I am absolutely delighted to be a part of the publication day book blitz and to be sharing an exclusive book extract for; Temptation in Istanbul by Hana Sheik, I am in absolute love with the book (yes, it has been added to my never-ending TBR pile) the cover is gorgeous (swoon!!!)

About the Book

Escape to Istanbul, where a nanny may just tempt a bruised billionaire to give love a second chance in this heartwarming romance by Hana Sheik.

A single dad’s greatest temptation?

The nanny on his doorstep! 

Billionaire Faisal is anxiously awaiting custody of his little girl, who’s been living miles away with her mother. First he must win the approval of her nanny, Maryan, who has traveled with her to Istanbul. While he shows Maryan the delights of his city, the instant attraction between them is hard to ignore. But Maryan leaves in two weeks, so Faisal must decide how much of his bruised heart he is prepared to risk…

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Exclusive Extract

Hi Frankie! Thanks for having me on the blog today. 🙂

Welcome, Hana, it’s so lovely to have you visit the blog again!!! Frankie xx

And hello everyone else! *waves* I’m Hana Sheik, and my latest Harlequin Romance/Mills and Boon True Love, Temptation in Istanbul is out today in the UK! Yay!!

I’ll be sharing a short teaser from the book below. This teaser unfolds in billionaire Faisal’s home after nanny Maryan agrees to stay at his place while she’s in Istanbul for her two-week visit. Maryan just wants to be close to Faisal’s daughter and ensure the handover of her care to Faisal is complication-free, but she doesn’t bargain on being so attracted to him. Living in tight quarters won’t be a problem—Faisal’s home is big—but the close proximity will still test them both. *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*


Realizing he’d spooked her, he raised his hands up with palms facing out. “Sorry. I thought you heard me.” Then he noticed the spill on the countertop. Noted her clutching her hand. “You scalded yourself.”

“Nothing I can’t fix.” She clenched her teeth for a semblance of a smile and stuck her hand under cold running water briefly.

He fetched her a paper towel, but before that he took her hand, surprising her with his gentle touch and wrinkled brows emanating his worry. Faisal stroked his thumb lightly over the stinging, reddened skin on the back of her hand. Splotchy with angry color from where the hot tea had spilled onto her.

Maryan already hadn’t expected his touch.

She wasn’t even prepared for when he lowered his head and blew cool air over the heated surface of her sparking flesh. The shiver quaking through her was a force that shut down any rational thought and sharpened her primal senses. She stared at the top of his bowed dark head, his flawless deep brown skin and his slightly parted lips as he concentrated on the task of cooling her hand down.

She could probably let this go on longer.

She knew better, though, and stammered, “It’s f-fine. Really. The redness should fade.”

“And the pain? How’s that?”

She gave it a thought. It stung a bit, but no more than she believed it ought to. “I’m used to working in a restaurant. At worse it’s a little burn, at best a night’s worth of discomfort.”

“So, no first aid kit?”

Maryan gave him a headshake. “But an ice pack would be nice.”

“You mean my blowing didn’t help?”

She watched the teasing grin overtake his worried look; his handsomeness dialed up to high in the span of a heartbeat.

“It was nice…” She trailed off, and he picked up the ball she dropped.

“It’s not an ice pack, though.” Chuckling, he released her hand to open the freezer and pull out an ice pack. Wrapping it with the paper towel, he handed it to her.

“I’ll grab our tea. Go ahead and sit down.”

She heeded his instruction, her chest tight but not in an unpleasant or alarming way. Even if she wanted to argue, it would be hard to do it around the thickness closing off her throat, making breathing harder than it normally should be.

All because he touched me, blew on my hand, flirted with me?

He wasn’t flirting, though. He’d joked with her and been kind enough to help her ice the burn on her hand. Allowing her brain to spin the moment into a big yarn would be foolish.

Foolish and a waste of time.

She had two weeks starting today to settle Zara into her new life with her dad. What she should be doing was getting to know the man who would be taking over her role as caregiver, not weighing every gesture and every look as a gateway into a passionate fantasy starring him and her.

She had to leave her fantasizing at the door until this trip was over.

“It’s my fault the tea got cold. My fault you got injured.” He joined her at the table with their freshly reheated mugs.

“I was going to reheat mine anyway. It made sense to do the same for you.”

“Well, thank you,” he said, lifting his mug to his lips and pausing to blow over its surface before a sip.

The memory of his lips hovering over her hand and his cooling breath skating over her sent a fresh shiver through her.

“My mom says hello.”

“You told her about me.” She wished she didn’t sound so squeaky, but her nervousness was amplified at the thought of him telling his mother of their living arrangement.

Reading her mind, he replied, “I left out mention of your staying with me and Zara.”

Maryan had trouble masking her relief, because he laughed low and sexily.


“A little,” she admitted blushingly. “I know how Somali parents can be.”

Faisal laughed louder this time. “Mine are no different. My mom’s especially keen for me to be married.”

“Aren’t most Somali hooyo like that?” It felt natural slipping into their native tongue with him. She’d done it on his flashy boat, and she was doing it now in his equally impressive home. Something about him lowered her normally sky-high thorny defenses.

About the Author

Hana Sheik falls in love every day reading her favourite romances and writing her own happy-ever-afters. She’s worked as a data entry operator, customer service rep, telemarketer, and ghostwriter—but being a romance author is without a doubt the best job ever! Born in Somalia, she moved to the beautiful capital of Canada as a toddler, and still lives there happily with her family. She loves to hear from readers. Reach out to her on the contact page at hanasheik.com

Social Media Links – Twitter (@HanaSoChic), Facebook (@HanaSheikAuthor)


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