I am thrilled to be a part of the blog tour for; The Knight’s Tempting Ally by Ella Matthews, I am unbelievably excited to be sharing my review of this gorgeous book with you all.

About the Book

The Knight’s Tempting Ally

A knight’s enemy

Becomes his closest ally…

Knight Theo Glenville will do whatever it takes to discover who’s plotting against his King. So befriending—and even romancing—his target’s middle daughter, Medea, is merely part of his sworn duty. But what isn’t? Falling under the spell of a woman who’s anything but plain in his eyes! Yet every day they become closer, the more torn he is between his allegiance to king or his heart…

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Knights-Tempting-Mills-Historical-Kings-ebook/dp/B09HGDZX9P

US – https://www.amazon.com/Knights-Tempting-Mills-Historical-Kings-ebook/dp/B09HGDZX9P


Initial feelings about this book went along the lines of…




My god how much do I love this book??

I loovvvvvveee Theo – deep gutteral growl!!!

Soo romantic!!

Oh, lordy Theo – what have you don’t to me?

You get the idea, I won’t torture you anymore!

Can you believe that this is my first book by Ella Matthews, I do have her previous books on my kindle, one of which was an ARC copy – oops!!! (damn you towering TBR pile, grrrr!!) so you wouldn’t believe how excited I was to finally be able to read and review one of Ella’s books, I am kicking myself for letting her books pass me by, something I will be putting right as soon as possible.

Even though this is the second book in the King’s Knights series, and not having read the first I didn’t once feel as though I had missed out on anything, I felt instantly invested in the story and fell head over heels in love with the characters especially Theo – my lord what a man!!!

I am a hot, dishevelled, touselled mess after ‘meeting.’ that giant of a man – especially once those glorious arms were on show by Jove how much do I love a fine shapely pair of gorgeous arms?

Theo is absolutely everything you would ever want in a hero; brooding, growling, grumbling, he is like a predator on the hunt for his prey, those sparkling eyes watch everything around him, he is strong and quietly passionate, I loved his sly wit and dry humour I do love a man with a cheeky grin don’t you and he is easily the cheekiest I have come across in a long time. He is a large yet gentleman who I love that beneath that Knightly strength and powerful confidence lies a man who has been hurt not just physically but deeply emotionally, he feels things greatly. I have always loved a hero who isn’t perfect in the eyes of the hordes, he isn’t stereotypically handsome but in my eyes and that of Medea is certainly is in every way – especially in the art department.

Honestly, I could fantasize about those glorious weapons all day!!

Despite the speediness of the writing, the romance is a slow simmering pot of longing I was dying for them to take the next step or the first step ….in fact, any step, oooh they certainly made us readers work hard for that all-consuming and utterly enticing first kiss. Yet I was completely gripped with the story, I wished they would move faster and that they would both be honest with each other, especially Theo but the outcome was gorgeously romantic and delightfully seductive.

I am all aswoon once again, it’s all Theo’s fault!!

I also have to mention the brilliant Medea, what a character!! She is fabulous, strong, opinionated, proud, outspoken, a little rough around the edges (like Theo) and a little feral, she doesn’t conform to how she is supposed to be. Her parents only treat her with scorn and harsh words, I felt for her at times my heart bled for how she is treated by her viperous tongued mother – honesty that woman could curdle milk with that toxic tongue of hers. Medea is the ultimate diamond in the rough, her sisters may have sought after looks but she has the brian and an insightfulness which blinds others with her intelligence. Plus the perfect match for the large bear with the equally razor-sharp mind that is our tremendous Theo (again, I am in love)

This is such a brilliant book, it’s incredibly fast-paced I was flying through and before I realised it I was closing the last page – how on earth that happened so quickly still has me wondering especially being the ridiculously slow reader that I am, the writing is incredibly sharp and clever I loved the ease f which the story flowed and how easy I fell into the plot and fell in absolute adoration with the characters (especially one in particular, did I happen to mention how much I love Theo?)

My only negative thought was that the cover model for Medea didn’t match how I thought she looked, the cover is incredibly pretty but in my head, she looked very different, far wilder than what is presented by the cover. But, hey that’s just my thoughts!

The Knights Tempting Ally is a tantalising, atmospheric, gloriously romantic, seductive and utterly enchanting story of family loyalty, betrayal and absolute love. I honestly cannot recommend this book enough, I love every single part of this, from the drama playing n the background to the friends to lovers’ romance and the engrossing writing, it’s an all-around winner and I can’t wait to read more from this author and off course get to know the other King’s Knights….I am very excited about that!!

About the Author

Ella Matthews lives and works in beautiful South Wales. When not thinking about handsome heroes she can be found walking along the coast with her husband and their two children (probably still thinking about heroes but at least pretending to be interested in everyone else).

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