I am delighted to be a part of the book tour for; Summer Solstice by Kris Kassady, I love the look of this book and am thrilled to be sharing an exclusive book extract with you all.

Summer Solstice

Heat Up Your Day with a Kris Kassady Sexy Story!

In this full-length steamy romance, Grant is looking forward to his annual summer vacation at Rosario’s Resort on Orcas Island in Washington State. He’s not expecting to meet anyone but who’s that attractive dark exotic woman he sees on the ferry, and why is she alone? Well, after an innocent happy hour heats up, Grant finds himself in a complex predicament with an ending, not to his liking. If you like beautiful warm-hearted romance with lots of twists and turns, you’ll love Summer Solstice.

All Kris Kassady romances are tastefully presented, light, entertaining, spicy reads

Buy Links: https://books2read.com/summer-solstice/

Book Extract

Grant first noticed her on the ferry. She was sitting alone, looking out the window as the passenger boat skimmed through the beautiful water toward the San Juan Islands. Dark-skinned, petite, cute, and about his age, he found his eyes moving back and forth between the lovely view outside and the lovely view inside. Why was he drawn to her? Why was she alone? Did she live in the San Juans? Was she a resident or just visiting? This being the third week in June, the summer tourist season was moving into high gear. Schools were out, families were arriving for the summer holidays, and recreational boats dotted the water.

When the captain announced the docking at Orcas Island, he watched her get up and move to the stairs that led to the cars below. He made the same trip, losing her in the narrow stairwell, as he made his way to his car, waiting until he heard the cars in front start their engines. He followed the line up the ramp into Orcas Village, a tiny hamlet with a few shops, a post office, and an excellent grocery store.

Grant parked his Porsche convertible on the main street of the Village Landing, as the locals called it. He liked the Orcas Village Store for its authentic rural feel. The attendants were friendly, the shelves immaculately organized, and the display cases attractively filled with prepared food. He’d taken his time, browsing, before overpaying for two bottles of Walla Walla cabernet, a package of smoked salmon, a box of gourmet crackers, and several kinds of cheese. He could have brought that from home, but he’d looked forward to this stop. He liked supporting interesting local businesses.

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