I am delighted to be a part of the book tour and to be sharing my review for; The Bonita Protocol PJ Skinner. Thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours and the author for my complimentary copy.

The Bonita Protocol by PJ Skinner

Series: Sam Harris Adventures #5

Her new boss is a drug-fueled harridan, and her friends’ marriage is dissolving; Maybe the project will be a winner?

It’s 1996 geologist Sam Harris has been around the block, but she’s prone to nostalgia, so she snatches the chance to work in Sierramar, her old stomping ground. But she never expected to be working for a company that is breaking all the rules.

When the analysis results from drill samples are suspiciously high, Sam makes a decision that puts her life in peril.

Can she blow the lid on the conspiracy before they shut her up for good?

The Bonita Protocol is the fifth book in the Sam Harris Adventure series. If you like Indiana Jones, you’ll love this exciting adventure with realistic storylines set in an exotic location before modern technology.

Buy Links https://amzn.to/3QqIcMy


Sam Harris, the female Indiana Jones is back, and once again she is in mortal danger (no surprises here) when she heads back to where it all began!

For those who don’t know who Sam Harris is, she is a woman living in a man’s world, a woman who pushes boundaries in her field and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and put herself in harm’s when if she thinks something isn’t right – plus our lady has a thirst for adventure and digging up secrets. Again, she is the female equivalent of Indiana Jones!

The Bonita Protocol is the fifth instalment in the Sam Harris adventure series and is easily my new favourite of the series. I loved that we are back to where the series started in Sierramar and we see a few old faces – plus meet a few new ones. This is a brilliant addition to this amazing series, honestly, these books keep getting better and better, unlike the previous books where you really needed to read them in order, I think with this one you could get away with reading it as a stand alone, but why would you want to do that???

I love how Sam has developed into a realistic, down-to-earth and passionate character. Gone is the naive, bright-eyed young lass and in walks a determined, independent, resourceful and likeable woman. Throughout the series, we readers have come to see Sam as a good friend, a part of the family. In this one I thought she had a lot more relatable humour about her too, it’s like she has finally settled and is now happy with who she is, there is a confidence about her that only comes which maturity. But, don’t think she has given up her free will and adventuresome ways, oh no she still finds herself up to her neck in deep trouble and as always it’s wonderful watching as her latest escapade unravels.

This time around Sam is working for the drug-addled spoilt little brat; Amanda, whose father has cut her off and now wants to prove she can do things on her own so she hires Sam to find out if the brat’s mine is valuable or not. Well, this is where sam is walking on very thin ice, spoilt brat and her side-kick; Rhett start scheming – they are so dodgy you wouldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them. Sam decides to start investigating (no change there) but unfortunately for her what she discovers may lead her to danger.

The Bonita Protocol is another stonking great bread from this talented author, it’s exciting and thrilling a definite edge-of-your-seat must-read!


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