I am delighted to be a part of the blog tour for; The Last First Date by Hayley Quinn

The Last First Date by Hayley Quinn

One date. One missed chance. One mission is to find love.

At 31 years old, Helen Pines is far from where she thought she would be. Whilst her ex-boyfriend is now engaged, Helen’s still eating ready meals for one, wistfully dreaming of her last first date.

Determined to give online dating a go, she matches with drop-dead-gorgeous Brody, and they hit it off immediately.

One date later, Helen’s heart is still singing. Brody’s everything she’s looking for in a man – sexy, charismatic, and the perfect gentleman. But then she receives an error message on the app… all her contacts have been deleted.

With nothing but Brody’s name and job title to go on, Helen is determined to track him down.

But despite the initial chemistry, Helen realises she knows surprisingly little about her mystery man… Was it really love-at-first like, or will she find a new love along the way?

An utterly hilarious laugh-out-loud romance that will have you grinning from ear to ear from the first page to the last! Fans of Our Stop and Mhairi McFarlane will love this book.


I can only say one thing about this book and that is; that it does what it says on the tin!
Yup, it is promoted as a ‘laugh out loud, hilarious romance’ and I would agree with that. I am always very wary when a book is labelled ‘most hilarious romantic comedy’ or ‘best laugh loud romance you will read’ but here, this does live up to what it says on the tin (or back blurb) this s a very funny book, it had me giggling and smiling, it was just the thing I needed!

When I started reading this, family life was a little strained and challenging so I wanted something light-hearted and a book that wasn’t heavy or too serious, just a good old-fashion romantic comedy that I could forget the woes of the world for a few hours, and this was just the ticket! It lighted the mood, it made me smile and laugh and transported me away from the daily grind for a while, but more than that it made me feel incredibly happy – always a good sign of a good book!

I really enjoyed this book, the story is a simple story of a girl looking for love, but it’s told in a very 21st century way with dating apps, website crashings, whole lives online and not knowing anyone’s number.

Yes, we have all been there!

Helen is broken-hearted when her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her a year ago is about to marry, she always thought he was ‘the one despite everyone around saying the complete opposite. but she is now determined to move on with her life and so with the pushing in the back from her nan, she signs up to a dating app and instantly clicks with gorgeous Brody, after a single ate they hit it off like wildfire and she is looking forward to more. But…yes, there is always a but, the app goes down and when it’s back a lot of contacts and messages have been deleted. Helen at first is confused that she hasn’t heard back from Brfody, especially as their first date went really well, but once she realises what happened with the app she is determined to find Brody just to see if it was the real thing or not. easier said than done when she didn’t get his number and all she knows is his name.

But if you love someone, or you think that this is a keeper you will go above and beyond to make it happen, right?

The Last First Date is my first book by Hayley Quinn, in my ignorance I had never heard of this author before reading this, but I enjoyed this book so much and the author’s fun and engaging writing that I can’t wait to read more from her.

There is so much to really love about this book, not only does it live up to the hype of the back blurb, it is heartwarming, feel-good, incredibly funny, will leave you smiling like a Cheshire cat with the cream and you will connect with the characters and the story as it is very relatable.

Overall, a really enjoyable, funny, romantic story of finding love in the online age, and a definite must-read!


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