I am delighted to be sharing my ‘Off the Bookshelf’ review for the charming; Her Best Friends, The Duke by Laura Martin.

Her Best Friends, The Duke by Laura Martin.

An excellent student…

In the art of flirtation

Caroline Yaxley has always been in love with her best friend, James Dunstable, Duke of Heydon. After years of waiting for him, she finally admitted defeat and decided to find a husband. James suggests she practice her nonexistent flirtation skills on him, which seems like a good idea—until she must pull away to avoid a shattered heart. Their pretend attraction has begun to feel alarmingly real!


I love this – tenderly sweet, charming and romantic!

I am a big fan of Laura Martin’s books, true I haven’t read one for a while now again the talented Laura Martin has waved her sparking magic wand over me and I have fallen to my knees in enchanted joy.

I will be completely honest and say that the ‘friends to lovers’ trope have never been my favourite, I enjoy reading them but I have always been more of a ‘enemies to lovers’ kind of lass, yet Laura Martin may have turned my head with this super cute and charming book.

I love how the relationship between Caroline and James develops across the course of the story, we readers can see what is right in front of them and yet these two keep skirting around the subject until the finale and then you sigh with pure relief and swoon with joy at the gorgeous romance between them.

Her Best Friend, The Duke is exactly what it says on the tin, we have lovely Caroline who has held a torch for the dashing duke for as long as she can remember, she has loved him and has always waited with bated breath and held on to the hope that perchance her best friend may feel something for her too.

The story is something right out of a fairy-tale, or a feel-good rom-com movie (Yes, I am a romantic comedy film fan, who would have believed it?) and I fell in love with this story.

I loved the sweet romance, the will-they-wo-n’t-they aspect and its adorable couple (even if he did need a good old talking to for not seeing what was right in front of him).

A definite must-read, it’s an easy-to-read book with all the feel-good romance we all love from this genre.


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