I am delighted to be today’s stop on the blog tour for The Major Minor Murders by Jim McGhee, this book sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to share it and an exclusive book extract with you all.

About the Book

There’s been a murder. And the only suspect has vanished.
Even his own brother, DI Barney Mains, thinks he’s guilty.
But when the missing man’s teenage daughter begs Barney to help, he has no choice.
And before long he starts to question whether the criminal brother he hasn’t seen for ten years could actually be innocent this time.
It’s just that everyone seems to be in an all-fired hurry to pin the killing on him.
Despite there being a pair of highly visible alternative candidates – a tall ex-army type and a sidekick built like a tank.
The trail leads Barney to the South of France and the gated world of the super-rich.
For only there will he discover whether his brother is a killer on the run.
Or the next victim…

Buy Links

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Major-Minor-Murders-characters-knife-edge-ebook/dp/B09L1GYXDM

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/Major-Minor-Murders-characters-knife-edge-ebook/dp/B09L1GYXDM

Book Extract

It struck Barney that the man who introduced himself as Major John Evans did indeed have the clipped manner of a military type as he welcomed them on board. Slightly taller than Barney but leaner and more angular, the man had a jutting jaw and deep-set eyes which gave an almost emaciated look to his face, as if he denied himself any pleasures of the flesh. The parchment skin seemed to peel back by way of a smile, exposing a set of jagged, shark-like teeth. The cropped steel-grey hair and athletic stance as he now stood at the wheel with his back to them reminded Barney of nothing so much as one of those toy plastic action heroes. He looked like he could handle himself.

Hutton-Jones shouted to them as Evans brought the boat expertly to the jetty and threw a line to his master. ‘Ahoy, Shona! Come ashore. Welcome back to La Redoute.’ Their host looked resplendent in grey flannels, blue blazer and what looked like a school tie of some sorts.

Shona accepted the Major’s offer of a steadying hand as she stepped off, noticeably catching his eye, taking his measure, as she thanked him. Before Barney could follow, the man pointedly returned to securing the craft. ‘Thanks for the lift, Major. Lovely boat.’ Getting no response, he pressed on. ‘Don’t suppose you got much experience on the water when you were in the Army. Sorry, it was the Army wasn’t it? What bunch were you with?’

He watched the stooping man’s back stiffen. Evans then straightened and slowly turned, a tight half smile on his face. ‘Long time ago.’

‘Sure, sure. It’s just that I know a lot of guys who were with the Royal Scots and, forgive me, but they might just about age with you.’

The smile, such as it was, vanished. ‘Not the Royal Scots. And sir, I believe the lady is waiting for you to join her ashore.’

‘Aye, aye skipper. Oh, but I never introduced myself. Mains, Barney Mains. We saw each other at your boss’s party.’

‘Don’t recall, I’m afraid, sir. Goodbye.’

‘Ah, yes. Oh well. Been nice to meet you, Major. Look forward to another chat soon.’ No response. Barney moved to leave the boat but glanced back in time to catch an expression of pure, stone-cold disdain. If looks could kill, he thought.

About the Author

Jim McGhee’s a former award-winning environmental journalist.
Based in East Lothian, near Edinburgh, Scotland, he spends much of each year (in normal times) in the South of France, the main setting for the DI Barney Mains series, with tolerant wife Jean and rampant Irish Terrier, Jack.
After a full-on career as a campaigning newspaper reporter, he and Jean launched their own recruitment company in central Edinburgh and for twelve fun-packed years worked closely together alongside their brilliant team – without spilling a single drop of blood.
The Alpes-Maritimes and Var departments, on the other hand, have provided a host of dramatic locations just perfect as inspiration for the odd spot of fictional gore.
Locals, blessed with scenery ranging from unspoiled mountain villages to the classic palms-and-marinas coast, claim that they can be swimming one moment and skiing a little over an hour later.
Though when not writing or travelling en famille, Jim’s more likely to be off on a hike in the hills with his ever-ready buddy, Jack.

Follow him at:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bigbarneymains

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bigbarneymains

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigbarneymains

Website : https://www.jimmcghee.net/

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A big thank you to Zoe at Zooloos book tours for the invite to this tour.


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