I am delighted to be sharing my review for the super; Recipe for Mr Super by Anni Rose, firstly a big thank you to Liz at Choc Lit UK for the complimentary copy.

Recipe For Mr Super

Where’s a hero when you need him?

In Autumn Rigden’s case, enjoying semi-celebrity status on the other side of the world. Although Nick Flynn is no superman – talented horse rider and Super Sportstar of the Year he might be, but he has a habit of leaving Autumn in the lurch when she needs him most.

Anyway, Autumn is too busy with her new career to care about Nick. Okay, so she’s had to give up her Olympic dressage dream, her childhood home and beloved Shetland pony – and all to the benefit of Gordon, Nick’s money-grabbing father. But Autumn’s new ambition is to become an heir hunter extraordinaire, and with a promising commission and only a few weirdos demanding she prove they’re related to royalty, she’s all set.

But when Mr Super returns, will Autumn find that forgetting about horses and the Flynns is harder than she could have ever imagined?


Take the weight off and settle in for a feel-good and utterly delightful second chance/enemies-to-lovers romance!

This is a wonderful addition to the ‘Recipe for Mr…’ series, I have read and loved each one, not to worry if you haven’t read any of the series, as it’s not quite a series it just follows a theme.

This book is in one word; fun! It’s cute and fluffy and utterly charming, even though there are some serious and emotional aspects to the story which will bring a tear to your eye, but it’s one of those stories which is so beautifully written you can’t help but smile throughout.

The story revolves around Autumn who at one time had it all; a semi-celebrity who was a damn fine rider, she had Olympic potential but as you can imagine it all went wrong. She now has so much piled on top of her all at once, she is going through the hardest period of her life and it doesn’t help the fact the man she thought she could count on – well, isn’t exactly reliable. Her twin brother suddenly dies, she is facing bankruptcy and her father’s care home needs paying. In a horrible twist of fate, her saviour turns into a real rotter, she has to give up her dream, her precious horses, and her family home and find her own way in the world.

And, she does too, she starts up as an heir hunter, she still misses her past life, especially her horses but she must plough forward. That is until the man she thought she relies on, only to let her down suddenly turns up again and the attraction is even more proud than ever before. What is a girl to do, everything seems to be going wrong (again).

I really liked this, I won’t go into too much detail about the story, but it is so lovely and sweet. It’s not an easy ride to happily ever after as Autumn and Nick can’t seem to make their lives easy but it’s such a joy to watch them go through all the drama which comes their way.

Autumn is a wonderful character, she is warm and caring with a kind heart, I love how she throws her all into whatever challenge she is faced with and Nick – well, what can I say about him? He is a sweetie, he’s a little trod-upon by her bully of a father and seriously needs to grow a pair, but I really liked him. I have to admit that it did take me a while to warm up to him, but I got there eventually.

As much as I loved this one, as I said earlier it is a great addition to the series, it’s not my favourite of the three books, that is reserved for the first book, but it is fun (I think we’ll need some fun and laughter don’t we?) it will make you sigh In all the right places, a terrific way to while away a few hours.


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