I am delighted to be a part of the blog tour and to be sharing my review for; Twenty-One Nights in Paris by Leonie Mack.

Twenty-One Nights in Paris

An heiress to a fortune, Ren’s home-from-home is the Ritz, while the handsome and brooding Sacha has grown up in Paris’s less salubrious suburbs. So when an accident brings them together, romance seems unlikely outcome.

When Ren’s society engagement reaches a very public end, Irena’s over-protective grandmother wants her home in London. Ren needs an excuse to stay in Paris, so after some persuasion, Sacha agrees to pose as her new boyfriend. But only for the twenty-one days, Ren’s grandmother has allowed her to nurse her broken heart before heading home to face the music.

Over three weeks, Ren realises the world outside her exclusive bubble is more beautiful than she could have imagined. While Sacha reluctantly begins to see the goodness of the woman behind the wealth. When their time is up, will Ren want to return to her gilded cage, and will Sacha be able to let go of the woman he’s been ‘pretending’ to fall in love with…

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A fairytale romance with a modern twist!

I have to admit that I haven’t read as many of Ms Mack’s books as I feel I really should have, but those I have read, I have absolutely loved and this is no different.

Twenty-One Nights in Paris is a ‘fake relationship’ romance set in magical Paris, Ren is the ‘Princess’ who is being locked in a gilded cage by her villainous family, she needs to breathe fresh air and be free, but that is easier said than done as there is scandal following her. Walk in handsome, sexy, gorgeously swoon-worthy and utterly charismatic Sacha. Ah, Sacha, I may have fallen head over heels I loved this guy from the moment he walked onto the page. He and Ren devise a plan to keep her in Paris for twenty-One days by saying that they are dating – and here comes the fake relationship. We all know what happens next, but I ain’t going to say anything you will have to read it and follow Ren and Sacha’s journey, which isn’t just entertaining but I loved watching how Ren developed from a naive little girl to a confident woman all with the help of sumptuous Sacha.

This book is just gorgeous, it’s got a feel-good factor to a tee, add in Christmas and Paris and you have a romance film in the making – now to start casting (in my own head anyway). As much as I loved the tantalizing romance bubbling between Rena and Sacha, I think I won’t be alone in saying that it was the actual city of Paris that stole the show. The writing is so crisp and clear each scene is beautifully written it’s richly described and crackles with atmosphere and Parisian charm. I really enjoyed the fake relationship plot, I haven’t read a lot of books in this trope (no idea why) but I really enjoyed this one, it’s a little different and very entertaining!

Overall, this is a gorgeously festive fairytale, a must-read for the Christmas season (or any season).

Author Bio

Leonie Mack is the bestselling author of romantic novels including My Christmas Number One and Italy Ever After. Having lived in London for many years her home is now in Germany with her husband and three children. Leonie loves train travel, medieval towns, hiking and happy endings!

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