers‘. All books which have previously been featured on Chicks, Rogues and Scandals have since been transferred over to Black Hearts and Daggers here ➡️ which also includes books from blog tours which I have been a part of, below you will find links to all new posts.

Backstories by Simon Van de Velde

The Silent Brother by Simone Van der Velde

Gurkha Brotherhood; A Story of Childhood and War

The Last Witch by Sabina Gabrielli Carrara

A Knight and a Spy; 1410 by Simon Fairfax

The Ancestor by Matthew Goldberg

The Village by Philip Duke

How The Wired Weep by Ian Patrick

Otto Eckharts Ordeal by Niall Edworthy

Anyone for Edmund by Sion Edge

The Abdication

Merry go Round by Sarah Toll

The Old Dragons Head

Let Sleeping Murder Lie

The Lie by Helen Dunmore

Silent Night by Geraldine Hogan

The Colour of Mermaids

The Man in Room 423

The Englishman

Darkest Night by Jenny O’Brien

Midtown Huckster

Hunter Killer

Vixon by Sam Michaels

George Bunce and the Black Wave of Fear

Hitting Home by Joseph Mitcham

Arrowood and the Thames Corpses by Mick Finlay

1066; What Fate Impose by G.K. Holloway

The Murder Pit by Mick Finlay

Casino Chiseler

Where is Tony Blunt by Joseph Mitcham

Deadline by Geoff Major

The Lies of our Fathers

Cielo by Jane Markham

They Called him Marvin by Roger Stark

The Fifth Strain

Double Book Spotlight with Stephan Edger

What I Hid From You

Don’t Play with Dead Vultures

What Doesn’t Break Us

The Sky Turned Black

Five Dead Men

Forgotten Lives by Ray Britain

Alex Cohen Series

Orca by Mariette Whitcomb

A Silent Child

Siren by Sam Michaels

Cuban Heel

Deception by Mariette Whitcomb

Binding Lies by Mariette Whitcomb

Guilt by Michelle Kidd

A Numbers Head by RJ Dark

Hollywood Bilker

Fortius by Marriette Whitcomb

Dig You own Grave

Sight Unseen

Total Blackout

Wilson Indeed

Lord of the Hunt

Amongst the Mists

A Time for Swords

Fortress of Fury

Last Flight to Stalingrad