I am delighted to be sharing my review of the upcoming new book by Rachael Stewart; Billionaire’s Island Temptation, the first book in her new mini-series; Billionaire’s For the Rose Sisters. I am seriously in love with this book (as you will see from my somewhat garbled review), firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Rachael for the advanced reader copy which I voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.

Billionaire’s Island Temptation by Rachael Stewart

Series: Billionaires For The Rose Sisters

Will their fling on the tropical island of Mustique develop into something more? Find out in the first of the Billionaires for the Rose Sisters duet by Rachael Stewart for Harlequin Romance.
A summer fling…

Or something more?

Jessie Rose is shocked by the instant chemistry she feels when she meets billionaire Joel in Mustique. She’s come looking for an escape, and brooding Joel is very clear he’s not looking for anything permanent. But letting their guards down while exploring the island together, they can’t deny their fling is dangerously close to being a temptation they may not be able to walk away from…


Before I start my review for this book, even though review may be the wrong word for what’s coming – it’s more like a waffled, slightly garbled and very rambled letter of love to what has become the book of my heart!! I have to say a huge thank you to Rachael Stewart for sharing this emotion-stirring story with us and I know that Jessie and Joel will always have a part of my heart now.

“I left my job and my place in the city to move home and take care of her, I didn’t really think, I just did it”
“I used to have a plan, I knew what I wanted, or at least I thought I did.”

I have never in my life connected as much with a single character as I did with Jessie, at times it felt far too personal and way too close to home as though I was seeing a part of my life played out before me for everyone to see. Yet, there is no denying that Jessie got to me, and in a weird way I felt as though she was speaking for all of us carers out there, she is the understanding non-judgmental voice we have all been searching for. Or maybe, that accolade should go to Rachael Stewart?

I really am getting carried, but I did warn you!

Billionaire’s Island Temptation is the first in the new Billionaires for the Rose Sister’s mini-series and what a start! What a way to introduce us to these characters, even though this book is all about Jessie and Joel, we get a glimpse of Jessie’s sisters; Hannah and Brendan and some blink and you’ll miss them hints of something not right in Hannah’s world. I don’t think I can hold out until May for my next Rose sister love story. I’ll probably re-read this one until then. This is one of those books which I will never get tired of and it will also end up on the ‘tattered over re-read but will forever be loved’ shelf.

We’ve all got one of those shelves, haven’t we?

I really should say something about the book, other than bombarding everyone with a constant; ‘me, me, me’, even I’m getting tired of my own voice, you want to hear about the book, right?

The first moment we meet both Jessie and Joel, you get a real insight into the fragility which surrounds both of them, it cloaks them in a impenetrable armour. They both hide behind a facade; Joel puts on the face of a nonchalant charismatic playboy, but he is in deep pain and Jessie hides behind a smile, but her eyes tell how detached she really is.

After the death of their mother, Jessie has receded into her shell, her sister’s concern is borderline suffocating but she means well, so shoves her onto a plane and sends her off to the beautiful island of Mustique for much-needed rest and relaxation. Hannah hopes it will help bring her sister back from the darkness which has enveloped her.

Joel on the other hand is running away, he has been through his own hell, a double tragedy which has impacted him far more deeply than anyone can even dream. Even he is shocked to the core by how deep his pain has taken him, his detachment from reality and how deep the scars have impregnated his body. People think him a ruthless cad, a playboy of the darkest order. Not even his good friend Brendan or his family don’t realise how far his pain and darkness has taken him. They don’t understand Joel, because he won’t allow anyone near enough to try, that is until he meets a beautiful redhead with ghosts of her own.

“Sun-kissed waves to his shoulders and a grin to die for. Or was that his body…? Half-naked, sweaty and glistening in the midday rays…”

Love this quote, when Jessie sees Joel and despite her personal fragilities and inner turmoil, I am pleased she hasn’t become a nun and has her priorities right and can truly appreciate the beauty of a sexy-as-hell, half-naked man – we may care for others, but we’re still women. 😉

I absolutely love the instant attraction between Joel and Jessie, they are both scarred but neither can deny the attraction, a deep carnal lust bubbles within. Their bodies react to each other in a way that they never thought they would experience again. They make a pact while on the island, no strings attached fun, nothing else.

Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen with these two, they were born to be together! The journey isn’t a smooth one, the story isn’t the easiest to read, a lot is going on, particularly in the heads of our couple.

Yes, they are smouldering and sexy, they have fun and a few giggles. He is so tentative and patient with her, and she brings the sunshine to his darkness I adore those scenes when they are either just being themselves or have lowered the barricades slightly. But, they each have to find their peace, and at times I did wonder how could they ever be together when they are both suffering so much. They keep pushing the other away, but Rachael Stewart is one hell of a talented writer and I knew that eventually, life for them would be easier. It just took a little time and patience from everyone (especially me, but I just wanted them to be happy).

You’ve probably guessed by now just how much I loved this book, everything about it in my eyes perfection!

Gorgeous and mesmerizing setting which will whisk you away for a dream adventure!🌞

Beautiful if heartbreakingly emotional romance!💖

Sexy, vulnerable, kind, charismatic and haunted hero, a man of darkness who you just want to drag into the light and hug him so hard until he laughs!🔥

A wonderful heroine, a woman who I have taken to my heart completely and I feel completely in tune with, take this quote for instance;

“Books are my safety blanket to hide under when life gets too much and I need to run from the real world, I read.

This one sentence is everything, right? Every book lover in the world can understand this, but again I feel Jessie’s words right in my heart, this is exactly what I do. The family have had a few tough months lately and romance books, Mills and Boons especially have been a saviour for me, so I feel her open and honest speaking so much and understand where she is coming from, far more than I can say.

Went a little off course, again…

So, I won’t say too much more, but this is a real rollercoaster ride of every human emotion, and I felt it, really felt it but more than that loved every second!

Hard and heartbreaking topics run through which are an integral part of the entire story. All of which is magically woven together by the queen of the true love romance to create a memorable, compassionate, empathetic and sensitively-told story of how true love heals and empowers, this really is perfect!

I bow down to you Rachael 😘


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