I am delighted to be today’s stop on the book tour for; Cheat Play Live by Lisa Edwards. I really love the sound of this book and can’t wait to share it with you all, plus I have an exclusive extract to tempt you with.

Cheat Play Live by Lisa Edwards

Lisa is looking for love, freedom and absolution on the beaches of the world. Grieving for the loss of her parents, married to the wrong man and stuck in a toxic work situation, she has become increasingly dependent on alcohol to numb her pain. After using a dating site for married people, she decides to leave her husband, believing that the grass is greener on the other side. But no one is waiting in the wings to claim her – only younger men looking for an older-woman experience.

Lisa roams the beaches of the world looking for love but in Goa, she discovers yoga, a sober life and a tribe of inspirational women who show her a new path to self-love and independence, breaking the lock on the secret she’s been keeping inside her since she was a little girl.

So when The Most Handsome Man in Goa walks into her life, Lisa must decide if her new-found solo freedom is worth holding onto.

If you loved Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Wild by Cheryl Strayed, then this uplifting book is for you.

Book Extract

Graham suddenly realised that this holiday involved lots of driving. For him. (I was a nervous driver and didn’t really want to sit behind the wheel of a motorhome.) He shouted at me and made me cry. He’d had a stressful time at work with a toxic boss, but I’d steam-rollered through, making the wedding happen even though he wasn’t ready for it. There were suddenly rules to follow, motorhome rules that I didn’t know were there until I broke them. I stacked plates the wrong way, stashed bags in the wrong places and put beds up in the wrong order. Graham was used to caravanning holidays, so he knew how it all worked.

I already knew about Graham’s ‘house rules’ because they’d been making themselves known to me in the new home we’d bought together two years previously. We’d moved from Brighton to a starter home in Buckinghamshire when Graham got a new job there in 2000. He was extraordinarily good at DIY and I loved our starter-home project. We gutted the two-up, two-down terraced house and garden and made a place of our own. I tended new plants bought from the local garden centre and I couldn’t wait to get home in the summer to deadhead them.

We loved to nest in our little home. We’d spend sun-drenched days in the garden: Graham pottering in his shed, grinning, holding a machete which he used to hack back the overgrown garden. We ordered pizza in the evenings, opping in front of the TV, exhausted.

Our little house backed onto a poppy field where

Graham cycled and I ran. Sometimes we just sat and stared at it, me with a glass of wine in my hand.

I wasn’t particularly practical in the home, so at first, I enjoyed having Graham’s rules to follow. But then, after we completed the house renovation, they became a standing joke – the house rules you didn’t know were there until you broke them. They ranged from stacking the dishwasher the wrong way to leaving the windows open at the wrong angle.

And they reappeared again on our honeymoon.

Author Bio

Lisa Edwards is a former publisher who is now a freelance writer, editor, agent and yoga teacher. She grew up in North Wales, but has lived mostly in southeast England. She lives in Worthing, West Sussex, where she lives alone and walks by the sea every day. She splits her time between the UK and India.

Buy Links https://amzn.to/3l7akGt

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