I am delighted to be sharing my second review of 2023 and it’s another ‘Off The Bookshelf’ review of another book which has been on my kindle for longer than it should; Lost in Pleasure by Marguerite Kaye.

Lost in Pleasure by Marguerite Kaye

Genre: Mills & Boon/harlequin Undone Novella, Time Travel Historical Romance

London, 1816

Richard, Earl of Kilcreggan, longs for the thrill of the unpredictable–but nothing prepares him for the sudden appearance of a beguiling woman in his library. As a man of science, he’s intrigued by her story of time travel. As a man of passion, he cannot resist their smouldering desire.

Thoroughly modern Errin McGill never dreamed a wish for romance would land her in Regency London–and face-to-face with the most attractive man she’s ever imagined. But her fantasy man and the sensual pleasure he offers are decidedly real…


Short and seductively sweet!

I am a self-confessed Marguerite Kaye addict, I will read anything this fine author writes, I love her books and since discovering her ‘Undone’ mini novella I have been devouring more of them than ever. It has now got to the point where I don’t even read the back jacket, I see her name on the front and instantly press the buy now button.

Lost in pleasure is completely different to any other MK book I have read before, for this isn’t your stereotypical historical romance and despite not 100% loving it, I’m more in the region of 75% but I would definitely recommend it and certainly re-read it again.

What happens when you have a scientific Earl from Regency England, a man of learning and intelligence. A very modern 21st-century American who loves delving into the past while antique hunting. And finally a very old chair…

Well, the answer to that is a captivating time-travel romance!

Having broken up with her boyfriend, Erin is feeling a little lost and down in the dumps, but instead of shovelling Ben & Jerry’s into her face, she knuckles down to work. In London searching antiques for a client, when she stumbles into an old shop and is instantly taken by the beautifully ornate wooden chair. There is something which is luring her towards it, but even she could never imagine what would happen when she sat in it.

Richard; Earl of Kilcreggan is your stereotypical Regency lord, a proper gentleman, a seductive scoundrel – way too hot to keep his breeches on. Add in an intelligent mind, a little bored and with too much time on his hands.

Can you see where this is leading?

Yup, our lost little Erin is transported back in time and lands literally at the feet of our bored – but ridiculously handsome aristocrat.

This is where we needed a longer novel I think, they both seemed to accept the fact that she is from the future and has just been dumped into his world without a second thought. Literally after a very brief discussion about the matter, they end up hot and sweaty on his carpet.

I would have liked a more profound chat, maybe get to know each better before jumping in and stripping, but hey, the sex is great!

If I have to be honest I would never have put Erin and Richard together, they are so different not only that they are different times but they are so different in character, and yet they do seem to fit together nicely. When they do converse and not just in lusty groans, they find that they actually do have a lot in common and those moments are very sweet!

As with all of the ‘Undone’ books, this is incredibly short and easy to read, but there is a lot jammed into those few pages, I think this particular story could have done with being a full-length novel as I would have loved to see more of their interactions when Erin travelled back to the Regency era and I definitely would have loved more in regards to the ending, I was left with questions bubbling around.

Overall, it’s a fun and sexy little romance, not one of my personal favourites of Marguerite Kaye’s books, but a great way to spend an hour or so I enjoy it nonetheless and I am already searching my Kindle for my next Undone read.


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