I am incredibly excited to be sharing my review for the gorgeous; The Earl’s Inconvenient Houseguest by Virginia Heath. I am super excited to share this book with you all, firstly thank you to Virginia Heath for the kind complimentary arc.

About the Book

The Earl’s Inconvenient Houseguest by Virginia Heath.

Series: A Very Village Scandal
Genre: Historical Romance

The earl she loved to hate

…until she stayed in his mansion!

Sophie Gilbert has thwarted the standoffish new earl’s plans to sell his country estate and the quaint village that forms part of it. But when disaster strikes and he offers her refuge, she must reconsider everything about this vexing, determined man.

After the heartbreak in her past, it’s a revelation to feel her pulse racing and her body yearning for his touch…


Move aside Jamie Warriner (even though you will always be in my heart) there is a new Captain in town and his name is ravishing Rafe…oh, my giddy aunt, this man has stolen my heart completely.

It’s always a great day when then there is a new Virginia Heath book in it, especially when said book is the start of a whole new captivating and wonderful new series. I know that; A Very Village Scandal series is going to be a blast, judging by this first and glorious peek into the little village of Whittleson-in-the-water this series (and its residents) is going to brighten my year.

I adore Sophie and Rafe, they are so compelling and hilarious to watch as they bicker and banter their way through to their happy ending. But, it’s not an easy ride, they don’t have the easiest of journeys, I did wonder at times if they were going to make it, but I worried for no reason after all this is a Virginia heath romance so we know there is going to be a happy ever after.

I connected with Sophie instantly, she is a whirlwind a little pocket rocket. She has a past, something she is trying to forget and move on from, which is harder said than done. I loved her loyalty towards her aunt, who took her in years before when her so-called, good for nothing father did a bunk. Her aunt has always been a constant, she has been the parent she never had and now she is at the stage of life where her own health is in question. Sophie does what so many of us have done turned her back on her own happiness to care for her aunt.

Sophie spoke to me, I saw a lot of myself in her she is determined to do right by her aunt, and passionate about her village plus not averse to speaking her own mind and standing up for what she believes – even if that does mean gathering the villages in revolt and holding a blockade on the road.

Rafe having returned home from the war has a title and an estate thrust upon him. He doesn’t want to be the lord of the manor or any of the stress and responsibility of being in this position. After everything he has lived through, all he wants is peace, a quiet life raising horses with his brother.

Archie who is an absolute cutie, I love how honest he is and it’s incredibly refreshing to have a character with certain difficulties taking a starring role in a historical romance, I do hope we will get to see more Archie he is a ray of sunshine.

He is determined to make his and Archies life as stress-free and peaceful as possible, which is not as easy as he thought when he suddenly comes up against a ‘Witch with a black cat‘ and a whole village up in arms against him. Rafe’s devotion for his brother and that he is determined Archie is not to suffer or become upset or even have people mock him, made me love him all the more. He is an incredibly good man, despite what the villagers optionally think of him and that he is flawed and is fringed with sadness, he has so much compassion, kindness, loyalty, passion and duty which surges through those veins – plus not to mention is bloody gorgeous!!

I love that (apart from Rafe) is relatively free of aristocrats, don’t get me wrong I love a dashing Duke or enigmatic Earl as much as the next woman with a pulse, but it is incredibly refreshing to have ordinary people fighting for what they believe and more than that but putting the aristocrat in his place. These villagers are fabulous, as a whole, they bring so much to the story and I can’t wait to get to know them better over the course of this series.

This book is a hoot, honestly, I was chuckling away like the manic hyenas from the Lion King, the chemistry and banter between Rafe and Sophie is scorching and hilarious, they are a brilliant couple – even though they do try and deny it.

They are both resolute in their opinions, both stubborn and flawed, both having to overcome personal troubles and pasts which still haunt them which makes for dazzling and hilarious banter and a gorgeous sparkling romance. I loved the journey they took. I laughed and was sighing with huge heart-eyes throughout, they are a terrific couple and I do hope we will get to see how they are fairing up as the series progresses.

The Earl’s Inconvenient Houseguest is right up there with my favourites, it’s perfect in every way that perfect is; Gorgeous, sensual, brilliantly funny, utterly romantic, a great cast of characters, a fantastic fast-paced plot which had me laughing as much as crying, and a hero who is …well you may know already, but perfect!

Overall, this is a gorgeous, sensual, sexy and incredibly funny enemies to lovers romance, a defined must read!!

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