I am delighted to be sharing my review of the wonderful; Laughing All the Way on the Jingle Bells Express by Berni Stevens. A big thank you to Liz at ChocLit/ Ruby Fiction for the complimentary copy, which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Laughing All the Way on the Jingle Bells Express by Berni Stevens

If you received a mysterious invitation for a fun-filled festive train ride the week before Christmas, would you go?

When teacher Dee Nicholls receives her invitation, she isn’t sure what to make of it. Surely it’s some kind of joke to get her out of bed early on a weekend? Perhaps a clever festive marketing ploy?

But as the Christmas countdown begins, it becomes clear that Dee isn’t the only “Jingle Bells Express” invitee. There are other people out there who have received the same invitation: Tom the intern, Rachel the aspiring writer, Dylan the musician and his dog Muttley – and they’re not the only ones!

Could the unusual festive journey they eventually take together show them all the true meaning of Christmas, and also that happiness is sometimes right in front of you – if you just take the time to look?



Yes, I did have to shout that one from the rooftops, this is easily one of the most enjoyable Christmas books I have read for a long time. We all have those books or films which we always without fail read and watch every single Christmas, right? Well, this is one of those books, it’s one which I know I will be reading year after year which makes even this Scrooge look forward to the festive season.

It’s undeniably festive, it’s feel-good, hopeful, funny, charming and full of glittery seasonal magic – which will have you reaching for the Christmas socks, pouring a bailings chocolate, popping on Michael Buble’s Christmas album and decorating the house with such gusto your living room will end up looking like a tinsel explosion.

This is so different to the usual boy meets girl and fall in love under the mistletoe type of Christmas book, especially as this has a huge cast of characters, all of whom have their moments in the spotlight, but I have to say my personal favourites are adorable Dylan and his scruffy mut; Muttley. What dog-loving lass couldn’t fall in love with a scruffy mutt with an equally dishevelled owner?

Laughing all the Way on the Jingle Bells Express is easily one of my favourite Christmas books, there is so much to love about it. It’s magical, seasonal, fun, and heartwarming and will leave you feeling undeniable;y happy and satisfied.

A must for the Christmas season!


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