I am absolutely delighted to be a part of this epic Spellbound Books St. Patrick’s Day, book tour with ZooLoos Book Tours, I am very excited to be sharing these books with you over the coming days. Today is my second of the three stops and I am sharing an exclusive excerpt of the thrilling; New Blood by Kevin McManus.

About the Book

New Blood by Kevin McManus

It’s murder out there… The body of an unknown man has been discovered on a beach in the cold light of day, a body that has been shot and left to bleed out on the sand.

Detective Inspector Ray Logue, still reeling from the events of his last case, is brought in to investigate. While working the case, he is drawn into the maelstrom of gang warfare as he comes face to face with the ‘New Blood’ – a young gang leader called Kyle Brody who is fast making a name for himself.

Brody is lawless. He is a predator and a thug who takes no mercy on those who stand in his way, seemingly rejecting society and taking pride in causing anarchy .

Dealing, smuggling and murdering are Brody’s trades – he’s good at them and from the wounds inflicted on the body Logue sees, it looks like he takes pleasure in cruelty.

Yet as more details emerge about Brody’s accomplices, Logue realises that the lines between good and evil are not always clear.

Purchase Links

Amazon UK : https://www.amazon.co.uk/New-Blood-Ray-Logue-Book-ebook/dp/B09SQFMFSF

Amazon US : https://www.amazon.com/New-Blood-Ray-Logue-Book-ebook/dp/B09SQFMFSF

Book Excerpt

As he approached the source of the groaning Brian covered his mouth, afraid he was going to throw up after looking at the horrific combination of blood, bones and flesh. It was an adult male lying in the sand, twisting his body in sheer agony as he moaned in torturous pain. It looked like he had been stabbed or shot in the legs and stomach. Part of his intestines and organs were hanging to one side and the bones of his legs were partially visible. Brian was amazed the poor man was still alive. Despite the nightmarish scene in front of him he overcame his fear as adrenaline kicked in, and he managed to gather his wits together as he realised the urgency of the situation. Reaching into his backpack he took out his phone to dial 999 for emergency services. He looked at the screen. “Christ almighty, no signal!” he roared.

Desperately and repeatedly he tried to call the same number, switching his phone from over his right ear to in front of his eyes, just to see if the phone was receiving any signal.

“C’mon! Don’t do this to me. Not now.” He was finally forced to vacate his position beside the dying man, running around with his hand stretched above his head, clasping the phone in it, hoping it would catch some bars of a signal at least, enough for him to make the all-important call.

Suddenly, the No Service prompt vanished. Upon seeing this, he hastily pushed the re-dial button.

“Emergency Services; how can I help you?” the lady on the line answered.

“Hello? Yes, thank god! Finally!” Brian breathed a sigh of relief before stating the nature of his emergency. “I have a man here beside me who has been shot or stabbed in the stomach. He is severely wounded, bleeding to death. He needs immediate medical attention now, please!”

“Sir, where are you located, and can I ask your name, please?” the operator asked calmly.

“I’m Brian Carey… I’m at the sand dunes just above Ballard Strand in North Mayo, about thirty miles from Port Ard on the coast road. Please hurry, I don’t think he’s going to last much longer.”

“Please remain calm, Brian. I am sending an ambulance to your location straight away.”

“Okay… But please, hurry!”

After Brian was confident that help was on its way he returned to the wounded man and leaned in over him. He looked at the face of the unfortunate soul and tried to see if he could do anything for him, provide him some comfort in his final minutes. It was obvious that by the time an ambulance arrived the man would probably be dead. From what he could make out, the dying man looked like he was in his late thirties. He was lightly built, wearing glasses and had a tattoo of a Celtic dragon on the left side of his neck, one which was partially covered by the collar of the shirt he was wearing.

It was at that moment as Brian was looking at the individual that he tried to speak.

“Uh….” the man murmured using all the energy left in him.

“Hey! Stay with me now. There is an ambulance on its way,” Brian said as he held the wounded man’s bloody hand. He knew the man was drifting in and out of consciousness, and the chances of a man in his condition surviving were slim at best if he were to become unconscious. While he was doing so, he heard the man murmur something again. He couldn’t make out what exactly what he said due to his voice being drowned out by a mixture of his own saliva and blood which was blocking his throat.

“What’s that? Bristol? You’re from Bristol?” But he wasn’t sure that was what he said. “Look, don’t try to talk,” Brian responded.

“C…rys…tal,” the dying man groaned.

Brian moved his ear close to the dying man’s mouth.

“Crystal, uhh…” he repeated.

Crystal? What does that mean? Brian thought.

“Look, stop trying to talk, keep your strength,” Brain said as he felt the dying man’s hand drop out of his and fall to the sand. Brian tried bringing him back to consciousness by gently shaking him and speaking to him but this time, he was almost certain the man’s spirit had slipped away.

About the Author

Kevin McManus is an Irish author. He primarily writes Crime Fiction novels but also delves into writing poetry and short stories. He lives in County Leitrim in Western Ireland with his wife Mary and their dog Jack. He works by day as a secondary school teacher. Kevin has produced a series of novels featuring an Irish Detective called Ray Logue and a series based around a New York Detective called John Morrigan. His debut novel published in 2016 was “The Whole of the Moon”. In a previous incarnation, Kevin was a bass guitarist in several rock bands for over twenty year. Kevin is a supporter of Aston Villa FC which has caused him to age prematurely.

Follow him at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Books-by-Kevin-McManus-1075444599167606
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bassbreeze

Amazon : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kevin-McManus/e/B01E4GF0GY/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1

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A huge thank you to Zoe at Zooloos Book Tours and Spell Bound Books for the invite to this epic tour, do have a look at the other stops on this tour.


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