I am delighted to be sharing my review for Summer’s Christmas by Ella Cook – get your tissues at the ready, this is another tear-jerker! Thank you to Liz at ChocLit UK for the complimentary copy.

Summer’s Christmas by Ella Cook

Bringing the spirit of Christmas to a summer’s day …

Summer by name and summer by nature – that’s how people describe Evelyn’s happy, outgoing daughter. Even if her favourite time of year is actually Christmas!

But Summer has gone through more than any eight-year-old should, and that’s part of the reason Evelyn is leaving everything behind to return to her childhood home in the village of Broclington; just her, Summer and Summer’s best friend – a Shiba Inu dog called Tilly. Unsurprisingly, Evelyn is hesitant to let anyone else in, although local vet Jake Macpearson seems intent on winning her trust.

When Evelyn receives the news that every mother dreads, it’s Jake who comes to the rescue. With the help of the Broclington community, could he be the man to bring festive magic to August, and make all of Evelyn and Summer’s Christmases come at once?


Am I excited about this book or what?

When I first read Ella Cook’s debut; Beyond Grey, I was completely blown away, that book spoke to me on so many levels and it still makes me well up just remembering it. I was a weeping snivelling teary mess, if you have read it you will know why, if you haven’t – why not? Do go and grab yourself a copy as that book is one of my recommended reads, it’s utterly beautiful as is this one!

Anyway, let’s return to this book which really opens the emotional floodgates, it will stay with you long after finishing, this is the ultimate tear-jerker and one which will be re-read so many times over.

Summer’s Christmas is full of heartbreak, emotion, love, family and a community coming together to make a Christmas wish come true (even if Christmas was being held in August). I loved, loved, loved how Broclington village came together how the people worked so hard and were always happy to help and lend a hand. This is the kind of village we all want to live in, where everyone knows everything and lends a hand.

I really got behind the characters, Evelyn is a wonderful woman and mother, she has the world on her shoulders and yet there is still lightness and laughter. She is guarded and when she gets the ultimate devastating news she feels as though her entire world has been dragged from beneath her, I really love how the community she left behind has now embraced her and welcomed her back with open arms. Her daughter Summer is a sweetheart, she is determined and always smiling like her name she is full of sunshine and smiles despite her health and I adore the relationship between the little girl and her beloved dog Tilly, that gorgeous bond between owner ad dog warmed my heart as a dog mam I related to that even more. And then we have gorgeous, generous, kind, thoughtful, caring and joyful Jake the local vet, oh my heart has burst I’m a soppy mess!!

If you didn’t know before the waffle, I loved this book, I loved the story the characters the emotion throughout and the setting. There isn’t anything I didn’t like, Ella Cook writes the most beautifully heartbreaking stories, ones that will last a lifetime!


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