I am thrilled to be sharing my review for Regency Christmas Liaisons by Christine Merrill, Sophia James & Marguerite Kaye. I can’t wait to share this book with you all, yes it is a Christmas book in February, but you can’t ever have enough Christmas Romances no matter the time of year, can you?

about the book

Regency Christmas Liaisons by Christine Merrill, Sophia James & Marguerite Kaye.

Genre: Anthology, Christmas, Regency, Historical Romance

Enjoy a festive flirtation

With three sensual, seasonal stories!

In Unwrapped under the Mistletoe by Christine Merrill, Charles is hired to catch supposedly light-fingered poor relation Daphne, but steals a kiss under the mistletoe!

In One Night with the Earl by Sophia James, widow Elizabeth seeks refuge for herself and her young twins. Brooding Lord Grey might just provide that Christmas miracle!

And in A Most Scandalous Christmas by Marguerite Kaye, will the dashing stranger who Lady Sylvia scandalously joked with about a Christmas liaison make good on his promise?


I read this book over Christmas (I’m not sure why I didn’t post this review earlier, I thought I did, can I still blame my tardiness on the hectic Christmas season?) and I loved it! It’s a very quick book to read, as a slow reader even I finished this in one weekend. There is so much to love about these three novella’s not only are they incredibly romantic and utterly charming, they have all the festive happily ever after feels, plus I love that the heroines are all a little older than your typical historical romance ladies, they are in their 30’s you wouldn’t believe how refreshing it is to read stories bout women who are the same age as myself instead of the young debutantes.

 Another reason to love this book!!

Even though we are past Christmas, this will definetly put you into the Christmas spirit all over again, which isn’t a bad thing. This book has all the festive feels, all the snowy sparkling magic and an abundance of love and romance. Really there is nothing better than a touch of historical Christmas romance no matter what time of year it is, even better if you have a huge mug of marshmallow-topped hot chocolate, just saying!!

Regency Christmas Liaisons is the gift that keeps on giving, in the form of three short love stories set in the festive period. This little collection of stories holds within its binding three stories of ultimate love and happiness; Unwrapped Under the Mistletoe by Christine Merrill, One Night with the Earl by Sophia James and A Most Scandalous Christmas by Marguerite Kaye.

I was aware of all three of the authors (obviously) and I do have books by Christine Merrill and Sophia James sitting on my kindle but had only read Marguerite Kaye’s work before this. In fact, Ms Kaye is one of my all-time favourite historical romance author’s she is an absolute sparkling star in the genre so I was pretty excited about this book, but to be introduced to two authors work who I have yet to read was incredibly appealing and this is what I love about these anthologies you not only get to devour a story by a much-loved author but you also find new favourites and I will definetly be reading more from both Ms Merrill and Ms James.

The characters in each one are incredibly likeable and what I liked more than anything was that the heroines weren’t young twenty-somethings, but women in their thirties, women who have a past and arent ashamed of having a few skeletons in the closet. In these stories, we have a poor relation (I do hate that term, poor relation so what if she hasn’t married does that mean she has to be demeaned as being a poor relation? Why should it always be the women who are poor relations? – OK rant over) a widow and a divorcee each seeking something even if they don’t realise it yet, each adamant that they don’t need a man until the special comes along.

I loved each of the stories in this collection; Unwrapped Under the Mistletoe by Christine Merrill is a charming enemy to lovers romance/Cinderella-esque story, centred around a young woman who has been accused of stealing and a thief taking who comes barging in to catch her in the act. But as with all things romance, the air crackles with tension around Daphne and Charles and with the magic of Christma slooming these two can’t stop but stealing a kiss under the Mistletoe.

One Night with the Earl by Sophie James is a charming and simple second chance story of widowed; Elizabeth who is living contentedly with her two children. She can finally breathe and begins to live she wants since her husband (who was a bad ‘un) has departed this world. Alexander who lives close knows just how rotten Elizabeth’s late husband was and wants to help her and the children now she is free to do as she pleases. A Christmas party, a few drinks and it’s becoming very clear that there is chemistry between Elizabeth and Alexander but is she ready for that next stage in her life.

A Most Scandalous Christmas by Marguerite Kaye is my favourite of the three stories, it’s a very relatively modern friends to lovers story of Silvia and Ellis, both destined to spend Christmas either alone or miserable (or both yet neither will admit it). In a moment without thinking while on her way home she meets Ellis again after many years and invites him to spend Christmas with her. Just him and her in her beautiful little cottage on the Yorkshire moors, yes it’s scandalous but it’s also refreshingly normal, neither care what others think, they are both independent people with no strings so why no? I do love these two, there are seriously beautiful scenes in and out of the cottage. This story has so much to love about it!

I loved the setting’s in each of the stories, they feel so festive, I especially loved the Yorkshire setting in Marguerite Kaye’s story, yes I may be biased hailing from Yorkshire, but honestly is there anywhere more romantic and yet bleakly gothic, I love how Marguerite Kaye has captured the very essence of the moors in the scenes where Sylvia and Ellis are walking in the snow, it feels very Bronte-esque to me again another reason this particular story appeals to me.

I really enjoyed this anthology, each of the novellas is incredibly easy to read and can be read in one go, I liked how they worked well with each other despite them being so different they felt as though they were meant to be together – does that make any sense at all. Or am I just waffling?

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