I am thrilled to be sharing my review for; Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire by Rachael Stewart. I am very excited to share this gorgeous book with you all.

about the book

Beauty and the Reclusive Millionaire by Rachael Stewart.

Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Fiction

An unforgettable Greek escape…

with the man she never forgot!

A-list actress Catherine Wilde has it all, but behind closed doors she is fighting personal battles. So the chance to escape to the private Greek island of her best friend’s brother, Alaric, offers the tranquility she craves.

Except seeing Alaric again sets her heart rate soaring. Life might have changed him, but he can still make her feel alive—and when the torch she once held for him reignites, it’s impossible to ignore!


Stunning, simply stunning!!

Rachael Stewart never puts a foot wrong, time and time again she proves what an incredible author she is,  I loved every one of her books that I have read, but this one touched my heart in so many ways, I don’t quite have the adequate words to fully convey how much this book spoke to me and made my heart flutter with absolute joy.

This is a gorgeous Beauty and the Beast-themed romance which is easily one of my go-to tropes, and as always Rachael Stewart has blown me away with how incredibly gifted she is and how easily she can make my heart burst with love.

I loved the setting, it’s beautiful and tranquil and makes you dream of faraway places. I’ve never (and never will) visit Greece or any of its islands, but this book brings the island’s and the surrounding area’s alive, the writing is so crisp and clear if I closed my eyes for a moment I was instantly standing on the beach and staring out at the glorious blue sea. I am feeling all serene just thinking of those scenes! I must thank Rachael for that alone, I have had a ‘holiday’ without even leaving the house.

The connection and blossoming romance between Catherin and Aleric are wonderful, they have their own issues both have seen trauma that has left them reeling and so they do the only thing they can to deal with what they have experienced by running away. Aleric literally ran away, he left the world behind and decamped to secluded Greek Island away from everything and everyone, where he can sink deeper and deeper into his darkened thoughts, whereas Catherine does the only thing she can, she throws herself into her career surrounding herself with people she neither wants nor likes, people who see her as only the actress she has become and not the down-to-earth lonely Catherine she actually is. To the outer world she is this super glamourous incredibly confident woman who has everything she could vee want, yet the thing she deeply wanted was lost, and inside she is broken and fragile and lonely.

My Gawd, my heart is breaking and I am feeling a little teary on her behalf!

These two could break me, Aleric has destroyed me he has stolen my heart completely, he is a beautiful man (plus and this is the crucial part, he owns a library). But alas, he only has eyes for one lady

This is a story of moving on and self-healing, both of the main characters have suffered a heartbreaking tragedy that has left them both scarred in one way or another. They need to learn to not only love themselves but to allow another close enough to help pick up the pieces of their broken emotions and hearts and that alone takes courage and time. Rachael Stewart has got the emotional trauma and the deep heartbreak absolutely spot on, it’s not overworked so you feel that this is all make-believe, it feels incredibly real as though Catherine and Aleric are real people. Their grief and heartbreak are real, their broken spirit breaks your heart and their journey to letting go of the grief and finding happiness and contentment with each other is beautiful. I feel like crying just thinking of these two, they are incredibly special and my heart is bursting with so much love for them!

Beauty and the Reclusive Billionaire is a gorgeous romance, it has a beautiful message of learning to love who you are, of accepting of yourself and of others and finding happiness in your own skin. I can’t say enough good things about this book, it really is incredibly moving and utterly beautiful. You will cry a thousand tears, you will laugh and you will be charmed and fall in love.

This is a keeper, it’s like the sun shining through the grey clouds!

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